Taking Jesser To The Gym For Massive Arm Day Workout!

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Mopi 4 month ago
That shirt +10 strength
king kam 4 month ago
Nobody: Cash: Jezzer
Son is Pro 4 month ago
Cash we wanna see you train flight more! A series of you getting flight massive would be dope.
LiL Fuego 4 month ago
Dawg it’s crazy seeing how Cash was able to transform and take care of his body and that’s really inspiring to show me that anything’s possible if you put your mind and strength into it! Keep it up Cash and keep grinding! 😇💰💰 And I Hope everyone has a Blessed Day! 🙏🏽
Ryder Cobb 4 month ago
Cash really put heatcheck in is sponsored clip 💀 he bout to lose that sponsor 😂
Shamire Walker 4 month ago
Nobody: Cash: “I’ll dIE fOr THe ReBOunD”
Dylan Thompson 4 month ago
Bro, I really wanna workout with Cash ain’t gonna lie. Just to find someone that likes to workout
Baller 360 4 month ago
Jesser says he hates being sore, but I actually like being sore after a workout
Kyle Quick 4 month ago
When there gonna be a leg day😂 it’s always arms
Daksh Kumar 4 month ago
5:38 dude in the back lavar or something?
Irving Mendez 4 month ago
Jesser dresses like he still in middle school
abrahamzxzcastro 4 month ago
Love this series... Cash should start a fitness channel fr.
Chuks 41217 4 month ago
He should do workouts with all the 2hype members
manny 4 month ago
1:52 didn’t know if u were sponsored by flight or ear puds
DartOnSticks -_- 4 month ago
A “arm day workout” is at home with lotion phone and hand
The SVior 4 month ago
“I like STRETCHIN’ out my hips” CASH: 😬😬😬😀
Godpl4yer15 4 month ago
It’s funny how he keeps pulling up Jessers sleeve like we can see his muscles while he lifts
BNF SQUAD 4 month ago
19:54 them 13 year olds girl legs OMG
34EDPP53 4 month ago
1:46 the best part
kian arakelian 4 month ago
remember 100 shots a day? you should start doing that again
BucketFam Jelly 4 month ago
I actually wound t mind this being a series with jesser tbh
Green Arrow 4 month ago
My guy in the red top didn’t want to crease his airs forces 😂😂 I respect it
MikeEdits 4 month ago
Jesser don’t like being sore after working out when that’s gonna happen every time you work out.
Diego Robledo 4 month ago
I’ve been watching cash for almost 5 years and his transformation is absolutely fucking insane
Jr Aponte 3 month ago
If Jesser ain’t the most awkward human😂
Ali S 4 month ago
jesser looking like he's never gonna come back here again
GuapGuap 4 month ago
One thing I can say bout cash he wants his people around him to be healthy 💯💯🗣 no 🧢 .
Mystic The Goat 4 month ago
respect for cash killing two birds with one stone getting dope content out while taking care of his friends putting them on game.
MajorKixx 4 month ago
Beasts 4 month ago
11:19 what is that lady doing😂😂
Dylan F 4 month ago
1:49 had me deadddd😭😭😭
Ronnie J Berry Jr. 4 month ago
Lmao you can see ash holding the reading board up for the AD 😂😂
Jay2Drippy 4 month ago
I hope that 100% of the people reading this comment follow their dreams. My dream is to be a successful youtuber, and nobody at my school thinks I can do it ,help me prove them wrong
Forsaken 4 month ago
When i was this early This meme was still alive
Jahmir Kelly 4 month ago
How Jesser going to come in with some currys
Just A Regular Gorilla 4 month ago
Watching this made me wanna hit the weights
kadinrules44 4 month ago
Seeing Jesser do this made me v happy , cant wait to see him in a couple months, stick with it my man!
Glizzy The king 4 month ago
I just started going to the gym and I would really love to go to the gym with cash
Tino 4 month ago
Do What You Want To Achieve In Life ...
Davohn Ryther 4 month ago
At 13:28 look in background and tell me that ain’t mind of Rez
RageElixir 4 month ago
I really enjoy this series
Brusko plays 4 month ago
When I look at cash's sideview he looks like lance stephenson🤣🤣
Mustang 92305 4 month ago
Remember that video where flight said “I’m staying in the gym all year, new year new me” yeah bullshit I haven’t seen him in the gym with cash more than the one time in cashes video
Fortnite Gamer420 4 month ago
1:46 heat check
boogie kicks 4 month ago
Cash you should do a video explains wat stretches to do!
JustToFu 4 month ago
when it says 1 min ago..
Isaac Borrego 4 month ago
1:46 I feel like that’s the actual sound🤣
Alex03Krek 4 month ago
Cash can you make a vid going through your routine. For example, what days you workout which areas and how often you do it.
JCTV 4 month ago
11:17 thank me later
Shadow_ Sneak 4 month ago
I’ve been waiting for Cash to make a new video, Let’s go! He one of my favorite YouTubers
JACOB HECHT 4 month ago
Yo cash I go myself some raycon and geeezzz they're 🔥
Naturedrex31 4 month ago
React to “why FlightReacts is the worst basketball player”
FLAME PROD. 4 month ago
Cash should be a workout trainer in the future
Jason Borrero 3 month ago
The beats in this vid were 🔥
Personal Account 4 month ago
Cash out here helping jess get some muscles 🔥
Travis Cactus Jack Scott 4 month ago
Stream Snipr 4 month ago
Flight should work out. He’d have a bigger canvas on his arms for tattoos 💀
RealNoahAshton 7 4 month ago
I read the title just how cash says jesses name “jezzzzrr”
Kanye Williams 4 month ago
He do got spongebob arms doe 😂
Mr. Luca LN 4 month ago
First time in this channel..first impressions are that he got blessed with the best genes
Cooper Gilreath 4 month ago
5:38 is that lavar ball behind them
Tmp Dynomite 3 month ago
Im glad Cash recorded this. It doesn't only teaches jesser but us as viewers! I love how he explained things. It is all about the form!
Peter Akindayo 4 month ago
You should make more workout vids their like my motivation
Nick Ghur 4 month ago
When it says 1 minute ago😉
Nico Lunz 4 month ago
Ive been watchin cash for the longest time. I think its absolutely inspiring to see how far hes come. Dont stop that grind cash💪🏽🐐
GamingLANDLORD YT 4 month ago
Cash pls react to flightreacts vs miles brown 😂
Dennis Smith 4 month ago
8:18 😍, the girl
God. exe 4 month ago
I’m sittin here watching this eating ice cream, cash can y I do this for me 😂
Franco Bradshaw 4 month ago
My two fave in 2 Hype 💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽 (it’s close though i fw everyone lol)
cvdzn 4 month ago
yo hear me out. That girl in the back at 7:16👀
Azariyah White 4 month ago
React to flights 1v1 against king CID and the rematch against miles brown
Majestic Wolf 4 month ago
Keep taking jesser to the gym I wanna see his transformation
Mario_ Dfwy 4 month ago
Im glad i clicked on this video I learned alot from watching this ✊🏽💯💪🏽
Aydingo 4 month ago
5:26 i felt that
Blue Pen 4 month ago
victor aldous malic 4 month ago
8:41 u got blake griffin right there
Dylan Garcia 4 month ago
Cash:The shoe says sh The Shoe:SC
Kodi White 4 month ago
Im already watching this video on some raycons my boy.
Walkthrough TV 4 month ago
Brooo this is FIRE!! Cash u need to make all the 2HYPE members work out and stay consistant!!! We want to see the development!
Raps In 4 4 month ago
Damn cash.... I love you and the gains you made have been amazing.... BUT DAMNNNN IF YOU AINT SPITTING BROSCIENCE IN THIS VID 😂😂😂
Marzo Beats 4 month ago
Most important part is building the base which I’m glad u helped him do some people just throw noobs into their workout then they get muscle imbalance and shit
Magicalfrog 4 month ago
You should do a series where you workout and talk with youtubers, athletes, and celebrities
Nicole Stratton 4 month ago
2:43 that yeet tho
Sam Lauricella 4 month ago
Jesse bout to be swoll swoll on that cash watt grind 🤣💯💯
Argam kara 4 month ago
He enjoys listening to heat cheque😂
Huhdle YE 4 month ago
Gd I couldn’t go to a gym that full
KingJames018 4 month ago
React to flights new 1v1 against miles brown
Zinqzz 4 month ago
Cash can low key make some money on the side being a personal trainer 😂
Excess Wetness 4 month ago
Cash you obviously bout your fitness my guy start your workout channel bro💪
Angelo B 4 month ago
"new FUN colors"
Azariyah White 4 month ago
Cash react to flights 1v1 against trae youngs brother
thomas Cho 4 month ago
Jesser be working hard 💪
Mjayyy 2 4 month ago
Come on now you don’t have to do the reps that slow 😭
Jawad Wardak 4 month ago
You should meet Lebron James. You will meet him one day keep it strong
The Krew 4 month ago
I see Jesser putting in that work But to be honest cash he could do 10 on the tricep workout
Jack Kinsel 4 month ago
Anyone else come from jessers channel and this vid was on there recomended
WetRee 4 month ago
love these workout videos cash ‼️
Sparkz ツ 4 month ago
react to flight’s new vid
HxCK lol 4 month ago
I ate an entire box of strawberries while watching this lmao
Global Caleb 4 month ago
He having a hard tome