Strongman Tries CrossFit | WORLD RECORD ft Eddie Hall

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Big Love
Team Beast
Hodor of winterfell 4 month ago
World's largest crossfitter, probably another world record. Gather round children...
PAPA DANKI 4 month ago
Imagine how fast he would've done it if he wasn't dehydrated.
Jacob Crowell 4 month ago
I love that Eddie broke the record after being taught the rules while warming up
Sammy Chu 4 month ago
“What the hell is this exercise called?” 10 mins later, break world record. Nice.
Smerky Dude 4 month ago
Feminist : "Reads 'man' in his shirt" S E X I S T
goatie13 4 month ago
Crossfitters: "why do I hear boss music?"
Ares Proximo 4 month ago
Nobody: Eddie Hall: retires from strongman..makes a crossfit worldrecord
Israel-Did-9/11 4 month ago
breaks world record 1st time: "that's very hard"
Crunk Blanket 4 month ago
“CrossFit is great because you don’t have to worry about exercising for a goal, exercising is the goal.” -Dom Mazzetti
The Garrobo 4 month ago
When you’re in level 100 and play a level 1 mission
samslug 4 month ago
Eddie went to a CrossFit comp... is this considered “smurfing” in the fitness industry?
Justus Bowman 4 month ago
"It doesn't count if you die." Fair.
Justin Smith 4 month ago
It’s CrossFit, rules and technique is out the door
seek n detroy 4 month ago
Legend has it: he's still puffing air til the present day
Andrey Vasiliev 4 month ago
Eddie getting any accolade in any sport: "You won't see me in this sport again!"
Kacper Fiuk 4 month ago
I don't even want to imagine what hydrated Eddie is capable of...
Judaka 4 month ago
I can just imagine some guy who's goal was to beat this record for some years just being shattered after finding out about this.
Raging 4 month ago
those "crossfit pullups" makes me wanna tear my eyelids off.
Tobias Müller 4 month ago
I’d love to see Eddie have a go at Pro-Wrestling. He definitely has the agility.
Simon Maybury 4 month ago
Little bit disappointed that his hydration level wasn't mentioned straight away.
Radar 4 month ago
Eddie: Walks into a crossfit event for the first time and immediately gets world record. Also Eddie: Crossfit is a lot harder than it looks.
SuperDuty Zack 4 month ago
Imagine being able to walk into any building and be the strongest there, everytime. Yeah, Brian shaw and others but thats not the point.
Mladen 4 month ago
Eddie before he broke the record: "Hold my beer..."
cezzz2007 4 month ago
“So i have a world record in Crossfit...” - Eddie Hall
Gee 4 month ago
Eddie: **casually pops over as a guest** Also Eddie: **breaks the world record** 🤣🤣🤣
Zafer 4 month ago
I love how Eddie just goes and breaks another sports world record for shits and giggs
Rocko99 Rocko99 4 month ago
Cross fitters: am i a joke to you? Eddy Hall: yes
Diraj Thapa 4 month ago
World Record: Exists Eddie:Hippity hoppity this is now my property
88Hawk2 4 month ago
Note: I saw this guy for the first time. *Me seeing him driving a car*: for his size, he should drive a pickup truck. *Me a few moments later understanding, that he actually drives a pickup truck*: Ok... he should drive a full size truck 😂 Very positive guy with a healthy attitude towards sport and setting a world record. Not a type of a douchebag that says "I'm the best! Nobody will beat me!" Congrats.
Daniel Peer 4 month ago
Literally every other post on this vid is the same thing: link the 7 min mark and note a guy got left hanging. Someone has already made that comment...
Matt Turner 4 month ago
One of the most charismatic Strongmen ever. He is so enjoyable.
vedant gondalia 4 month ago
The starting of the scene where the way he walks its like he killed thanos way many times😂
Daniel Bentley 4 month ago
I now understand the word “ profusely” after having seen Eddie Hall sweat profusely.
Drumming Baby Yoda 4 month ago
I like how Eddie man handles the weight lol. This isn't even crossfit for him, it's a deadlift with a shoulder press..for 30 reps in under a min lol Still, kudos sir.
Spray UK 4 month ago
Eddie isn’t just the strongest man in the world, he’s also the happiest
Mr.Mask Maker 4 month ago
seeing someone his size move like that is crazy. would love to see him try Jiu jitsu or sumo wrestling
Life AsAustin 4 month ago
Tf is he on about “nerves kicking in” the man lifted 500kg in front of thousands
Aurangzeb Baig 4 month ago
0:17 He's walking like he's the final boss. I'm scared.
Andrew Yang's Hologram 4 month ago
Now just imagine how well he would have done, if he wasn't DeHyDrAtEd!
Amando Robles 4 month ago
“It’s a world record?! Yes, a record of the world! gather round children!”
Christian Agirman 4 month ago
I love how he talks about the world record in the beginning, and how he's seen a video of it. Now, when I try and google the world record to see that same video every result is instead "Eddie Hall sets new world record". This guy...
JJ Dryer 4 month ago
*out of breath. “ does it count if you die? Does it?” Lol
OzinSki 4 month ago
7:08 I can’t tell if that guy was trying to give a high five but was left hanging, or eh.
Héctor _ 4 month ago
Not a fan of Crossfit, but this was great.
RJM Fitness 4 month ago
I can see Eddie doing handstand walks, but only if he's HYDRATED!
Anthony Jones 4 month ago
So. 😂 It’s really hard not to say “so”. Still loving the videos.
MrFreeGman 4 month ago
2:53 0 reps, 0 reps, 0 reps...
yanni blumstein 4 month ago
The Handstand walk is even more impressive with his Bodyweight.
Jonathan Gerrard 4 month ago
Next: Eddie does "Strictly Dancing" .
m.e 4 month ago
casually breaking a CrossFit world record after doing groceries.
Mike oxlong 4 month ago
I had to write a poem about homelessness in english, and I put “As dehydrated as Eddie hall”
309 4 month ago
7:07 Eddie left him hanging
Crypto Millionnaire 4 month ago
the title should be "eddie hall breaks a world record wile doing cardio"
Valentine Moments 4 month ago
This video should be called: Eddie visits the zoo
ONE_ 4 month ago
“I’ve never been to a crossfit event” Proceeds to break the world record
SwaghettiYolognese 4 month ago
I know this is obvious to everyone but IF Eddie had been hydrated, he would have got a considerably better time.
Morshed Mustafa 4 month ago
When you're diving into the handstand you look reminiscent of a human silverback gorilla, it truly is a sight. I guess that's why you're called 'The Beast'
Azadpreet Singh 4 month ago
No one: Me: 0:18 how I feel after going back from grandmas'
Jimminey FingCricket 4 month ago
Of all the things I thought I would see today Eddie Hall doing a hand stand walk was not one of them.
medard verbinc 4 month ago
Eddie probably weighs as much as three of those cross fit athletes.
Isobel Archer 4 month ago
I imagine World's Strongest Man tries rock climbing or bouldering would make for an entertaining video!
pickle_tickle_23 ! 4 month ago
Why did you asked back guy to removed “basically Eddie hall “ ? It didn’t seem like it was a bad video. He wasn’t trying to make money out of it. In the other hand more people actually started watching you. Butt hurt? Or? Not to be disrespectful
Balafosauras 4 month ago
Why everyone saying he needs water lol
Mike DiMaio 4 month ago
"try and beat that, guarantee you will have a heart attack", I will take your advise and pass, bravo Beast.
Uncle Baneman 4 month ago
Eddie hall walking into any strength competition. All the other competitor's: wait that illegal.
Jarek B 4 month ago
He would win a Crossfit Total almost just with his Deadlift😅
Max Thompson 4 month ago
I love how he’s the strongest man in the world, DRIVING A FORD 😂🤪
Raoh 4 month ago
He didn't even try tho, he was just warming up.
Ross Cooper-Smith 4 month ago
3:33 He brought budgie smugglers for Eddie to sign! LMAO, love it.
Sean Sartor 4 month ago
Eddie you’re the BEST. I appreciate willingness to cross disciplines.
TraMaChi 4 month ago
Eddie stop smurfing on the CrossFit server. Theres a reason why they are seperate servers set up :P But guys ngl...If I had the chance to hug Eddie I would take it :P
Jeremy Zenkar 4 month ago
Yellow shirt man during handstands - "Hey, there's the guy I modeled my hair off of."
jonjon5665 4 month ago
Eddie is the only man that makes me want to try CrossFit.
Cheessy Chips 4 month ago
Eddie wins a world record* “yeah this isn’t for me” 😂🤣
David Jerič 4 month ago
Actually some impressive mobility for a man of his size and profession. Never been fan of powerlifting or crossfit but this .. this is really great performance
Mardyn Kazlyatnik 4 month ago
"The bigger the beast the greater the glory."
Unsung Hero 4 month ago
Eddie threw that bar around like he was picking up a snickers from the ground
Gman 4 month ago
A man walks in a hall full of children....... that’s our Eddie, go son teach them kids what strength is about 👍👌
Oliver Imbrich-Hülsmann 4 month ago
I have not competed in a couple years.... breaks the world record. Classic eddie hall
Kuen wai Ho 4 month ago
crossfit needs to clean and jerk this, Eddie you just throw it overhead like front raises and press. too light for you.
Velipaju88 _ 4 month ago
How on earth he has such a big belly, and still abs are visible? I mean Eddie's a beast and i have lots of respect, but that cant be healthy?
Daniel Nikolaisen 4 month ago
Breaks the world record in an event he never trained for in the first try... "That was tough" - Eddie being polite
FraStew 0 4 month ago
The slo-mo's. Are they actually slo-mo or is Eddie just walking in slo-mo? He is definitely the type of guy to just walk in slo-mo for the effect without the help of technology!
Zeb Smith 4 month ago
Crossfit promoters: How do we get people to stop saying crossfit is for p****'s. Eddie: Sure I will set another world record.
John Doe 4 month ago
Poor Eddie, that event must made him really thirsty. He looks so dehydrated.
geht euch nix an 4 month ago
This is what happens when a king descends from his throne to see what the little people are doing and to show why he is the king. I'm just joking it's amazing how humble that massiv guy is. It's always interesting to see heavy guys do crossfit.
John Marcano 4 month ago
Give him a good gymnastics teacher for a month or two and he would have a sick handstand no problem.
Mr. Necro 4 month ago
CrossFitters: we're having a contest Eddie: (Hold my barbell)
Nastyyy 4 month ago
7:07 he’s still waiting for that high five
Neuroinsect 1 4 month ago
Wild, I'd be willing to bet if Eddie trained specifically to do this kind of lifting he could a) beat the record he just set and b) set a few other records.
Mat 4 month ago
He technically did Isabel. Snatch - one fluid motion from ground to over head.
Bigboysbigburgers 4 month ago
I’m from Colchester I didn’t know he was there I’m livid lol
Paul Belyshev 4 month ago
I bet the people who have done CrossFit for years seen Eddie try it for the first time and get a record are like, "What am I even doing here ?"
Denis Cullis 4 month ago
Eddie love the vids haven’t heard about the films yet how is it going xxden big fan
T33K3SS3LCH3N 4 month ago
Eddie: Okay I'm done with my warmup, when does the event start?
Bamboo 4 month ago
Enters the Cheat Code: All sliders maxed to the right! 😂
Scott Baird 4 month ago
CrossFit is just middle class white people thinking they’re good at sports, hilarious 😂
Sir Deety 4 month ago
Eddie should go around the CrossFit scene and just start collecting world records at this point
IbrahimBoxer05 __ 4 month ago
Now watch strongmen compete in crossfit just to beat eddie 😂
oo ee 4 month ago
"Have it a go. I guarantee you'll have a heart attack" lol Eddie is the best