Binging with Babish: Cold Cure from Kenan & Kel

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This week, I'm sick n' self-quarantined. Can the golden era of Nickelodeon kids sitcoms help cure what ails me?

Music: "A Beautiful Life" by Broke for Free

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Binging with Babish 9 days ago
For anyone that's curious - I'm on day 7 of symptoms/self-quarantine. I was told by my doctor and the CDC not to be tested, as here in NYC at this time, tests are only for those who have been hospitalized. Symptoms can be severe to nonexistent, but in my case, they're pretty much like a flu with bonus loss of taste/smell. Jess has it too, we're holed up in my apartment with a shitton of broth, video games, and her cats. We hope you guys are staying safe and healthy - please do your part to help flatten the curve, and stay home!!
Zane Henderson 9 days ago
I’d like to think that the lack of a “babbish version” implies that he thinks that the smoothie is perfect already
Tinpotgamer 9 days ago
“Hey, what’s up, guys, welcome back to Cooking with Covid...” But seriously, swift recovery for you, Jess and anyone else suffering.
Rasmus Thyrring 9 days ago
I was looking at this smoothie and I kept thinking “please, don’t do it man! It’s not worth it!” But you did... and even though you’re sick you still managed to make some content. Thank you Andrew! As already said in the comments, we don’t deserve you, and please, get well soon 🙏
Bmanritchie 9 days ago
He could’ve at least sifted his drink to counter the shell pieces.
qwerty2 9 days ago
Got cured of corona, instead got salmonella and on my death bed
Scott Erdmann 9 days ago
You should make “Wake Up Juice - Back To The Future”
Stefefe 9 days ago
This is why I love this show. This is why I have admiration, borderline man crush, on andrew. He didn't need or have to post this as many of us follow him on social media knew his predicament. He posted out of his own concern, love, and respect for us as his audience. I have been fortunate enough to not contract COVID-19 but I feel for empathy for those who do. Thank you for the unnecessary video, I'll keep cooking if you do. Stay healthy and safe everyone!
A random Butterfly Cat 9 days ago
Instructions unclear, woke up with Coronavirus.
Kit 9 days ago
Imagine tomorrow Babby tweets out that he's cured.
Aaron P 9 days ago
If we're still on the topic of gross drinks to try and make: "Stinson's Fixer-elixir" from How I Met Your Mother is up there. Hopefully there's a substitute for Tantrum out there though....
Isaac Reid 9 days ago
A good thing to make would be the good sauce from the movie “Good Burger”
FreedomsWorld 9 days ago
Babish looks so scared I bet right as he was filming he was like "what God damn life decisions brought me here?"
Kristine E 9 days ago
I wonder when Andrew comes out of this, will he suddenly like cilantro?
ChickenHeadDuckFeet 9 days ago
“Practice social distancing” Me: sums up my life
Leeav Ederi 9 days ago
Why do I have the feeling that Babish is going to die after drinking that thing....
SaiyaMan2011 9 days ago
If she doesn't know who loves orange soda, she's too young for you.
Robin Paine 9 days ago
I could see you saying "I do, do I do I doo-oooooo" as you were pouring the soda out 😂 Andrew loooves orange soda! Hope you're back to health soon!
Gen M 9 days ago
Pink Guy looks different “an ollllld fammmily recipe”
DR. DORITOS 9 days ago
"Holed up with a shitton broth, video games, and cats." Mate you're literally living the life, I would kill to do that instead of online classes
LuKasAV6 9 days ago
1:21 Babish: "I'm just not picking up anything" Babish: *commences to pick up sardines. 🤣🤪
Giles Austin 9 days ago
finally back to the roots of this show, recently its been a lot of "nachos from the good place" *makes regular nachos* "pork chops from apex legends" *literally just pork chops* etc. the novelty of this show is in the unique/ridiculous recipes from shows that you wouldn't normally see in real life, i dont really get anything out of watching babish make a plain cheese pizza and adding some tv show/movie to the title that the meal has nothing to do with
Brian the Trainer 9 days ago
Babish sick Me Ear ache Someone else probably something hopefully not the sickness
Latino Guy 9 days ago
Unabonger420 9 days ago
I assume Donald Trump will be tweeting this "cure" in the next couple of hours.
gadson92 9 days ago
Nobody: Cardi B: CArOnNA VaARis
Terry McBerry 9 days ago
SNL recently had another crazy food sketch called Overnight Salad. I'd absolutely love to see you make a video on that.
Liam McGreevy 9 days ago
COVID-19: I fear no man, but that *thing*, it scares me
Ian Frederickson 9 days ago
Next up is the smoothie Arnold makes in the opening scene from End of Days.
Aayus Keshri 9 days ago
It weirdly looks good Edit: It looks good in smoothie form I wouldn’t actually drink it
Courtney Gardner 9 days ago
Babish trying to turn covid 19 into covid 21 with this drink.
bargin bin himbo 9 days ago
2:41 if your cover your ears up to this point you can imagine that he's just drinking a nice pineapple smoothie :)
TheLongDark 9 days ago
Jesus Christ, if that's legitimately the cure then I would rather have coronavirus.
ORCA 9 days ago
It makes you better by sending you to the afterlife because if you die, the virus dies too!
INtercept No Scope 9 days ago
Babish: Cough drops unwrapped of course otherwise that would be crazy: also babish: mixing fried chicken with sardines
Twatical 9 days ago
Wild Planet sardines represent, only canned sardines not in BPA or BPS hell yeah
oxide357 9 days ago
“I do all this in the name of I guess” -Babish 2020 Get well soon Babish and Jess.
moyamedia 9 days ago
Get better soon! And when you do, I'd love to see you take on Ed's sauce from Good Burger.
Metabloxer 9 days ago
"(Sorry, I didn't have the energy to do the graphics this week)" Oh no.
rogeryermaw 9 days ago
Damn...sorry it got you. Makes me glad I shunned human contact a long time ago....wish I could stay home but, lucky me I've been deemed essential....
elsquisheeone 9 days ago
"Hey what's up guys, welcome back to Dining with Disease"
Danielle M Hall 9 days ago
Yuck. Leave it to Kenan and Kel to "cure" the cold like this.
F.a H.C 9 days ago
This felt like if the guy was saying “and this is how I put myself out of my misery”
Neoxon 9 days ago
Well that’s one way to kick up my nostalgia. Get well soon, Andrew.
Skyguy's Bizarre Adventure 9 days ago
He was lookin pale in the wired interview last night and this confirms it
AnimeROL 9 days ago
I’m sorry to hear you’re sick, I woke up this morning sick too (Ontario, Canada) so we are also in lockdown. Get better soon and I look forward to your next video ❤️
Mike P 9 days ago
Man I remember waking up at like 7am on weekends when I was like 6 just to see this show
Angel Navarrete 9 days ago
Surprisingly enough, I remember that episode😅 Also, love how you didn't even bother trying to adjust anything to make it "better"
Avery Sax 9 days ago
Aww Andrew. I am so sorry. I hope you aren’t actually infected and feel better soon. You will be in my thoughts and prayers
David Shammas 9 days ago
2:58 "What is happening to me right now?" 😂😂
Kelsey M. 9 days ago
The fact that you couldn’t taste any of that mess is extremely disturbing to me...
Owen Kennedy 9 days ago
You should try making “Liam’s Loaded Lasagna” from I’m Not Okay With This
Jackie Wilde 9 days ago
Your dedication to science is confounding yet highly admirable. I literally gagged whilst watching you about to consume that.
SirPoofyPants 9 days ago
I’m on the tail end of being sick due to Covid19. Hope it goes less painfully for you than it did for me. If like me you completely lose your appetite I would recommend oatmeal with blueberries.
juan s 9 days ago
Wishing you, Jess and all of your loved ones well along with a swift recovery, and dearly hoping your sickness is because of that Sheppard's Pie from Hell a week ago and not the Covid-19. Get well soon.
Carlos Neves 9 days ago
Do the “How I Met Your Mother Hangover Fixer Elixir” next lmfao
janeyrevanescence12 9 days ago
I do have a request for a future episode: Pork Butts and Taters from the Cow and Chicken episode "Field Trip to Folsom Prison". I hope you, Jess and everyone else is staying safe now.
Chesca Christine 9 days ago
There were too many people “Going about business as normal” my states governor issued a “Stay at Home” order. Any going out, not for a valid reason(work, medical appointment, food/supplies shopping) can be fined.
Sara 9 days ago
Baby Yoda recommends drinking a nice bone broth latte and getting plenty of rest. Feel better.
Jorge Mendez 9 days ago
Maybe this quarantine and my personal life have made me emotional but I actually started to tear up when I heard your voice. Praying that you and Jess feel better. Stay awesome and safe please!!
Perpetual Peter 9 days ago
10/10, this cured my Coronavirus
Kalbex 88 9 days ago
Dear lord, who in their right mind, rather any part of the mind in this case, asked for this?!
jasapoe1992 9 days ago
I haven't seen or thought about Kenan and Kel in a long time! I used to love watching it when I was a kid, so thanks for making this and hope you get better soon!
Joe Mazzola 9 days ago
Hope you get well soon, but fair warning my ladyfriend (who I haven't been able to see for weeks) is on something like day 27 of symptoms so this monster can cling for a while
Your Mom 9 days ago
Yooo you should do a food from sanji the cook from one piece, get well soon love ya ❤
Xander Tyson 9 days ago
If we lose Babish to the Beer Virus I'm gonna riot more than I did when my favorite TWD characters died.
Gerndel Wood 9 days ago
Here's to a speedy recovery to you, jess, and everyone who is ill right now
John Waby 9 days ago
2:58 'I don't know what is happening inside my mouth'
Will Hain 9 days ago
Ok Babish I've got a special request/challenge for ya: Try to make a good version of Cooking With Jack's party cheese salad.
Twatical 9 days ago
Eggs dont have fibre, you meant extra calcium and kidney stones
Scoobius Maximus 9 days ago
So did you go shopping for the ingredients while sick or just happen to have all that stuff already? Also because it's probably relevant to everyone in the very near future, what is the best way to get groceries while symptomatic, especially if you don't live in a major city where you can get them delivered?
Lil Sean Robinson 9 days ago
This man tryna kill him self with the most bizarre combo smoothie 😭
Ickyarkman 9 days ago
the smoothie actually looks good after it's blended
Laura Boting 9 days ago
In the event that the smoothie hasn't already cured you, I hope you feel better real soon :)
TheNaomiChristina 9 days ago
horohorosrin 9 days ago
I'm pleasantly surprised to see this throwback! Feel better, dude. I'm in a similar boat, but I'm at the tail end and headed back to work tomorrow (my work shouldn't even be open, but that's another rant for another time). I couldn't get tested, either, because it's the same in Illinois with strict guidelines and lack of tests. My mom got the wild loss of smell, but I escaped that. I also escaped a fever, but I had shortness of breath to the point that I'd be winded mid-sentence during the brunt of it. When I went in to the doctor for the note my boss made me get, walking down the hall with the nurse was a challenge. I was SHOCKED at how breathless I was. By the time the doctor was finished checking my breathing, I was panting. I also got blood drawn to test for other shit, and uh... I didn't eat all day and nearly fainted in the chair. Never done that before. I felt like I was dying lmao. You rest and take care of yourself! Thank you for being responsible and staying home... not that you sound like you'd even feel up to going anywhere, anyway! :( Also... WHOOOOOOOO LOVES ORANGE SODA?
phoenix Moss 9 days ago
Make Liam’s loaded lasagna from I’m not ok with this on Netflix
Sejin Kim 9 days ago
I love that, even though this is figurative shitposting, so much care and effort went in. This is why we love you!
Oscar Scheepstra 9 days ago
Kenan & Kel was hilarious for me when I was a kid. Few days ago I watched that episode where they were house sitting for Chris, and I was in tears for laughing so much.
DEIVION212 9 days ago
Had a sinus infection for weeks, lost smell and taste for days. Still struggling with it now.
lubetester 9 days ago
I'mm 99% sure I have Covid-19. tightness is my chest like an elephant sitting on me. no fever or cough at all, and no flu pains, but this chest tightness sucks. I get winded just walking up the stairs.
Sandra Ross 9 days ago
You are one dedicated man to film and release on time, even when sick. Wishing you and your gf a quick recovery.
Kenneth Gdula 9 days ago
I remember this episode coming on all the time when I was a kid
celeste 9 days ago
All of my pregnancy cravings coming back to haunt me :
O 9 days ago
imagine if this was actually the cure to covid
Fabian Cristian Montano 9 days ago
That does bring back some memories. Now how about recreating the Rig Juice from Regular Show?
Gina Sonicstar 9 days ago
Babish: (gives himself intense salmonella) Coronavirus: *excruciating pain* OK NOPE SEE YA
Brittany Hause 9 days ago
Love these "___ from X movie/show" installments. Wonder what Babish's take on the colorful mush the Lost Boys eat in Hook would be. And hope he feels better soon!
ParagonTempus 9 days ago
Hey, from one anonymous internet text bot to a YouTuber I enjoy and respect, much love, Andrew. I hope you two can start feeling better soon! And I don't think anyone would begrudge you a few missed episodes while y'all convalesce in peace. Thank you for the many, many hours of entertaining and educational videos, it helped me appreciate cooking again after a long absence of that warm fuzzy feeling of a meal shared with friends and family. I hope to see you all fit and happy soon <3 And all you other random internet folks reading this, hey! Take care of yourself, be kind, and be well! o/
Kemal Erhat 9 days ago
Man, this C.V. outbreak in New York massive. They're gonna get f****d up the rear end so hard, and it's only just starting. Best of luck to all of you, but you should have paid attention much earlier!!!!🤞
Jiggy.Pop.Phantom Kell 9 days ago
According to the reports coming in, after about a week of initial symptoms you either begin to get better or dramatically worse.
Casual Rosas 9 days ago
Jeez, imagine cleaning that kitchen utensil by utensil after the virus subsides...
Papa Smurf 9 days ago
Babish *is sick during pandemic* Me *gets scared watching a person sick* Also me *sprays my phone with lysol*
Pedro Victor 9 days ago
So early-onset dementia is a symptom of covid-19, huh. Good to know.
charizard imgay 9 days ago
Now i just feel bad for him bc he wanted to do somthing even thought he was sick
Sydney Schapel 9 days ago
I’m so impressed that you still managed to make a video while sick with Covid. Hope you guys get better soon!
Lily A. 9 days ago
Well one thing I learned from this recipe is damn, I need that blender!! That was hella smooth for all of the nonsense put in there
Daniel 9 days ago
Chill out on the color correction my man this is starting to look like wonderland
Myles Janik 9 days ago
Corona has taken the babi. It has officially gone too far.
Eric B. 9 days ago
I mean, if I had the virus and had to drink _that_, the virus would probably leave my system after blowing chunks. Pretty sure that's not how it works, but take your time recovering.