ILLEGAL Overnight Challenge at Trampoline Park!

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​@Corey Funk @Capron Funk
We did an illegal overnight challenge at a trampoline park!
25222 El Paseo Road
Mission Viejo CA 92691


MANAGEMENT: [email protected]
Natedog Baseball 4 month ago
This video is lit, but shouldn’t there be motion sensors in the trampoline park?
William Morrall 4 month ago
I feel like these are set up because they have alarms that are motion sensors and anything that moves sets it off. Especially opening a exit door
BMax Productions 4 month ago
Did they just order pizza, even though they had about 200 donuts and other food
William Hemming 4 month ago
Do they not know there's something called a security camera
TABITHA PEGODA 4 month ago
Don’t lie, who came to this video and automatically went to the comments? 😂
Quinn Bennett 4 month ago
This is part 2 of spending overnight in tempest from like 4 yrs ago
MannBilly 4 month ago
This was a dream come true haha thank you guys I love you both so much!! 😂🙏🏼💕
I clicked so fast when i saw ilegal
Thoom 4 month ago
Ay man I am a big fan, just don’t lie to us, FlipLikeZ posted an instagram story saying u rented the place. Still liked the video tho, nice content.
Ooft Ooft 4 month ago
Sick imma try this at my local corner shop
Billy's fishing 4 month ago
There’s literally a worker behind the desk when Cory’s on the mic
Tommyt 4 month ago
Justin9 yt 4 month ago
Who remembers the tempest over night vid back in the day like 4 years ago
Kay P 4 month ago
4:56 there’s another person
BTEC CLAN 4 month ago
Funk bros: they have everything here 7 year old kid: do they have fortnite
Boshra Ahmed 4 month ago
they have the WHOLE trampoline part to themselves yet they choose to race each other 😂🤦🏽‍♀️
The gaming brick 238 4 month ago
Most people in trampoline parks: sneak in play hide n seek sleep wake up leave. the funk bros:bring all there friends and fill shopping carts with supplies chips etc
Abigail Hawke 4 month ago
“What’s the plan” “What do u mean” “Why are u here” “Oh, I was just joking around”😂
ElecTra_ Fox107 4 month ago
Just has to put 'ILLEGAL' in the title to get more views anyway it was totaly legal 👍 Ps great vid tho
parker cooley 4 month ago
4:55 theres a worker walking around
202 Joshua 4 month ago
I’m just gonna act like I didn’t see the employee when they used the microphone
SaintPatches 4 month ago
Better title would have been "We asked for permission to stay overnight in a trampoline park"
Kimmidog Games 4 month ago
Funk bros: *title*: illegal... Everyone: watches video No one: reports them
Woof! 4 month ago
2020 : Wait Thats Illegal 2077 : Wait Thats Legal
Xeon 4 month ago
Who's been a HUGE fan of funk bros before 2020?? 💫 👇 👇I'm *GIFTING* my next 84 subs 🎁                    Must have notïs🔔
Aidan Keenan 4 month ago
7:08 that same dude is there
hxney.bee 4 month ago
When Billy was seeking he went full on chimpanzee mode
Andreas Gaard 4 month ago
Capron “we are sneaky” Also Capron yells into the speakers
Alzo 4 month ago
Who's been a HUGE fan of funk bros before 2020?? 💫 👇 👇I'm *GIFTING* my next 84 subs 🎁                    Must have notïs🔔
Saphira Sallenback 4 month ago
This maybe kind of a personal question but why does stage always wear like the exact same clothes? Especially the shirt. Luv y’all
My Life As Kayla 4 month ago
this place is right next to my house omg :( I missed them when they went
poepie powerrr 4 month ago
5:35 " We're stuck in here " but they can go to the car and grab some stuff en the door was literally open so what the hell😂
I’m a Banana 4 month ago
Lol how didn’t they saw Corey When he hid in the foam pit😂
Aristoteles 98 4 month ago
Capron: no one will know that we were here. Also Capron: uploads a Video on YouTube showing where thy snuck in. Smart!
Adam Blanke Jr 4 month ago
I love how u can just buy a over night thing there but u know they did it “ illegally” 😂
TEKNERO 4 month ago
Billy: misses one Me: you just got vectored
Unknown Mystic 4 month ago
When is the next time your going to Tempest you need to go back with everyone
Gracie Lou 4 month ago
I like how I watch a part and it’s quiet and I fast forward 10 seconds and everyone’s inside jumping around and its loud😂
The Llama boy 24 4 month ago
I bet there’s som cop watching dis bout to arrest these guys for breaking and entering. Good video though
C Schmieding 4 month ago
*gets flashbacks to every time TFIL did overnights but really Elton paid off the manager for them to do it*
Antlered Cobra87 4 month ago
I like how he said I almost died from almost hitting a corner as today i rode down my steep stairs in a laundry basket
bob bob 4 month ago
i can just imagine what the replay on the security fottage look like xd
STB Icy 4 month ago
Me thinking I’m early 😁 Noticing 279 other comments 😩
TheRealObama 4 month ago
Real Life: Got permission from the owners because you are popular youtubers and paid them Funk Bros: IlLeGaL
J&Dom TV 4 month ago
When cory is on the mic there is an worker.
Lloyd HONEY 4 month ago
4:55 an employees at the back. Don't lie to us Funk Fam
Daniel Herrera 4 month ago
5:17 😂 you clearly see the employee standing behind the desk.
Zwrpy 4 month ago
Remember watching these two in late 2016. Love how much y’all have grown
Klixer Z 4 month ago
5:10 there is a worker. Clearly staged
Darcy Kitchiner 4 month ago
anyone esle see corey has the shoes from the last vid
cool 4 month ago
Ayy I do this every night at home...not the fun part just the sneaking in ...
SUPER CHARLES 4 month ago
Imagine if the owner see`s this
Killer0710 TheBoSs 4 month ago
This is the first time watching the Funk bros and I though I wouldn't like them but now that I watch them I don't like them I LOVE THEM!!!Love you guys❤️😇
Madison Forsyth 4 month ago
I love how Corey was like someone just pulled up I am getting out of here😂
Nicolas Tomlin 4 month ago
When he clapped to turn the lights low my battery icon popped up and said it was at 5 percent
Brooke Phillips 4 month ago
I would be scared that the employees would come back like if they left their phone, or if the pizza guy snitched
Hayleigh Hickman 4 month ago
Love you guys even thought you u won’t see this y’all are my idol
Quinn Bennett 4 month ago
Hey you should go to tempest with a helium tank and wubbles
Mathias Powell 4 month ago
Have u ever noticed when there playing hide and seek capron is always it
Lucas Carolei 4 month ago
Who else remembers the og one at tempest like 3 years ago
Cyclic_Lightning 4 month ago
Honestly I just want to see when the security see the footage from the night and be like ???????
Tiff 4 month ago
You guys do the best challenge's. 😂
Parker Carter 4 month ago
Why would u put i"ILLEGAL" in your title??
Darxy 4 month ago
*When you watch the funk bros and you remember capron is getting married* ^_^
Lucius John 4 month ago
What happens when the next time they do this, the trampoline park owners install motion sensors😬
Warren O Dowd 4 month ago
I would of thought that they had security cams
Lewis Smith 4 month ago
Imagine trying to do this in england.... arrested straight away!
Mаrc 4 month ago
they rented it z said it on his insta
Austin Butler 4 month ago
Good video. But I’m pretty sure they ain’t gonna risk getting in trouble they obviously rented the place out for the night people rent places all the time for party’s and whatever they want
Eat your Cereal 4 month ago
14:15 were sneaky no one will know Posts it on YouTube for millions to see
NWE Wrestling 4 month ago
Me:hey Capron and Corey what you guys doing Funk bros:you know doing illegal stuff Me:ok
isaac1214 4 month ago
3:20 who else thought that was a police car?
Anonymous Gaming 4 month ago
They do know that they can get arrested for that if an employee watches this video that they are 100% watching...
Izaiah Douglas 4 month ago
Omg that's so sketchy I love ur vids there so cool and my dream is to meat u guys one day and I live in Brisbane Australia so yeah
Tom Finney 4 month ago
When I saw illigal in the name of of the vid. I knew it was click bate. And was I right. Yes I was
Jahm Camp 4 month ago
Don't you know they are a motion sensors
Noah Schneider 4 month ago
i love y’all but Z ain’t the best there’s so many more people that are wayyyyy better
Craig Wilkinson 4 month ago
OMG I love all!I have been waiting for this video all day I was watching all your videos while I was waiting 🐼🐼🐼❤️❤️❤️🥰🥰🥰😍😍😍😘😘😘😋😋😋⭐️⭐️⭐️
EXTRA 4 month ago
I just realized that I have been here since the first episode the call the shots scooter episode
killzonemaniac7m Snipes 4 month ago
When Cory was on the intercom I saw a worker at the desk
Drake Klingensmith 4 month ago
corey do you know zane ellis, because he is my brother?
Adam Blanke Jr 4 month ago
Oh my God my little brothers went to This trampoline park two days ago and yesterday and I could’ve gone
Stupid Videos 4 month ago
when they say it’s illegal but at 5:10 you can see a worker at the front while he’s talking
Louis Gorman 4 month ago
They should have brought lightsabers
Youssef Osman 4 month ago
Old intro: initiating funk bro’s = initiation best and most fun you tubers ever which are also the best skaters !!!!!
Cherry Anne 4 month ago
That's good there's no overnight guards
HeyItzMia X 4 month ago
I remember when you did this last time. This times funnier tho 😂
drewzilla 4 month ago
You just know that it's a funk Bros vid when there's illegal in
The Mario bros 4 month ago
How would they do this? There’s security cameras everywhere, and they ordered pizza? Ok then 😐
Hailey White 4 month ago
I really like the video but, you can tell when Corey is talking in the mic there is a worker at the desk.....Just saying
Yo Mom 4 month ago
bro you should do a kool- aid filled pool. we took a poll on a video two years ago and 99% of people voted yes for a kool-aid filled pool. please do it. with Capron this time.😀
Artistic Laura 4 month ago
Wait till’ the police see this.
Kaleb Sparks 4 month ago
bruh i literally live 5 minutes from there
Emily Johns 4 month ago
Did they really just not like my comment 😭 pls like it I live you I’ve been here since day 1
Holly Boyer 4 month ago
This is fake, They like paid so much money to do this.
Whoa Whoa 4 month ago
I used to love this channel bc it was so genuine. Was such an amazing channel. I was there for the golden yrs. glad I left. This is fake. Just tell us you rented it. You did it once. Do it again. I want the old non money hungry non baby channel funk bro’s back
bluenoser123 4 month ago
What I love about the funk bros is that they do stuff irl that I do in my head, much love guys!!!
DrizzyJay 4 month ago
when drage just woke up he sound drunk.
hayes frith 4 month ago
Haha I live right by that place it’s called circus trix
SauCiiX 4 month ago
Funk Bros: brought over 200 donuts Also Funk Bros: HEY LET’S ORDER PIZZA BECAUSE WE NEED FOOD