Strongman Tries Assault Course!! GET STUCK IN HOLE | Ft Ross Edgley

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Big Love
Team Beast
Scott Holt 3 month ago
Is so weird seeing a fat man who isn't really fat
James Boxall 3 month ago
Absolutely love the fact this absolutely huge beast of a man has such a personality and can laugh at himself! I’ve seen quite a few vids of you having a laugh and challenging yourself to the things that strongmen really shouldn’t be able to do. Great stuff.
Xothica 3 month ago
When Eddie takes his overexcited golden retriever for a day at the park 😂
Me 3 month ago
16:29 *Mom walks in* Me: "I CAN EXPLAIN."
Tony Soper 3 month ago
"You'll be fine mate" He won't be fine 😂😂
Mr Sensei 3 month ago
The duck underwear should be in all strongman contest.
SoundsToBlowYourMind 3 month ago
10:05 Who else wanted to see Eddie run right through that thing instead of climb over it ?
F Cx 3 month ago
To be honest he is a wrecking Ball
Kev Maxfly 3 month ago
Considering he is a mammoth of a human being, Eddie is a nimble fella, especially when he has the freedom of movement that smugglers provide.
Daniel Lee 3 month ago
One of Eddie's most lovable qualities is that he can laugh at himself so confidently
Deranged Cultist 3 month ago
When Brian is late to pick up Eddie from the playground
Dz3ngara 3 month ago
I swear to god Ross gets my spirits up the man is like a Crash Bandicoot
Code Flic 3 month ago
I genuinely couldnt stop laughing until i almost passed out from lack of air when she turned the car on looked back at eddie and said “i was turning it the wrong way” And seeing the look at betrayal in both their faces
Alfie Marlow 3 month ago
“Come on fat boy” yet he is in the pickup ps, Eddie you’re the funniest person on planet Earth 🌎
Nogxme 3 month ago
15:10 when he got stuck i felt a huge anxiety pressure in my heart, dude literally gave me anxiety for imagining myself being stuck there in the dark with hot air
Danny Cotter 3 month ago
This channel is brilliant. So happy for eddie. He deserves this after all his hard work and dedication
JJ Sorenavki 3 month ago
When eddie Said "i came in like a wrecking ball" i was like no Eddie you are the wrecking ball :D
biker dude 3 month ago
I think you need to do the First we feasts "Hot Ones" interview Eddie!
Nidhin Nazar 3 month ago
"Ross, whatever u do mate, dont marry this woman" lmao😂😂😂😂
Bernard Cornellis van Meijeren Karp 3 month ago
'Dislocated Expectations' should be in every Combat Officer's training book.
Brodin27 3 month ago
dido petkov 3 month ago
The moral of the story is “Don’t marry that woman!” 😂😂😂 Absolutely love the video! You are absolute legends! Cheers! 👍🏻
Martin Kessler 3 month ago
"don't marry this woman!" LOOOOOLLLLLLL
David Gutierrez 3 month ago
Eddie’s abs are almost the size of the Ross’ entire torso
Liam Fishlock 3 month ago
God dam i got anxiety just watching Eddie going through those tunnels
monkeyslaye 3 month ago
Gives me flashbacks to Ron Jeremy's version of Wrecking Ball.
MrLuwid 3 month ago
Ross Edgley: - rings 999 Fireservice: how can we help. Ross: *erm, so I have a Eddie Hall stuck in a tube whilst wearing budgie smugglers, could we have some help please* Fireservice: Is this a prank call?
jack jill 3 month ago
*i really worry about eddie* "OH YOU'LL BE FINE YOU'LL BE FINE"
Cody Steck Real Estate Videos 3 month ago
13:30 Eddie laughing thinking he has the upper hand on that obstacle.... 5 seconds losing his mind thinking he's gonna go flying off himself LOL
Mark Skarfnweld 3 month ago
I have been disturbingly well entertained by two grown men working out wearing glorified banana hammocks.... 😢😢😢😢😢
Veniamin Zhelezarov 3 month ago
12:06 "it gets easyer... it doesnt get easyer" i had to laugh hard
CandyMoDz 3 month ago
Eddie’s like a fat tattoo baby, that u can’t not stop likeing
TheHairyKarl 3 month ago
“Did we just become best friends!?”
OniKai 3 month ago
Eddie is basically what I imagine a real dwarf would be like lol
Erling Þór Ásgrímsson 3 month ago
Can you Imagine calling the fire department trying to explain to them that you've got Eddie hall stuck in a pipe and in need of assistance...
Kalevipoeg 3 month ago
I'm still mind boggled that Eddie has visible abs on a big belly. I don't
AlexandDevinVids 3 month ago
13:28 is like Shrek and donkey on the bridge over lava.
Jarl Ragnar 3 month ago
I know he full of muscles but he so huge and it's makes him so slow
MrAbletospeak 3 month ago
I wanted to see who's hole he got stuck in.
AaaaAaa 3 month ago
I bet Ross doesn't do anything for his abs besides laughing all the time
Brauckinator 3 month ago
The real Questions is, where do I get these Budgy Smuglers?
xZotic Blight 3 month ago
its insane seeing a man that weighs like 180 pounds more than me with like only 20% body fat. i'm not even into lifting and these videos are some of my favorite.
Patrick Gardner 3 month ago
I love how Ross looks tiny despite being pretty jacked.
chance johnson 3 month ago
I laugh so hard when he was in the curved tube I couldn't breathe 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣
Hector Baltazar 3 month ago
Eddie hall is pound for pound the most dehydrated man in the world(lots of love)
Wyatt Robitaille 3 month ago
5:27 seems right he's got big thighs
MrLuwid 3 month ago
Id absolutely pay to see these two make a channel together, the chemistry is beyond phenomenal!
Prowluan 3 month ago
You stuck in that pipe is the most majestic thing I've ever seen 😂
The Peculiar Curio 3 month ago
"HI I'm Eddie Hall, welcome to Jackass!" lol these are great.
William Maddocks 3 month ago
Eddie: dying in tube Ross: dying laughing
Silvera Dan 3 month ago
I got anxiety seing Eddie going through those tunnels.
Wraith 3 month ago
10:38 When you get good grades all six weeks and then the last week comes by and then your grades go down hill :(
Spencer Brown-Pearn 3 month ago
I feel like I watched Eddie Hall being birthed atleast 4 times in this video.
Jeremy Strong 3 month ago
😂😂😂 endless laughs! I think that’s the most I’ve laughed on Youtube! Eddy Hall you’re an absolute legend 🙌🏽 entertainment value 💯 keep it up big fella! 💪🏽
Zach Gates 3 month ago
"Ross? Roooooss?... I think he's gone to get cheesecake, hopefully." Dead.
Justice Warrior 3 month ago
I'm seriously impressed with Eddie!!
Claire Pennington 3 month ago
I've never laughed so much, it was like watching Eddie being born over and over , brilliant xx
Living Legend 3 month ago
18:13 “Ross I love you dearly, DO NOT marry this woman” 😭😭😭😭 literally crying 😭
San 3 month ago
15:20 “Last nights curry”
UnknownCookies 3 month ago
At this point, I think his children are more mature than Eddie, Fookin love the guy
Parth Atha 3 month ago
Eddie is my spirit animal! Dude you should start doing stand up comedy too!
Cheximus 3 month ago
10:08 - you shoulda just smashed through it.
Callum Lewis 3 month ago
14:38 lol all here is Ross am “STUCK”
mohammad salameh 3 month ago
Man Eddie is by far my favorite athlete wish he could see this I’ve been a fan for a long time and watching his career for ever
Ben Bebbington 3 month ago
The friendship we all want to see more of Ross n Eddie
Ma Sato 3 month ago
Legend says Ross is still laughing after Eddie died stuck in the hole
Dan S 3 month ago
i haven't laughed that hard in months when eddie thought he was genuinely stuck.
Sam Tait 3 month ago
When Eddie gets to the wall climb and just tries running through it hahaha
Country Boy Ogre 3 month ago
What a video, I can't remember the last time I laughed so hard at a YouTube video. 😂🤣😂🤣
Dinny McGettigan 3 month ago
I've seen that intro so many times, I only just realised he is sitting in the Simpsons kitchen
RoisinT2 3 month ago
"Waht ever you do, DON'T marry this woman".. omg lmfao! xD xD
Cruz Herrera 3 month ago
5:50 lol never heard Eddie cry before 😂
Ctrl Alt Delete- 3 month ago
I just watched a montage of his heaviest lifts that hes done then I click to this and see this 0:16
Unknown Mystery 3 month ago
Anyone else wondering how the rope can withstand Eddies weight?
Philip 3 month ago
Eddie Groaning and suffering Youtube : [music]
Marcos J 3 month ago
"Theres a log there"
Bob Duke 3 month ago
“Smells good this stuff does, like strawberries” lmao
Kyle uses his brain 3 month ago
This is the funniest video I've seen in a very long time. I've been laughing out loud hard from start to finish 🤣🤣🤣
Ouroboros MD 3 month ago
Every step Eddie takes when he's running looks like he's about to fall over and cause an earthquake
SneakyPeek 3 month ago
Fair play Eddie. Living life to the full. I swear any other 400lb human being would put themselves in hospital doing what Eddie does. Awesome content bro!
Jesse Johnson 3 month ago
I feel so sorry for laughing so hard with you in the tube
God 3 month ago
9:10 me as soon as I drop my girlfriend off at home
shaun white 3 month ago
15:35 i really wanna know the total time it took Eddie to get through this, that had to be rough.
Tehj Dhaul 3 month ago
Eddie "I'm stuck" Hall
Almighty_Demon_Slayer95 3 month ago
This is one of the greatest and funniest video I’ve ever seen in a long time 🤣🤣🤣 Thank you Eddie for making my day after being stress and feeling down. You’re the best!
Sam Bell 3 month ago
Ross must have them abs from constantly laughing 😂
Matthieu Vonlanthen 3 month ago
Eddie at 1:18 is me everytime I hear the dude next to him laughing
Reece WHUFC 3 month ago
Actually crying with laughter, this was hilarious!
Non cookie cutter 3 month ago
Eddie: *does literally anything* Ross: Hahahahahahahaha
Blue Wolf 3 month ago
Everytime the camera zooms out when hes behind the dude, I picture him chasing me. Looks like I'm good 🥝
chavvy yoi 3 month ago
When he was screaming Ross at 14:50 it was so funny 😂😂
Luke Thompson 3 month ago
He makes Ross look small! Hilarious him being stuck in that pipe with a bend
Dank Man420 3 month ago
Every step had me wondering when his ACL would go
jack canada 3 month ago
Its like watching a Jack-Russell Terrier run with a Mastiff.
Alan Spring 3 month ago
BBC news report-"*escaped crocodile / eaten by Eddie Hall 😍💖🌀
Stuart McLean 3 month ago
Believe it or not but I watched this whole video with a big smile on my face 😂😂
Sterling White 3 month ago
9:19 dude gets down eye level with Eddie's sack and stares right at it LMFAO gay
Billie Jo Laitinen 3 month ago
Can we all just take a minute and appreciate how those speedos stayed on the whole time
Parker Wilson 3 month ago
I respect the fact that Eddie tried the course even though he’s basically wearing a 150 pound of weight on him
Uruburus 3 month ago
An ad was censoring them and me mum comes in and asks "Son why are you watching two naked men?"