Suspects in Ahmaud Arbery's killing arrested and charged

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The suspects in Ahmaud Arbery's murder have been arrested.
Violet Hipster 28 days ago
There are people defending these people? The clownery in this world I swear
N mir 28 days ago
It’s disgusting that those two thought they were entitled enough to be the judge, jury, and executioner
Marvin 99 28 days ago
Its good that its caught on video. If not, it’ll be different story. RIP
Robert Jazz 27 days ago
Imagine how many cases like this that have been swept under the rug.
Ratimbum edit 27 days ago
"My heart goes out too..." what heart my guy
Amber Wilson 28 days ago
This whole thing is messed up however I’m curious as to why this was filmed in the first place. Ahmaud was running for quite some time while being followed and filmed without the truck not even in the frame. Also how did the driver know to drive on the left side of the road instead of the right side? Did they know that the truck was parked on the right side? I have a strong feeling this was planned and the driver was in on it. The recorder needs to be questioned as well. Obviously this footage is what let us happen in facts but something does not feel right to me. All the same I hope justice is served for Ahmaud as he was just trying to jog. Those heathens need to be locked away forever UPDATE: headlines say that the recorder will be questioned!
Skylar Helmbeck 28 days ago
Where is the third guy??? Why is he not arrested?
Big Raf 28 days ago
These two idiots are now getting their punishment
Isaac Max 28 days ago
The original prosecutor said the mcmichaels were defending themselves and Arbuery attacked first. You’re jogging down the road and 3 white guys roll up in a pickup one steps out with a shotgun. The mcmichaels were not defending themselves, Arbuery was. He was fighting for his life. I’m sure he thought his life was in danger and immediate went into fight or flight.
Edouard Tresord 27 days ago
The sad part is the people who try to defend this criminal it’s really sad 🙏🙏
Dolp Turdman Is The Antichrist 28 days ago
Will the "He fell on my gun 3 times and he looks a lot like a burglar, your honor!" work for them this time?
Isaiah JP 27 days ago
It’s sad it took this long for it to be recognized and they only arrested them bc it got popular. We re still not equal
1 Subscriber Before 2021 27 days ago
There are people defending these people? The clownery in this world I swear
FaithGuy 28 days ago
No one is paying attention to the 3rd person. It was a setup. He started this video and followed the man before he hit the bend knowing that the truck was in the right lane. He drove to the left lane and in the video you can also hear him clicking his gun! He needs to be arrested also!!!!!
JT 28 days ago
No, they are not “suspects” they are “murderers”. They shot and killed Ahmaud Arbery.
DeMat 27 days ago
I too go jogging with a hammer every day.
David Ha 27 days ago
He had ever right to defend himself.
tayvarion carroll 27 days ago
they need to be locked up for life
BatZach 27 days ago
It shouldn't take a national outcry to put these guys in jail
Emily 28 days ago
Trump couldn’t even be bothered the remember his name FFS.
Vices & Madonna 28 days ago
The two cars were following him. Then one eventually pulled in front to box him in. Suspect 1 got out with his weapon. They think they are some vigilantes, but now they are murders. They went too far.
Francis 28 days ago
"Suspected neighbourhood robberies" can't take matters into your own hands there's due process that has to followed
Rillo 806 28 days ago
Love when people accuse me of breaking in houses while im on my way to work. Ive dealt with that far too many times. Its a harsh reality i live with every day. So sad that boy got shot for no reason. People are crazy and full of hate. Thats why i own guns.
gavin got waves 27 days ago
the things those inmates are gonna do to them lmaooo we'll see who really suffers
Crazy Average Asian Bitch 27 days ago
Here we go again, there’s ppl started made up the “unfinished” story where they don’t have source to prove validity, just to slander the victim that died and make the 2 men looks innocent 2 men which is not cops with guns driving down to an unarmed man and shot him, end of story. Don’t even try to label the victim as criminal or attacker , the 2 with guns come at him that unarmed, there’s no innocent to defend about, from the very beginning, the 2 wasn’t cops (one retired) has no legal right to go after anyone
Mystical Hippo 27 days ago
Are we not gonna talk about how the “citizens arrest” law needs to be repealed ASAP
Snap 27 days ago
Just took 3 months 🤦🏻‍♂️
H. Dinh 28 days ago
When things like this happen, I lose the small amount of hope i have for the world. Imagine being home, stressing about what's going on in the world and going for a jog. Suddenly, two men pull up on you and you're being attacked, fighting for your life, only to lose the battle. Nobody around to help, nobody you love to reassure you it's going to be okay, even if its not. If we die, let us die in peace. For a split second, away from the chaos of humanity.
Josiah Sills 27 days ago
Everyone who thinks there was a chance they wouldn’t go to jail with or without nation-wide awareness is a clown
Christa Doty 27 days ago
Man that really pisses me off. :( That’s so messed up!
murrel gordon 27 days ago
0:50 he ain't even remember his name
PROD. July 27 days ago
The son looks like Alex from predator poachers after a month of meth 😂
Piff Spot Music 27 days ago
Rip my dude all people not evil love how u tryd to stay up 1 love
Yangster Supreme 27 days ago
"The young gentleman" trump literally forgot his name
J D 28 days ago
I saw someone say he was wearing hiking boots. Doesn’t really look like big boots to me
katyrebel18 28 days ago
Why is a Houston news station trending when the killing happened in Georgia.
LAVATORR 27 days ago
They look exactly as you'd imagine
Compact Celsius 27 days ago
Imagine actually taking this news seriously it’s propaganda. Race war baiting. Wake up
Serenity SH 27 days ago
Yeah...look at all of the stuff hes holding.....totally must have burgled. Dude who commits burglary on foot with nothing in their hands....seriously?
Bernie Sanders 27 days ago
What sucks is if a case doesn’t have high priority, it’s not covered. Nobody cares. Rest In Peace.
ragood alshebani 27 days ago
The land of freedom, no racism , the land of peace....etc .THIS what the world thought USA is and this is the picture that they draw .but ohhh hell nah man everyday they prove that it’s all fake wrong bs . *THAT’S SO SAD RIP*
Drewskii Drew 27 days ago
@Jared1015 said: "If Ahmaud was concealed carrying, and shot both of them dead he would be legally justified. You can't just jump out of a truck brandishing a gun... that's intimidation and threat to life. He was right to defend himself because his life was threatened from the start." (I just thought everyone should see this)
Lola Bruni 27 days ago
the beginning of the video really had me thinking a demagorgon attacked my earbuds
TheCeilingFanCollectorHD 27 days ago
#6 on trending. RIP Ahmaud Arbery.
Lydia Salas-Ramirez 28 days ago
So so heartbreaking. I hope they never seen freedom.
DevilDog 1999 27 days ago
Also when you go for a run bring your level 3 mask and gun
sandy swenning 27 days ago
WTH! sickening my heart goes out to the family
Wimeth Dissanayake 28 days ago
Finally! Theae men are going in!
Taylor Craig Newbold 27 days ago
Please. Governor Kemp will ensure the good ole boy system will prevail.
LASummer 27 days ago
Happy birthday Ahmaud 😢
American Remains 27 days ago
The sad thing is they're gonna get off scot free. Cops look after cops
Jaiden Williams 27 days ago
Just for Ahmaud ❤️🤧✊🏾
AMOR JUNR 27 days ago
There entitlement made them want to kill him ☹️
michellozzo michellizzi 28 days ago
10 weeks to make an arrest, ridiculously, justice is slow in the Confederate states,...
Kmonique 28 days ago
*Update—the guy recording the video is set to be arrested as well, turns out he was also an accomplice who helped the other two men track Ahmaud down before they killed him.
25k subs in 2020 challenge 27 days ago
I live in is Kemp doin? Someone help me gtfo if I'm livin in a state where it takes protesting to get a shooter arrested then nobodys safe.
Trevor B 27 days ago
I think id be more surprised if trump actually remembered his name
Keith Jones 28 days ago
Grab the Shotguns and Hop in the truck....what could go wrong?
Homing Ice 27 days ago
Until for some unknown reason the judge reverses the sentence.
Lame Gaming 27 days ago
this #6 on trending
DBO 23 27 days ago
I pray for the day we can all love in peace. This isnt the 19th century anymore...
Tessa Johnson 28 days ago
Yeah...look at all of the stuff hes holding.....totally must have burgled. Dude who commits burglary on foot with nothing in their hands....seriously?
Tlaloc 86 28 days ago
It happens Again & Again. "U mans".
Bradley Lamb 28 days ago
Classic case of to much power in a small town
Ericson Jacques 27 days ago
Jozhua Mendoza 28 days ago
Their are fine people on both sides- POTUS
lvitela24 28 days ago
Since when do we follow and kill a burglary suspect. How about call the police if you think he is a burglary suspect. That was a straight out lynching
Amanda Barbour 27 days ago
Good! They should arrested them right away!!!! R.I.P.
ickycristian 27 days ago
how come this happened back in february, and just now that its going viral justice is being served. let that sink in.
swavey chisom 27 days ago
I ran in his honor, here in Dallas
Robert Acosta 27 days ago
I think this has been shown enough we don’t need the entire country to be disqualified as jurors during the trial
Known to Unknown 27 days ago
I cant go jogging anymore.. i might end up 6feet under
Grown Simba 27 days ago
They should both Do life
Jacob Garaycochea 27 days ago
WE DID IT!!!!!!
ne one_ _ 27 days ago
He's 34?!?!?
Kaitlyn Cade 27 days ago
Those charges were light compared to what they actually did
Christian Torres 27 days ago
Gary Sidhu 27 days ago
Bruh these idiots claimed they were making a citizens arrest wtf!
Garcis Garcia 27 days ago
Good !!!!
Robert Coleman 27 days ago
Well all i say is its about to get real i told someone at the beginning of this year this is about to be one of the worst Hells portable has open and you are invited to walk in
Akashic Citrus !!! 27 days ago
Gooba vs @ meh
carlon brown 27 days ago
Raphael Barros 28 days ago
Tilly Laidman 28 days ago
Myrna Washington 28 days ago
If you want to know the history of the Glenn county police department and one of their corrupt police chief's cover up for a detective having sex with a drug informant. This is why nothing was going to be done regarding this young man's murder.
courtney parrish 27 days ago
Yeah they are charged but are they really. It just take me back to the Zimmerman situation
HamFamily 27 days ago
Trump forgot his name. that’s ok I forgot his name too, I had to go back on instagram for it.
Jodi Duan 27 days ago
Why is this caught on camera but the camera person didn’t go help???
Your Friendly Neighborhood Dealer 27 days ago
Former leo 🤔
habaneroguacamole 28 days ago
littleb242 27 days ago
If any of you fools read this story in the paper, it would 🔥...but to actually see it, it makes your heart 🔥
Kenyon Davila 27 days ago
Can't wait to see DonutOperator breaking down this
Sinclair Strong 28 days ago
I'll drink to that bro
Public Enemy 28 days ago
It doesn’t make sense: They went after him The mcmicheals have the right to be armed But there were two of them To me it’s murder
Frey Ravin 27 days ago
Love the way the unbiased reporter calls it murder. Shouldn't we wait for a jury to determine that?
Kusakabe Sho 27 days ago
TRUMP: ITS A VERY SAD THING also Trump: Save Your Great Second Amendment
luvbig41 28 days ago
Yea...Zimmerman was also arrested and We saw how that turned out. I expect Mr. Arbery to be the one put on trial. I expect them to supposedly "find" Marijuana in Mr. Arbery's Apartment/House.
esmerilemela1 27 days ago
Poor black angels always dealing with shooting
Sneak Chamber 28 days ago
I am honestly crying over this. He never deserved to be hunted and shot to death. RIP Ahmaud Arbery.
Wykius 27 days ago
Yòu thought it was a robbery,. I know it was a murder.