Customizing 8 iPhone 11's , Then Giving them Away!📞📱(GivEawAy)

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Beatrice Imbroaie 9 days ago
"iPhone entry" "Done" Why: My boyfriend has a really bad phone but he wouldn't listen to me when i tell him to save up for a new one .He says he prefers to give me presents instead. So yeh i would love to get this and give it to him as a thank you for all he's done for me ... he's the loveliest person alive and he really deserves it You as well my dude are just amazing! I could relate so hard at the part with ur mom :)) my mom literally texts me every 15 min when I'm out the breaks between she makes my poor dad call me :)) well ain't happening anymore cuz I ain't leaving the house but yeh . Love you and keep up the good work ! Also don't forget to spoil urself (not just others) and stay healthy!!
Reza Yusdian 9 days ago
"Iphone entry" "Done" Why : "tbh my english so bad, im sorry if I say the wrong word. If im the winner I wanna give to my twin. because her phone is no longer suitable for use, sometimes she has difficulty getting in touch with her friends and lecturers let alone to send assignments, we don't have a laptop, she always borrows her friend's laptop to do college work, so the only way she can use now is her old phone, sometimes the task is not sent because there is an error on her phone , as a result sometimes she was scolded by her lecturers. to be honest, our family's financial situation is worsening, debt is everywhere, therefore she can never replace a new phone. so, I really hope that if I win, because this will be very valuable for my twin sister, especially for her lecture."
SPX Vino 9 days ago
"iphone entry" "done" Why: Because I dont have a phone and I really need one. I am a big fan because you're such a nice guy, and a your drawing is super good. Doing giveaways and other stuffs.
blake ramirez 9 days ago
"iphone entry" "done" why: i have an old phone with a worn down and plain black case. i can't find any cool designs that i like and your art really inspires me and would be awesome to show my friends.
Rycheøn 9 days ago
“iPhone entry” “Done” Why: Since I need a better upgraded phone, also the creativity in the art is fire. I’ve been subscribed since your hydro dipping shoes. I wished I had a master piece like that”
Paolo Germanes 9 days ago
"Iphone entry" "Done" Why: honestly i dont have a phone because its broken and its boring out here since our place has been locked down due to covid-19 and ive been using my broken laptop since this past 4 month and it sucks having them cuz my laptop is 5 yrs old lmaoo and to crappy...
Kovidh C 9 days ago
"iphone entry" "Done" Why: Looking for a new phone for my brother, He has always been with me and i don't have the money to surprise her for him at his birthday next month. He has a Samsung a10e and crashes and lags all the time. run anything and it will be on fire. But anyway i love your designs and they look awesome and good luck and good luck to everyone entering.
Jesus Daniel Beltran Lopez 9 days ago
"Phone Entry" "Done" Why: Hola soy de mexico, me gustaria ganar el Iphone 11 porque aqui donde vivo no tenemos la oportunidad de comprar un celular como ese y solo tenemos oportunidad de comprar celulares usados que no sirven muy bien, esa es la razon por la que quiero ganar el Iphone.
Mackenzie Waldron 9 days ago
"Phone Entry" "Done" Why: I have an iPhone 8 which is in terrible condition. The glass back is absolutely destroyed, the front is also cracked and the camera is all messed up. My phone also goes from 100% to 30% in about an hour even when I'm not using it.
Haley_ Dogs 9 days ago
"iPhone entry" "done" why: because my cousin thinks really low of her phone and shes always saying how old it is compared to other peoples phones I think shes a little embarrassed. I think shes deserves it after all shes done for me and I really would love to repay her I hope you can consider making me one of the winners for the iPhone have a great day also Marko if your reading this your the best and I love your videos.
a b 9 days ago
"IPhone entry" "Done" Why : because i really really really need that clear case i can't even begin to describe how much i need it.. No but actually something wrong happened to my Huawei phone and now i can't open it and I'm living of a laptop 🌚💔 please marco please honey?😂 does that give me a higher chance of winning I don't enter giveaways because i usually kinda have no hope of winning but i love you and i feel good about entering your giveaway so here i am ..🌸💕🌸💕
nessa 9 days ago
"iPhone entry" "Done" Why?: I have an android that's from cricket and they give it to you when you switch over.ive never had an iPhone and to poor rn to afford one. But also stay safe everyone and God bless
IHT_ Fax 9 days ago
"IPhone entry" "Done" Why: Because my whole life I've been having an android and I have been wanting an iphone for years but just couldn't afford it.
Hilary Duarte 9 days ago
"iPhone entry" "Done" Why:I don't have a phone and it would hopefully be a great nice start to the phone addiction life(; Also NO SLEEP(: (;
zasha coroado llashag 9 days ago
"IPhone Entry" "Done" Why: I would be lucky if you get to read and understand my situation ... I worked all summer to be able to buy a black 32 bg iphone 7 and 3 weeks ago I was robbed, and now I have to borrow my parents' cell phone to communicate .... I hope I can win. I hope everyone has good luck.
Scratch - COD mobile 9 days ago
“Phone entry “ “Done” Why: I really want one of these iPhone with your custom look it’s awesome, and I really need a new iPhone , I have a iPhone 6s with is okay but I have to keep it on the charger cause it will go dead, and I really like your work and I just wanted to tell you to keep doing positive things and giveaways and you are an amazing person , and I love watching your videos it makes me smile😁 keep putting out great content , hope I win👍🏾😂 ig :khalilcapalot
Andy Dwyer 9 days ago
"Iphone entry" "Done" Why: so i can facetime with my grandparents who cannot afford to get an iphone, and we cannot see them because of how far they live away. i would be very thankful, as well as your videos are awesome and help me get through the day
Alltimegamer_21 9 days ago
"iPhone entry" "Done" Why: I don't have a phone and in often bullied at school because of it. Please, you would come to my rescue by giving me an opportunity to win any on those awesome phones. So that I can stop using a tablet
Yoshinumitzu 9796 9 days ago
"Iphone entry" "Done" Why: Because my mom has an iphone 6s that she can only talk to people through speaker and the phone drains its battery 3 times a day. So shes constantly charging. Keep up the great content. Love your vids!
Maddie MacKenzie 9 days ago
"Phone entry" "Done" Why: I have a pixel phone that's in absouloutley terrible shape, the screen is extremely cracked and the phone barely works. People make fun of me so much for having a stupid aindroid. I can't afford a new phone. Texting a lot of my friends doesn't work for me because I'm the idiot with the aindroid and they have iPods or iPads. I can't FaceTime either, and that would be a great boredom cure if I could. Ik I won't get the phone because there are people who really need it more than me but might as well try right?
princess R 9 days ago
"phone entry" "done" why: I'm using this cracked screen oppo phone, can't buy new one cause I'm broke and don't want to stress my mom about buying me new one. Also, I want it cause you touched it HIHIHIHIHIHI
Alexa Piedragil 9 days ago
"iPhone entry" "Done" Why: because my mom has a Samsung Grand Prime and is almost her birthday so i hope win the iPhone for her. Sorry for my bad English. Greetings from Mexico Marko, i love your videos ✌🏼❤️
Connie Farrow 9 days ago
"iPhone entry" "Done" Why: because I have an Android and ask my friends bully me for having one. Also my friend decided to make a home about 'never being able to break Androids' he then stole my phone and drop kicked it, the phone itself didn't crack or dent but the software is all messed up there's lines all across the screen and it doesn't have sound anymore so winning this would really help me :)))
Nico 9 days ago
"iPhone entry" "done" "Why" i need for school a good computer or a phone with a lot of space on it, i can't go out to buy one because here in Italy we can't go out for the virus, and if I can go out I can't buy anything because I haven't enough money, I will appreciate it a lot if I win this phone
Shem fetizanan 9 days ago
"Iphone entry" "done" Why: because i don't have a iphone phone in my entire life and the cellphone that i using is full storage and old brand and not iphone it is vivo smart phone...ihope that i will win some iphone11...thank you marko..GOD BLESS YOU..
박영권 9 days ago
"I phone entry" "done" Why:because I watched marko's video louis vuitton vans costom that's when i started to watch marko,and i love marko's designs and before i watched your videos i started have my dream of design. Thank you so much marko and i hope i get the i phone. PeACe..
Rambo Goose 9 days ago
iPhone Entry” “Done” Why: Sorry I cant put the words in a stack but sorry. So I want the iPhone 11 because I take a lot of photos with my phone and my current phones quality is dookie. And I’m moving to a new house so I’ll have a hole bunch of opportunities to take photos. And I love your art I’ve been here since you had 120k subscribers and I’ve changed my YouTube so many times trying to draw like you. You have been a huge inspiration to my art and I love you man. Keep grinding and I’m excited to see who wins. Good luck to everybody!😀
JamesOn FIRE 9 days ago
"Phone Entry" "Done" Why: I've been using this Samsung J7 for almost 4 yrs now and starting to get laggy multiple times. I like photography alot but don't have a proper camera or phone and on my phone some functions aren't useable anymore, i hope i can win this time cuz it be a great help for me , for my hobby and if not, I will keep trying until i win next time. bet u won't get to read this though :(
Iliana both 9 days ago
"phone entry" "Done" Why: Because my dad currently has a really old phone that sucks and doesn't work properly and if I win the iPhone I will replace his phone with it❤️
isac mårtensson 9 days ago
Iphone Entry” ”Done” Why: my phone sucks.
CephaloSisters 9 days ago
“iphone entry” “done” why: because i am a huge marko fan and i really like your videos and would love a better phone then a iphone 6 and it has quite a few cracks and it takes a super long time to load and i would be so so so happy if i got a new phone and i would be even more happy if i got a new custom phone by marko my favorite youtuber
mhmmm hcdfgdfg 9 days ago
"iPhone entry" "done" Why: I have been needing a phone for very long and my parents are currently having financial problems because they packed the house with food so now we don't have much money anymore. So I would love to win an iPhone so I can check your Instagram much more quickly because I have to use a computer and I cannot go on Snapchat on the computer. I would love to communicate with my family around the world but not having a phone is preventing me from doing that. I have tried many giveaways including ZHC's but I'll just say I do not have any luck at all! But that is that. To sum it up: I need a phone to replace my broken one which has been broke for many years now and I can't afford to get a new one or get on passed down to me!
elysedemii 9 days ago
"Iphone Entry" "Done" Why: So my mom recently got her phone stolen and now she's using mine until I can save up for another one to buy myself. Sooo a new phone would save me some money lol.
Amanda Aulia 9 days ago
"iphone entry" "done" why? : cos i still have an iphone 4s now and it's not compatible anymore more app can't use in my phone and it has bad crack on the bottom so... i really hope i win this
Christine Laure 9 days ago
"Iphone entry" "Done" Why: because my phone is broken a year ago so I don't have my own phone right now I use my father's phone to watch your vlog marko. Hi marko I'm your fan in the Philippines since 2years😊😍
DZ FamGurl 9 days ago
"IPhone entry" "Done" Why: Because i never win giveaways even after following the rules, and i have Samsung not 3 😒 I don't know why i wrote this comment 😮
Huy Gia Tran (Ricky) 9 days ago
"Iphone Entry" "Done" Why: because i never have an iphone before like i meant an smartphone but i only have a brick phone which sucks and hope that u give me one of the giveaway iphone :)) LUV UR VID ALOT
GiGa2nd 9 days ago
"Iphone entry" "Done" Why: Basically my phone is just bad and since I cant have my classes on it because of you know it'd be nice. All of this aside thank you for the great content. Keep it up.
Aidan Kane 9 days ago
"Phone entry" "Done" Why: My iphone 6 has a doody battery and I cant listen to music in school bc it will die or leave the house without a charger if I want to use it at all. Also I need something to flex to the homies if we ever get back to school
Mariana Pln 9 days ago
“Iphone entry” “Done” Why?: I would like to have one since my mother is celebrating her birthday this week and I was saving a lot for that to be her gift, but due to the quarantine, my work closed and I couldn't do it, I think my mom would like it a lot more, because we love your videos and all the art you do in things PS: We love your work and your great sense of humor !!
Jason Ezekiel Kristanto 9 days ago
"iPhone entry" "Done" Why: because i never had an iPhone /customized phone, well my current phone is zuckz and getting an painted iPhone by you would be crazyy
Borna Perešin 9 days ago
"iPhone entry" "Done" Why: I've been a life time Samsung user but I always wanted to try an iPhone. Never had the chance though. They are quite expensive. Also that art is sick. You have a really interesting and unique style. And I really like it. Gl everyone. Pozz iz Hrvatske 👋
plankton123 YT 9 days ago
"Iphone entry" "Done" Why: I really need a phone my old hand me done iPhone 6 broke after a couple months. The phone just stoped working and it's to expensive to buy another phone because my family is not poor but we aren't the most wealthiest either. I would really like the third one you showed at the end of the video. And if I don't win the one I want I would still be really, really, really grateful to win any of the iPhones.
Eliana 927 9 days ago
“ phone entry “ “ done “ Why: dawg I’m just bored ( I know everyone else has reasonable reasons but at least I’m being honest). This quarantine ain’t it 👉🏽👈🏽😔. I guess I’m supposed to @ myself on ig so like , @dhsiwhei I do be wishing everyone luck on dis giveaway doe :)
S.A.P Channel 9 days ago
"Iphone entry" "Done" Why: having an iPhone 11 is a dream that is impossible to achieve, but who knows here can win a giveaway, I really hope to win. Aminnn
Edgar Gomez 9 days ago
"Phone Entry" "Done" "Why" I've had this phone for a long while and I've been needing an upgrade but the virus isnt helping with the income so if I get one here that'd be a crazy thanks to you
OK.Kadre 9 days ago
"IPhone entry" "Done" Why: I currently have and Android that had water damage so the speaker doesn't work properly so I can't even call my friends while in quarantine. I also get made fun of at school bc I can't afforded an IPhone.
Justin Gilig 9 days ago
"Iphone entry" "Done" Why: bacause my little sister kinda broke it then now i give her instead i use it for my homework and sometimes i can't borrow it, bcoz my mom bring it to her work....sorry if my grammar is wrong bcoz im just asian and i hope This will help. I dont have a acc in insta thats why i thnk i won't win any
Aj Blue 9 days ago
"Phone Entry" "Done" Why: Marko you are the superman in our world your always inspire us and you had gave us faith hope and support to our families we all wish you well. And just a little FYI please don't get covid-19 peace.
Hunny Bunny 9 days ago
"Phone entry" "Done" Why: because I really love Iphone plus their camera are lit! 🔥and right now.. I'm using just an android .. Cuz Iphones are really "chEaP" lol.. And also, I've never win a giveaway in maa life.. .. So, I really hope I could win this.. 🥺 BTW love ur artwork Marko keep it upp💪🏻💯
Sami Uz Zaman Siddiqui 9 days ago
"phone entry" "done" why: cuz im broke Af!!! also cuz i want one.....and i've never won a giveaway soo.
Magic Music 9 days ago
“iPhone entry” “Done” Why: I’ve had my phone (LGK10) for over 3 years now and it is very laggy, the camera is bad, and there is not enough storage space on it and I can’t afford a new phone right now. Plus my 17th birthday is coming up but everywhere is closing and I can’t do anything. But besides that I’ve been subscribed to you and following you on insta for a few months now and I love your art.
Kishana Edwards 9 days ago
"iPhone entry " "Done" Why: I've never had an iphone before, I would love to win a custom one from you.
Bilge G. 9 days ago
"IPhone entry" "Done" Why: Because your art is incredible also moms phone broke down and can't buy new one and her birthday is march 29 which would be an awesome gift 🤗
Carlos Jingco 9 days ago
"Iphone Entry" "Done" Why:Because i'm about to graduate an iphone is a best gift to me super duper aprreciated❤
Elijah Chitray 9 days ago
“Phone entry” “Done” Why: I’m a poor Indian boy from South Africa who would like a phone to watch YouTube
cracked ana 9 days ago
“iPhone entry “ “Done” Why:My friend he’s mom and dad are getting divorced and I would like to give it to him for a gift through he’s rough times. 🔥God bless you guys be safe and stay home!!😇
Alyssa Stewart 9 days ago
“iPhone entry” “Done” Why: Because my last phone update was taken by my brother, so now I’m stuck with a dis functional phone for another two years that “burns” my hands and ears when I use it to FaceTime or call people. Also if I do update I don’t have enough to get a better quality phone so I’m stuck with the same thing. I’ve been subscribed to you so a custom iPhone would be so cool. That’s about it, I’m not in a big struggle but I’d be nice to FaceTime someone for once and not have a broken phone, yk. 😆 Anyways loved the video ❤️😄
Muhammad Varel 9 days ago
"iphone entry" "Done" Why:because i want to have a new cellphone my cellphone is now oppo a39 but it's already somewhat error so i want to have a new cellphone and i want to try using an iphone
Ognjen Nikolic 9 days ago
"iphone entry" "done" Why:I really need new Phone as i am currently using Nokia2 thet berely works. I hope to win colored iphone 11. I hope to win one.
RehYT 9 days ago
"Phone Entry" "Done" Why: Because we both love water melons
Diane Caponpon 9 days ago
Mary Vives 9 days ago
"Phone Entry" "Done" Why: My phone is slow and I really hope this will help. Literally a piece of the screen is needed oh god I don't know how I've endured having a BROKEN cell phone The Covid-19 is crazy, classes online and with nothing but the fucking broken cell phone. I'm from México and you are the best youtuber in the fucking world:))
Julia Kingsly 9 days ago
“Phone Entry” “Done” Why: well you see sir, my last painted phone didn’t go well and I ended up eating the paint so I’m tOtallY just tryna win that clear case of yours ;)
Yelly Hazel 9 days ago
“Iphone Entry” “Done” Why: I don’t really have a phone I’m using my sisters phone because I don’t have one. My parents can’t afford buying us phones individually.
kartikeya nawab 9 days ago
"iPhone entry" "Done" Why: because it's expensive in India like $400 to $500 more than the price in USA
Señor Paletero 9 days ago
“iPhone entry” “Done” Why: There has been so much sadness with school be closed and my parents always fighting, your videos help make that escape for me. So thank you so much for making my day with your creativity.
Anna Neuer 9 days ago
"phone entry" "done" Sooo my birthday is on the 9th of April... My phone is completely broken and I can't use it any more... Actually I should get one for my birthday but because of corona there is no chance of leaving the house (I'm from Germany) and buying a new one. My parents aren't friends of online shopping. So this would be the perfect possibility to get a new one... Also we could never afford of getting an iPhone 11. If I get one by myself I couldn't even afford any iPhone apart from a used one... So that would be such a big honor and surprise and there is nothing I would want more (apart from a customized pair of shoes maybe😅) But however keep going I love your content. And I don't mind if your videos last longer bc I love your videos Bye now DM me on Insta pls: _annastr
MADD_dimatulac PlayzRoblox 9 days ago
"iPhone Entry" "Done" Why:cause my phone is too lag like it is too slow for the WiFi I can't watch your all vid BTW I wanted the dripping checkers thx thanks for inspiring me bye wish you give it to me.
Sumejja Cerim 9 days ago
"Phone entry" "Done" Why: I never had good phone, all my friends in school have good phones but my phone is all cracked bec before me it was my mums phone, I don't think I will get phone, I never ever win this kind of giveaway and any kind of giveaway, but love your all videos, you are AMAZING.
John Isaac Abadines 9 days ago
"Iphone entry" "Done" Why: I will be giving it to my dad, I just lost my phone recently and he immediately gave his phone for me to use because he believes i need it more than him I wanted to give back something for him to use. I am currently using iphone X and my dad using his spare phone blackberry with keypads on it.
lila hawari 9 days ago
"Iphone entry" "Done" why: well i had this phone, samsung s3 for about 8 years and its been lagging and freezing a lot. the screen is broken and i really need a new phoneee. but if i didnt get a chance to win one then thats fine. other people deserve to win too. thank youu and good luck for everyone.
Angel Gonzalez 9 days ago
“iPhone entry” “Done” Why: Honestly I just need a new phone for better quality on my tik toks to at least have good lighting and good content. I’m to broke to buy a new phone. So just help a senior out during the virus time
Chris Donola 9 days ago
“Phone entry” “Done” Why: my recent phone was just stolen from me while I was at work and no one not even my own manager would help me out at all leaving me phoneless I had to walk home from my job because I couldn’t call anyone my job being a hour and a half walk and now I use my friends spare phone and I can’t even have it on me most of the day bc well it’s his spare phone and he doesn’t want me to lose it which I can understand, and being without my mom or dad no one can pay installments on a phone I don’t have credit yet to do so I’m only 17 and I just really hope I get some luck today but hey if not I wish all you guys the best and keep up the good content.
AnnieRUOk RuOkAnnie 9 days ago
"iphone entry" "Done" Why: My children swear by their iPhone and I honestly just want to be able to face time my friends and I want to see what the hype is about.
Rey Cristina Pineda 9 days ago
"iPhone entry" "Done" Why: because i don't have iphone yet and cannot afford any iPhone. Please give me a chance to win. Btw. Im from the Philippines. 😭😭😭
Kaniah Moses 9 days ago
“Phone entry” “Done” Why: I’ve had the iphone SE for 3 years now and I don’t wanna ask my mom for much because i know she has bills and it’s hard on her already as a single parent. I’m grateful with the phone I have but it wouldn’t hurt to entry in this giveaway.
Nagelys Ortega 9 days ago
"iPhone entry" "Done" Why:my mom just took me out the hood wit my 5 siblings and she is single so it is hard for her to buy me a good phone and im 17 wit a lg idk wit cracks and glass scratching my hands and she is struggling to pay for my brothers college so i dont want to ask for a new phone
Zair Scottie Pippen 9 days ago
"Phone entry" "Done" Why: This will help my siblings because im tired of my younger asking to use my phone all the time to FaceTime his friends. I barely havey own phone to myself
f o c e 9 days ago
“iPhone entry” “Done” Why: Beside the quality of the iPhone, Marko, you know how to create great designs. I simple enjoy art and really like your work, it is easy to notice you have fun doing them and you put effort in each one. Wish me luck(; All my social media: @franzelq
Love Danielseavey 9 days ago
"Phone entry" "Done" Why: because I have an Android and the screen is very cracked. I have also started online classes and don't have a laptop. I can't rely on my phone to do everything I need for my online classes at the moment
Ugly pugly 9 days ago
"Phone entry" "Done" Why: well i have not so lovable Samsung with a cracked screen that is slow and the screenfreezes while i watch youtube and now that school is closed i cant do my work on a small screen
Alfie and Me 9 days ago
"phone entry" "done" Why: Because I rely on my phone maps to get me to and from my patients homes, but my phone is on its last legs and i definitly can't afford a new one right now on a carers wage. Also another satisfying video!
Matt 9 days ago
"Phone Entry" "Done" Why: My girlfriend could use a new phone. She still has the Iphone 5s with all of its imperfections I also cant afford to get her a newer one. This would be a great gift. Goodluck everyone
T O N Y 9 days ago
"iPhone entry" "Done" Why: been having the same phone and it’s ready to give up and buying another is most likely not gonna happened any time soon plus siko designs
Munyaradzi Dube 9 days ago
“Phone Entry” “Done” Why: My surname is a totem for zebra in my language and that would be the perfect iPhone for me personally, just saying😊. Also so that I can flex on all my boys in Zimbabwe 🔥🚀 but regardless your vids are wavy bro 🌊
Eclipse Hd 9 days ago
"Phone entry" "Done" Why: I don't have a phone and I never had a nice phone growing up.
Benji De Milford 9 days ago
“iphone entry” “Done” Why:I have had a iPhone 6 for a while now and it’s hardly working and it’s really hard to watch your videos on it, I love your work man and I would love to win a iPhone.thanks marko love from benji
Muhammad Ega Alphard 9 days ago
"phone entry" "Done" Why: Because i am your big fans from Indonesia, actually i want to learn how to custom the stuff. Your works is amazing, God bless you, stay safe, keep your health and always be yourself.
Baxly 9 days ago
"iPhone entry" "done" Why: Well im not frm the richest family and my old phone is cracked pretty bad, and with the quarantine thing we dont have any spare mone to repair or buy a new one.
Venom 9 days ago
“Done” “iPhone entry” Why? : Because my phone has been around for a long time, my phone is now iPhone 6 no longer has iOS 13 and i have no purchase of such a phone so i hope i win! ☺️ I am from the Philippines and i support you! ❤️
TOMMY 9 days ago
"Iphone entry" "Done" Why: cuz i need a new phone the current one is broken , display cracked and its samsung as well so new iphone would be great lol
Dyan Pitah 9 days ago
"iphone entry" "Dond" Why: because i never had an iphone ever in my 22 years of existence and also i wanna start my own vlog using iphone camera cause cameras ang expensive i cannot afford it. I also want to costumize shoes... Hope i would win one
Arrianne Mae Frianeza 9 days ago
"Phone entry" "Done" Why: I know that my family can't afford this kind of phones and this phone can actually help me through my studies and to communicate with my family because of high quality phone
Lina Peralta Arzate 9 days ago
“Phone entry” “Done” Why: I have the 6s and the battery dies hella quick!!! I literally have to charge it like 4 times a day and I am tired of it. It would be a huge reliever from me and I would very much appreciate it. Thank you anyways <33
Deivi Boja 9 days ago
"iPhone Entry" "Done" why:because I always wanted an iphone but I live in albania and me and my family are really strugleling so i can not get a better phone than my galaxy S5 and I also like the design of the checked drip.
Frankie D'Ambrosio 9 days ago
"iPhone entry" "Done" Why: I've had and Android for so long and an iPhone would be sick to have especially one custom like that.
idk jay 9 days ago
"iPhone entry" "Done" Why: I have a Samsung and it doesn't want to charge no more and it started to lag.
klarisa kress 9 days ago
"Iphone entry" "Done" Why: I have a samsung for 6 years now and it's hanging on for dear life and my mom lost her job bc of the corona crisis so I won't have the money to buy myself a new phone :/ also, the dripp is fire😩
Kiana May 9 days ago
"iPhone entry" "Done" Why: because Ive loved your art for so long and im currently using an Android which everyone makes fun of me for and an iPhone 11 would be a great upgrade plus I love photography and the camera is sick