1vs1 Basketball Challenges w/ NBA Rookie Ja Morant!

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Huge shoutout to House of Hoops and Nike for having me during All Star break in Chicago!

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Adaes 3 month ago
My mans has met everyone except Lebron lmao. You’ll meet him one day bro
TalentOnTheBeat 3 month ago
11:34 Cash: "Who Yo Fav Player When You Play 2K" Ja: "ME" Cash: "You Sure It's Not Iggy" Me: 🤣🤣🤣🤣
The Dream 3 month ago
15:00 “I GoT CLaMpS” literally gets cross seconds after
JustdoitFatt 3 month ago
Only real OG remember Cash: Only cash: gotta wake em gotta shake em moma said put money on the table
Dangerous Tv 3 month ago
No one: Flight: Jay-A Morant
Just Some Guy without a Mustache 3 month ago
I'd 1v1 with the NBA rookie, on Rust and not at basketball.
Antonio Jones 3 month ago
Flight somehow took a L in this video
Jay How 3 month ago
“Not cold cause the heat on the feet” Okok Cash😂😂🔥
Stephen H. Smith 3 month ago
Theres a child in cash's backpack
TheFuture#8 3 month ago
First dude Cash picked was something else. That boi was "Wet Like Wawter" for sure 💦
Andrew Hornsby 3 month ago
No one: absolutely no one: comments: IM GIFTING TO EVERYONE THAT SUBS TO ME
10,000 SUBS WITH NO VIDEOS 3 month ago
He couldn't meet LeBron, but he could 1 v 1 Ja Morant
Gemstonee 3 month ago
6:08 did somebody say "yea fLight"? lmfaoo
INeedAMcMuffin 3 month ago
15:11 that mans jumped higher than the whole hoop😂😭
Lookitzjay 3 month ago
Cash was out there getting DROPPED OFF 😂😂😂LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOO
Sam Gonzalez 3 month ago
Crazy I remember when cash was playing 2k bald look where he is now
Flash MeLody 3 month ago
3:05 who else thought their phone was dying when the light dimmed?
B1ackie Ch4n 3 month ago
14:46 You really had to do that cash
Pip John 3 month ago
Cash’s haircuts are lookin fire 🔥
Dio 3 month ago
15:41 why was this mans dribble on the same beat from the song in the background
Sora Z 3 month ago
15:15 cash crying in the inside
myles. 3 month ago
are we just gonna ignore how dirty that first kid was, he didnt miss a shot.
NBA 2K19 Dubs 3 month ago
“Kobe” that hit different 😢
MajorKixx 3 month ago
ChoppaTM 3 month ago
did anyone else hear the kid say yeah flight lmao 6:06
suresh viji 3 month ago
This looks like a boxing arena for hoopers than a court lmao🤣
Pearson Johnson 3 month ago
Cash not lettin those forces crease 😂
TCO ENT 3 month ago
7:16 you wrong for that 😂😂😂😂
Caviarr 3 month ago
Cash forgot to equip his badges 😂
Christopher Sainduc 3 month ago
0:19 My boy skip legs day I just know it
Bobby D. 3 month ago
2:56 He don't remember him do he..😂😂
Braemanlyjackhandy 3 month ago
Ja went to college where I live. I met him at a camp once. He said lets work
Fayte Belmont-Wickliffe 3 month ago
1:58 he rrly be creasing them shoes
RipticBerseker ! 3 month ago
10:23 if the kid didn’t make that shot after that guy said “Kobe!” The man would’ve been fired lol...Rip Kobe
greatest 2 month ago
My favorite player on 2k is Ja too bruh, he’s not even overrated
MCG BREEZE 3 month ago
We just not gonna say anything about Damion Porter Jr being in 7th grade and 6’1 dunking. I played against him and he’s a beast. Btw he’s 12th best in illinois
Austin Puckett 3 month ago
Mopi: walks in a room everyone in the room: midget has entered the chat😂😆
Jim Halpert 3 month ago
Flight in the background: YOOOO, ThAtS mY tYpE oF sHoT.
wesley’s end 3 month ago
10:24 plot twist: *he misses and everyone in the room jumps him*
Trippy 3 month ago
If this was flight, every kid in there would of scored
TCO ENT 3 month ago
7:05 😂😂😂
SweatyTev 3 month ago
15:11 One decent gather and mans would've ended Cash LMAO
GoEddyGO 3 month ago
This is the reason I started recording my hooping videos
SpiTzy Yt 3 month ago
13:35 my mans got left hanging😂
Official_Eric999 - 3 month ago
The Abrecombie Fitch Jean jacket fit though. 🔥💉
FatalityOnMobile _YT 2 month ago
Bruh come on cash 15:05 my boi got you man😂🔥 yo Hol body shifted
Montas PR 3 month ago
13:33 we all been in that situation before 😂😂
Vortex Productions 3 month ago
Cash: Playing with Ja Morant Flight: Look at curry man
YscNel 3 month ago
“I’m finna dunk on him”😂
Its•iam•ON The•run 2 month ago
I swear this is my fav player rn cuh da other ones just to overrated and I have been a ja Morant fan since he got drafted and that was in July 2 2019 and his the upcoming legend for me 💯💯💯
TheTyBoogie 3 month ago
2:18 creasing the MCA’s 🤦🏻‍♂️
aaron berhane 3 month ago
ROTY can’t tell me other wise
Jack Mackie 3 month ago
AHHHH STOOOPPPPPP‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️ Cash bent down and creased the ones oh no
OmgItsShawn _ 3 month ago
This a million automatic 🗣
SaUcY _ 3 month ago
Where'd you get the pants at?🤔🔥
Jamey Cassady 3 month ago
I thought cash was actually gonna play against Ja 😂 Ja woulda made cash his Kevin Love 😤
Kwan 2x gang 3 month ago
He came to my town and Ian know
The2k GOAT 3 month ago
I wish they did this in charlotte with Kyrie or Jason Tatum at house of hoops
StrongArmTV 3 month ago
Glad you had fun in my City.. I was there too🤙🏾
pudge27t 3 month ago
Shout out to yah barber! ✂️💈😏✌🏾 That’s the real heat 🔥🔥 keeping you warm outside! 🙌🏾
Sororic 3 month ago
React to flight reacting to you reacting to him vs Jenna 💯
key cofield 3 month ago
17:30 see lil Timmy tryna hype it up 😭😭
will mcalpine 3 month ago
14:54 the white kid in the back high key possible me off the whole time
jason fulcher 3 month ago
Long Gahn 3 month ago
Imagine cash raging and throwing the controller during the 2v2 😂😂💀💀💀
Straight to A Bucket 3 month ago
Cash had the tallest ppl on his team😭
Not Combat 3 month ago
Those HOF clamps looked more like silver clamps when guarding those kids😂 they were nice
Drew Levine 3 month ago
“You can’t go wrong with black Air Force ones”
Diamond Marie 3 month ago
when the goat post with consistency 🐐❤️
Aidenn3x 3 month ago
Cash, u got some greats arms fill out the shirt perfectly!!! Cant wait to get my arms like urs
Malachi Penalver 3 month ago
1:53 they Remind me of the nike air shake ndestrucks
DMoneySavage23 Lucero 3 month ago
Cassius Getting Dropped of By 15 year Olds was My Favorite part of the Video Lol cash always thinking he got good Defense like 3 of em Said Nah lil Baby 😇✔💯😎🏁🏀🏆
DwadeGoated 3 month ago
I gotta wake em gotta shake em, momma said put money on the table 💯- cashnasty
Cold Heart Comedy 3 month ago
Them kids was playing Cash like they had beef 🤣
YNI JayFN 3 month ago
Morant is my fav rookie how bout y’all 😌
Nicooo Suaveee 3 month ago
I wanna see one of these youtubers play against my man FILAAAYYYYYY🗣
Abel Daley 3 month ago
Nobody: Absolutely no one: Not even a baby: Flight: “J—A Morant”
Theonoah Jadotte 2 month ago
My boy working there need a raise!!! He mad cool and professional!!
Taevion Govan 3 month ago
Talking About Just A Little Something Something 😂 You Damn Well That Last Kid You Played Almost Made You Fall
nathan song 3 month ago
That’s where my friend was with Fire the aau team that came
Eazzyclapzzy Yt 3 month ago
he my favorite rookie cause he unselfish
Mr. KnowitALL 3 month ago
I mean at least you meant Ja instead of James!
Absolute 3 month ago
Damn I read this as 1v1 vs Ja
Nakama Wars 3 month ago
14:20 that kid got mad bounce!!
Kyle Maga 3 month ago
That one kid almost jumped over him on a pull up jumper
Xavier 3 month ago
thank you for your videos you got me through middle school and now you getting me through high school🙏🏾
LeGoat James 3 month ago
Lmao imagine flight was there and said Jay-A morent
Ski Mask999 3 month ago
Them boys was nice tho 💯
Marco Alvarez 3 month ago
@2:05 my soul has been taken why u creasin the fire place folk
Guy Storrs (Student) 2 month ago
World of Zavi 3 month ago
Yo @cashnasty i see you rocking that Sia collective drip! 🔥🔥
Colin Chu 3 month ago
Hey Cash love your videos and think you’re really funny. You met Ja!! Wow
Caution_slasher 3 month ago
Bro you got to see ja morant that’s my fav player bro damn favourite YouTuber against fav nba player
iamTheRealDevin 3 month ago
Cash fits be on point 👌🏽🔥🔥🔥
BadKIID Akin 3 month ago
7:06 wth happens to that ball?
Splash BrosEnt. 3 month ago
yessir memphis baby 💙
LPS TV 3 month ago
No one: Cash: man come one man you know man, man
JD Official 3 month ago
Man I’m tryna see the 1v1 with rice
Myheir Oneal 3 month ago
Cash you was TOOOOOO DRIPPY 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Densest no Chikara 3 month ago
Fr fr, that was a low rim