Was this the greatest dog of all time?

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The Westminster Kennel Club Dog show had a champion who won three times in a row. How did she do it?

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This year, the Westminster Dog Show will draw lots of attention. But no dog will surpass the legacy of the first Best in Show winner — a smooth fox terrier named Warren Remedy. In this episode of Vox Almanac, Vox's Phil Edwards explains how it happened.

Warren Remedy won three Best in Show titles at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, and she cemented her place in canine history. But her legacy extends beyond her title — as an exemplar of the smooth fox terrier breed, she helped establish the “type” that people expected.

That was largely because of her breeder, a wealthy Manhattan socialite named Winthrop Rutherfurd. Rutherfurd famously dated a Vanderbilt before settling down with a vice president’s daughter, but in addition to lighting up the gossip pages, he bred fox terriers at his estate in Allamuchy, New Jersey. And he promoted them through the American Fox Terrier Club and Westminster Kennel Club. These efforts helped the relatively new breed gain a foothold in American culture.

Warren Remedy may never be surpassed in her three Best in Show titles. So was she the greatest dog of all time? That might be the wrong question. She was the greatest dog of her time, though, and that may have established an even more important legacy, for all dogs and for the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show.

Further Reading:
This archival article from Outing Magazine has a surprising interesting history of smooth terriers in America, including how the breed can be traced to just a few dogs.

The Dog Show: 125 Years of Westminster is a great resource for dog show obsessives, and it chronicles all the winners as well as the early history and lore of the show.

The American Kennel Club lists all their dog standards on their website. The listing for the wire fox terrier is a good place to start.

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Joe Navanodo 3 month ago
The greatest dog of all time: is sleeping on my lap right now, and that’s a fact, no research needed lol
Aaron Julien 3 month ago
Guy: makes rules Same guy: wins three times in a row Vox: "best dog ever"
Mina C 3 month ago
“But the window is small for every dog. Maybe they’re all the greatest. For a moment.” CRYING 😭
Tadhg O'Neill 3 month ago
Me: "Who's a good boy?" Vox: "This boy is the best boy."
Matt Collins 3 month ago
They just had to add those pictures of ordinary dogs at the end. Made me tear up.
Српски патриота 3 month ago
Is he named scooby doo? I don't think so.
Crack Baby 3 month ago
All the dogs who are living on the streets this winter are the greatest, stay tough buddies.
Captain Country 3 month ago
Let's be honest Nobody asked for this but everyone watches it
Sir Harmony 3 month ago
_"WAS THIS THE GREATEST DOG OF ALL TIME?"_ *Courage The Cowardly Dog:* [W H E E Z E S]
gokuluca3 3 month ago
In my town there was a homeless dog who people called toto, the town's dog, he went into the schools and sat down for the national anthem and protected people
ManHuntingMuffalo 3 month ago
"This is not a steak, it's a rat" Thank you, wouldn't have noticed any other way
Julia Riera 3 month ago
“Maybe they’re all the greatest for a moment” 😭😭😭😭😭
Era 3 month ago
when he tried to eat the microphone I lost it
Sabina Hertzum 3 month ago
As a frenchie Owner i have a hard time with today’s standard in general - there has been too much inbreeding in the ‘early years’ that our dogs suffer for today... I would love to see standards chance to focus more on breed health before measurements...
Umang Malik 3 month ago
Your dog is the best dog. Yes, you, the person reading this right now. You have the best dog. Go give em a pat on the head.
Just A Dio Who's A Hero For Fun 3 month ago
The best breed is the English Bull Terrier also known as *_W A L T E R_*
L P 3 month ago
She isn't the best dog cause she is a "pure breed" or a genetic mess, best dog is a healthy happy dog that loves their family very much!
Emmanuel Thomas 3 month ago
Everyone: Warren Remedy is the greatest dog. Laika: .......
Katja Ba 3 month ago
These whole dog standards kinda seem to be pretty pointless like why do humans do define animals' ears, tails, paws etc
Mattia de Virgiliis 3 month ago
0:00 - 4:59 : "wow, that's fashinating! INTERESTING!" 5:00 - 6:20 : *crying desperately * 6:21 - end : " Awh, LOL!" ...aight Vox, thanks again. <3
Vito Lebommil 3 month ago
This video reminded me of Fry's dog Seymour and now it made me sad... Seymour waited for him for 12 years, THAT'S the best doggo ever 😭
Wilhe E 3 month ago
This is why I love vox, completely useless facts presented in a serious way and somehow it’s so interesting
mr.potato head 3 month ago
*Greatest Dog of All Time* Me: look at my good boy and smile
Neo Nguyen 3 month ago
Title should be: “Was this the goodest boy of all time?”
Mark Neal 3 month ago
You really missed the opportunity to say “Was this the goodest boy of all time?”
??? ??? 3 month ago
Guy: this is not a steak Me: no? Guy: this is a rat Me: :O
ELYSIAN 3 month ago
The greatest dog of all time is SVEN!
Hot Head 3 month ago
All dogs are the greatest
Justin 3 month ago
I watched this with my dog who then proceeded to steal my blanket
Jason Smith 3 month ago
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William Craven 3 month ago
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The Cinematic Mind 3 month ago
Huzaifa Amin 3 month ago
Dogs carry a lot of diseases.
camofrog 3 month ago
The best dog is a mixed breed rescue. They live a long time.
Rudster14 3 month ago
His wife Lucy Mercer was also President Franklin D. Roosevelt's mistress.
Moc Brick 3 month ago
The greatest dog is the one you love
The real Cpt Clueless 3 month ago
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No one: Vox: Was this the greatest dog of all time?
Pradarshan 3 month ago
The sound design, the editing, the storyline. Whaaaaat. its just mind blowing
Random Entertainment 3 month ago
Well all dogs are the best in their own way, this one was just good at this specific competition
Niamh C 3 month ago
Wow okay making me cry at the end there cool cool yeah cool
2B 3 month ago
the best dog in the world farted earlier behind me, i had to open windows to ease my suffering but i still love him nonetheless
Altair 21 3 month ago
After I watched Adam ruins everything episode on dogs, I only feel pity for them.
Alicia Banister 3 month ago
All dogs are perfect and no one can tell me any different
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Taylor Ball 3 month ago
Meh, I wish they went more into how these standards are actually decided... they sound somewhat arbitrary
Kilroy was Here 3 month ago
The best dog your dog, the one you love that loves you more than anything
A terror way beyond falling 3 month ago
Made me miss my dog even more than I already miss him. 17 years of winning best dog in my heart! Miss you, Pepper.
Spring Willow 3 month ago
The ending oh my goodness my heart
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Felipe Berlim 3 month ago
I have an adopted stray dog at my side every night, and she’s the best for me
Rertner Furtheng 3 month ago
dog fancy is just eugenics in the 21st century
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j c g 3 month ago
this is such an awesome video! thank you!
117ralph 3 month ago
this feature is interesting as fashion news read at a hairdresser salon ... breeds are fashion and most of them are cruel. i look at the tail and the ears ... and i love dogs.
peffiSC2source S 3 month ago
Is that thumbnail subliminal messaging? lol
_what_evss_ 3 month ago
My friends mom is Valerie attkinson whos won it a few times. I’m very close with her son she’s like my second mom
Normalhuman78 - 3 month ago
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Eric D'avanzo 3 month ago
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Samy Ismael 3 month ago
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j c g 3 month ago
this is such an awesome video! thank you!
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