Kobe Bryant Memorial: Wife Vanessa's tearful speech and Beyonce sings late athlete's favourite song

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Kobe Bryant Memorial: Wife Vanessa's tearful speech and Beyonce sings late athlete's favourite song.

Jennifer Lopez was spotted crying during the Celebration of Life honouring the late Kobe Bryant and his late daughter Gianna.

The singer also paid tribute to the basketball player with a delicate manicure that featured the number 24, Kobe's jersey number.

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Kobe Bryant pilot accused of ‘callous, reckless and depraved’ conduct, in lawsuit blaming him for helicopter crash:

JLo sobs as she and fiance ARod grieve Kobe Bryant at heartbreaking L.A. funeral:

Kobe Bryant’s wife, Vanessa Bryant, breaks down in tears during emotional Staples Center tribute speech:

One-of-a-kind Kobe Bryant designer ‘Staples Center’ casket unveiled at memorial as fans arrive:

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London Taylor 3 month ago
Was this the same woman who took $150M from Kobe? Not to be disrespectful but we don't watch Basketball in England
K B 3 month ago
0:54 is it just me or does that guy in top left corner look wired out his head👀🤣🤣R.I.P Kobe.
Sweet Pops 3 month ago
Beyoncé looks pregnant again.
Mike5 3 month ago
Maybe the guy at 0:54 had just serviced the helicopter before the flight
Daniel YD 3 month ago
Rest In Peace KB ♥️
Tracey ivy 3 month ago
..I swear I saw kobe walk on the stage then disappear
Numahayseta Trawally 3 month ago
John Wick 3 month ago
Now sing one for my grandad who died years ago, nah didnt think so.
Football And Troll 3 month ago
Lewan Nugget 3 month ago
I’m seeing comments saying he was a rapist, family members might be affected by ur comments, please even if they are true, people are morning and grieving right now, let them do so in peace.
B M 3 month ago
I, for one, am over all this
Elmer T Fuddrucker 3 month ago
2.5 million dollar settlement to drop charges.
stoufer2000 3 month ago
No news night
Paul Charles 3 month ago
She's a fox!
Shana Tinnin 3 month ago
Why is Beyoncé not wearing black?
Bodie B 3 month ago
I mean its sad for their family...but people acting like a world hero died...just a great basketball player...I feel more sad for his daughter and just as sad for the other people on the copter who weren't famous
stoufer2000 3 month ago
No news night
Erica Johnson 3 month ago
I don't 👍 her
Uncle Sam 3 month ago
He cheated on his wife and family. No tears.
Elmer T Fuddrucker 3 month ago
Weinstein go to jail for being a sexual predator and Kobe gets a tribute.
A Rational Gentleman 3 month ago
We should judge people on their moral values not their talents. This is a man who has sexually assaulted women yet people praise him due to his skill with a ball? Morals are far more important to a persons value and honour in society . Yet this modern world deems that irrelevant
If you laugh you sub! 3 month ago
Kobe didn’t die in that crash. Fake crash!