Three Things We Don't Talk About

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hey Show More and mobile folks. i filmed this video visiting family but i had forgotten my laptop so i had to edit it on a decade old computer with a shoddy old version of iMovie. i think i may have been able to cut it up a bit better on my computer but sometimes you just make mistakes and have to lie in those mistake beds. hope you have a lovely day and weekend!
Pluike 6 month ago
Three seconds later the other phil takes a bite and dies of poisoning.
Baku 6 month ago
Some people just don't know how to keep things civil at the dinner table.
Keithdrew 6 6 month ago
1. Religion 2. Politics 3. Epic "ok boomer" clapbacks
Eric B 6 month ago
I'll be telling my family to vote for ace watkins today
Elizabeth DesRuisseau 6 month ago
Your skits are always so clever, thanks for having well thought out comedy always
Chris Colon 4 month ago
Hey, who do you think is more handsome Phil, you or Tom Welling? I have some friends that think you're more handsome than Tom Welling. Don't get me wrong, you're a good looking guy, but I mean...come's Tom Welling. Looking forward to your reply. Your #1 fan, Beau.
Kon R. 6 month ago
In the upcoming elections I would totally vote for Poisonism as my next personal religion.
Sydney Stutsman 6 month ago
Uncle Mark recovering and IMMEDIATELY gunning for the politics talk had me cracking up lmao
Stars 6 month ago
You never cease to surprise me in every skit. Keep doing what you're doing!
Hubert Nordvall 6 month ago
I saw the punchline coming but I still laughed out loud
Shannon 6 month ago
I'm uncomfortable with the way you held that fork. Is this a character choice or is this the way you hold a fork?
Jai Cilento I LoveThatGuy ʕ•ᴥ•ʔߛ ̋ l Verified l 6 month ago
☼ He totally poisoned them
Mitch meyer 6 month ago
Thank you Phil. When are your Livestream?
Remy 6 month ago
So rude, almost dying at the table.
Richard Luzum 6 month ago
Let's all try to be nice boys on this blessed day. #PHILGANGNICEBOYS
Victor Shpaga 5 month ago
Politics? C'mon dude you are literally one step away of becoming POTUS
AEmilius Resurrection 6 month ago
Nice thanksgiving job, Phil.
Orange Chocolate 5 month ago
I guess considering Uncle Mark's criminal history, he might actually be doing everyone a favor by taking him out.
Michelle Horn 6 month ago
Happy Thanksgiving Phil
Ben Meitzen 6 month ago
Ha you somehow never run out of ideas! So funny.
OnePhatKatt 6 month ago
I hated upvoting this video. The count was at 420. Well, what's one more, eh?
Maria Pole 6 month ago
Hey mistake beds arent all that bad, just use a couple regret pillows and it adds great back support. Happy Thanksgiving Phil!
Sylv Bell 6 month ago
Luke Faber 6 month ago
This is why I hate seeing Daniel at the holidays.
ScarlettTheHuman 6 month ago
Oh God, I have an Uncle Mark
Umar Aslam 6 month ago
112Nelo 6 month ago
A LK 6 month ago
Do you have a Tik Tok?! Your videos are perfect for that platform :)