The Office Cast Reunites for Zoom Wedding: Some Good News with John Krasinski Ep. 7

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John Krasinski highlights some good news around the world (including weather from Emma Stone) and has his friends from The Office join in to surprise a newly married couple. Special thanks to Emily Blunt for the intro and Zac Brown for the live performance!


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SomeGoodNews 25 days ago
We've still got LOVE! Thanks for joining us for the SGN Wedding!
S.A.W.C Videos 25 days ago
Imagine looking out your window and seeing Creed dancing in his backyard
Jayden Bisson 25 days ago
I cried when the rest of the cast popped up. The greatest cast in the history of the world! Watching The Office in our hard times has gotten my family through so much, and now SGN is getting us through these difficult times as well. At the end of a day transferring coronavirus patients on an ambulance, I just want to come home and shower and crawl into bed. But this show is the one thing I will stay up and watch with family before falling asleep.
Ale Navarro 25 days ago
There is nothing that could've made me happier, especially during these times. This is so special. I am crying but my heart is happy. Thank you, a million times thank you.
Sofa Gluck 25 days ago
you missed the opportunity to say IDENTITY THEFT IS NOT A JOKE EM
An Cermit 25 days ago
So we aren’t gonna talk about the sign behind Angela that says “It is your Wedding”
War624 25 days ago
In Dwight voice: Identity theft is not a joke, Emily!
gabriella fagundes 25 days ago
I cry happy tears every episode of SGN but this, this right here melts my heart. The office is my all time favorite show and I've been rewatching it during quarantine! The wedding is in my top 5 favorite episodes and I even recorded video of myself at Niagara Falls listening to Forever by Chris Brown lol John you have outdone yourself here! THANK YOU for the wonderful content and positivity you bring during these trying times. Thank you to the entire cast for such an iconic recreation and congrats to the happy couple! Much love to everyone and stay safe <3 XoXo
Nick Bowman 25 days ago
This show is literally the only content we've needed during quarantine
Uh Duolingo bird 25 days ago
If John isn’t the best person ever I don’t know who is Man wow.. that was crazy
Luke Tran 25 days ago
Creed looks like he's dancing inside a neighbor's backyard 😂
nusaybah 25 days ago
John needs to get a dundie for being the best man in the world
brianna pickering 25 days ago
WARNING: Don’t watch this while working. I’m taking calls and quietly sobbing 😭
thank u next 25 days ago
When they started playing Jim and Pam’s wedding song I almost cried.
Isaac Brickman 25 days ago
Stanley in Florida, Michael not letting Toby in the Zoom
Diane Diliberti 25 days ago
This was incredible but I feel a little bad that we didn't see Stanley!
Klumsy Kameleon 25 days ago
I love how Dwight kicked his lady as he did in The Office.
Cookie_ ninja500 25 days ago
Anyone else been binge watching the office during corona?😂
Pablo Salazar 25 days ago
“ love in the time of Cholera” is a book written by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. He also wrote 100 years of solitude. He won the noble prize for literature. Everyone should read them! :)
Greg Lees 25 days ago
Just got a WUPFH about this reunion and came right over.
WitchesDontBurn - 25 days ago
Everytime I watch an episode, I think I can’t cry more next time... and here I am, crying like a baby. A million thanks John and all the people that help you... you’re an absolute treasure.
cjamesmcr 25 days ago
I can't wait to sit down with my grandkids, let them watch these, to show them what it was really like in 2020. Thank you for collating all of these stories together.
Flix Arber 25 days ago
17:17 nobody is talking about him, and he deserves more attention
Michelle Stewart 25 days ago
Just cried like a baby! I can't tell you how huge the office has been for this quarantine, when I first actually watched the show and fell in love with every bit of it, but you all doing this was so above and beyond. You guys rock!
Irayda E. Tejeda R 25 days ago
Another positive thing about the C-19: inexpensive weddings!
CME Challenges Yeeters 25 days ago
I miss the office so much best show makes me cry this part all the time best cast ever
G. R 25 days ago
So no ones going to say anything about Emma Stones weather clip? 😂😂
Neon GreenElliptical 25 days ago
I love how Rainn Wilson just starts doing a kata
jjcohen891 25 days ago
Next time on SGN: "oh, you like studying the bible? BOOM here's Moses and Jesus skyping in from their quarantine."
caparzzo 25 days ago
the irony that i watched the office, to get through divorce back then, right in the feels. The office was my recovery.
that one account 25 days ago
Emily starting the show is something I didn't know I needed
Sunfaeriee 25 days ago
it is safe to say that i cried during the whole wedding episode back then, and today i cried during the whole show. Congrats to the newly weds, I don't think they could get a better blessing than that. And much love to the most amazing cast <3
Stefanie Moore 25 days ago
When my fiancé proposed to me last year, he got down on one knee and said, “this is my Jim Halpert moment” because he just couldn’t wait any longer and kept it simple. Now because of COVID-19 my wedding has been put on hold until next year... this episode hit home so hard and made me bawl like a baby 😭😭😭 what an amazing wedding gift 💝
Wendy Anna 25 days ago
Emily should coanchor! She would be perfect. MORE EMILY!
AnimeWeedLord420 25 days ago
When I proposed at a gas station this was not the reception I received
Duke Storm 25 days ago
Did anyone see johns tie. It was cut like in the show.
Ezequiel Tapias Broder 25 days ago
john, your wife is such an amazing actress that she is a better "John Krasinski" than you!
Franky’s Channel 25 days ago
I'm Disappointed they didn't say "Absolutely I do"
r̶̳̈́e̶̺͝a̷̛̫p̶͖̄e̶̠̋r̵̩̊ ̴̛͉ō̴̙f̵͎͋ w̵̦͒o̸͇̒r̶̨͊l̶͈̅d̵͇͘s̵̋͜ 25 days ago
i’m gonna write “held back tears”
Eli Skowronski 25 days ago
My favorite part has to be when Rainn recreates his kick
Mermaid In Motion 25 days ago
I love how Jenna's snapping her fingers at 14:59 like, "Just you wait..."
Gal Chino 25 days ago
I Can NOT with this extraordinary a** man!!! I got no words, John. None<3 I cannot believe what just saw!!! Stop making me laugh & cry tears of freakin' joy!!! You're in deep my homie. Once this is over there's no way you can stop making these. We will not allow it!
Rachel Blankenhorn 25 days ago
I laughed so hard when Rainn kicked his wife in the face.
TastyGoatCheese 25 days ago
The 2 best humans that exist 1. John Krasinski 2. Keanu Reeves
Puneet Mehrotra 25 days ago
"Identity theft is not a joke, Jim! Millions of families suffer every year! "
A J 25 days ago
Can we show some respect for John Krasinski for the effort he is doing? I mean we know it could be tough but well done John.
ally 25 days ago
bawling my eyes out. thank you John, I really needed this office reunion!
Jack Sheath 25 days ago
This is why The Office is still remembered. The cast love the fans just as much the fans love the cast! 😊
JohnnyClock 25 days ago
Stanley was M.I.A. Michael Scott blocked Toby from the Zoom reunion!😔
Michelle Stewart 25 days ago
Love that kid at the end!! He's so talented! 17:18
Porter Sherman 25 days ago
John Krasinski may just be the best human being on the planet during this quarantine
Strider 25 days ago
15:00 I'm a 31 year old man and this gave me goosebumps and made me cry.
Caden Mahoney 25 days ago
Did anyone else notice that the girl Dwight was dancing with looks exactly like pam’s sister in the office
potatofan007 25 days ago
My mental health has gone down recently, and these episodes always are able to make me happy cry 😭 The world can be such a nice place, full of wonderful people. Thank you John for continually reminding us of that ❤️
RANDOM_Boi 25 days ago
This was probably the best episode it’s so heart warming
Tiffany Aleman 25 days ago
Imagine the stories they’ll tell their kids!
Shalala. cls 25 days ago
"It is your wedding day." I just about died😂
B. C. 25 days ago
Kevin’s shoes 😂😂😂 this was so epic
Redhaus Creator 25 days ago
To be honest I was really hoping Emily Blunt would come back and do the news herself. By the way the weather is great here also.
Jack Staley 25 days ago
You can tell by the way Jenna looks at John that there’s a special place in her heart for him
Iron_ Spider 25 days ago
That intro tho, I've never laughed harder on the internet. 😂
Catherine Gonzalez 25 days ago
I’ve always dreamed of a big extravagant wedding but I’d honestly trade that any day for this wedding.. to be able to say the office cast was at your wedding is EVERYTHING I NEED IN THIS LIFE.
Fall out! At the disco 25 days ago
7:45 I’m literally wearing the exact same shirt as she is rn!!
Gilbert Jacobs 25 days ago
when the title of the episode already brings a smile to the face.
Elmer Duran 25 days ago
Name all show references that was shown.... Go! (My favorite was the "It is your Wedding" ) lol
Carlie Dalrymple 25 days ago
I was waiting on an “identity theft is not a joke” joke at the beginning
Fartpoo116 25 days ago
The next episode should be “Rise of the Planet of the Johns”
The Sindhus 25 days ago
Jim sounded like Michael in the beginning.
weascualquieras 25 days ago
crazy how he manages to make us cry every Sunday
Joseph Harrison 25 days ago
No jokes from the Office, no snarky comment. I needed this. I sobbed like a baby, but I needed this. Thank you.
default 25 days ago
Next game: how many has John adjusted papers since 1st episode
Sivan Hetsroni 25 days ago
I can't stop crying! Seeing the entire cast is so incredible!!! My family.
CC Kelton 25 days ago
7:38 His voice sounds like Matthew Lee Jones aka Badger from Breaking Bad
Traci W 25 days ago
The best show or anything since this Pandemic started. The only thing that has brought us together bipartisan around this crazy world at this time, and I love it. I seen an article that said is John Krasinski getting a big head. Give me a break I don't see you doing anything. So get up off your lazy behind, and do something. This man is spreading nothing but Joy, and should be proud because it's awesome. The kids need this, we all need it!!!!
RANDELL_POWER 25 days ago
bring the office back everyone misses the show.
rxbandit21 25 days ago
The next show should have him say, "Welcome to SGN. I'm Reed, I mean John."
QuentaSilmarillion 25 days ago
From 15:05 till the end, for a few minutes I wasn't worried about our first child coming in a couple weeks, I wasn't worried about my wife's health, our jobs, our future. Truly, honestly, thank you. Even for a few minutes, I needed that.
Sarah L 25 days ago
This show never fails to make me cry
PDX_Eric 25 days ago
You’re slipping John: Emily is starting to upstage you.
Andrew Chen 25 days ago
The end of that song medley was such a "how the turntables" moment
Budz Camacho 25 days ago
Goosebumps when the office cast was introduced
LRShark 25 days ago
I find it extremely fitting that "Dwight's" dance moves were Punches and Kicks
S Rowe 25 days ago
09:34 One more "Alright!" and John would have magically transformed into Matthew McConaughey.  How cool would that have been (if only for a moment)?  🙂
snuphaluphugus 25 days ago
I can’t be the only one that felt like the wedding was watching my family celebrate someone.
Mandira Always 25 days ago
Really couldn’t stop smiling even I gotta see the whole office cast come back! 🥺❤️
binkynuhedd 25 days ago
I'm going to be sad to see this end when the Quarantine is over..
TELL+ViSiON 25 days ago
0:26 I’m pretty sure you just brought chores to your wife. That is what just happened, you macho man! 😋😅
Roman Cortes 25 days ago
When he said what the heck just happened he sounded like Steve Carell from the office
Matthew Mahoney 25 days ago
My life has been complete watching this.
EK Ndo 25 days ago
Me when I saw Creed: Creed looks even older than he did before. I didn't think that was possible.
sydneyyy _ 25 days ago
I've watched the Office through 12 times
alexis apostolakis 25 days ago
i started smiling and crying in the middle of my zoom class and now everyone thinks i’m crazy but it’s totally worth it❤️
Brittanggg 25 days ago
I’m crying. I love this. The office is truly the best show ever
Tyler 25 days ago
Is Angela having something done to her cheeks? They look odd
Jacob S 25 days ago
I just cried for 15 minutes straight. I love The Office and I love SGN.
mujerdemadera316 25 days ago
I am so done, I absolutely love this man, John thank you for doing this during a time of so much negativity to have just overwhelming joy. You are truly a blessing. This video rocks!!!
Louis R 25 days ago
I honestly didn't think, I'd get this emotional. Jim and Pam's wedding all over again... You're amazing, John Krasinski!!!
Ashley Bishop 25 days ago
I'm crying so hard and also where can I sign up to get married by John Krasinski?
Josue Aguirre 25 days ago
Every four seconds. **slams paper on desk intensifies**