The Bachelor: Roses & Rose Part 1 Finale LIVE | 7pm PST

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Amy Hough 2 month ago
If Peter ends up with will Madi get over the way Barb talked about her?! She will always feel unwelcome in the family and it will be a thorn in their relationship. Sad. Barb said too much.
Lisa Chauvin 2 month ago
Barb needs to cut that umbilical cord
Renée A 2 month ago
Opposite personalities can attract. Opposite values don’t
Michael Garcia 2 month ago
Peter's a little boy himself. Yes he's a pilot and no disrespect to his family and family raising but he is he's a manchild
Jennifer Rose 2 month ago
My feelings at this point are as follows: 1. Hannah Ann deserves better. 2. Madison and Peter are totally incompatible. 3. Peter wants a challenge more than he wants a healthy, loving relationship. 4. I'm so over this season and am ready for the bachelorette!
Amberlee Nix 2 month ago
I am SO glad I don’t have to hear Barb say “dOn’T LeT hER GO” ever again lol
Susie Eatherly 2 month ago
I’m sorry Peter but your mom Barb has some serious issues her crying was fake she was only thinking of herself and what she could get from the relationship and not her own son Peter! Very selfish and minpulative and brutal!!! Clap Clap hands high for Maddie for standing her ground on her morals and scruples in life!!! Maybe Peter wants to change his life up a bit and put God in his life more take that challenge and be leader in his family and if he does bc that’s what Maddie wants and that’s who he picks then that’s OK it’s their life not Barbs! I hope it all works out for all of them best of luck Peter, Maddie, and Hannah Ann!
Crystal Banchor 2 month ago
Barb, based on one meeting of being flattered, decided who she wanted and liked the best. Barb and the family weren't listening to Peter and how he truly felt. Barb made her decision the moment she found out Madison challenged her baby boy.
Terri Touchie 2 month ago
The thing is no matter how hard barb tried to sway -she didn’t. She was honest with Madison about peter and madi made her call based on that. My frustration is with peter actually not feeling more strongly about one or the other, if it was Madison I would have hoped he’d pull a Colton, if it was Hannah he’d put his moping aside and prepare us all for a happily ever after but no, it’s all dragged out and messy.
Melanie Lentz 2 month ago
I don’t think it’s fair that peters family is using this whole “party lifestyle” thing as a reason he can’t be with Madison. I think it’s fairly normal to party more as a single person. Once you’re in a serious relationship, the appeal of going out and partying decreases a bit. I don’t think that’s compromising who you are. I think it’s just changing your priorities based on where you’re at in life.
Rocky Orozco 2 month ago
I have enjoyed seeing how close peter and his family are, but sometimes families can be too close and that’s how they are. The fact that his family was practically forcing Peter to pick Hannah Ann and they were practically getting upset when he was telling them his emotions towards Madison is unacceptable. They weren’t listening to him or respecting his feelings.
Rebecca Whaley 2 month ago
I like Peter's Dad. Not Barbara
Crystal AD 2 month ago
I couldn't imagine having barb as a MIL, she would definitely be an overstepping overbearing mother who would cause issues. Maybe that's why he is single
Lex ' 2 month ago
Barb was SO manipulative holy crap! Madi handled herself with such class, she is inspiring. I wish the best for her. I also feel bad for Hannah Ann at this point.
Cassie Wahl 2 month ago
Why does Barb consult God so often but not want God to be a big part of Peter’s life??? I think Peter might want to make big changes in his life, yes maybe inspired by his love for Madison, and I don’t see anything wrong with that either.
EllDuclos 2 month ago
Barb came off as manipulative and I can understand why Peter is attracted to tears, drama & crazy. 🙃
Storm Cloud 2 month ago
Barb says "Bud" the same way Madison says "like". And if I was Madison I'd be very worried about having Barb as my mother-in-law.
Amber Korger 2 month ago
Hannah Ann deserves so much better than peter. He’s gonna pull an arie and propose then dump her for Madison just watch. Like why even waste her time🙄
Mckenna Lewis 2 month ago
don’t drink every time madison or peter swatted away a bug
Jackie Forte 2 month ago
Seriously, if you have been raised in a faith-based family your entire life, you are going to have a different value set than someone who describes themselves a "spiritual." Madison is looking for a man who will lead her family by putting God first even before her. Peter can learn this, but does he really want to and who is he going to work with to learn these values? Does he have a bible? Maybe Madison should give him one as an engagement gift? I think you can love someone but you're not necessarily best off marrying them.
cheryl q 2 month ago
I feel like this whole episode is a psych lesson. 1) mom is wearing the pants. She is manipulative person and her passive husband is afraid to say his opinion. 2) Peter has been watching dad not be a leader and sit back and let emotional momma run the show. This is what feels natural to Peter cause it’s the example he’s been shown. So little boy Peter who still lives with mommy and daddy needs them to weigh in and tell him what he should do cause he’s not man enough to make his own decisions. So we watch a whole season of a ‘man’ (boy) be attracted to drama, tears and unable to make decisions. Yuck. Madison and Hannah Anne for that matter deserve better. Let Hannah B have him....they deserve each other
Kyumin Lee 2 month ago
I’m sure Barb is a wonderful person but I would not want her as a mother-in-law...! Just thinking about it gives me shivers🥶
Leslie O'Brien 2 month ago
Gotta say that I don’t want to ever hear Peter say he loves two women! Him crying with his dad about Madison DURING HANNAH ANN’S VISIT! Aaarrrgh!!! He only wants what he can’t have....Peter takes Hannah Ann for granted. Madison plays it hot and cold and it drives him crazy! (You know, as in Peter doesn’t want easy. Peter wants CRAZY!)
Pamela Olger 2 month ago
Janay Moguel 2 month ago
He doesn't want Hannah Ann and for his party life it doesn't matter what woman he picks but, Petter will not forever party no woman would want a man that parties every weekend 😂
Kendall C 2 month ago
I think Barb is so attached to Peter that the second she heard Madison wanted to “ change “ Peter she freaked out and made a whole scene about how Madison has the wrong intentions
Annie 2 month ago
I think Madi articulated herself and her feelings very well, and I wish Lauren talked about that a bit instead of breezing past that conversation. And yes, Peter values the physical in a relationship, but I don’t think that’s a dealbreaker. If he chooses her and marries her, they can have a very fulfilling physical relationship. So I don’t see the problem there. The religion problem makes more sense to me though. He obviously loves Madi more though. He even said “I can’t help that I want Madi more”
Shannon O’Brien 2 month ago
His mom is inappropriately asserting herself and her emotions are out of line guide your child don’t manipulate them
maria G 2 month ago
How could he choose Hannah Ann now? He would never feel like she’s HIS choice. His mother is so manipulative it’s ridiculous...The tears, the putting thoughts in his head! I give him a lot of credit for standing up to her as well as he did.
Jennifer Ann Garcia 2 month ago
I agree that Peter likes craziness. He also wants something he can't have. So he will end up with Madison, even though Hannah Ann is the better choice. He will be chasing Madison at her home. My opinion of course.
Iki n 2 month ago
Peter is all ready to propose to Hannah Ane when he finds out that Madison returned ...hense the sad/confuse Peter .. it's gonna be good tv 😂
Deana Williamson 2 month ago
Absolutely she pushed toooo far.
heatherfits 2 month ago
When tears are used to manipulate, they can turn them on & off real quick, because they are able to shift their emotions quite suddenly. Pretty creepy actually.
Bhavya Sahaya 2 month ago
Peter’s brother is the true star of the show. So sensible and level headed. #teambarb 🤣
Taaiebah 2 month ago
Hannah Ann is bending over backwards to be whatever she thinks Peter wants her to be. Her level of growth is why viewers have been saying she's too young.
Paradigm Shift 2 month ago
I think the Barb thing was shocking because we all assumed she was crying because she knew how much Pete loved this person and she wanted him to fight for her. I didn’t think she was crying because SHE loved this person so much and she was manipulating Peter to choose who SHE wanted.
D Rajah 2 month ago
Barb is such a drama queen. No wonder Peter is drawn to tears hahaha
Tiffany Crawford 2 month ago
I loved Madison and peters dads talk. He seemed to too! Why didn’t he speak up?
Goodcooker 2 month ago
That was manipulative of Barbara to cry and tell peter who to choose.
nora211173 2 month ago
Honestly this season was pretty interesting but hard to watch. Lauren's segments are truly the best... so sincerely funny! Tbh The Bachelor franchise is starting to feel overdone and the dream is that she someday co-hosts alongside c harrison for some much needed comic relief
Liz 2 month ago
Oh my gosh you read my response! But true everyone cries on this season but Hannah Ann seems to cry in moments that have nothing to do with her which is what I meant haha
Grace Morgan speaks Youtube Channel 2 month ago
Whoever is reading this and you feel heart broken, in pain, misery, frustration, regret and depression. You will come out strong because you are a fighter and fighters never lose. They always triumph
MsEvylicious 2 month ago
It was so cringe, Hannah doesn't deserve to be selected by default like that.
Laide Zen 2 month ago
I don't want Peter to pick Madison and that's because I love Madison. I hope she runs as fast as she can and never looks back.
Michelle Leach 2 month ago
Barb made it harder on them ultimately and got in Madison’s head!😞
Lola Lay 2 month ago
Okay it’s one thing to like Hannah Ann more than Madi but it’s another to not give Madi a chance at ALL! It was so frustrating to watch 🙄
Erika Kaiser-Gentile 2 month ago
I truly love how Madison stood her ground and stuck up for herself to Barb. I don’t think Barb is a bad person she’s just being a Mom. I completely understand where she’s coming from. However ultimately at the end of the day, Peter has to pull up his BIG BOY pants and just go for it. I feel bad for Hannah Ann as she’s going to feel very blindsided by the fact that Madison has left. Whoever Peter is meant to be with is who he’ll end up with. Even if he does end up with the producer Julie La Placa
RobsHandMonkey 2 month ago
Both relationships are doomed. It doesn't matter who he picks at this point. Madison will never be able to get over the hurt of him sleeping with the other girls, and Hannah will never be okay with being second choice. It is a lose lose situation all the way around. Then there is his family who will never see Madison as the one for him. He has been through this. He knows what happens when you pick the wrong person. He KNOWS this and still he thinks he can get through this. He needs to be a man and man up to his choices. He should have told Hannah that Madison left. He should have told her that he is still not sure. He is doing exactly to her what was done to him. I keep losing more and more respect for him every single episode because he knows who he wants. He is stringing Hannah along for the show, otherwise this would be cut and dry. Madison is the girl he hasn't slept with. That makes her more of a prize to him than a wife. It is sad really.
Elizabeth McGreevy 2 month ago
omg Hannah Ann cries a lot like Peter's mom...
Mariah Muskee 2 month ago
I thought Barb was talking about Madison all season but it turns out it was Hanna Ann! Like if you thought it was Madison too!
Jennifer Rose 2 month ago
Is it just me or do the bachelors/bachelorettes always pick the finalist that their parents think is the wrong choice? I feel like that happens often.
Christine Torres 2 month ago
I’m not saying I don’t understand Barbs stance, maybe she truly sees that Hannah Ann loves her son in a way maybe Madi doesn’t. But trying to strong arm him gave me Victoria vibes. We tend to gravitate towards relationships that remind us of our parents. No wonder Peter can’t commit to Hannah, he doesn’t want easy, he likes struggling to please a woman 🙄
Mercurial Pierrot 2 month ago
So happy Peter clapped back at his mom about the manipulative crying.
Juliétte 2 month ago
Madison Dumped Peter After Watching The Show for Sure This Time!
Becky Solley 2 month ago me Lauren, I personally think it is a foundation of a marriage. I also believe that Hannah Ann wants to win the contest more than loving Peter. And I think you judge Madison's life style too much.
Dora Fuentes 2 month ago
I don’t think it’s fair the way Barb treated Madi. She went on Madi for her strong faith yet she’s saying “ I prayed to god and gods plans is Hannah Ann” like what!? The lady had just told Madi they weren’t very religious and bashed her for her faith. I’m confused.
Rebecca Whaley 2 month ago
Barbara is controlling and a complete mess! Wow
Olivia Young 2 month ago
hannah ann is so in love and confident in their relationship i’m not ready for this heartbreak... another Arie moment ://
Terry-Ann Francis 2 month ago
I couldn’t deal with peter’s mom on a daily basis way too emotional 😒
Pamela Olger 2 month ago
Take her dancing Saturday night, church on Sunday.. win win..
Anna Marie 2 month ago
Mom’s have an Mom’s instinct. She probably knows Madison will hurt him...
Lamín 2 month ago
I waited all season to see Barb cry over Hannah Ann??!?! And be mad at Madison for standing up for herself and her beliefs?! Make it make sense!!
Laide Zen 2 month ago
Madison needed someone like a Colton. Peter is not it at all. She deserves someone on the same page as she is else it's going to be a frustrating relationship and there's nothing better than being with someone and having your peace of mind. Colton and Cassie work because they share the same belief and are both religious and I see you Madison liking all their pictures on IG. I just want to find out tomorrow that Madison is not with Peter and I'll be so happy (for her not Him).
whitmicheIe 2 month ago
So weird to hear without the noises and background music ! You’re a pro though, Lauren :)
Krystal G 2 month ago
Madsion is saying if you loved me, you would have not test drove the other ladies. It makes hellish sense. Alabama ladies know what they wont.
Maggie Rouman 2 month ago
I've been feeling pretty "meh" about Peter all season...but I was really proud of him when he called his mom out and told her to STOP. If all he got out of this season was the chance to find his voice and learn to be an independent thinker, then maybe this experience was worth it for him.
Jane Gotelli 2 month ago
We raise our sons to be able to make decisions for themselves. We love who they pick because she makes him happy. Peter should have moved out some time ago.
Annette 2 month ago
Peter needs to move out of his mommies home! Out of the city for that matter
Reema Tigga 2 month ago
at least I was right on my prediction about whom Barb was crying for I guessed it in the episode when Kelley was eliminated.. Hannah started crying after receiving a rose...and I was like...Barbs gonna like her a lot...
agathe safi 2 month ago
Moms like barb are the reason why their kids stay single. This whole time I thought her stupid embarrassing crying was for something useful only to find her her ass is using her crying to manipulate her son.
Holly House 2 month ago
I fear that Peter is in love with that "movie love" The over the top , against all odds, giant romantic acts of grandeur , totally unrealistic" love. He wants it to be HUGE and DRAMATIC and to be the fixing hero and show the world a love that has never existed before!!!!!!!!!! ......etc. Once the hype dies down and he realizes he cant live in Alabama, and church is not his thing, and he cant have a bbq on the weekends with other couples by the pool at their house and serve wine and beer and watch a game, this will all come to a screeching halt. Reality will set in. Hannah will have met someone who worships her by then, and Peter will be alone at home with mom still doing his laundry. No shade to barb, I still love her....but 5 bucks says shes still doing his laundry. Madison literally wants to be a missionary. Peter does not. Why would she ever come on this show? It cannot be anything other than the obvious.
KarlaElaine100 2 month ago
NEVER have another bachelor who is still living with his mom and dad at Peter’s age. That’s a lesson.
Kimberly Klein 2 month ago
Madison knew what she was getting into from the start. If her life choices were not in line with what she knew about Peter s choices she should have let him know a lot sooner in the season these last minute disclosures are manipulative.
Melissa Faith Yeo 2 month ago
Called this red flag from the start - Never date a mummy's boy. How can people not know this already????
Kathy Callahan 2 month ago
As much as I love Madison & Peter, she is right. They are on much different paths. She needs a man that will be on the same spiritual path as she is & be the leader in this relationship. He might need some alone time to do some soul searching and then just date Madison. Spend one-on-one time with her and explore faith with her. I don’t think Hannah Ann is exciting enough for him. He’s met his match with Maddie but he needs to step it up & be the man. 🌹✈️🥂❤️
Chloe 2 month ago
Barb is toxic, sorry peter she didn’t care for your feelings for Madison. Clearly peter loves Madison more than Hannah
D Gonza 2 month ago
Im afraid for for Barb's mental health, i feel she needs professional help. In truth, this is not normal. Either she has endured trauma or something is not right here. I felt sorry and embarrassed for her.
Deborah T 2 month ago
Peter wants "hard to get". He has a sure thing with Hannah Ann and would have a trouble free relationship. But he goes for people who reject him. Sigh.
dyvines 2 month ago
Seems to me Peter is wanting the lifestyle Madison & her family offers. It's his family that is not wanting that lifestyle. They say they want what's best for him but not listening to him on what that is. Madison should not compromise.
CA2SD 2 month ago
I cannot wait til this is finally over! Too stressful watching😂. 🥂🥂But most guys go for the opposite of their parents’ preference.🥂 🥂
Fae D 2 month ago
I respect Madison for standing her ground. She did the right thing by leaving because they are on different paths which is important in a marriage but it looks like she's coming back! I predict that Peter chooses to propose to Hannah Ann but then finds out Madison has returned.
yelissa cordero 2 month ago
Barb is so manipulative, and madison didn't give him an ultimatum, she just said what her feelings are.
Melanin Queen 2 month ago
Weirdly; the parents have almost always been right abt the one they wanted for their child. Don't even watch much bachelor but i always am interested in seeing who the parents want. Hannah B's dad smelt Jed frm a mile off.
Chezarie Thames 2 month ago
"Hes got 0 worries..." I was honestly waiting on a Hakuna Matata refrence there
Brian Fraley 2 month ago
That mother is not right... that's not adjusted behavior...she is too invested...I'm creeped out
Brandon Breuer 2 month ago
At this point I hope that Peter doesn't end up with either of them.
Jennie Melendez 2 month ago
Bud is a nickname that he was even called by his college buddies. That was talked about on whit and ry a while back
Amy v 2 month ago
THEY HAVE MET HER BEFORE !!! At the REwedding 🤷‍♀️
Jennifer Ford 2 month ago
As a mother of adult children I can say I think Barb would be a nightmare as a mother or mother in law. But she made amazing tv. We loved it.
Thai 2 month ago
I totally didn't like this episode at all. When do we have so much input from the family. Peter's mom was pretty much telling him what to do. It is Peter's life and he should know who he loves more at this point. He has spent the time getting to know these women. What is the world coming to when a woman having morals and saving herself for marriage is not commended for her decision to wait. I thought Peter came on the show to find true love well Maddie was willing to let him go because the family wasn't that welcoming, their values and lifestyles are different. How did Hannah Ann become this perfect girl? We still don't know that much about her only that she crys when asked about her feelings. I can't forget that Hannah Ann said she was in a 3 year relationship in the past but was never in love with him. The goodbye with Madison was heart wrenching. He wasn't even that present when he was talking with Hannah Ann. He did not want Maddie to leave and was visibly shaking a lot. Let's see tonight...
Tiffany Crawford 2 month ago
Well Barb seems to have gone from most loved bachelor parent to more disliked then Juan Pablo
Nineveh Zoudo 2 month ago
Here's my new prediction... Hannah Ann will be leave, leaving Peter with no one else to propose to. lol.
Lylia Yang 2 month ago
As a fake crier myself lol Barb is definitely faking it
Delta1183 2 month ago
Peter needs Victoria lol
Diane Wilson 2 month ago
Good Lord, what was with all those flies? Aaaa🦟
Macaela Joy 2 month ago
Hannah Ann is the one in my eyes 🤷🏼‍♀️ I’m scared for the finale part 2
Kimmy Klo7 2 month ago
Lauren! You didn’t even mention the bugs! Drink every time someone swats away a bug! 🥂
Tisha 2 month ago
I love how everyone wanted him to listen to Barb, and wanted to know why Barb was so passionate when they thought it was Madi... but now that they know it was Hannah Ann it's "too much" "too passionate" and "too much meddling" I know all of you would not being saying that if it were Madi
Anna Marie 2 month ago
Wow the younger brother seems more mature than his older brother.... Peter should not have to compromise who he is. .... Love is unconditional..... Hannah seems more compatible .... It took the whole season for Madi to realize they are on whole different pages....
So D'Vine 2 month ago
"I've never seen a woman cry and recover so quickly"😂😂😂