Jeff Hardy reminisces his favorite WWE moments | WWE BACKSTAGE | WWE ON FOX

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Jeff Hardy joins Renee Young on WWE Backstage to looks back on his favorite moments as a WWE Superstar.

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Jeff Hardy reminisces his favorite WWE moments | WWE BACKSTAGE | WWE ON FOX

WWE ON FOX 2 month ago
What’s your favorite moment from Jeff Hardy’s WWE career?
E.V. Gaming 2 month ago
*Imagine if CM Punk was there during the show.*
Jishan 2 month ago
Imagine this.. in distant future, Jeff's daughters are the women tag champions and Matt's sons are the men's tag champions 😎 that would be so cool to see
Sotero Mares 2 month ago
When I think of WWE, I think of Hardy’s vs Dudleys vs Edge & Christian. TLC
Aymaan .T 2 month ago
Jeff Hardy needs to return with his No More Words theme song. He needs one more heavyweight title run We need him feuding with people like AJ Styles
Gustavo Rodriguez 2 month ago
The Hardys definitely belong in the hall of fame
King Shabazz 2 month ago
Jeff's talent absolutely amazes me. From wrestling, to graphic art, all the way to the music scene. He's definitely on another level!
Braeden Alberti 2 month ago
Just imagine a future with Matt’s gen 2 hardy boyz and Jeff’s hardy girls all competing at the same time
Nikhil Scaria 2 month ago
Nobody can match Jim ross's commentary!
sychowalker 2 month ago
Oh yeah.... Almost forgot Jeff was at a super kick party.
TheBestFighter 2 month ago
Jeff needs to be the champ 1 more time.
T Oliverr 2 month ago
🤔Renee getting thick or.... She's pregnant 😲
SaigaTenshi 2 month ago
Does that mean WWE is bringing back ruthless aggression?
CaLeB 2 month ago
Last time I was this early the Riott Squad was still together
Mark Abbazia 2 month ago
“Took about twenty super kicks”
Andrew Perkzy 2 month ago
I hope Matt Resigns a night before wrestlemania and we get Jeff Matt Vs The Miz and Morrison at wrestlemania
Isaac Sandhu 2 month ago
I know he’s a liability, but all it takes is one interview for me to want to see Jeff Hardy become WWE Champion.
The people's champ 1983 2 month ago
Cant look back at wwe without hearing jim Ross voice.
The Hembis 2 month ago
1:30 even Renee knows The Bucks of Youth <3
The Gameplay Elite 2 month ago
1:32 “with a big tag team” hmmmm i wonder who :3
Dquan IsSavage 2 month ago
Glad Jeff Hardy Is Back!!🙌🙌😎🐐🐐🐐
Avineel Chand 2 month ago
"A big match with a big tag team" 😂😂😂
S Palm 2 month ago
1:28 LOL Jeff almost mentioned The Young Bucks
Saiyan_ _Swiss 2 month ago
He looks healthy 👍🏻
George ANO St. Pierre 2 month ago
Adam Castillo 2 month ago
Imagine if he said The Young Bucks!! Vince... and youuuree fired! 😂
Quirk Genius 2 month ago
A little shoutout to the Bucks *wink wink*
Conkers Squirrel 2 month ago
i hate how WWE ignores Jeff's 2008/9 run
antonio gunn 2 month ago
“A big tag team” Vince grinding his teeth at the XFL hq right now
Rudy M 2 month ago
That Tumbnail tho 🔥
Christian Graves 2 month ago
Finally jeff hardy getting the respect he deserves 🙏💯💯😥 will always be my all time favorite
Deee S 2 month ago
really hope his not buried cuz his brother went to aew
TravisUnlimited 2 month ago
He's EARNED 1 last title run before it all over.
Christian Nava 2 month ago
Oh my god wwe is dumb Jeff has to get his old theme back Sheamus has to get his old theme back Wwe what's wrong with you this is why people are starting to watch Aew instead of you guys
jeff jordan 2 month ago
The coolest thing is watching how the hardys aged into they 40s😂😂😂😂😂
Donny Bobby 2 month ago
90% of comments just want the song to come back
Grow through the fire 2 month ago
The hardy girls! How amazing. Jeff has two girls. And Matt with two boys. The future has been set up.
MambaBreezy24 2 month ago
My favorite superstar of all time.
Ilike Dmm 2 month ago
Thank you jeff hardy for the childhood imitation, you have no idea how many ladders fell under me 😂
Victor UnGuise' 2 month ago
Thanks for inviting Jeff Hardy!
Abhiram HARDY 2 month ago
That's My GOD r8 there❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🙏🖖🖖🖖🖖🖖
Kidd Tj 2 month ago
Cm punk is never there when he needs to be 🤦🏾‍♂️
Chris Dominguez 2 month ago
Herb 2 month ago
الجزائر ALGIRI 2 month ago
Jeff Hardy👍
Gogito X 2 month ago
Who else's think when Jeff returns afternoon the match John Cena Vs The feind that Jeff will fight the feind next
Andy S 2 month ago
I’m surprised he can remember any........
Shreyas Tiwari 2 month ago
What's this music playing behind in the Jeff Hardy promo? 🤯
J. Jenkins 2 month ago
Pretty cool that he said pro wrestling and not sports entertainment. lol
Abdallah DZ7 2 month ago
Cant wait for the hardy girlz
Andrea Grossi 2 month ago
Put on YouTube the KO moment
Michael LaCroix 2 month ago
Can’t mention the bucks name?
Rigsby 1 2 month ago
'A big tag team' haha we know who you mean Jeff
Gammah 2 month ago
Should of just mentioned Young Bucks lol.
ichigo himura 2 month ago
Let jeff hardy be the stable of wwe
Mahesh Goud 2 month ago
Make him great again
Soul Fist 2 month ago
matts sons as tag champs and jeffs daughters as tag champs i kind want to skip 20 year to see a hardy faction
Nehemiah Pouncey 2 month ago
Jeff Hardy return confirmed
Prince Dillard 2 month ago
Still confused how Jeff didn't full on kill Edge at Mania 23
Dean Bourozikas 2 month ago
Young Bucks v Hardys Supercard of honor great match
Catsadilla 2 month ago
brother nero?
Master MoJo 2 month ago
Did they really have show Jeff getting speared by Edge?
Ghost of love 2 month ago
The Edge spear to jeff Hardy is a watchful match this was a tag team championship match
Seth Rollins 2 month ago
I remember that .😌😌😌
FOZZY is ERE 2 month ago
Most over and badly used wrestler of all time from wwe
SOORAJ A 2 month ago
Bring back willow
migz arroyo 2 month ago
the return of .jeff hardy
Dantè Spardason 2 month ago
Hardy vs Taker (Big Evil) was his best match.
Check please Ooo 2 month ago
Can’t wait for his return
Rudy M 2 month ago
Stephon Welch 2 month ago
Jeff Hardy winning the Wwe Championship
SexyBacon 9400 2 month ago
Matt Hardy punching the air rn
TheM4 2 month ago
Fake laugh from Renee young 1:46
The Bessm49x 2 month ago
Eliab Martinez 2 month ago
I love renne
Mobile Mike 2 month ago
Not Wrestlemania moment but Jeff vs Undertaker ladder match is one of favorite matches of all time. Thank you Jeff!
E2CM 2 month ago
NeverMind Gaming 2 month ago
Hopefully Jeff says for a proper solo career
Sourabh Kamble 2 month ago
One and only Jeff hardy
Cris Romero 2 month ago
Yo no hablo ingles
S Palm 2 month ago
God forbid but how tf is this man not in a wheel chair
The Bigg X 2 month ago
tag/feud with ricochet.
Eduardo Segovia 2 month ago
Cant stop looking at how big jeff gages arr
Rishi Goud 2 month ago
who disliked it man
Official Pr0digy 2 month ago
bwrtrain113 2 month ago
Jeff should join NXT as Willow
David David 2 month ago
One last run then joins AEW
MSF VLOGS 2 month ago
Raw or Smackdown or NXT
amith Malathi 2 month ago
where is brother nuro?????😄😄😄😄
Juan Rowlett 2 month ago
I kinda wish AEW and WWE would become partners not competition cause it’s stupid hearing people argue imagine if NXT and AEW teamed up like how new japan does it with AEW
BLACK MAGE 2 month ago
If Jeff wasn't suspended in 2009, he would've been bigger than Cena
Phattaraphong Kanha 2 month ago
Welcome to our home AEW!!!
K4 Josiah 2 month ago
Renee looking a little thicker.........moxley better watch out
Deleted 2 month ago
Glad Matt left and not with Jeff hope it stays that way vince always loved Jeff more then Matt
Abbas Sobar 2 month ago
Rene young you are most beautiful woman in the world
Stan Henderson 2 month ago
Dream matches: Jeff vs Kofi, Jeff vs the Miz, Jeff vs Daniel Bryan, Jeff vs Buddy Murphy, Jeff vs Seth, Jeff vs Andrade, Jeff vs Rey again, Jeff vs Shelton Benjamin, Jeff vs Cesaro again, Jeff vs Ricochet, Jeff vs Xavier Woods, etc
Takahiro Matsuyama 2 month ago
Was the match before WrestleMania against the Young Bucks m
ابن البياتي 2 month ago