Interview With Myself - 1 Year Apart!

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how the times have changed


hey Show More and mobile folks. guess what i told a little fib in this video. what a surprise. the premise of my video is a fib. just want to make it clear here for the people who are actually curious to see if it's true. almost all of my videos were filmed within seven days of release and this was two weeks of facial hair for me. but that's not as funny. also i can't grow a beard so it's not really a lie. thanks for watching hope you have a wonderful thursday
Phil Jamesson 6 month ago
if you would like to speak with me, perhaps about not my beard, i am live every tuesday and thursday at from 1-3pm et. today is the last day i escape from Hell before a break next week as i'm out of town for the holidays
insatiablycivil 6 month ago
Who's that guy with a full beard that he's interviewing
IrishKing 6 month ago
But you never answered the question, how are you enjoying your full beard?
Dazaran 6 month ago
Damn, you look just like my favorite presidential candidate, Ace Watkins, even with the fantastic full beard. keep up the good work.
Gambsmoore / MikeMoore 6 month ago
Black Widow wouldn't look very good with a beard, so it's a good thing you can't grow one.
BeeNaaa5 6 month ago
This was much funnier than i thought it’d be 😂
Agent Smith 6 month ago
You got me in the first half, not gonna lie.
Jack F 6 month ago
really loved this one, couldn't stop laughing. way to go, Phil & Phil
Espurr's Eyes 6 month ago
present day you kinda looks like Tom Hiddleston with a fully grown, manlike beard
Sean 6 month ago
You would probably make a good stunt double for Loki
Mr.Bootcheekoh 6 month ago
Hey, what celebrity do you look like, you ring a bell but can't put my finger on it..
Jack Spurlock 6 month ago
the directors of Justice League didn’t think Superman looked good with a beard either
Sullen Sigh 6 month ago
this dude looks like Phil Jamesson
Claudius Ruski 6 month ago
one of the best duos on youtube
Fishy Fish 6 month ago
This was such a brilliant sketch! Great job!
Jessica Sheron 6 month ago
Oh God I gotta go check on new york
Ben Zimmer 6 month ago
Phil you do a great job with these, honestly one of my favorite comedy YouTubers. Wish you well man.
Sydney Stutsman 6 month ago
I was deadass ready to believe that you'd just powered through 52 videos in 2018 for the upcoming year while growing a beard for the clout
WhoDnee 6 month ago
This was terrific
Richard Luzum 6 month ago
I too am a beard. Wait... #PHILGANGNICEBOYS
Ben Shabtai 6 month ago
Phil, you are one of the only Youtubers that makes me laugh out loud. Thanks for that.
preethamrn 6 month ago
It's ok. Just use the 52 videos of backlog that you filmed in 2019 and hopefully by this time next year you'll have an even more magnificent beard.
Fergus Pitcher 6 month ago
This was incredible
attar81 6 month ago
Awesome video! You should have your 2017 self interview you now too! I bet he would have some interesting questions about your beard!
Matt Cook 6 month ago
Good fresh humor. I don't get it, but I know it's fresh, and I like that.
Uncomfortable Cat 6 month ago
This is like when Erik talks with the long hair Erik
Anakin Bacon 6 month ago
Going out of town for the holidays.... Constant questioning of whether New York is still a city... The full beard... Phil... what are you planning?
Excellenttt 6 month ago
Awesome. Keep it up ! It'll grow eventually 😉
AEmilius Resurrection 6 month ago
Love longer vids. I'm just seeing this now AND I missed one of the last streams of the year(?), but it was for a good cause: I went to see STAR WARS! :P
NapanTR 6 month ago
Beard looking good. Keep it up!
Quitch 6 month ago
I think this might be your best one yet.
Elijah 6 month ago
Okay this is amazing
tomatoanus 6 month ago
Kevin Saxby 6 month ago
Amazing as always
laskieg 6 month ago
Extrapolating is a flimsy business.
bobfox 6 month ago
One year of that space facial hair would be terrifying
PanacheDota 6 month ago
Standup info please
Henry Levenson 6 month ago
Menacing Banjo 6 month ago
Wait, is it true that all the 2019 videos were recorded in 2018? Or was that premise made up for the bit?
TCt83067695 5 month ago
Ha that's funny
hobes 97 6 month ago
2018 Phil was better than upcoming 2020 Phil
Leopoldo Petrieska 6 month ago
lol he kept asking about the beard, that was funny