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We built a gun detector using machine learning that works with existing surveillance cameras.
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There are many companies working on this type of technology at the moment. We made ours in 2018, and Chad visited my house in January 2019 to film most of this. We didn't post it for various reasons, but decided now might be a good time. The fidelity of the inference is a function of how you train it.... so obviously the more data points you provide, the better it will perform. This particular type of machine learning is known as object detection, with the computation being performed by a deep neural network "on the edge". The video stream is processed locally and no internet is needed to find the object in real time. If you're working on something similar or could use this technology in your systems and would like to collaborate.... (or would simply like to support what we're doing) please reach out by using this link:
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SmarterEveryDay 9 month ago
Do me a favor and PLEASE CONSIDER SHARING THIS VIDEO. I'm a bit worried it won't be distributed due to images in the video and the topic in general.... but I believe this is a positive thing and it's something people on both sides of the gun debate can get behind. I've been talking to people about this type of technology and in an upcoming video I will explain how this is simply one component in a much larger suite of tools which can be used. Are there flaws in this method? Absolutely. Is it possible to spoof a system like this? Yes... this could be easily tricked.... but would be perps would have to take the time to worry about it focus on tricking it. I personally think the main benefit is providing real time situational awareness. Another limitation is that it would identify toy guns as real guns and send a notification to authorities. The purpose of this video is to start the discussion because systems like this are frankly already here and in use. We don't claim to have all the answers, but we decided to use our engineering skills to try to make a positive step. We've found support amongst both sides of the gun debate, and in today's political climate that alone feels like a step in the right direction. If you'd like to reach out, we can be reached through a contact form here:
Michael Farrell 9 month ago
That's all I need.... AI cameras locking on to my biceps....
PyroTheDude 7 month ago
*spends months working on gun detection* Thief: *puts brown bag over gun*
Sean Cheek 8 month ago
Use a glue gun at school, get SWATed
Andrew Blackledge 6 month ago
My favorite part is 3:48, when he shows the gun is clear before doing anything else with it.
Ethan Bivens 8 month ago
Thumbnail has finger on trigger Number one rule has been broken lets be rebels!
Jack Hughes 9 month ago
"I wouldn't be surprised if this is suppressed in youtube's recommended feed" *gets #14 on trending*
Denver 6 month ago
“...who is making microwaves that can see through your clothes.” THAT COMPANY IS JUST FULL OF PERVERTS!
Daniel Morgansson 9 month ago
Does it detect a gun held by someone wearing a black glove?
August Yellowbeard 6 month ago
As always Destin, I appreciate your intelligent approach to things as well as attempting to make the world better and having constructive conversations while doing it. It's too bad so many people use emotional attachment versus subjective thinking.
BenJo MC 6 month ago
There are no ads I think it was demonitized
Joe 9 month ago
I am by no means an expert but I have just finished writing a thesis on object detection using deep leaning algorithms and I can see some possible issues in your training data set that could possibly be causing some performance issues. Namely a lot of the training data seems to be high quality images taken close up to the gun which I don't think properly reflects the kind of images you would get from a security camera. Security cameras are generally low quality, positioned at a high angle and it is unlikely they would ever get such a close up view of the gun. Perhaps some artificial training data augmentation such as randomized down scaling, brightness and contrast adjustment and image rotation could help make the detector more robust. The image down scaling may improve the ability for the network to detect the gun when it is relatively far away, but something I found in my project was that the relative size of the object in frame also had an effect on performance. The objects i was detecting were anywhere from 20-100 pixels in size so I implemented a system where the input image is sliced into crops run through the detector and then stitched back together and it massively improved the performance. however it does lead to slower processing times as the network has to run multiple times per image so it may not work as well for your real-time application. Anyway, you may have already thought of these things but I thought I'd put them out there just in case you hadn't. Really cool project though, interested to see where it goes in the future.
Arjen B 8 month ago
11:19 who saw the squirrel too? (on his right jumping in the grass)
Alex 6 month ago
I’ve never heard the expression “God’s eye view”, only ever “bird’s eye view”
Marconius 6 month ago
I'm confused, if the guy in the school already has the gun in his hand, isn't he like, a second away from shooting someone?
dfgdfg 6 month ago
1:45 Destin rocking Ubuntu Linux wooo!
Haxon 9 month ago
Every other school: Oh Gun Detector, we would like to have it. My school: CELL PHONE DETECTOR!!
Bearcat Ben 6 month ago
I wonder how it would react to musical instruments
VIKING_of_DOOM 9 month ago
11:20 squirrel in the background! :D
justin gares 6 month ago
"TrIGgEr DIsCiPliNE" 😆 the thumbnail
Zachary Cowart 6 month ago
6:25 is where I went NOOOO
Garrett 9 month ago
YouTube's monetezaion system is probably running a software very similar.
Rahul Hossain 7 month ago
o dang i haven't seen this yet youtube didn't give me the notification
Sarai Pope 9 month ago
This sounds like a project that would be great for crowd sourcing. I love participating in those 'games' that actually support research.
Tangent 8 month ago
This is amazing! :D I love how complex it is, and designed for a very specific situation - immediate threat.
TRLWNC1 9 month ago
I am intrigued with the concept, and will be interested to see where this idea goes to. We shall see.
James Wallace 5 month ago
This is amazing The weapon at the ready can be called a “threat level” and an alarm and lock down/police activation system can be developed.
Hambone Jones 9 month ago
I bet your kids are so smart and respectful. You’re a great dad!
TheAstronautGuy 6 month ago
FMG-9: *_Allow me to introduce myself_*
Don't Forget The Nightcore! 8 month ago
11:17 squirrel made it 10/10
Alex Gabel 9 month ago
It sounds like streaming security cam footage straight to youtube and waiting for demonetization as a signal to call the authorities is the best strategy we have
SoWeMeetAgain 8 month ago
yeh, three weeks after it came out first time I see the vid, even though I got the bell on and everything
Tiago Oliveira 6 month ago
6:27 that was a sad "yhe"
Epic Gamer 5 month ago
*gun in thumbnail* YouTube: It’s my time to shine
Alexander Raven 8 month ago
I JUST saw this on my feed, despite watching your videos constantly. Sometimes I really get upset with YouTube.
Ciaran_oneill 9 month ago
Considering how polarised the whole gun debate is, I think you've walked the thin line really well. Thank you for making a difference
Stefan 6 month ago
*Xi* *Jinping* *wants* *to* *know* *your* *location.*
MyFuture Dev 7 month ago
Why didnt I see this in my sub box or recommenced for a month. Ive watch every one of your videos for years now and never had one just not show up like this
TheFlynryn 8 month ago
The draw is a motion to look at. Might be able to get a faster hold on wepon.
Good Doggo 8 month ago
4:14 they stoped talking to us because they where working on microwave technology 😂
James Cockerham 9 month ago
Destin: *makes video with gun in title and on thumbnail* Next video: "how my entire channel got demonetized"
Bob Fergisson 8 month ago
At 11:20 there is a squirrel running on the right side of the screen.
Chris Collingwood 8 month ago
You have such a lovely family. I've been enjoying your videos for a while now, and have shared this one to my FaceBook page. Keep up the good work, and God Bless you.
Joshua Snyder 9 month ago
I really love your videos, but I have seen a trend in some of the scientific community to address issues surrounding guns or showcase experiments involving guns in their videos, and present them in the poorest manner possible from a safety standpoint. Guns can be owned responsibly, but part of responsible ownership is understanding safety of the tool itself. The biggest repeated failure to convey any knowledge of gun safety is always the thumbnail of the video. It’s the first thing everyone sees... finger off the trigger. Wow. The other thing people repeatedly fail to do in their videos is display a knowledge of where the firearm is pointed. Clear or not, safety on or off, never, and I mean NEVER point the muzzle at ANYONE at ANY TIME! Pistols are especially difficult to control because a slight turn of the wrist changes where the gun is pointing. These videos can be amazing tools to educate the general public and the idea behind this video is phenomenal, but MOST people have no true knowledge of guns and what they see is what they will emulate. Make your videos an opportunity for them to learn the right way... not another media portrayal of how “dangerous” an inanimate object is. Keep making amazing educational videos and feeding peoples curiosity. Just do so with an understanding of how quickly good intentions can go wrong and you could potentially misinform someone.
Ryan Rogers 8 month ago
I absolutely love your videos, great info and easy to understand. Thank you for the knowledge!!!
Air-N 9 month ago
YouTube actually recommended this to me
MaxvelSalna 6 month ago
11:20 there is a squirrel running in the background P.s. great video mate
vertex546 9 month ago
I'm subbed and didn't even see this video until just now. Good job, Youtube.
SpaceCityCowboy88 4 month ago
I left a message on lantern. Love your content brother!!!
Isaaru Narom 9 month ago
would love to see you do some work with DEMOLITION Ranch!. love your videos. also hope to see you work with LMG again!
Shaun Toochaos 9 month ago
As someone who has worked in security I can tell you that we have way to many video feeds to look at. This kind of technology could allow for much faster response to issues that we cant see easily. Thanks Smarter Every Day.
Piano Progress 7 month ago
You did a good job smarer every day thank you for posting this video
Cathy Erley 9 month ago
Awesome idea, awesome dedication to producing a useable interface, and you’ve got awesome kids, Destin 😉
Smokey Mountain Stoner 6 month ago
thank you, this is an awesome idea, and looks pretty promising. I am absolutely a gun guy, and dont see how this would be anything but helpful
John Doe 7 month ago
Thank you for making this very important information available for us all
406Monaro 9 month ago
I think ideal solution to gun detection lies in somehow combining this technology with laminar flow.
Jason Ferguson 8 month ago
Destin, .. that was an awesome video. Quite possibly one of the best videos I've seen related to Gun related issues. Thanks for taking the time to look at these issues, and putting forth an Intelligent approach. Well done.
Oblivion2013 5 month ago
This is amazing! GOOOD JOOOB !!!!!!!
Holly Dingman 9 month ago
Dude, this is awesome. Keep doing what you’re doing... also, give Chad a pat on the back for me.
Jake Vandemark 9 month ago
Doing great work man! What a great solution to safety keeping rights in mind.
Kataroku 9 month ago
And watch school kids print off an image of a gun and stick it to someone's back as a joke.
LeonardMcCoy 6 month ago
Like what you’re trying to do here. Keep getting smarter everyday.
Nathan King 6 month ago
I’ve tried hello fresh and I love it! I didn’t get to use the code but I don’t care 🤷‍♂️ the food is great and it’s great bonding time with my mother, and best of all... ITS HEALTHY FOOD
Piano Progress 8 month ago
thanks for making videos I appreciate it thank you!
Jump2218 8 month ago
Reminds me of how your drone can track you. It does great as long as you are standing/walking/running. Once you get on a bicycle, it has a hard time tracking you.
zed 9 month ago
i could see youtube using this tech to automatically scan videos and demonetize them.......
the piggy gamer 6 month ago
11:19 SQuREEL
Levi van der Ceelen 5 month ago
11:19 see the squirrel in the back
Oleg Baranovskiy 7 month ago
Thank you, Destin and Chad for an amazing initiative. I would like to advise you to consider DataRobot initiative to support a non-profit project like yours. This can speed-up your development.
over00lord Unknown 6 month ago
Please do an update on the anti-kickback system! :D
Greenishapples17 9 month ago
Are you telling me that we're working on giving cops minimaps?
Sound Money 5 month ago
@SmarterEveryDay. Please go watch Ted Nugent and Peter Schiff on the podcast.
Rick Shepherd 6 month ago
How is the accuracy when the person is dark-skinned or wearing gloves? The training showed a lot of white hands on black weapons.
Jj Sessa 8 month ago
Watching this 2 weeks late because YouTube didn’t put this in my subscription feed! The algorithm at work.
Michael Snell 6 month ago
I saw few revolvers. I assume it's trained for those. Are you working on long guns carbines and such?
ItsKoby 9 month ago
Should feed it security camera footage of robberies, where the cameras are potatoes and the robbers are usually obscured, which would help with integration in current setups
Hello Kitty Lover Man! 5 month ago
"How many months..." for... what?
Spencer Dunson 6 month ago
That thumbnail had me shook.
Jonathan Green 5 month ago
D! When I saw the screen capture on the email from SED, I just about fell down! You know you can't have your finger in the trigger until you're ready to fire! As an NRA pistol instructor, I had to comment. Your videos are amazingly awesome! The fundamental NRA rules for safe gun handling are: ALWAYS Keep The Gun Pointed In A Safe Direction - This is the primary rule of gun safety. Common sense dictates the safest direction, depending on different circumstances. ALWAYS Keep Your Finger Off The Trigger Until Ready To Shoot - When holding a gun, rest your finger alongside the frame and outside the trigger guard. Until you are actually ready to fire, do not touch the trigger. ALWAYS Keep The Gun Unloaded Until Ready To Use - If you do not know how to open the action or inspect the chamber(s), leave the gun alone and get help from someone who does. Keep up the awesome work! I look forward to your next video!! p.s.: when did your kids get so big??
Eileen K Carpenter 8 month ago
Glad I watched to the end. Through most of it I was wondering what good it was to have a computer tell me about a handgun after someone has already drawn it. Not much time to respond at that point. But the idea of tracking an active shooter who has already been reported while he/she walks around a large building/campus would be helpful.
rentacow 9 month ago
"But can it detect vapes?" - School principal probably
Kathryn Hays 4 month ago
I think you would really like the group Fight Back Nation. They train teachers on how to disarm shooters and it’s so cool.
Jimmy-James Olivier-McCutcheon 9 month ago
amazing start destin :)
Adam Mizell 6 month ago
What a great idea. KUDOS to you for taking an open minded approach to resolve the issue.
Renzo M-Svartz 9 month ago
I think this is a good invention thanks to your explanation on how it helps active situations with that blue diagram, red dot, and green shield.
kopfgeldjagar 9 month ago
Youtube: "YOU SAID GUN IN A VIDEO! DEMONITIZED!" Destin: "We're discussing options to make the world safer" Youtube: "Oh... DEMONITIZED!"
Andrew Morales 6 month ago
Imagine this at an nra convention
Charles Schmidt 8 month ago
Very glad you addressed the 4th amendment Destin. When I clicked on to this video I had that in my mind, and I think that’s a very important thing to keep in mind.
Janelle honey-Badger 8 month ago
I absolutely love your channel, Destin. I will gladly share every video you've ever done. The content you show is fascinating. Your enthusiasm is addictive. I fail to see how anyone can find fault in what your channel. This is a great idea & I can see why airports, hospitals & maybe schools would want to utilise the X-ray version but I can also agree why it shouldn't be used. Great video, as always. Cheers to you & your family, from Australia
Matthew Hofacker 8 month ago
Love your videos. That said, this topic is very hot. Even in my own home. Most facilities have CCTV and internet. Idea..... In the event of a 911 call. A device or program in router/modem give dispatchers real time view to the CCTV. Locate the threat and eliminating guesses.
Alberto Galleguillos 8 month ago
Thank you for making this video and promoting this technology. I am on the "no gun" side of the debate, but I respect and appreciate your side and work into this matter. ERTW: Engineers Rule the World!
JCWP Gaming 8 month ago
Great video man, I'm personally a gun owner. But I didn't feel like you were leaning any way on the issue other than the obvious of combating gun violence.
Charlie Wells 8 month ago
This man can make millions on this technology
Turk Sandwich 6 month ago
Good on you for standing up for the 4th.
HeapsMad85 9 month ago
SED: Let’s discuss guns in a respectful, constructive way. YouTube: demonetised!
DISOP tv 6 month ago
Now I have to camouflage my guns. Thanks.
Dog Tagz 6 month ago
Hey mr. thumbnail, get your boogerhook off the bang bang switch
Jose Tellez 8 month ago
I watched this a couple days before I learned about the actual system and its abilities in class. Weird. Great video btw
Damn Yankee 6 month ago
I like your thinking on this!
Peter Xiong 9 month ago
ez just get youtube's gun detection algorithm