Found YouTubers Lost 24k Gold Apple Watch While Scuba Diving! (His Reaction, Priceless)

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Today I search for Dan's lost gold Apple Watch underwater!
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Video filmed and edited by Joseph Talerico

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Found YouTubers Lost 24k Gold Apple Watch While Scuba Diving! (His Reaction, Priceless)

DALLMYD 28 days ago
Help me get this video Trending by hitting the like button!! <3 I can't believe I was able to find his gold Apple watch!! Have you lost something underwater and would like for me to find? Send me an email describing what you lost, when you lost this item and also how long ago you lost it. Please keep in mind I receive a lot of emails. Only send an email if you truly need my help. Email me at: [email protected]
NYC's Life 28 days ago
When he said there was three, one for his wife, Casey neistat, and what’s inside, I thought he said his wife was Casey neistat
Kaili Thorpe 28 days ago
*Jake* “I’m ok at surfing but I’m not that good” *Turns out to be a god at surfing* *me* falls off as soon as I get on the board.
Robin Ellis 28 days ago
10:00 "How good are you at surfing?" Jake- "I'm all right at it, I'm not like the best but it should be fun." Proceeds to RIP IT!! LMAO!
ForrestKnight 28 days ago
Jake says “I’m alright, I mean I’m not like the best” then absolutely shreds. Good stuff!
HelloItsCody 28 days ago
Who else thinks he does his intros in one breath
Tristan N 28 days ago
5:40 you should have came up out of the water and been like “I found your watch!” and then handed him the crappy plastic one
billybobjoe yo! 28 days ago
That was you?! How did I miss you? My family drove by and I looked outside to either you or someone who looked like you and I was like, "It'd be funny if that was DALLMYD" ... and now I'm pretty sure it was you. Dang it
Brenda Mccarthy 28 days ago
Jake just makes my day when he posts! My quarantine would be awfulllllll if I didn't have DALLMYD to binge watch!!!!!! LOVE YOU JAKE!!
DoughRamen 28 days ago
Who came to watch this right after What’s Inside’s video.
Pikka_boi XD 28 days ago
I love how he find phones or Apple watches and more then he doesn’t keep them he gives them back to there owners.....truly a hero
Luhle khanyile 28 days ago
In life you need true friends like this guy who refuse payment ♥️ he saw how valuable bring him out here was.
Pedro Canadinhas 27 days ago
"You are a good actor" Wow of course he is, he is Dave Franco.
Joe Night Owl 28 days ago
6:35 Steve:"😒" Everyone else:"😃"
Mitchell Somohardjo 28 days ago
10:35 Lets respect that 360
Infinite Aviation 28 days ago
Not only does he scream when he finds treasure, but also kind of pedals his hands. Haha
lucy fernandez 28 days ago
I’m convinced that he can find ANYTHING! 😂 Did y’all see when he found the tiktok ring 😂 I was SHOOK!!!🥳
Sophia Morgan 28 days ago
Not only does he scream when he finds treasure, but also kind of pedals his hands. Haha
Tristan N 28 days ago
0:13 series 4/5 apple makes the Series 0 ones
Mr.sunstrider 28 days ago
*Social distancing left the chat
Brenda Mccarthy 28 days ago
Jake is my favorite youtuber! Could he be any more perfect 😂
Klydzz 28 days ago
DALLMYD: This gold apple watch could be a potential murder weapon Only people whos been watching DALLMYD knows that😂
Knight 28 days ago
Lmao that green screen at the end had me laughing
Ryder Schuch 28 days ago
DALLMYD is the best YouTube or ever get him number one on trending by liking this comment and the video
Baan Khumba 28 days ago
#JerryRigEverything brought me here🤣.
Nikolas Tiglianidis 28 days ago
I was just on tiktok and saw the clip where he thought he lost it and then I got on YouTube for fun and this was the first thing I saw. AND I write in the comments saying that he should have you try to find it 😂
Steve Harris 27 days ago
Maybe he could open the air tank to see what inside.
Andrew L. 28 days ago
4:45 I thought he was screaming or singing...
Ethan S 28 days ago
I watched the video where he lost the watch... This is a video where my two favourite YouTube channels colab
10K subscribers without videos challenge 28 days ago
Them: “Infinity War is the most ambitious crossover event in history” Me, an intellectual:
Pancake Project 27 days ago
was expecting a David Blaine look after he revealed the watch
M B 28 days ago
that thing has been in there since july 2019?!
Dave50Bat 28 days ago
Did I miss the part where he finds the gold watch? and why did that Dan guy not even say "thankyou" he just said "omg I cant believe you found it"
Timtam Tv 28 days ago
When he doesn’t show the moment he finds it
Bogart Mares 28 days ago
Jake: “finds watch” Random guy: “woooooooooouu! I found it ! High fives everyone”
Walter Kama 28 days ago
Who else believe he aint found the watch until he just surprised everyone
Domenic Nelson 27 days ago
Subnautica is looking essentially amazing, I like the addition of real-life rendered graphics
Ok, I heard you were going to another part of Utah and I really want to see you because I live in Utah once I heard you were here I literally almost had a heart attack, I may be a very big fan. I've just always wanted to meet you.
Richard Warnock 28 days ago
jamboy2008 28 days ago
Imagine if Scuber divers couldn’t lmao
Bernie Sanders 27 days ago
This dudes channel just BLEW UP. I remember seeing his vids on my recommend a year or two back. Now he’s at 10M crazy stuff.
Kaden Wildman 28 days ago
I remember watching what's inside a while back
Ahmed Salvatore 28 days ago
I came frome”Jerry”and “what’s in”, i just love what u did and made u subscribe😆💙
Urijah Seel 28 days ago
Hi I’ve been watching for 3 years, thank you for giving me a wish to one come true. And you made me a all time fan, pls like so dallmyd can see this
Complex Lxcy 28 days ago
This is who I want to be when I grow up. finding valuable stuff and finding phones and things that belong to people to give them back to. That's the kind of person I want to be a treasure finder and a youtuber
Tristan N 28 days ago
Everything Apple pro lost his the same way
Katelyn Creager 28 days ago
He got me, I thought he was going to hop back on the water and find it but no he actually had it 😂
Miriam Rosales 28 days ago
Man, I wanna get some scuba gear and then I can get rich off of all the stuff I find. Haha
Faxels 27 days ago
Who else saw what’s inside looking for his watch on TikTok
Skinwalker FiveNine 28 days ago
I’ve been to that exact spot a bunch of times!
Lucy van den Berg 28 days ago
Challenge: take a shot every time Jake says "today" in the intro
Thrisanth 27 days ago
Just watched Jerry’s reaction 👍
Peter Licciardi 28 days ago
3:38 dog YOU held ur nose lol
Albert Jurkowski 27 days ago
"I obviously know it's not going to work anymore" That aged well
Annie Bressler 27 days ago
I think I saw it at the start that shining thing right when he jumped in I know y’all saw that
Daniel Geva 28 days ago
Who watched all their videos about this starting with jerryrigeverything
Wyatt Hunt 28 days ago
I used to go there all the time and always had a blast 😆
punx_7 28 days ago
When you're watching a JerryRigEverything videos and he mentioned DALLMYD . Two worlds colliding..had to come see this video
Beauty Professional 4 Life 28 days ago
The guy that lost his watch sounds like Ryan Reynolds (Deadpool)
Random AJHT:3 28 days ago
The Metal Detector sound sounds like Jakes squeal when he finds something underwater LOL
Juice Jacx 28 days ago
Jake I love all your videos and I’ve been watching them since you only had about 200k. Everything you do is a dream of mine!
Nathaniel Villapando 28 days ago
Now I miss going to the Beach while watching this video.
mnv 611 28 days ago
I think the view was a picture of my windows 8 backgroud
Joshua Halsall 28 days ago
I have a feeling a video where u find someones iphone 11 was it? Is coming out soon 😂
Joe Night Owl 28 days ago
On today's episode of Scuba Dude's...
Tevin C 28 days ago
6:31 reactions in the background lol
Zach Ellis 28 days ago
Is it me or the metal detector when it beats it sounds like a crying dog😂
Jac Grobbelaar 28 days ago
Drinking game: Drink a shot everytime you hear :"gold apple watch"
Ems Roche 28 days ago
His the best in surfing! And he says he’s alright! Now that’s Jake! Still humble!
CBSM Gates 28 days ago
This was such a great video!! Nice job, Jake!
E Rios 28 days ago
Should rename the channel Lost N Found 😂
Jimbo Slice 28 days ago
O geez,,, I never thought I'd see that weird 'what's inside " freak again,,,, yikes,, creepy individual
Josh Hapgood 28 days ago
The first divers looked salty asf
Matt Jensen 27 days ago
I always go to Lake Powell! I live in Utah! It is awesome here, my profile is the Utah mountains.
Adam Honda98 28 days ago
I remember when I went to TSA in Pennsylvania and I lost my sd card under the floorboards in the food court and it had important pictures on it but it's just something I remember and I saw it under the floorboard too sad time but the past is the past
COOKIES 28 days ago
Yo can someone tell me what happened one of Jake's friends, Jake bought him a jet ski a while back edit: haven't watched since like middle of 2018
Reuben Searle 28 days ago
"I obviously know its not going to work anymore" Little did he know...
x coky13 28 days ago
Lol, that negative ten 😂
Nathan Bunton 28 days ago
OMG when I saw this I went crazy!
Sauzage 28 days ago
I like it how the people have there arms crossed behind them🤣
Oblivion Union 27 days ago
Next: finding the lost city of Atlantis (REACTION PRICELESS)
Cicada 27 days ago
"oh im not good at surfing" as he starts doing jumps and 360s
Jack Clark 28 days ago
When you are subscribed to both Whats Inside and Dallmd, noooo 2 videos to watch.
Jack Mayienga 28 days ago
THIS GUY HAS A HEART OF AN ANGEL. You just made my day
linaseunghee shin 28 days ago
Dallmyd:*finds the watch. Me: Told yea ( They called Dallmyd in)
Chloe Yoon 28 days ago
Me in Corona: ..... Jake in Corona: Lets go scuba diving!
melvin _army 27 days ago
that is cool man I like what you do you're fine people products hopefully if I lose something I will call you to come find it for me
Weston Kenyon Music 27 days ago
The fact that you didn't put "Featuring What's Inside" in the title, which probably would have made it get more views... respect.
Potat_ Chips 28 days ago
We need more people like you jake. Willing to help anyone no matter what it takes. I'm glad I subscribed!♥️well done! Keep helping people!😂♥️
Muhammad Farhan 28 days ago
6:33 she found it 😂😂
Fernando Flores 28 days ago
You should go to Arroyo Seco California alot of people lose gold there I remember hearing people really upset about it
Teddy W Gardner 28 days ago
I love seeing you so happy when you found the watch and seeing you smile when surfing behind the boat every video you make touches my heart and makes me so happy so I just wanted to say I love your channel as If I ever lose anything and you respond I probably will cry.
Safwan Wan 27 days ago
My girlFriend is lost in another man's love! Hope u can find she and take 😂
Diego Perez 28 days ago
Damn I remember when he got 1 mill subs and look at him now 🥳🥳
WolfiNationz 28 days ago
He sounds like my friends older brother and he got the same personality if his
murrel gordon 27 days ago
6:33 he gave him a high five last
Logan Playz 27 days ago
The video with his perspective is next.
Christina Prieto 28 days ago
Jake, you are so good at what you do! I'm so glad you found his apple watch--and that looked awesome afterwards, surfing on the lake! Great job💗
Katie Nash 28 days ago
10:13 I've always wanted to do that
Hayden Vanniewaal 28 days ago
Who else thought of Wii sports when he was wakeboarding 😂