Samsung Galaxy Z Flip - Unboxing and First Impressions

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Samsung Galaxy Z Flip - Unboxing and First Impressions
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Flossy Carter 4 month ago
Tio JDM 1043 4 month ago
Motorola "we are killing the fold phone game" Samsung "Motorola calm down"
elijah haskins 4 month ago
"let me do a smell test-MMMMMMMMMMMM-smells like 100% flex" made my day! please dont ever change, flossy
RealDaJuan 4 month ago
After buying this, my wallet also folds much easier now. Thanks, Samsung.
Chris Tmg 4 month ago
"Ladies and gentlemen, Motorola has left the chat" Lmfao
Emanuel Israel 4 month ago
Every time he says "Talk amongst yourselves" I feel like I'm turning around and start talking to everyone that's watching this video.
Aaron Parrales 4 month ago
Normal people on Valentines Day: “Yes, chocolate!” Me on Valentines Day: “YES! A new video from Floss!”
Kenny Wideen 4 month ago
Can’t wait for the Apple flip phone dropping around 2027 after they kill the notch in 2026
vincent ghoe 4 month ago
zflip: booting up floss: *closses it and opens it zflip: aight imma boot agai— floss: *closes and opens zflip:* um ok booting agai— floss: *closes open closes open closes open zflip: bOI COULD YOU CALM DOWN
Joel Richard Escorpiso 4 month ago
"I'm gonna do this gently..." *Rips plastic and throws the phone on the table—screen face first.* 😂
DeeJaye82.exe 4 month ago
>secure folder >thot protection Subscribed immediately.
Roland Tubman 4 month ago
Love how intense Floss is, sounds like he's talking about some intercontinental ballistic missile lmaoooo
CooL nJ 4 month ago
Watching this on my Fold. Folding bed. 🙃
Sound Of Silence 4 month ago
Phone: *starts booting up* Flossy: *closes and opens* Phone: *k imma start booting up again* Flossy: *closes and opens* Phone: *BRUH CAN U STOP*
Yashvin Tackoory 4 month ago
At this price, they could have included a pair of wireless buds in the box.
Taylor Harris 4 month ago
When you watch other reviews before watching Floss and notice that everyone else is having trouble with flipping the phone open with one hand and Floss doesn’t even struggle 😂😂😂 this man really a OG
Amaterasu 4 month ago
The Z flip is so much better than the razr, it's hilarious.
Michael Nguyen 4 month ago
Motorola: we're bring back the flip Moto Razr phone Samsung: hold my beer...
DeeJae 4 month ago
"Got your focus mode, get your life together" 😂 Dead.
John Morris 4 month ago
Imagine that trek communicator chirp when you flip open. Beam me up
Abraham Serrano 4 month ago
7:36 "Lemme do the smell test on this one." (Sniff) *MMMMMMMMMMMM*
Bibek Pandey 4 month ago
It's sad that the phone will be in the hand of EverythingJerryRig.
itsyourboizion 4 month ago
Kid:is that a flip phone Me: yep it’s Kid: guys come over here he has a flip phone Me: guess what it’s a flip phone you can’t afford
Pretty Lourice 4 month ago
I’d open and close that for a multiple times when I’m bored
mr pink 4 month ago
16:50 hello nintendo ds emulation.
Xin Sui 4 month ago
Other YouTuber’s quick unboxing: 5 mins Flossy’s quick unboxing: 30 mins of quality content
Mrakoslav 4 month ago
Ziggity Giggity 4 month ago
Goddamn is it just me or is foldable phone tech evolving insanely fast
CamKai82 4 month ago
They missed the perfect opportunity to call this the Samsung Flex
Alejandro Flores 4 month ago
Is it just me or y'all seeing it looks like a mini laptop in flex mode😂😂💻👨‍💻
Michael Moya 4 month ago
"Flagship specs bro flagship specs" Motorola has left the chat
Romit Poladiya 4 month ago
Flossy : imma do this gently. Me biting my nails. Flossy flips hard 50 times. Me wow that was gentle!!! best tech reviewers on YouTube.
Yung Ghost 4 month ago
2010: flip phones were dead 2020: flips are back with a bang!
John Tungul 4 month ago
My friend said "hmm smells expensive that's like 50% of my salary" - Benchode Yeah exactly smells like broke hahaha
Mvp Echoes 4 month ago
The no headphone jack always turns me off
yubbiace 4 month ago
Everyone else: you cannot do one hand open this is too stiff, use two hands. Floss: open with one finger and flip the hell out to open, wow this is so satisfying!!
Brandó 4 month ago
*sniffs* *MMMMMMMMMMMMM* this one smells like 100% flex Shit had me crying 😂👌
taz200032 4 month ago
This is a dope phone man. Jokes on Samsung though, I just made my note 10+ fold too.
Socks 4 month ago
I really want this phone, not gonna lie, but at 1300 bucks the price is TGH. Respect the moto killing game
Sweg _Master 4 month ago
7:36 “let me do a smell test on this one.” *smells* “MMMMMMMMM”
Ukiyo Sin 4 month ago
Nobody: Flossy: lemme do a smell test... 'sniff' *"MMMMMMMMMM"*
Brandon Moran 4 month ago
Wifey saying , "why aintchu' home?! Where r u?!" Me @ bestbuy looking at dee flip In flossy voice...... " ✋ CALM DOWN!"
Tim Tsai 4 month ago
Apple, are you gonna do something about it? The innovations here is blowing you out of the water !
Dareen Kidder 4 month ago
At 2:46 I thought he tore off the screen 😂😂😂
Joseph Delgado 4 month ago
"Let's go through the toggles real quick" I WAS DEAD
Matthew Vlossak 4 month ago
"The price on this one 1380. Ladies and gentlemen, Motorola has left the chat." 😂💀😂💀
HOUSEDOGG 4 month ago
I definitely want to see you take a call when you do your full review!!!
P Williams 4 month ago
"The phone is trolling me"
Rotimi Williams 4 month ago
"You got your secure folder, aight, that you thot protection" LMFAO!!!
Strewth 4 month ago
"Yo let me do the smell test on this one." *"MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM"*
Jack johnson 4 month ago
Floss: "imma do this gently since i gotta take it back, no beast mode" *5 seconds later* Drops phone glass first on table instead of placing it gently.
Ismael Benouja 4 month ago
Flossy's "first impression" is so flex that it feels like an in-dept review
McgrableDiwan 4 month ago
If you’re new to this channel. Welcome to the most honest tech review. Have a laugh and make your purchase decision wisely in this channel!
fariz tok 4 month ago
Really love the way this man review something, the detail information is great, it's really help when i want to buy something.. there a lot good tech youtuber with nice cinematography and effect but in the end the detail information is the most important. the harsh test/ beast test when test it( hard flex, a lot of apps, max brightness) is a good test to see the strengt of a product.. #salute
tallicaboy100 4 month ago
I just love the smell test 😂 it gets me laughing every time 😂
Jack Chogii 4 month ago
Everytime when he says "talk amongst yourselves" I pretend to talk to my shoulder, I don't know why
Keith Brown 4 month ago
Dark Mode. When Floss toggled that one on, I went 'ahhh..... that's better... much better.'
gabriel hernandez 4 month ago
“Phone is trolling me” LMAOOOO
Luke 4 month ago
You have made me appreciate this phone more than I was while watching the event. Thank you for that sir.
HighRollahz808 4 month ago
That crease in the middle of the phone on the z flip is an eyesore. But I ain’t hatin’ cuz that’s for meat boys! #Salute
Patrick Allyn 4 month ago
Galaxy Fold: I can fold in two! Galaxy Z Flip: Hold my drink.
Eugen Pop 4 month ago
"quick unboxing video" - then Floss goes on for 26 minutes. Gotta appreciate that thoroughness!
Hanief Kurniawan 4 month ago
3:40 you've review s10e before.. bruhh LOL
thereal_steve 4 month ago
I never make a move without Flossy's say so. Never.
Life live games 4 month ago
Who only watches these for the way he says the price in the beginning
Roshan Shah 4 month ago
We want movie of galaxy s20 series floss.
Tim Hi 4 month ago
I didn't even know this existed. Amazing, found my next phone
MI tech 4 month ago
Motorola smooth sailing 😌 Samsung to Motorola: 'Look at me, I said LOOK at ME!' -I'm the captain now! 🤣
psp4gamer 4 month ago
"Infinity flex display" Oh heck yeah, i bet there is...
MAGGOT VOMIT 4 month ago
_Sammy needs to release a "Trekkie Communicator" Edition!! Capt. Kirk was always Flexin'!!! xD_
2011joser 4 month ago
So I was meh about this phone when I saw other reviews, even comented so. I see Floss’s review now I want one.
phi khanh 4 month ago
6:10 you do exactly what we want to do if buy it :)) cool just that 👌🏽❤️
JessieJamesPlays 4 month ago
And yes, got on recommendations Edit: ah yes I forgot I subbed
Dark Lord 4 month ago
17:39 fresh and fabulous lolol
Nug zulla 4 month ago
7:36 smell test got me rolling haha killed it, can't wait till the full review
Jz DisneyB 4 month ago
Couldn't click on my notification fast enough!! Can't wait for the "real review" Flossy!! White Shoes!! 🐈😁👍🏼📱
Dwayne W. 4 month ago
Samsung just shat all over Motorola. A foldable phone with flagship specs, and a slightly cheaper price.. I'd consider this if I did not love my Note 10+ lol
JFIVE 4 month ago
Motorola: "Boyz back to the drawing board"🤣🤣🤣
Chavrios 4 month ago
Motorola Razr: I am the best flip phone !!! Flip Z: That’s cute.
El Nino 4 month ago
Your voice sounds so instance, I want to watch this at the gym 💪😂. Good video by the way
ChiefWarrior 1 4 month ago
ME DOING GCSE forgets everything My last braincell: YO WHATS UP EVERYBODY ITS YOUR BOI FLOSS
Jeff Curry 4 month ago
Cheevarit Jienthanakanond 4 month ago
Just wish this z flip has that waterproof feature thing. Love it anyway!
jon king 4 month ago
Great review love he's energy.
Dario De La Torre 4 month ago
7:39 when I smell kfc
Memes Forever 4 month ago
"Motorola has left the chat"
Neil Hawke 4 month ago
Think you should sue, Floss. You should be "Flex Mode" (a la Beast Mode). Great vid. Thanks much
Hassan Sheikh 4 month ago
"Motorola has left the chat" BEST!
Tech1Tv 4 month ago
Watching this on my S10+ and waiting on my S20 😀
RobQc 4 month ago
Floss this is definitely different and I would buy this before the razor its cheaper but has way more features, thanks again for the review !
Paul Elias 4 month ago
"I'm gonna do this gently" just before dropping it on the table.
inferno_o 4 month ago
it actually looks great. can't wait for the s20 series review!
GB 4 month ago
Hol up hol up HOL UP!!! Dat boi said "that's your THOT protection 🤳🏾🤦🏾‍♂️ #FACTZ
Arquel Cudia 4 month ago
He said: Motorola left the chat 😂
Prnc84 4 month ago
🤣😂 love the smell test.
Michael Lim 4 month ago
Motorola: Hello Moto Samsung: Bye Moto
mewk 4 month ago
100% flex... ahhhh lol 😂 I’m dead 😭
Apres Coups 4 month ago
I only wait for Flossy to unbox phones. The rest of the tech reviewers walk on eggshells when it comes to reviews. Floss keeps it 💯 facts
Slakker 4 month ago
Just like cars the classic styles of phones become expensive while the latest design is not
Micah Alexander 4 month ago
I was already intrigued by this phone, but Floss sold me just on the unboxing lol