Which Way Will the Water Go? (ft. Steve Mould)- Smarter Every Day 226

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Someone made an interactive model of this!

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Tom Edwards 8 month ago
Steve is a really smart guy if you ignore the British accent" **angry tea clink noises**
Trace Chaffin 8 month ago
The British version of saying “I disagree and you’re wrong” is “that’s interesting” 😂
Tom Lischke 7 month ago
Steve is a really smart guy if you ignore the British accent *talks in alabama*
John Thomas 8 month ago
Destin sneakily teaching everyone vector addition lol
The Flying Dutchman 6 month ago
This is what I love about scientists: Admitting when you’re wrong and rejoice in finding out the truth.
Aaron Eighmey 7 month ago
For that first disagreement, you were just using different frames of reference lol
KRU's Den 8 month ago
Destin: *is a rocket engineer* Also Destin: "Sidewards Velocity"
SergKiev87 8 month ago
The main takeaway is: "When you arguing with the fool first get sure that he doesn't do the same."
Nikko J 6 month ago
9:57 Stop, collaborate and listen. You've just learned the first lesson of Vanilla Ice.
rocket boards 8 month ago
The wisdom at the end was smarter than the physics puzzle =)
J Bailey 8 month ago
9:06 This should be its own video. You wanna know what it means to get “Smarter Every Day?” This is it. This is profound. Thank you for this...
Luigi Macaraig 6 month ago
"In a way the science is often a long, slow, passive-aggressive argument." -zefrank1
Yora 7 month ago
I would love to see it with the image rotating at the same rate as the arms, so that the perspective changes to a rotating reference frame.
Al Paca 8 month ago
"Seems like a smart guy if you can look past the British accent" - Forrest Gump - 2019
Luke Betterton 6 month ago
This was an amazing video with a really important message. This is so incredibly important in this day and age. Proud of you, Destin.
Cody'sLab 8 month ago
Ok now I want to know if this will do the same with lasers instead of streams of water. I assume a much greater rotation rate will be required.
Samuel Underwood 8 month ago
Here's a way to intuit this result: If two objects are in circular motion with the same tangential velocity, but with different radii, the one with the smaller radius will have a higher angular velocity, which means it will complete the circle in less time. Think of a helicopter blade. The end of the blade has a much higher tangential speed than the base even though both parts of the blade complete the circle in the same amount of time. If you decrease the radius, but keep tangential velocity the same, you get a greater angular speed, which explains why the water moving inwards leads, while the water moving outwards trails.
biggles258 6 month ago
"Steve seems like a pretty smart guy if you can look past the British accent"? Cheeky sod, Destin :)
Dave Allyn, Sr. 6 month ago
Destin i love your open humble approach to seeking out disagreement and checking arrogance. i relate nearly fully, but have not as much success as you demonstrate. sure can appreciate the real work there. thanks for being so bold. great example for all of us.
Markus Brunner 7 month ago
The real question is why is one leg of the tripod on the ladder....
vitorgas1 8 month ago
"this is a language problem" - destin, trying to sound less wrong
Fernando Spinelli 6 month ago
I was impressed by your humility
Rider Mak 6 month ago
I’m 61 and I learned the same thing about myself when I was about your age. You’re right on schedule. 🥴😉
Dale Cadman 6 month ago
My best friend and I have spent a life time of friendship angrily agreeing about the same things.
NeonX 8 month ago
destin be like "wow that's pretty dude" "aah"
Michael D 8 month ago
Destin: "I thought I was wrong, but it turns out I was mistaken."
levito284 7 month ago
8:14 feels like some music you get in gta5 after you are killing aliens in that 1 mission
Murad Beybalaev 8 month ago
When Steve was talking about the notion of "in a snapshot" he should've said "the expelled water pattern in relation to the nozzle". It's all about the point of reference in physics.
Todd Kramer 8 month ago
I was taught that this is referred to as the “I’m an expert” trap...and it catches us all, from time to time. Our personal experience mutes all others’, for ours, to us, is most important. Cultural projection clouds the perspective, as well. There are many “right” answers, but we should focus on the many correct outcomes.
Tamo 33 7 month ago
This is the “can you curve a bullet” problem but with water
Manuel Pilarczyk 8 month ago
When the two smartest kids in class have different answers.
Ian Stoufflet 6 month ago
Id like to see an elaborate set up with a bunch of these
mitchell 8 month ago
I've been watching for years, but what you say, starting at about 9:07, is the smartest thing I've heard. Subsribed today.
Michael Carr 8 month ago
2:31 “let’s say tangential” You’ve been....Moulded😂😂
Hans Isbrücker 8 month ago
I love how you reflect on your own thought process afterwards 🙂
nivekv v 8 month ago
Don't use Premier feature. YouTube intentionally makes them show up in the feed like normal videos when they can't be played.
Car Soup 6 month ago
I love how you experienced these forces first hand when you were in an artificial gravity chamber, then we get to visualize it in this video.
Overlord of Random 8 month ago
5:09 I legitimately just learned about that in physics, adding vectors
TheXanUser 8 month ago
my favorite teacher in high school spent the whole first week of the semester making the case for how imperative it is to try and understand the other POV. It really is a key concept in life.
Aaron Payne 8 month ago
"All right stop. Collaborate and listen." Come on man, even vanilla ice knew to stop and listen to others... Just ask Queen.
Golden Duck 8 month ago
It's been said that no one likes the premier feature.
kindlestone 7 month ago
9:10 this is so true about myself. I also see it all around me when I'm not on one side of the argument.
palani thangaraj 8 month ago
"In my heart?!" :) 9:24
FlyinRaptorJesus 6 month ago
8:17 illuminate confirmed
anil 8 month ago
It'll be very interesting to see the light version of this. Revolving optical fibres that are transmitting different colours <3
supernumex 8 month ago
The premier feature makes me really disappointed when i click on a video :(
MAGA 8 month ago
Hey DESTIN. There is a video called “spinning t handle in zero G”. Very interesting. I would love to hear you explain why spinning it in one direction cause it to intermittently spin on a different axes
Chris Musix 6 month ago
"Knowledge puffs up while love builds up." ~1st Corinthians 8:1
Andrew Hardy 8 month ago
"Trailing" relative to the nozzles. I wanna see the speed ramped up a whole bunch.
Jason Pakkala 8 month ago
9:58 Imagine if that applied to politics.
thatguy 8 month ago
"I just looked like an idiot." It takes strength to admit when you are wrong. I appreciate you putting it out there.
Justin Barnes 8 month ago
This is my favorite Smarter Every Day Video. What a wonderfully "simple" device that challenges the way we think.
iam Zifoe 6 month ago
I had Steve's same reaction when you said the water would go forward instead of trail backwards.
Nothing\ 8 month ago
Haha when I first thought about the simpler one I was like "Oh! It's just a simple vector addition" but since I only slept for an hour today thanks to construction, that was as far as I got.
Ben Malu 7 month ago
This answers my question to when I noticed the same thing, when I was turning the shower head...in the shower.
BaumeisterJac k 8 month ago
I realy like how eventhough he didn't listen to him while performing the experiment, he took the time to reflect and admit that he was wrong.
Hunter Browning 7 month ago
I love this dude. The laser in water while in the kayak had me laughing. Even woke my roommate up cause I relate to him and his personality. Love all his videos!. Keep it up bro!
Crazy Constanta 8 month ago
One of the best youtube channels ever! Thank you so much! You are incredible! )
Patrick Robles 7 month ago
As long as you keep to be humble yourself, you continue learning That's what my perspective on your last explanation =)
Sam Dawe 4 month ago
This is the best conclusion statement I've ever heard. Humble and self deprecating.
Johan Ung 8 month ago
“When I disagree with someone, it is imperative that I stop, I listen, and I don’t move on until I completely understand the other person’s perspective.” The experiment was awesome, but this profound insight at the end really hit home. If anyone ever asks me what it means “to have character”, I think I’ll link them this video.
PokerZen87 8 month ago
Imagining myself on one of those "fly on the wall" rides and throwing a rock toward the center somehow made this make sense
Алишер Махмудов 8 month ago
I love the way he you make conclusions. All of my respect
Fernando Spinelli 6 month ago
Great video. The biggest learning for me was “listen”
Christopher Starr 8 month ago
Love the takeaway and self-reflection on how to improve yourself. I recently had some training related to this and we called it "taking a view from the balcony"
Carolina mud Reaper 8 month ago
The fact you flew to england to play with a sprinkler in someones garden😂
Kieran osgood 8 month ago
Yknow I was thinking on this ep y'all weren't quite listening, glad you picked up it man, Quality guy
Alexander F 8 month ago
Imagine how fountain will look like in an artificial gravity condition. With different angles and output stream velocity.
SleepLess 8 month ago
The water will be remain leveled as the earth is flat
Bigode Digital 5 month ago
Muito bom, sempre bom escutar, entender, aprender e assimilar o conhecimento.
Taras Mazepa 8 month ago
I hate premieres so much. It is like punishment for people checking their subscription feed.
subhabrata Roy 8 month ago
People should settle their disagreement like this way ❤
Ben Davis 8 month ago
The youtube collaboration of greatness! Can't wait to watch!
Adam Gibson 5 month ago
10:04 - 10:12 if everyone thought that way the world would be more peaceful
Alice Storm 8 month ago
Hi you're watching smarter everyday and this is good looking smart men thank you
Inferno 99m 8 month ago
Smarter people don’t use “premieres”
nafaka12 7 month ago
6:22 something landed on steves thumb
HH Jones 8 month ago
Thank you Destin for a great lesson in humility. On many levels. Awesome!
alexcockerill 8 month ago
Wow!! Thanks for a life lesson. You’re videos are always inspirational! Thank you for your efforts
Glorious Leader 6 month ago
I’m just honoured that my favourite YouTube was in my corner of London!!
The Best 8 month ago
If you’re going to use this awful premiere feature, at least make it a wait of like ten mins or so, not multiple hours.
CodesEmpire UnLeashed 6 month ago
This was really amazing to see and learn something new! Thanks for sharing this! 👍
David Lanphear 8 month ago
0:20 Stephen looks so high🍃😅
Amy Humphreys 5 month ago
Thanks for taking an interesting physics question, interpreting with humility, and turning it back on yourself in an honest and personal way. You're the best !
Andrew W 8 month ago
9:20 ...it essentially the Dunning Kruger Effect.
A 8 month ago
Lets stay away from premiering videos eh? quite frustrating
OCUBOX 8 month ago
Habit 5: Seek first to understand, then to be understood. -Stephen Covey
Damon 8 month ago
Excellent takeaway moment at the end. I appreciate the reminder. ;)
rallycsx 8 month ago
I just paused this video and watched his TED Talk... Good stuff!
BukoUK 7 month ago
Thank you, this has made me look at a personal problem very differently.
Beacon of Wierd 8 month ago
Feels like you forgot to mention why the water travels ”ahead” when spraying inwards and ”behind” when spraying outward. The answer is simple geometry, when spraying inward the ”radius” decreases so the droplets travel faster than the shaft (since they have the tangential velocity at the tip). When spraying outward the ”radius” increases and the droplets travel slower than the imaginary extension of the pipes. Sure, just saying ”look at the resultant of velocities and remember that unless acted on by a force everything travels straight” explains the phenomena, but I feel like the simple geometry aspect explains the ”optical illusion” which really isn’t an illusion, the water is really shooting out in front and lagging behind the pipes, if you were to place something there (in the same rotational reference frame) it would become wet, so not really an ”illusion”.
Nico K 7 month ago
I never seen this before. I really needed a minute to let it get into my brain
Sambulate 8 month ago
Destin, thanks for being awesome every day!
MrNlce30 8 month ago
"A wise man knows he knows nothing. But of cause I didn't know that" Dave
PracticalTech 4 month ago
Good job being willing to admit when you were wrong... Even though it took a while and a lot of convincing... It's a good lesson in humility and honesty... Something everybody needs a lot more of!
Tomas Beblar 8 month ago
The hardest and most liberating words to say are, "I was wrong"
Mateusz Radzik 4 month ago
But after see it You improved Your self knowledge :) Cheers To You all :).
Hello Kitty Lover Man! 8 month ago
"In real life"? Oops! Even when you see something real on a video about real things in person, it IS in real life. Just because you're not in person with it yet doesn't mean it's "not in real life." Please don't get real life mixed up with being in person.
D PM 7 month ago
Good video, good life lesson, yall still nerds though👏👏✌🤣❤
S.Vidhyardh Singh 8 month ago
This is so cool!!!!! I thought that the second one would lag but it moves forward