Sen. Joe Manchin Jabs Back At POTUS After Being Called 'Munchkin' | Hallie Jackson | MSNBC

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Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) joins Hallie Jackson after he was attacked by the President for voting to convict in the Senate impeachment trial. Manchin says the names "don't bother" him but he hopes the President stops acting like "an immature adult." Aired on 02/10/20.
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Sen. Joe Manchin Jabs Back At POTUS After Being Called 'Munchkin' | Hallie Jackson | MSNBC
dump D 1 month ago
He is much heavier than me. A nice way of calling someone fat.
Pat Depaula 1 month ago
Calling Manchin a munchkin shows everyone just what a little troll Trump is
Frederico Terrell 1 month ago
FatAss is always making up names for someone. This is a 71 or more old man Growup!
T Slap 1 month ago
Trumps got nerve calling someone a munchkin when he was referred to as the mushroom
6222999 1 month ago
Bottom line: this president is forever impeached, this president was not, and never will be exonerated
Linnaeus 1 month ago
Why do they keep calling it a "transcript?" The transcript of the call was NEVER released. A summary of the call was released.
Aingell 1 month ago
When trump is scared he goes straight for the vindictive nicknames, that's what bully/cowards do.
Marthe Morais 1 month ago
Trump acts like a 10 year old. ..and his republicans are encouraging it
John Preston 1 month ago
Cadet Spanky McBonespurs... is a national disgrace...
Cherie Cullum 1 month ago
tRump is a bully, plain and simple
Anne K 1 month ago
Why do people respond to a toddler? Ignore him!
Mike MichaelD 1 month ago
tRump is doing all the talking big now why didn't he come forward and talk at his impeachment, its because he is guilty
Rudy Penza 1 month ago
Imagine that, Diaper Donnie calling someone names. Trump really puts the POS in POTUS.
Doug E 1 month ago
If it was a perfect call, why not release the official transcript?
Steven Arneson 1 month ago
Until the poor and the middle class realize it’s not the government that’s hurting them and realize it’s the rich who monopolize the power in our country things will not change !
Eddie Pratt 1 month ago
Soap Opera; As Trump's 🌎 Turns: The GOP’S Got Thrown Under Bus After The Acquittal. 🐢 and 🐁🐁
JOHN DOE 1 month ago
Sen. Manchin, Thank you for speaking about this Loser Trump.
AnarchY Ash Aubrey 1 month ago
I LOVE reality and the people who choose to still live in it.
mymovetube 1 month ago
For me nothing has changed. Fake acquittal. He remains russia's first lady no matter what. Bottom line.
Real Talk76 1 month ago
Trump doesn't know how to communicate unless it's a confrontation or flattery. He provokes hostility and then plays the victim when he gets called to account for his misconduct.
Allan Burns 1 month ago
"The evidence was overwhelming." -- Manchin Yep!
Maria Brown 1 month ago
Trump is a lunatic. He going down. He is an empty bag blowing in the wind
Suzy Q 1 month ago
With these silly nicknames Trump proves himself to be the smaller man, in all situations.
Hieu Thai 1 month ago
Democrats, it’s time to make the attack. Tell America that the President is a disgrace! Don’t hold back.
Barbara Walker Okay 1 month ago
Tipical Trump,having another tantrum. Immature.
dave etcetera 1 month ago
"It makes him look like an immature adult and I hope he rises above that." Seriously? Unless Trump has a lobotomy, he's not going to rise above anything, so why even say it.
David J 1 month ago
Trump is the embodiment of everything parents try and teach their kids not to be.
Dean Oldfield 1 month ago
To say you hope the president returns to bipartisanship suggests that the president has ever been a Uniter in chief, he's been anything but.
Tsering Kindy 1 month ago
Sen. Manchin, good for you good response and be proud of you.
[̲̅K̲̅] 1 month ago
The President and his childish name calling. What a lying loser! When I was a child, I spoke as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child; but when I became a man, I put away childish things. 12 For now we see in a mirror, darkly, but then face to face. - 1 Corinthians 13:11
Al Shabob 1 month ago
David Limbaugh's Guilty by Reason of Insanity is a good read. Get woke for the unwoken.
VladI 1 month ago
Plumpy-Trumpy is good at making up nicknames - good going, phony Donnie.
Ro G 1 month ago
Don’t confuse t’rump’s attempt to being “a fighter” with the reality that he’s actually a fragile snowflake with too much time on his little hands.
Don Lawrence 1 month ago
It would be good if our "leader" would attack the infrastructure rather than attack people.
Somme Tinonme 1 month ago
When a 5 year old mispronounces Manchin as Munchkin its kinda cute .... when a 70 something fat old man says it .... it's Really Creepy ....
Thor God of thunder 1 month ago
Bipartisanship at it's best.. I respect this man
Gerome Anderson 1 month ago
He likes to attach nicknames so Dems should be calling him what he is - Dumb Donnie or Orange Clown.
Edward Haglin 1 month ago
We need a cyberspace force to protect our elections . privately funded because Moscow Mitch refuses to pass any law that might prevent Russian hacking of our elections .
VladI 1 month ago
To make #1 go down, you need to flush once. To make #2 go down, you may need to flush twice. To make #45 go down, you'll need - as one stable genius said - to flush 10-15 times.
TheDesertsweeper 1 month ago
Give the thug his own poison back. Call him what he is. Stop being so polite dems.
Granny Soup Ladle 1 month ago
When will Trump pay for his actions?
Cathy Pack 1 month ago
Manchin made WV proud again by being the adult in the room.
Mikesse Jones 1 month ago
🗣️Say it to my face... muthafuka. And you can meet me around the corner and we can handle this like men... not like a gossip girl. 45 is foolish. Vote 💙 2020
Guadalupe Garcia 1 month ago
My thirteen year old twin boys have been more mature than trump since they started kindergarten.
K Adams 1 month ago
Get comeback " I'm taller, he's much heavier " 🤦
R Chandard 1 month ago
Sack the turtle!!!
Suzanne Bodette 1 month ago
Bernie 2020 I’m voting straight Democrat from now on! You should too!
Kathleen Austin 1 month ago
I hope that someone is still in trumps mob that will leak information!!! He won't allow documents to get out!!! Democracy needs leaks more than ever now!!!
HisWordsRpure 1 month ago
We need integrity and intelligence in the white house!
Blake still in the game 1 month ago
The COWARD Twitter warrior strikes again SMH
ron slaughter 1 month ago
Divider and chief and what we need is a unite-ter and chief and hopes he comes back to that ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Senator Sir He was never there to begin with because this is how he operates with division and confusion and that gives him control and power in his mind. Look up the clinical destination of a sociopath.
Jeremy Craft 1 month ago
"He called you a name, how can you work with him!?" It's called being an Adult!
Keone Kahakelii 1 month ago
Right on Senator Manchin.....standing up to the school yard calling....hahahahahahaaaa!
Del Lii 1 month ago
Frump as stated is an immature person, it also shows in his vocabulary.
Born Again Maker 1 month ago
That is is nicest, most professional statement I have heard from a politician in a while. Thank you Senator!
Robert C Hodge 1 month ago
Comrade Bonespurs and the GOP (goons of Putin) got to go. 11/3/2020 We the People make it so. Can I get a witness?
JD 1 month ago
God knows I'm Soo ready for November 2020🙌🇺🇸
Anthony Ellis 1 month ago
The system of checks and balances failed with Trump's acquittal.
Blanco150 1 month ago
Mature Adult.... NO, that will never happen until 9months from now when we send him to his baby crib which is Federal Prison.
Pulaski Condo Association 1 month ago
Seriously an umpalumpa calling someone a munchkin?
laney wildcats 1 month ago
Can't be presidential for the life of him, November, November, November
chris ambrose 1 month ago
8 more months of the toddler! End trump in 2020!!!
Tina 1 1 month ago
He is so transparent in his speeches (Bwahahahaha) & tweets! If he was so innocent he would not need to attack anyone, especially attack anyone on such a tantrum, childlike screams into the ether!
byron peterkin 1 month ago
People should hit him back with nicknames. I'm sure he'll have a meltdown 🤔
Julio Lopez 1 month ago
Defensive Mechanism Defensive Strategy to Avoid Important issues always Seems to be a " Perfect Call" Figure that out !
Vella Minter 1 month ago
"Comes back to" implies one had been there previously
Denis Bailey 1 month ago
52 Russian replublican senators went down in shame.
BI K 1 month ago
I find it most irritating when the person who is interviewing someone doesn’t let the other person answer without interrupting him/her.
Mahlon Goodridge 1 month ago
So sad that cnn makes the name calling more important than this mans integrity.
Brad Dibble 1 month ago
Just keep talking about pumpkinhead showing his make-up line.
Zed Brassica 1 month ago
Looks like the russian puppet is once again projecting his insecurities on others
Zep Tepi 1 month ago
Immature - definition: having or showing an emotional or intellectual development appropriate to someone younger. Trump acts & speaks like a perpetually angry little spoiled child. Scary times of the Traitor Trump cult.
Dittzx 1 month ago
The only way to real spell this POTUS is without the T & U.🤔..🤪
Adonis Stroke 1 month ago
Trump is the epitome of a snowflake. Anything triggers that sissy!!!
Cort 1 month ago
Calling Manchin a munchkin is something a 12 year old would do.
rob young 1 month ago
trump insulting literally the only democrat that can stand him, classic!
Laura Walker 1 month ago
He should've said at least I can board a plane without dragging a roll of toilet paper behind me, can close an umbrella and can speak without slurring
Alice's Rabbit 1 month ago
Someone with a mushroom **** shouldn't be calling others names, lol!
clean blacc sneakas 1 month ago
Very proud of Joe Manchin 🇺🇸 W.Va
ONeal Heard 1 month ago
USMC good job Senator I really respect your attitude thank you
Israel Galvez 1 month ago
If someone calls me names I would call him back, a bully needs to be stopped at all costs.
Alea iacta est 1 month ago
Hence Manchin doesnt mind being called a Munchkin! Cute! Move on...
Linda Hoganson 1 month ago
Senator Manchin, Thank you! Hang tuff!
Laura Stokes 1 month ago
We need more like him
Jay Grewe 1 month ago
HAHA!! I'm taller than him but he's heavier. Sweet.
Edrena Jones 1 month ago
‘ we have divider in chief, what we need is uniter in chief.’ Bloody genius
monakw 1 month ago
Then he won't mind being called... 🦴 Bonespurs Mcknucklehead 🦴
Mind Freshener 1 month ago
Senator Joe Munchkin: "I'm not a Munchkin!"
Mind Freshener 1 month ago
Senator Joe Munchkin: "I'm not a Munchkin!"
Mind Freshener 1 month ago
Senator Joe Munchkin: "I'm not a Munchkin!"
Dan Forster 1 month ago
Steve Mnuchin sounds more like "Munchkin" than Manchin. Just sayin'
momo 1 month ago
Bobbie Angel 1 month ago
He's always gonna be impeached,lol.
Nora Nora 1 month ago
Squidward is calling others names? Let's see him without his orange tan.
William Gleaton 1 month ago
Joe needs to get off that fence he's been riding and finally pick a party he will stick with.
Selin Cacao 1 month ago
What is this, high school?!!
Scott Krater 1 month ago
He can forget the coequal branches of Government. The GOP buried that along with the constitution when they had their sham impeachment hearings.
SHAKE WEIGHT 1 month ago
"He called you a munchkin!? are you still willing to work with him legislatively"? #Idiocracy
Helen Edmonds 1 month ago
Stand your ground, Joe!
Claudy TheArtist 1 month ago
Manchin can't seem to figure out where he stands on all issues... Seems he's always a Republican when his vote is needed most...