What can WE do?

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Kind of a reverse Q&A - thank you all for your thoughtful responses! I got so emotional reading them. Feel free to share more in the YouTube comments here!
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Elvis 198 2 month ago
iJustine is definitely one of the best Youtubers. She talks about stuff that matters that actually matters! Best wishes to iJustine. (Cooking videos always lifts up the mood)
Troy Trav 2 month ago
"i'm afraid to even cough now" is a big mood nowadays, lmao.
francesco alivernini 2 month ago
Hello Justine, I'm from Italy, we 've been in Lockdown for more than a week, and we'll have to stay for who knows how much longer, because our country has been severely affected by the virus . In these days that I have spent mostly at home, your contents, (and those of Linus, Kyle, Paul, Jay and others) have been a great moment of relief for me , in these days more than ever. So keep it up, obviusly in a safe way for you and the people who works with you! P.S. For people in USA or other nations that still don't exactly knows what's going on in a Country strongly affected by the COVID. It's not the Zombie Apocalypse, but a serious condition that can damage the National Healt system. So don't rush to grab weapons and toilet paper or other things. Stay at home as much as you can, in order to avoid unnecessary contact with other, buy what you need,stay safe, stay calm and be smart. And trust only official channels and organizations, not every bullshit you find online. Good bye, and sorry for my english.
Rūta Masiliūnaitė 2 month ago
Personaly I would like to see "cooking with Justine" more 😂 laught is best tool against viruses
tdznn revenge 2 month ago
dear Justine, an advice from an italian fan, based in Milan: stay at home, don’t panic, just wait.
Ryan Surber 2 month ago
My boyfriend went to an AutoBody shop in Seattle he's had his car in the shop for a few days. After our purchase they gave us $100 off. And a roll of toilet paper 🤣. We were completely out. Communities are helping and I love it.
Bat92 2 month ago
I need a hug or a virtual hug plz my grandma has the virus
DctrGizmo 2 month ago
Me: coughs Them: Code 2319!!!
Chelsea Shepard 2 month ago
Maybe you can go live and just chill with us for a while too. Just talk about whatever, would be nice to have some company at some point.
elnoralouisa1 2 month ago
Remember there are millions of people in the USA that have jobs that they have to go to, and it's not all nurses and doctors. Think of all the people that are delivering your packages, working in industries that can't close (at least not yet), all the grocery store people, truck drivers, etc. We have to be with people all the time, and therefore have the extra worry that we are going to get this virus from someone who walks by us. Many are working extra hours, plus the extra time to shop for necessary things.
Jakub Pospíšil 2 month ago
In my country (Czech Republic). Our government did a thing that i like. We are making our own face masks.
Kavin Suresh 2 month ago
Whole world scared of Corona virus outbreak Justine:I need more TikTok viewers
MOHAMAD M 2 month ago
14.6 The Censoring iam dieing 😹😹😹
Luke Miller 2 month ago
i love how you are taking this into thought and now you are spreading the word since you are one of the bigger channels and you are influencing people which is very smart of you
IhasDaveTDM 2 month ago
Samuel Taylor Ackroyd 2 month ago
Everyone. Don't give up! We can't let the coronavirus win! Stay positive!
FirstAntelope91 Minecraftian 2 month ago
Inshallah ( hope) we as a planet can get through this hard time together . Everyone stay safe and pray that we all will be okay. Hope you and ur family are all okay. We can get through this.💞💞🙏🙏🙏
Brandon Whaley 2 month ago
One thing I've seen that I love is some people like Reese Witherspoon, Amy Adams, and Jennifer Garner have been recording videos for Instagram where they read children's books to children. Entertainment is something we all need.
_ΜiΑ- TΑP ОN MY PHОTO 2 month ago
This is how many peopIe was waiting f0r this vid 👇🏻👇🏻
Julio J. Torres 2 month ago
LOL the cough at the end killed me hahaha Love you Justine!
Jessica 2 month ago
Thank you for this, Justine! I’ve just been trying to watch other content to get my mind off all this craziness, but still taking it seriously. My neighbors are handing out masks to our elderly neighbors which I think is wonderful! If we can all help eachother out that’s all that really matters ❤️
slanty 12 2 month ago
Staying inside is all well and good unless your job says "we ride at dawn" 😂
Trevor does random 2 month ago
I can’t reach my friends. Schools are closed:(
Khidr Nasheed 2 month ago
She knows more than she actually can say - you sense it
Ryan Bragg 2 month ago
But at this time everyone should try and help one another when we can. We are all in this together and will get through this.
Ojisan642 2 month ago
Just entertain us. We are BORED AS HELL in quarantine! 🤣 Maybe review stuff around your house as though it was new technology. “Hey guys it’s Justine, this is a brick from my backyard, it’s really great.” LOL
Gaby Wiley 2 month ago
iJustine: makes video about coronavirus, coughs in her fist, slams hand on table, touches forehead 🤦🏽‍♀️
Raimi Gardner 2 month ago
Can you please cook more? Or do crafts with Ro? I know she’s having a rough time and sharing a laugh would surely help. 💚💚
Jonathan Zhang 2 month ago
Spread kindness, not bigotry. Quarantine the virus, not love.
ントプトラエルディア 2 month ago
I'm super paranoid now I'm having cold and I feel like I'm about to die I contacted my doctor and she said "YOU NEED TO CALM DOWN" 😅
pyro 2 month ago
I wonder if there's gonna be a big celebration once we beat corona
Colin Jesso 2 month ago
i want you to educate, educate people on the truth like you said , im a health care worker and im scared too, its like calm before the storm , just keep educating people without fear just precautions
Lauren Mehta 2 month ago
Khan Academy. Technically I should be on "spring break" but I am still doing school work
Neil 'Cidi AL-Masry' Sandage Sidi Al-Masri 2 month ago
1:23 ~ "Adverse Conditions" funding, minimum 50% of income, into perpetuity for all #HumanMalware victims. ~ I do not believe that have an Atingen in your body is lethal to yourself or others, i do believe RADAR is causing fluid to drain into the lungs, sufficient fluid, sugars, and then #mould or #influenza = #CoronaVirus is a completely new term for medical science, in the public spectrum. #CoronaGlans, been using that term for decades. ~ All Flus, Sniffles, are #CoronaViruses, killing 20% of elderly is #impossibly stupid, worse the medical treatment for pneumonia has been roll them on their chests to slow blood oxygen levels, #anaerobic bacteria kill an aerobic lung system, claim its to assist drainage or vomiting, yet a 10% dry sauna 165F to 176F and #TaiChi, #Callisthenics, #Aerobics is 10,000% more likely to destroy the pneumonia conditions, and then 25% humidity to reverse dry sore throat from #deepbreathing to clear our fluid and kill any pollen, mold, bacteria that nasal hairs did not trap. You are not to do any #psychonauting, they robot them to kill others, and they later kill the psychonauts. ~ Pure math or DBA, APA is not nearly as effective and metric testing all the children and gymnasium all the children, throughout elementary tracking physical speed, math speed, and strength to weight ratio as well as stamina.
Meager Cone 2 month ago
isn’t now the perfect time to do the 32 person facetime video? 😀
awill6192 2 month ago
I think the realm of media is fear mongering, so right now is a time where people need patience, to not panic, and just continue every day life.
Akshithaa Duraivelu 2 month ago
Guys don't let corona bite Stay safe ☺
Keily Gomez 2 month ago
iJustine I feel like u should do what u want to do and what ur best at doing💗LOVE YOU❤❤❤❤💗✌
MythrilBiata 2 month ago
My husband shared this with me, while I'm considering and even working on setting up a way to entertain and read stories to children online. Even though I'm feeling ''alright'' (as alright as I can be emotionally) I told him it's kind of like suddenly plunging into working for myself. Justine is right. This will be a new norm for us, at LEAST for a while. Fellow Content Creators/Creative people: just do you. Dig into your own talent and do something you have been WANTing to do and let its beauty shine! Like me, you got this! #teachers #teachonline #streamers #creativecontent #FTW!
Julian Coronado 2 month ago
Dear iJustine, I'm a HUGE fan of yours and talk about with you my best friend all the time. Your videos regarding the events happening right now are truly enlightening. I'm a college student about to graduate and things are weird with online classes. But the amount of concern and HONESTY (about information that you don't know) you've been demonstrating is inspiring. I hate the spread of misinformation just as much as you. I look forward to one day meeting you at an event! I was reading your tweets about this recently and I got emotional because it feels like you're my friend who cares about me! I loved all the hand sanitizer matching outfits! Keep the content going because I need MORE reasons to slack off on my online classes. Justine you're amazing, intelligent, inspiring, a light in my darkness right now. Thank you for everything you do - send Matty and Jenna some love for me!
Shipper-Girl -27 2 month ago
Hang in there everyone. Entertainment is the best thing right now. I’m personally going to upload more content. Even if just phone games like pocket camp.
Phoenix Rain 2 month ago
You made me feel so much better talking about it thank you
Lamees Xoxo 2 month ago
i don’t want to stay at home but i want..anyone feel me
Ribotto Studios 2 month ago
"Whatever you're feeling right now you're feelings are valid." UNLESS you're acting selfish and entitled and such and just want to go on spring break, prom, homecoming like thousands of other millennials and gen z kids with the mindset of "if I get corona I get corona.". THOSE types of morons CAN'T SIT WITH US.
Kev Wolf_ 2 month ago
I am feeling like I need air
Chris Alle 2 month ago
I am trying to find a great computer and mics to try to reach my church, I am a pastor, through a podcast. This is a tough time. Can you recommend something for me on a budget please? I trust your advice.
Sergio The One 2 month ago
This was a much needed video for me! I don't think creators should go out of their way to avid the topic but giving people something to distract themselves is great! Mostly I want for people to make me feel like we're hanging out and making it through these times. *Thank you Justine* for what you do, I can't stress enough hom important it has been for me.
MKamTech 2 month ago
Chris M 2 month ago
We need more cooking fails to be happy in this crazy time
Ana Magalhaes 2 month ago
Hi. I just wanted to remind people that when we receive a package, a delivery from a purchase online, that delivery might be contaminated (there are studies about the virus staying until 72 hours in carton and stainless steel) so please be careful. When you receive a delivery keep in mind to disinfect your hands after handling it, as well as the surfaces the package had contact with inside your house. In alternative, put the package somewhere where you don't go often (like in the garage or garden shed) and wait 72 hours to touch it again, open it and handling it. Stay safe :)
Jessica 2 month ago
I’m having a really hard time with this, my anxiety is so so high, its just terrifying, stay safe justine 💗💗
Awful madden plays. 2 month ago
I think it’s funny how you’re talking about or even Apple themselves thinking that people are going to buy gadgets at the end of the season... NEWS FLASH in about 60 days at this rate the economy is going to be hit so hard( does anyone even watch the market) that literally nobody’s really going to care or even have enough to afford these things or go to events or anything once we come out of it .
Myst1cc 2 month ago
Hey Justine, I love your content, specifically Apple, maybe you can make content as a gateway away from covid19, as an escape, that makes us happy, love your content -Mason
iSirMac 2 month ago
Stay at home. Thats the least thing we can do to help those who need to leave home for work (at this moment).
JarniDeGarza 2 month ago
Words and Pixels 2 month ago
I appreciate you discussing this whole situation in a hopeful, mature way. You’re the best, Justine! 💖
waÏnot_WTF 2 month ago
Hello guys! I’m from Spain 🇪🇸 and if you don’t know, COVID19 arrived earlier than in the US. We are quarantined in our houses and, we don’t know what to do. By the moment, we have been expelled from outside one week exactly. The government of Spain said we are going to be one MONTH in this situation. Please, listen to this woman because she knows what is she saying. One day, your work will end, and the boss or the teacher will not know what to do. Do things you like to do but you don’t have time when you want. THIS TIME is so good to do THINGS YOU CANT IN YOUR NORMAL LIFE. Thank y’all, please do not be bored 😐, is SO bad. And important to be comunicated with YOUR PEOPLE. Bye bye, the next step is the worst you will ever live. XOXO from 🇪🇸 Spain !
Matthew Stebleton 2 month ago
I would like to see social media influencers to still be able to make content like normal as best they can. To have some normalcy would be great in this time in need.
ThePixelator257 2 month ago
Did you know that all your cash had coronavirus on it? You can send it to me and I will.... Take care of it for free!
Kris Landaaro 2 month ago
I’m sure you get that handstand I myself and practicing I’m not very good either be driving me nuts! Thanks for the video😄! You get the handstand 😎😄👍❤️
TECHMAN 2 month ago
The World : Self isolate yourselfs Gamers: We were born for this!
Aron Timisela 2 month ago
Justine i love you so much, your so honest about how your feeling and rlly inspiring ♡ I hope everyone is staying safe!
Aaron Rossman 2 month ago
Get those hand stands in, girl! LMAO If anyone wants to learn Spanish, French, Japanese, Italian, and or Dutch with me I'll help ya along my journey! (Languages are listed from most to least fluent haha)
itz_alaina_ree e 2 month ago
I think that we really do need yall to keep posting vids because most of us are in self cortine and we have nun to do but I would be nice to see sum vids just kinda forgetting the corona virus cause it is overwhelming
patrick jackson 2 month ago
We all can’t just stay home. I’m going to work, most have to work! But I love watching your videos over most other people and I like getting away from the news and talk about all of this.
Karin van den Berg 2 month ago
What has helped me so much, I started a daily drawing challenge this year, and now I’m drawing while watching livestreams of other artists that are just drawing and talking and answering questions about their art and stuff. I’m not drawing what they are drawing but it’s enough of a distraction to keep me going myself instead of stopping to check the latest news or just because I feel anxious which is when I’m jumping around from thing to thing. So emphasis on positive things we all can do at home to better ourselves, to learn, to stay healthy both physically and mentally. We can do these things without emphasizing the crisis and maybe all come out of this a little better and especially more connected than we were before. ❤️
Jackson H 2 month ago
Just give us animal crossing videos every day, i'm sure that'll be enough haha
Dante 2 month ago
We owe a great deal of gratitude to the people on the front lines fighting this thing, and we appreciate them. Love ya to bits.
Jimmy 2 month ago
I honestly love these chill talks Justine, (of course not just on this subject) but just in general :)
Always Right 2 month ago
In everyone's Life, Bad phases come and pass ..hope so will be this one.
WarTrickster7 2 month ago
Justine love watching your videos. The best you can do is just stay safe and keep making content to distract us and give us an escape from the outside world.
iteach 2 month ago
You are awesome!!!! post silly and fun videos that will help the viewers at home.. Burn a cake with our torch lolol.. We are overloaded with depressing videos because we are all in the same boat.
Joanne Mary Woodworth 2 month ago
Honestly I spend a lot of my time besides working at home- watching YouTube which includes your videos. Please keep creating! 💕💕
Will Smith 2 month ago
Thank you for addressing the pandemic and trying to lift the spirits of your followers. Been with you since 2007, and will be with you until you stop making videos. You’re the best, Justine.
Lesley Rowland 2 month ago
i've watched you from the beginning. you always remain a great role model! <3
Brie Garza 2 month ago
Thank you for reminding me that I am not alone ❤️❤️❤️
BlackMomba2408 2 month ago
Keep doing what you’re doing make the videos to help take our minds off of it we hear it enough!!!! We appreciate your content it’s entertainment for us!!!👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾
ijono 2 month ago
you’re literally the best. thank you so much for this video, as a content creator this really helps me to just keep making videos to post. ❤️❤️
SLAMSTERDAMN 2 month ago
New Sub, Dear Lady; IMHO, ‘Unto one’s own self, be TRUE.’ Your conscience can not mislead you. US ARMY Ranger friends taught me to set, take a few (5+) slow breaths via nostrils, & exhale via mouth. It’s relaxing; it’s alike how we breath when we sleep. For everyone, have ❤️.
Isabella 2 month ago
Photography tips and tricks, Photoshop tutorial and general tips on content creation (maybe Instagram) would be awesome! :D
BigDaddyMacc 2 month ago
Entertain and keep people positive. To everyone, stay home, eat, drink and sleep well.
BLueSun 2 month ago
Make more content please! I'd love to see some ACNH streams and iPhone rumors videos! But most importantly stay healthy, physically and mentally!
Alex Jackson 2 month ago
I started a channel to try and reach out and connect to my students, and this video has helped me to think about how I should be supporting them. Thanks for this!
Louie Tran 2 month ago
When you smile, I think everyone else smiles. Keep up the great work on your videos and spread the positivity. We get enough of the panicking and hysteria from the rest of the world :)
Joey De La Rosa 2 month ago
I want to see your reaction on the sega mini! And I’m sure you have other things you never got around to.
joytekb 2 month ago
Girl reviewing tech has so amazing inside.Good bless you darling.
peace4life 2 month ago
Your cooking videos with jenna is the best! I laugh every time I watch them!
Broken Glass Dimension Is 2 month ago
all I can't said, have hope and stay safe
Arnold K 2 month ago
Honestly wanted to say: we appreciate you Justine! Thank you for this and for the positivity altogether!
Perry Meier 2 month ago
Let’s stay home and enjoy iJustine 🏡
Gabriel Áhsan González 2 month ago
iJustine don't get emotional it will make everyone else emotional just keep on working with a smile and help each other out at this difficult time
Emma Pitts 2 month ago
Yay!! Another of justine’s videos!!! I almost broke my screen cuz when I saw this I tapped so fast and hard to get into this video!! This video made my day!!
Dominick G 2 month ago
I would definitely like to learn how to do videos like you and others, I'm interested in YouTube and filming videos and taking pictures I enjoy tech
Jon Espinoza 2 month ago
hi there, greetings from Costa Rica! Thank you for keeping us entertained during this nightmare while we are quarantined. Sending you and your team love and positive vibes! PS. also, can't wait for your next cooking video.
Brie Garza 2 month ago
Online live exercise classes are so helpful!
Blisotto 2 month ago
i work in long term care and i just got moved home for the first time in my life. this is going to be interesting.
TxLongHornOne 2 month ago
Keep up the thoughtful great work we need the sense of normalcy!! Thanks Justine
Robert Etzenhouser 2 month ago
In my opinion, I think you should definitely keep making videos, because it helps us keep our minds off the coronavirus a bit, and also gives us stuff to do while at home 😂. Definitely don’t keep constantly talking about it, because as you said, that’s literally all that’s on the news. Definitely remember it’s happening, but keep giving us the quality content you’ve been giving us for 14 years!
Jonathan Cesari 2 month ago
Hey, I really appreciate these videos. They're really helping me. I just moved across the country.... Got to my home here in Pennsylvania on Saturday. I have been on self quarantine ever since. I'm avoiding people and I tend to have some struggles with depression and anxiety. I am feeling overwhelmed... But really, comedians and "YouTube influencers" like yourself are really helping me stay positive and just feel better. Thanks again! You're doing more than you realize.
Israel Sandoval 2 month ago
😂😂 I’m dying at the pixelation. Thank you for self censoring lol.