Curling My Hair With Bananas

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Saga Efraimsson 3 month ago
Cristine: "Bowl of water." Beyn: "That means beach!" Cristine, please take Beyn to the beach, he has clearly never seen one.
Brionys Journey 3 month ago
Cristine actually looks stunning here, she’s having so much fun and looks so happy and less tired. Glad she took a break 😊
Vanessa Villegas 3 month ago
Ben: *does your taxes* Also Ben: *Doesn’t understand how leave-in conditioner works*
CHALLENGE ME NEO 3 month ago
Sensen Jo 3 month ago
Ben: hey can you fit that whole thing in your mou- Cristine : *OKAY BYE THE END*
Jaylee Parker 3 month ago
cristine: *takes a bite of the banana* no one: literally no one: ben: “can you fit that whole thing in in your mouth?”
YoungMi Jin 3 month ago
Others: "Aww, they're so cute together!" No one: Ben: "Can you fit the whole thing in your mouth?" Me: "HHHHHHHHHH"
Sensen Jo 3 month ago
Cristine: *flips hair* something a meter away: *falls crashing to the ground*
Ann Mary John 3 month ago
Ben : " oh my God, I never seen a banana so small" Cristine: "I have" Me: and I oop-
Zaina Ansari 3 month ago
Did anyone notice at 11:17 Cristine : Kim K's Met Gala "I'm so wet look" Ben: I'm so wet, can I 'come' in? I mean idk that sounded like pretty double meaning joke reference to me😂
Kadderin 3 month ago
This looks like the early 2000s when everyone was putting massive amounts of gel in their hair
Randomblina 3 month ago
Jenna would be proud of Cristine, "Ben, Your Aries is showing! Calm Down!"
Ela Ç. 3 month ago
nobody: not a single soul: literally no one: Cristine: B A N A N A S
Josiah 3 month ago
When Ben put half the bottle of leave in conditioner in his hair I was crying 😂😂😂😂
oml damn 3 month ago
*"tHeReS sOmEtHiNg iN tHe WaTeR mAkInG ThE FrOgS GaY"* OML I- 😂😂😂😂😂
Samantha Godard 3 month ago
“Take this seriously!” Said the woman with bananas tangled into her hair that she refuses to cut or do anything with cause she’s scared of the hairdresser’s.
ricamae 3 month ago
When Beyn said she looked good after taking off the bananas was so cute and adorable bc it was just pure admiration
HiThere 3 month ago
Do we even remember why the whole "ben loves banana" thing even started or do we just accept it as something that's always existed therefore it's also funny? Also let Cristine continue to live her best FLDS hair life, she's an independent woman!!! Lol
Bree Groves 3 month ago
When she said 2013 was “almost 10 years ago” i—
Eduarda Monteiro 3 month ago
cristine: bowl of water beyn: that means BEACH!
Maddie 3 month ago
ok but ben has a point... the style is like for sure more like “beach hair” but it’s really cute on her
Chloe Dannenberg 3 month ago
Cristine:"What do you think?" Me:"How does your hair kind of does look like Kim Kardashian's"
Jungle aka Jungkook 3 month ago
You should do a collab with Molly Burke. She’s a blind YouTuber and she LOVES holo. Also, she’s Canadian too
WW R 3 month ago
Beyyyynnnn: "can you fit that whole thing in your mouth?" Cristine: "No! Bye!" I was drinking my tea at that point, big mistake, Huge! ;)
Manny Wannabe. 3 month ago
Cristine:People walk around with leave in conditioner Me: **watching this video while putting leave in conditioner**
StereotypeNerd96 3 month ago
"I have never seen a banana that small" "I have" Am I reading too much into it or was that SIMPLY SAVAGE
Jessica E 3 month ago
Made me sad when she said “what do you think” and didn’t insert the clip of her childhood audition ;(
uhhoney 3 month ago
6:27 for someone who claims to not love bananas, Ben is really passionate about their right to be eaten
Morwenna16 3 month ago
relationship goal: eating banana from my partner's scalp
Miura Bijoy 3 month ago
Ben, with long hair: **cue Hyde from that 70s show**
Liz Hitt 3 month ago
“Bananas are like people ya know. Different color skin. All delicious on the inside.” #lol 😂😆💀
Julia Sanders 3 month ago
I lost it (or should I say “I lost my bananas”) when Ben started doing his hippie impression😂
Banana Peel 3 month ago
Ben: banana they’re like people, y’know. Different color skin, all delicious in the inside” Cristine: *throws a banana*
Meaghan EmilyAnne 3 month ago
When Ben put your hair on his head and started talking about conspiracies I was laughing so hard I cried.
Zaina Ansari 3 month ago
12:37 Cristine : mandatory 🍌 narcissistic montage... STeP ouT for a second 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Abigayle Geisel 3 month ago
Right before Cristine said, "This is our relationship," I thought, "That's so cute." AND THEY ARE OH MY GOODNESS
Ella Camville 3 month ago
"It's all tangled and I can't run my fingers through it" yes that's....that's....yeah, welcome to curly hair. That's it.
Dana B 3 month ago
Seeing how long Cristine’s hair is gave me war flashbacks to when my hair was also that long and I could barely manage it. Cristine, how do you do it.
Rebekah Willes 3 month ago
when ben slicked his hair back it literally looked like he had a maan bun i cant sidjekcisnbfldkd
Donald Trump's ugly wig that was left on mars 3 month ago
I missed the mandatory narcissistic montages. Hearing that song has made my entire week- nay, lifetime. I need nothing more, I'll just die in peace
Anshu Singh 3 month ago
14:17 -14:26 BenSavageLogical is in the house everyone🔥🔥🔥
Beatlemaniac That’s me 3 month ago
Cristine: I can’t lift my arms over my head Beyyyn: oh baby Me: 🥺
Ann Mary John 3 month ago
Ben: "Bananas are like people, different colors on the outside but still delicious on the inside" Me: and I oop-
Brianna 3 month ago
you missed the opportunity by not making the title “curling my hair with BENanas”
Jax Jonaviciute 3 month ago
14:13 omgggg😂😂😂😂😂 "HEY MANNN! ITS THE GOVERNMENT MAAANNN!" 😂😂😂😂
Becky Crain 3 month ago
When Ben made the Alex Jones comment I laughed so hard I almost peed 😂
Soso Loopsy 3 month ago
Simply nailogical walks up to second hand furniture store. Simply nailogical: I want my furniture in Christine condition. Person working there: paints all the furniture with hollo nail polish
Sammy P 3 month ago
1:36 "It's just naturally a mess" *StoRy of my LifeEe*
Aria Eireen 3 month ago
"People were curling their hair with banana, cheetos, and pencil" Me: well i curl my hair with pencil too and still doing it XD because my hair used to be so straight but after i use hair tie, and always curling it with pencil whenever im working on a task my hair turns into wavy hair
Vita Van Praet 3 month ago
"there something in the water making the frogs GAY" 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Tapu Koko 3 month ago
The Jenna Marbles energy in this video I’m screaming I knew it was a good idea to subscribe
Serena Gesa 3 month ago
"Room B for banana!" I laughed too hard
Beyyn: I've never seen a banana that smol before. . . "I HAVE "
LeosFanGirl 3 month ago
The aries is strong in that one 😂, fellow Aries unite and demonetize all of YouTube lol
Ellen Nesbit 3 month ago
I love how beyyn looked at Cristine like "you are so pretty" when she was all done the banana rollers. It was cute!!! :)
The trash can 3 month ago
Cassidy 3 month ago
My boyfriend watching for the first time: Him: what's all that stuff on the wall in the background? Me: oh that's nail polish. Him: omg why does she have so much Me: well she used to do nail art Him: now she just does dumb shit like this? Me: .....Yes
Courtney Simpkins 3 month ago
When Ben said awww baby that was adorable 🥺🥺🥺❤️
Ashtray x 3 month ago
“Ahhh! You just poked me in the eye with a banana!” 👀
Keira Pullen 3 month ago
I love how ben is like trying to be a hairstylist XD
dani_? 3 month ago
brooo cristines hair looks so pretty down 😂❤️
Adriana Martinez 3 month ago
Ava Allen 3 month ago
Christine: I won’t let anyone do my hair Also Christine: sits back and eats bananas while Ben does her hair
Ochako Uraraka 3 month ago
“Can you fit that whole thing in your mouth?” “nO thAts IT”
Lucy Taylor 3 month ago
I love how you aren’t trying so hard to be that super extra version of yourself! Don’t get me wrong I love both versions and either way you’re my favorite youtuber, but it’s always good to have a laid back and natural Cristine so thank you, this is exactly what I needed today
Anna Grace Orr 3 month ago
B: “Can you fit that whole thing in your- C: “NO” 😂😂😂
Lilithmae1231 3 month ago
When Ben used that much conditioner, a little part of my soul died. I legit yelled 'TOO MUCH! WAY TOO MUCH!' at my screen. 🤣
Kateryna P. 3 month ago
The comment that killed me was..-Ben: "Can you fit that whole banana in your mouth?" Christine: "NO" LMAO!!!
Naiya M 3 month ago
Absolutely no one: Ben: cAn yOu pUt ThAt WhoLe tHinG iN yOuR MoUtH Me: 🤣🤣🤣 sorry Cristine
xXAngelic ScarsXx 3 month ago
"I just wanna run my fingers through it but I cant it will get stuck" or whatever you said- WELCOME TO THE CLUB CURLY HAIR! These are our feelings 99% of the time.
Taryn Albert 3 month ago
Can we talk about how freaking amazing the clarity of this video is. You look 3D!!!!!
meg han 3 month ago
no one: beyyn: *can you fit that whole thing in your mouth*
Olivia Jones 3 month ago
Christine : *makes nail channel* a few years later Christine : *post curling my hair with bananas *
bohemelavie1 3 month ago
Triggered by you calling 2013 “almost 10 years ago” man that was my first year of uni, I don’t feel old enough for that to be so long ago already!
Bizzy Bee 3 month ago
Ben: Vacation!?!? Cristine: No! -crawls further into the holo darkness.
Blank 3 month ago
Come on, what We really want is to see a professional cutting and styling your hair
mad love5 3 month ago
At the beginning me: why am I watching this when I have physics exam tomorrow again me 5 mins after oh right coz of ben and his fetish for banana and his love for cristine and their weird songs and just few lessons they give us yep that's pretty much it😂
Ery 3 month ago
Put on a smokey eye, and you'd have a late 90's mall kid look. Bringing me back, girl!
Feli Baka Cosplay 3 month ago
When I'm wondering why I am single, I realize my Ben hasn't came yet. Goals. You make me inspire for my next healthy relationship.
ᴀɴɴᴀ-ᴍᴀʀɪᴀ sᴜʟᴜᴋᴏᴊɪᴀɴ 3 month ago
I can’t explain how amazing their relationship,we Stan 💁🏻‍♀️
Paul To La 3 month ago
It was so weird when said “WHAT DO U THINK” and nothing happened. WHAT!.!
TransSoapBar 3 month ago
She has really long hair I'm low-key jealous even though I'm a boy
Pixel Tiger 3 month ago
"I did an upper body work out yesterday" Lucky I walked 50 miles! Also yaas work out queen!
Monica Sherman 3 month ago
"Hey man, its the government man" XD
Panda 3 month ago
Ben: "Can you put that whole thing in your mouth?" Cristine: NO! >:(
Chaitanya 3 month ago
Beyyn the dad; just got to know what’s leave in conditioner Also Ben: rubs a shit load of it on his head
ItsRedrum 3 month ago
The alex jones joke killed me, this is my ghost writing this.
SSoul 3 month ago
I said “that’s what she said” SO MANY TIMES IN THIS VIDEO. 😂
Shashi Das 3 month ago
13:46 look at Byyyn!!😅😆🤣
Expastelline Aesthetics 3 month ago
no one: views of thia video: 666
DailyBea 3 month ago
Ben must have seen the bananas and thought: “Here We Go Again.”
Erbar Maddox 3 month ago
“I try to comb my fingers through and it all gets stuck” story of my life
R Q 3 month ago
Cristine, just an honest opinion: I think you would look amazing with short wavy/curly hair.
Lizziejnb 3 month ago
“Ben your Aries is showing” LMAOOOO
paranormal lazivity 3 month ago
ben: '' can you fit all of that in your mouth'' my mom sitting beside me: ''i need to see your phone RIGHT NOW''
Cyzar Blue 3 month ago
Bra!! I want to try this when my girlfriend is high😂😂😂😂
Lynne McGee 3 month ago
Cry laughing at Beynn putting globs of conditioner in his hair and Cristine's face.
Darja Bednarik 3 month ago
I feel the needing more friends line 😂 my only interaction with human beings since last friday was with my family (and my boyfriend and one other friend though that was through snapchat cuz neither of them are from where i live), the other two live beings i've interacted with since friday have four paws, fur and go squeek (gerbils... they're gerbils 😂).
Kelli O'Brien 3 month ago
I love how much of this video looked like you were both honestly just enjoying yourselves. ❤️❤️🍌💿
Unknown Artist 3 month ago
i remember when my hair was that long and id just constantly sit on it... thank God I recently got it cut shoulder height.