@Dr. Sandra Lee (aka Dr. Pimple Popper) Reacts to Your #GTBWM Comments and Answers Acne Questions

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Can a serum replace your moisturizer? Should you pop your own pimples? What even is milia? Look, we get it! Skincare is complicated, and widely debated, especially in our own #GoToBedWithMe comments section. We've read your comments, we've seen your questions and we've heard your concerns. And then we called in the experts and asked them to break it all down.

In this episode of #DermReacts, Dr. Sandra Lee AKA Dr. Pimple Popper, and Founder of SLMD Skincare, reacts to the comments on her episode of Go to Bed with Me, and weighs in on cleansing wipes, at-home acne treatments, and more.

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Harper's BAZAAR 5 month ago
What questions do you have for our next episode of Derm Reacts? Drop 'em here 👇
An Qi Li 5 month ago
Dr Lee should react to the video of Susan yara reacting to her go to bed videos.
Giavanna Robertson 5 month ago
youre telling me that she is almost 50 years old....wow shes stunning
Ingrid Haugsand 5 month ago
We're all NOT doing what we can for the environment :(
Jenny Lee 5 month ago
she’s so well educated 😭 these are the types of people we should be taking skin advice from!
Matt 5 month ago
Rimuru 5 month ago
I, for one, don't agree with the 'derma has basic routines' statement, are people forgetting the dermas ALWAYS say, they have injections for surprise zits? They do laser treatment FOR FREE because it's THEIR equipment, of course they will have basic routines because they have EASY and DIRECT access to the very expensive treatments that really works. For us, we could only rely on products, it might feel expensive but it could last us months, and we can't afford the treatments, which is not only one timr anyway, it's more of a maintenance Although, yes, celebrities can afford it, and of course, they do use the treatments frequently, but their skin care routines are more for pampering their skin instead of keeping the acne at bay
Kelly Smith 5 month ago
she really is the BEST
Abra Annes 5 month ago
Can someone explain what happens to all the puss inside a pimple - where does it go? does it just dry up and get reabsorbed by the body?
Joy 5 month ago
I started using ceraVe after I watched her video and my skin is so happy
Lynn Kristy 5 month ago
I notice that when viewers challenge ideas they are quoting you tubers that have no medical knowledge. I leave the medicine to Dr.s, the make up, to people who sound rational and seem to apply and look more polished. Thx.
Matt 5 month ago
Globally Zandii 5 month ago
We need these videos twice a week! So informative! Obsessed!
HaiDera Hollins 5 month ago
I want to hangout with you so you can inject me if you see something while we're at lunch! 🤩🤩
Amber Chan 5 month ago
I’ve watched Dr. Sandra uses cleansing wipes in one of her videos and she only gently tap away the make up, unlike the other people (like me) rubbing off. I think it’s really about how you use the cleansing wipes :)
Lulu145 5 month ago
She's beautiful, an excellent doctor and obviously a really nice person as she deals with people's not so polite comments a very nice, respectful way.
Ishan Ali 5 month ago
Her pimple popping videos are so satisfying
TANYA BABE 5 month ago
I hope everyone gives that generous, precise information like Dr. Popper. She is my favorite :P
Sarah V 5 month ago
3:10 is literally what happened with Susan Yara and her makeup wipes LMAO
Basil Topaz 5 month ago
"Do it my way, my way's the best way." Haha... Relationships; gotta love 'em. She's so for real.
Ashley Starkey 5 month ago
I could watch her forever. She was so cute when she made the 😱 face!
milkytwilight 5 month ago
someone tagged mixed make up in this lmao susan yara
Linette Low 5 month ago
This is so helpful, especially the pointers on treating/preventing acne with dry skin. Thank you heaps, Dr Sandra :) #LotsOfLove & #Happy2020 <3
Pari Patel 5 month ago
Damn, she is amazing
Jenna Rosenstein 5 month ago
So much incredible information here about acne! So glad we could do this with you Dr. Lee! <3
Cunty Hunty 5 month ago
All these people triggered by cleansing wipes cause they watched 5 Susan Yara videos, acting like one's using sandpaper on their skin feeling like dermatologists cause they just added Vitamin C to their routine and sporadically use SPF now like GET👏🏻OVER👏🏻YOURSELVES👏🏻
Deborah Kemp 5 month ago
I love this woman. Simple solutions, common sense advice, same info my derm gives me.
Connie L. 5 month ago
LOVE Dr. Sandra Lee. Been watching her forever. She’s an expert, she’s likable, she’s kind with her patients.
Carrie Sunny 5 month ago
Love this series!!
Felony Melanie 5 month ago
Awww yeah! Here we GO!
Daniel Anthony 5 month ago
I will say I do agree somewhat with her in regards to how less expensive skincare does not make a difference for your skin for specific products. However, there are some reasonably affordable or semi-affordable brands that have active ingredients that treat certain conditions that normal drug store products will not offer.
Lisa Hayes 5 month ago
I think the problem with “fragrance” and the discussion around what effects it may or may not have on the skin is complicated because what makes up fragrance is not regulated and can be any number of compounds and differs from company to company and product to product. This makes it almost impossible to assess what kind of impact it is having on the skin. Personally, I err on the side of caution and avoid it but really who knows.
Julia Martins 5 month ago
i've dark circles since always and now i've been getting rlly bad allergies even on medication when i'm 60 i'll prob look like a skeleton 💀
Cindrve Cindrve 5 month ago
I really hope the next Q&A is very very soon like tomorrow
Chandler Sampson 5 month ago
Dr. Lee is one of my favorite imaginary BFFs 💗
Justherz 5 month ago
Really... i can't get enough of this woman.
Toni 5 month ago
I use cleansing towelettes on flights or just when it’s not practical to wash my face. People give it such a bad rep!
eggyolkz 5 month ago
The episode I’ve been WAITING for!
R. Sweebe 5 month ago
Tiffany Michelle 5 month ago
I’m an eye rubber. Can’t help it 🤷🏻‍♀️
The Skin Geek 5 month ago
This is the earliest I've ever been!
Mystearicia 5 month ago
Her voice is so soothing I’m falling asleep 😂😂
Dawson McSpadden 5 month ago
I am on accutane and I was wondering how long I need to go before using retinoids, glycolic acid, and other active ingredients Becauee I have very oily skin and it will probably go back after the accutane round
Jillie 5 month ago
I love watching her show-it is gross at times but she changes so many lives!
Jenna Wallace 5 month ago
how can i get rid or help red scaring on my face?I used to have alot of acne but now my skin is really clear ! I have red scaring around my mouth.I feel like i still have to wear makeup because the scaring is noticeable !
Marta Castiglioni 5 month ago
I just want to know where her blouse is from. It is so CUTE!
Nol Bautista 5 month ago
Thanks Dr. Popper. I love The Ordinary.
Eating to Live 5 month ago
She has such great energy... I really like her.
Hugo Torres 5 month ago
I love this woman! She’s amazing. 💕
moats 5 month ago
When u have a red AND dark complexion so your acne gets both red and brown
Natasha Busono 5 month ago
I love how real she is. Omg xo
asiya marzana 5 month ago
Love this doctors stamina and patience.
Karen Breeden 5 month ago
What home treatment do you recommend for dark facial spots?
Julia D 5 month ago
SHE’S SO SWEET I LOVE HER! Wish she had kids she’d be the best mom! ❤️
Victoria Reggio 5 month ago
How do you feel about dermaplaning? It scares me. Thanks and LOVE your show.
kawsar ahmed 5 month ago
i need help with bumps and texture
Lindz Kinz 5 month ago
There are actually biodegradable makeup wipes, which is a good alternative!
Marina Fathy 5 month ago
Hi,this is marina from egypt i just adore you xoxo ❤
sharbani21 5 month ago
What can be done for melasma? What are the treatments or medications for it? And can AHA and BHA be used together????
Ana Butyrski 5 month ago
I’m 27 years old based on your description of scars, I do have acne scars on my skin. What are the best treatments or products to use for scars?
DrIsshan’s Free Time 5 month ago
I just love her !!!
MS22 5 month ago
Buy make up erasers! It reusable and they really work
Hitesh Manoharan 5 month ago
I LOVE THESE VIDEOS!!! SO HELPFUL. I do however have severe breakouts on my face. I am a 14 year old who has oily skin. i have lots of whiteheads on my nose are and clogged pores come around once every month. Is there any cure to pimples and oiliness at this stage or should i just pray for the best? hope someone can help me!!
Scott Harry 5 month ago
I loved this video - thank you for doing it. I have three questions: 1. I relate to the girl who has had blackheads forever (16:20). She said she has been using a salicylic acid serum (that I assume wasn't working). Dr. Lee's response was was to use salicylic and or gylcolic acids...but for her and me, it just doesn't work in removing them or preventing them. Do you have any further suggestions? 2. One dermatologist on this channel said it's OK to rotate between products, because some days your skin is dry, some days it's oily, etc. This made me feel better about rotating products. However, I always get confused because for an active/product to work, dermatologists tell me to use something consistently daily for several weeks. But they also talk about your skin building tolerance to certain products. My issue is, a lot of times I'll try a new product, and it will make my skin look great for a few days, but then my skin reverts to how it was before after getting used to said product. Can you advise on how to decide when to rotate products? I wonder if I miss out on the benefits of a product by not using it daily for several weeks, but when I do, I feel I'm wasting time by ignoring how my skin stops reacting to them. 3. Partially relating back to #1, the only thing that has ever cleared my blackheads is when I go on vacation and swim in the ocean for awhile. It's probably harsh on my skin, but I think something about the moving salt water completely cleans out my acne. I've had some successes with mixing salt and water and rinsing my face with that at home - do you have any insights into this? (e.g. if there's any professional medical opinion on ocean/salt water for skin care, advice on how to safely do this, etc.)
Amanda Kay 5 month ago
Do you ever consider diet as a reason for acne? I switched my diet about 6 months ago to less gluten, more healthy fats and have noticed a positive difference in my skin.
oreos are vegan 5 month ago
1:21 lol i like how she said "on the run" before travelling like she's escaping the police or something
Wendy López 5 month ago
What’s the best treatment for acne scars?
Aneesa Slim 5 month ago
What causes keloids on your face especially on the jawline area and how can it be treated and prevented?
Isabella Posselt 5 month ago
But i still love dr pimple popper she's a god🙏🙏
Dawson McSpadden 5 month ago
Dawson McSpadden 5 month ago
kawsar ahmed 5 month ago
lol she never answered my question in her skincare video...
elizabeth castrejon 5 month ago
thx dr really thos video. can you do a walmart best skincare products please thx side Note im on retin a
Roerta Raia 5 month ago
I use them once in a while only too
Alison H 5 month ago
Love listening to you
Sherry Pickles 5 month ago
So she got her name from Seinfeld? 😂😂😂
jova maria 5 month ago
Cerave cleansing wipes burns my skin I don’t wipe my face so hard I am very gentle still burns hate them
Lil mess 5 month ago
I’ve heard that very often people who have acne is also due to very dry skin, right? So maybe it also helps to just hydrate the skin and lay off the peeling and co?
Kyra Todd 5 month ago
I recently got diagnosed with PCOS, and it's amazing how many little problems being on the right meds is helping. Especially the cystic acne on my chin and jaw. It's a sucky diagnoses, but a lot more things make sense now
Anusha K Murthy 5 month ago
How to get rid of sun spots and age spots in face?
IBU143 5 month ago
Cindrve Cindrve 5 month ago
Can apply salicylic acid on my face after steaming then applying a bentonite clay mask?
Marleen G. 5 month ago
About that acne on very dry skin! I had that in my 20s, pretty bad cystic acne. My dermatologist made the antibiotic cream in an "oilier" base, own concoction and unfortunately it didn't help (good cream though). I went on birth control (as it was hormonal) and that pretty much solved it. Right now I have one bump and haven't had this in many many years! What a coincidence. :)
Moose 5 month ago
Well, at least use compostable cleansing wipes if you are going to use them
Gunawan Tanzil 5 month ago
Dr. Pimple Popper finally put an end to the bad rep of the face wipes. I enjoy using cleansing wipes on the long haul flight when it’s not practical to wash my face in the sink.
Heather Pruitt 5 month ago
Grace Rivera 5 month ago
idk i tried cethapil and cerave cleansers and both gave me pimples, maybe my skin is sensitive?
Dana J 5 month ago
I have no idea why people think they know better than dermatologists when it comes to skincare 🤪
Umberina R.K 5 month ago
I don’t even use cleansing wipes, but that doesn’t mean I’m gonna shame people that do. Whatever works for you and your skin, go for it.
Byte Size Budget 5 month ago
Our Queen!
Maliha Intikhab 5 month ago
My skin scars extremely easily. I get like one pimple a month but the mark it leaves will stay for like a year or longer. I've tried a couple of vitamin c serums but they just aren't enough. Does anyone have any tips?
Carol Chadwick 5 month ago
Love her
Jen 5 month ago
W Harry 5 month ago
she mentioned the red/ brown spots (P.I.E) and how they are more temporary... how do you heal these areas up quickly and safely?
Doroto Pa 5 month ago
Dr. Lee Yassss we love to see her more 💓💓💅💖
Monick 5 month ago
1:46 😒
Margarita Fidias 5 month ago
siennavine81 5 month ago
Let the rich celebrities use their expensive skincare. Who cares?? They can afford it! Let them be. Damn.
Jody Armstrong 5 month ago
facial oil? what do they do and what step are they in the skincare routine? some say apply before moisturizer, some say after, some say it depends on what your moisturizer is made of... so many opinions. thank you for the free advice xo
Sakura Moore 5 month ago
best vid everrrrrrrrrrrrrr