Persian Caviar in Iran!! HUGE BELUGA STURGEON - Black Caviar + Kebabs | Caspian Sea, Iran!

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CASPIAN SEA, IRAN - The black caviar from the Beluga sturgeon of the Caspian Sea is among the world’s most prized delicacies, and Iran is home to some of the best caviar in the world. We had the privilege to visit a caviar fishery, where they opened a beluga sturgeon, removed the black caviar, and processed it. It was a learning experience about one of Iran’s most important delicacies. #Iran #Caviar #PersianFood

Dr. Caviar - After removing the sturgeon caviar, the caviar was handled very delicately. Dr. Caviar, washed it, and then salted it. We had a chance to try the caviar fresh before being salted, and it was so pure. After salting, he then stirred the caviar around, and put it into tins to remove as much water as possible. We enjoyed fresh caviar and crayfish for lunch.

Ahmad Kebab, Rasht, Iran - For dinner we headed to Ahmad Kebab, one of the most legendary kebab restaurants in Rasht. Along with bull hump, sour “pomegranate” kebabs, and koobideh - ground meat kebabs, the highlight was fresh sturgeon kebabs. We took a big piece of the sturgeon from the morning to make beluga sturgeon kebabs. They were some of the most juicy and tender fish kebabs I’ve ever had in my life.

Thank you to Ghasr Setareh ( for arranging our trip to Iran.

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Abdul Zaher 2 month ago
As much as I enjoyed watching you and your friends eat the caviar. I must remind you all that the Beluga Sturgeon is a critically Endangered species, which we could loose in the very near future. Mark please promote and educate the viewers as well as the farmers about the importance of these species. We need sustainable farming, not profitable at an entire species cost. Peace 😁
Peter Olivares 2 month ago
When everything you eat makes you make that exact same face and say wow that exact same way, makes it really hard to set bars and benchmarks. Takes the power away from the reaction.
sameer sheikh 2 month ago
Mr. Taster laughs more than he talks 😜
John Pick 2 month ago
Thank you to the Friendly People of Iran for demonstrating their hospitality to you and us here on YouTube.
Edward Paul 2 month ago
Mr Taster doesnt taste😂😂😂,the dude consumes😂😂😂
jbergstrom85 2 month ago
“It’s so graceful” and now we kill it
Afeen Zainab 2 month ago
I feel like they missed an opportunity to call him sturgeon surgeon 😄
M. Karbaschi 2 month ago
Caviar is the most expensive food in the world Saffron is the most expensive spice in the world Pistachio is one of the best (if not best) nuts in the world And Iran produces the best of them and the origin of them.
Vania Alban Zapata 2 month ago
Whenever I'm stressed, in need to connect with the grounding stuff, food, people, Mark puts a smile on my face.. Such a positive guy! Then again with a job like his, who wouldn't be!! 😉
Michael Nguyen 2 month ago
In a perfect world the Sturgen fish was stitched up and released back in the river to live another 200yrs.
The Mistro 92 2 month ago
Mark is probably the most happy person I’ve ever seen and as a result he makes me happy and appreciative lol
AwesomeFish12 2 month ago
32:28 Mr. Taster bit that kebab like a shark.
Vic Tiest 2 month ago
No one: Me Taster: Hehehehehe
M Tayyab 2 month ago
Again mr taster 👍🏻👍🏻 One like for Mr Taster
Nate 2 month ago
Iranian people seem genuine and lovely.
Johnny blaze 2 month ago
Thanks for showing us some of Iran’s culture💯❤️
Cobain Floyd 2 month ago
Mr. Taster is amazing, he fed Trevor now he is feeding mark, Lots of love to this amazing guy..
Phaydiiboii 2 month ago
Mark wiens: Drinks water.... “oh wow. the way that liquid just slowly descends down your throat, it’s extremely flavourless but tastes so good”
som so 2 month ago
Your Iran serie is amazing, specielly Mr taster
Lećh Gusinski 2 month ago
That Iranian dude: Now let’s drink water Ah wait also take this onion 😅
A BCD 2 month ago
7:07 - 7:12 Mark is too FUNNY & really enjoying his experience with Mr. Taster. Thanks 4 sharing your day 3 in Iran.
Retalify 2 month ago
Not going to lie but that's one of the most satisfying thumbnails that isn't clickbait i've seen.
Peter Terwilliger 2 month ago
The people of Iran may not know this, And expensive test has been conducted. In order to find out just why it happens. But despite all the almost endless research. MARK STILL TALKS WITH HIS MOUTH FULL!!!
Ryan Smith 2 month ago
New drinking game.....every time he says “oh wow” take a shot
amirkamiri 2 month ago
Mark Wiens: Beluga Sturgeon $40,000 per kilo Beluga Sturgeon : I have been kept inside a shi t hole The guy with glasses: hahahaha
Kristin Wright 2 month ago
The beautiful sturgeon was the life of the party. First her eggs. Then her flesh. Always honor the life that gave up for higher predators to eat. It is the way life works on this planet.
Mostafa Biki 2 month ago
Iran is truly a beautiful country😍
wilfrid fred 2 month ago
I know who call the day i go in Iran MISTER TASTEEEEERRRRR
Moi L 2 month ago
What's with that awful man? He's with you, with Trevor James. Why is that "mister eater" so important? And o: sturgeons are on the brink of extinction!
Hany pour 2 month ago
Love IRAN from Germany <3
M 2 month ago
Nice people, nice food , so fresh!!! The energy of the people, the hospitality, is so amazing 😋🤗😀
Harriette Ann Velasco 2 month ago
Mr. Taster seems a happy man too.. I'm convinced that one of the happiest people on earth are the food lovers... Thanks again Mark for this awesome episode! That beluga caviar... I wonder how heavenly it taste like💖
barbie doll 2 month ago
Mr taster food ranger show also🤭
Papas & Chonchis 2 month ago
I’m Mexican but my favorite food in the world is Persian food 💯💯💯💯💯💯💯😘😘😘😘the best
feedthesnake 2 month ago
this must be the most expensive episode ever
stsz12 2 month ago
the persian sturgeon surgeon say that x3 times fast
Combo TV 2 month ago
I live how friendly the people are. Mr. Taster is fun to watch! great job Mark as always.
Diana Stilwell 2 month ago
I love how you’re content shows nothing but love and appreciation towards other cultures... it’s such a lighthearted environment in a heavy world. Thank you and keep doing you!
Pouya 2 month ago
23:42 Bread snowboard lol 😂
Lar Bernardo 2 month ago
mark wiens be like: wow this water is so refreshing..cheers bro
Will B. 2 month ago
Someone get 'Markie' Da Weins a microphone, I think he's about to drop a couple bars yo.
Who wants to taste some caviar now?
suzanne sweaney 2 month ago
Does anybody find the constant laughter of that taster guy irritating?
Venture Fanatic 2 month ago
Everything looked so so good. I can't stop thinking about that perfect Tin.
Eve Evans 2 month ago
Mr. Taster with the wild hair hair and the crazy laugh is AWESOME.
M. G. 2 month ago
3Dziner 2 month ago
His laugh reminds me of that guy that says “what a story Mark” lmao
Vivek 2 month ago
The mr taster guy is a great guide but after a while his incessant giggling/laughing starts reminding me of joker..
Hooman Sadeghian 2 month ago
Lot's of love from Iran , have fun in here mark ;)
Freddie Facer 2 month ago
wiens now has the first million dollar stomach
HappyMV 2 month ago
Mr. Taster reminds me of Fezziwig in "A Christmas Carol". His soul emanates an appreciation for the wonderful things in life and a spirit that finds true joy in sharing it with the world. What a synergistic pair he and Mark make! Still - missing Joel in this series. Just dig the vibe Mark and Joel bring on these food adventures.
GOD ShallSmiteYou 2 month ago
We're running low on face mask and y'all are playing around with them. Smh...
ThePelican 2 month ago
By the looks of it, Iranians eat soo good and so to my taste ... I really love this type of food so much!
Polar Belle 2 month ago
I see that they waste some caviar when packaging it
Vinit Gohel 2 month ago
Damm!! Mr. Taster's laughter so addictive 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Dennis Carver 2 month ago
johnny toff 2 month ago
God only knows how his breath smells after all those onions!
Terry Chootiyaa 2 month ago
*I have seen this episode on the TV drama "Casualty" or was it "Holby City" 🤔...😁😁😅😅👍👍*
bigmuchknow 2 month ago
33:15 corona 33:25 Mark: Thank you very much for the corona GUY: No problem dude Mark: Its amazing
Ammara Foods Hub 2 month ago
Red Alert: You should take some foods or snacks before watch Mark videos! o Wow!
Maria Ruby Dela Cruz 2 month ago
I love i wish i can be your other half, i love everything you eat
Myamou 2 month ago
Love the videos, but what is the reason for stuffing your mouth so much? It would be more appealing to viewers to take smaller bites.
mike mike 2 month ago
Somehow I feel bad for such elegant fish
Mr. Nobody 2 month ago
I want Mr. Tasters laugh as my notification tone.
Panda 2 month ago
I gotta say that after all the talk about how every egg counts, they do seem to waste a lot of it. I feel like even after a few fishes they must waste hundreds of dollars.
FitAussieAngie 2 month ago
I love how they treat mark like royalty lol. The caviar is amazing, and bread there looks fantastic.
Nat Quam 2 month ago
Im having flashbacks of dissecting a pregnant perch in science class. No thank you!
Liandri C Wibowo 2 month ago
Mr Taster is amazing. He is a great man. Not only showing the food, but the culture, hospitality of the people, food processing. Great Iranian man...👍👍👍👍 You have a great experience in Iran.
Tom Mosquera 2 month ago
33:40 the chef's side angle reminds me of Freddie Mercury.
PaisleyLdy 2 month ago
This makes me appreciate the caviar I eat even more!
Inaa Na 2 month ago
always take care yourself when you're travelling Mark wiens💚
Stefan Ramanayake 2 month ago
People: Caviar is so expensive Mark Wiens: hold my camera
tithemi Dozard 2 month ago
What I watch when I'm eating
Bim Bims 2 month ago
*using protected suit *going out from the room wtf
Nicole P 2 month ago
Mr.Taster!!!! He’s great!!! I love this episode!! I’ve been wanting to go to Iran since I was little. 🇮🇷 💕
Oskar 2 month ago
It's interesting that a lot of people eat caviar with a pearl spoon because: "ere is a custom that caviar should not be served with a metal spoon, because metal may impart an undesirable flavour" It's stored in metal tins and all tools used in the process is metal :D
Joseph 2 month ago
I love the Iranian tour, food is over the top delicious looking!
ezequiel ocampo 2 month ago
His perverted laugh 😂
xandoz unsri 2 month ago
Always love Mark Videos But Covid 19 lately... make me watch this video in diff kind of perspective. Like 26:52 when the beautiful nail wash the saffron to the kebab. Damn corona When Mark feed Mr giggle. And all entire video makes corona pop up in my head. Btw im not vegetarian. But somehow i feel bad for the fish. Only from this video i feel bad for the fish.
Kashyra Forte 2 month ago
7:00 that freaked me out!! 🤢
Red Shadow 2 month ago
My stomach is growling😋😢
patssoxceltics 2 month ago
I can’t afford caviar... I’ll let Mark Wiens tell me how it tastes.
DD Roger 2 month ago
I reckon Mark needs to bring back his original reaction... with the food he had with the head!!! that is what kept me watching this... but its looks like becoming diplomatic... hmm WOW!!
Geno E 2 month ago
Everything looks absolutely stunning! From the hospitality of Mr. Taster to the world class caviar to the amenities this just looks like a world class 5 star experience!
Lorna Levi shoeswomen 2 month ago
Chuck Jones 2 month ago
🤯 from louisiana and never knew crawfish was eaten anywhere else... damn those were big ones too
serhat sunkurlu 2 month ago
greetings from turkey
Messy Marv 2 month ago
Mr. Taster is awesome! 🤗🤗
bhutheman Akuma 2 month ago
16:40 ... the sound of the text could it be any perfect with this scene
TheEuroace 2 month ago
Just love all of your videos Mr Wiens. How about "pre historian Beluga" here in a Chrisitan setting:-) Ohh I enjoy all your videos soo much! Kind regards Paul from Norway
sakina vora 2 month ago
Your videos always make me go hungry. Lots of love from Nairobi
Adrian Nudelman 2 month ago
21:23 Yeah!! This is authentic Lavash Mr. Marky
Toasted Cheeseburger 2 month ago
Caviar Is Exquisite BUT Definitely An Aquarired Taste
Dr Deecing Gautam 2 month ago
Mr. Taster looks like a greedy scientist from Hollywood sci-fi movie 😂😂😂😂😂 lovely personality
N. R. 2 month ago
Amazing how they do the salting and make the caviar cake apparently without any defined measurements...
ren claude 2 month ago
"Poor fish." - Mr. Taster.
John Thomann 2 month ago
" this is the best tea break ever " Oh yes Mark. Oh yes.
Priscilla Fuentes 2 month ago
I admire,Mark. I couldn't stomach some of the food. God bless him.
Masquerade 51 2 month ago
Mark just want to let u know... When i get the notification for this iran vdo i plan my whole day in excitment that at nyt i will see ur vdo with a bag of chip and french fries just beside me. Plez more vdos like these.
Arnold 2 month ago
Mr Taster needs to have his own show on FOOD NETWORK!