Ingraham: The pandemic party

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Left weaponizing coronavirus fears. #FoxNews #IngrahamAngle

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Philo Jones 3 month ago
The lady’s right.....the National Democratic Party IS the plague.
ManFromMars 53 3 month ago
Dems: "the sky is pink!" The rest of us: "no, it's blue. Just look up". Dems: "no! I refuse to look up! It's green now!"
Mike Corleone 3 month ago
"Never let a disaster go to waste"-DNC
Tardo Gungas 3 month ago
"Never let a disaster go to waste" -demonic socialist party.
Liberum Oratio 3 month ago
The party of spirit cooking. Do we need to say anything more.
Alberto Raphael Pinto 3 month ago
*News flash: Entertainment industry continues to exploit children and the left applauds it.*
Grandpa Toms 3 month ago
When Joe Biden says,” Some days I wake up and I think it’s 1920 instead of 2020.” I believe him. He doesn’t know what State he is in either.
C. Ben Mansour 3 month ago
'closing the borders to prevent an outbreak is rayycis' Two weeks later: 'Trump doesn't take it seriously'
Gary DeGrazia 3 month ago
"The Party of Pain & Misery...That Ha Ha was priceless! what a disaster these Democratic misfits are!
catfishredneck 3 month ago
amy looks like her head was smashed in a vise when the was a kid.
David Nissen 3 month ago
panDEMic? Just another dirty word with DEM in it🗿
j 3 month ago
Coronavirus has mutated to Democronavirus and its gone insane!
Scott Stevenson 3 month ago
"Now, more then ever, we need to remind EVERYBODY, why they need US!"
Christopher Hanzelka 3 month ago
I'm scared that none of these facts are reaching people that watch the other 96% of the media, CNN, msnbc and all the rest of the liars.
Bob Stover 3 month ago
The hippies of the 60's, protesting "the man". Have become "the man" today.
eRmaC 3 month ago
Steyr: we know that unchecked capitalism has failed. But not for you right? To me it looks like it worked perfectly for you.
Jack Zaccardi 3 month ago
The pathogen in the coronavirus has been traced to liberalism.
Julie Hake 3 month ago
Tim Pool without a beanie. 3 month ago
Maybe the two nasty viruses will cancel each other out : the democrats and the Corona Virus.
MakeBryanPurdy CryAgain 3 month ago
*I'm more worried about liberalism than the coronavirus.*
jim blair 3 month ago
Well even Pelosi's husband has had enough of her ,he's going for a divorce. Sez something.
Lars Janson 3 month ago
Do you remember back when Demonrats really cared about people? Ya me either.
julie brtek 3 month ago
Lefty’s are Evil sure lossing there minds
schmuck 3 month ago
San fran and skid row will be ground zero 🤙
Y O J I M B O 用心棒 3 month ago
Incompetent democrats accusing others of what they themselves are guilty of, as usual...
Gloria Rider 3 month ago
"The "Do-nothing Democrats" will not give PRESIDENT TRUMP- credit for ANYTHING!!"
Charles Ellis 3 month ago
Quarantine Dem demons ... They’re the Plague!!!
Angel True 3 month ago
Elizabeth Warren: "We need a strong economy and to work worldwide on that economy." The Globalist Puppets are dying to rule the world. Do they really think the The Council of 300, including the Rothschilds aren't going to enslave them too? They're dumber than we realize.
Paul Blake 3 month ago
I am in Thailand, and the Thai Medical system has fairly easily controlled and handled this Corona Virus, with 40 infected, and zero deaths! I think that the Democrats are being Corona Virus alarmist in order to make the President look bad, and to gather voter support!
Anthony Pinlo 3 month ago
*The last time Democrats were this devastated, Abraham Lincoln abolished slavery.*
J S 3 month ago
"Never let a crisis go to waste" - Democrats
Son of the Allfather 3 month ago
*"150 million people have been killed, throughout the solar system, since 3097 B.C and he didn't vote to colonize Europa."* *-Senile Joe Biden*
Christy Hernandez 3 month ago
DemoCRAPs speaches make me depressed.
Sue J 3 month ago
If the corona virus takes hold, I can’t help hoping it will work its way through radical leftists first.
MakeWolfe123 CryAgain 3 month ago
*Democrats whole party is a disaster. Identity politics, socialism and pandering will get you absolutely nowhere.*
Regalada Roman 3 month ago
I don’t feel scare by the coronavirus, but by the democ🐀s. You know, those Trumps’s haters.
mark christofferson 3 month ago
The Dems are rooting for the Virus. Just like they are rooting for a recession.
B.J Cameron 3 month ago
Thank you Laura. These candidates are playing the same old record with the "R" TERM, to a different generation. Use the same old Tactics and Voters will eventually turn around and agree with you.
MyrnaM 3 month ago
Bernie's slogan is: "If you like your doctor you CAN'T keep him."
MakeTheMemo CryAgain 3 month ago
*Notice how it's only the Democrats who ban free speech and fire people or shame their careers when it's something they don't like to hear* *Sounds like communism to me*
David F 3 month ago
The stock exchange goes through corrections several times a year.
Mike Kotowski 3 month ago
"Borders" matter...for immigration and disease reasons. Democrats are the ones that hate borders.
Clinton Shorrock 3 month ago
Rk Str 3 month ago
@3:18 I love it when billionaires proclaim "we all know unchecked capitalism has failed!"; sounds like he's positioning himself as Bernie's running mate...
Steve ROGERS 3 month ago
ReelStealthy 3 month ago
"I want you to understand something that shocked me when I saw it. I spoke with Dr. Fauci on this and I was really amazed, and I think most people are amazed to hear it. The flu in our country kills from 25,000 people to 69,000 people a year. That was shocking to me." - Trump
Charles Hull 3 month ago
So far in 2020 Democrats pray for: World War III, Virus Epidemic, Recession But it's the orange man that is bad.
Tony R 3 month ago
A new all-time low for the misery-rats
Jane Doe 3 month ago
"Sometimes" Bernie wakes up. 🙈😏 The rest of time he sleep walks through life
David Reese 3 month ago
"Drama" The Democratic party! The New Movie!
Salota Toma 3 month ago
Pray for the people of the World for God's protection ❤️🙏
Mike Tran 3 month ago
itsgabe726 3 month ago
when Bernie's freebies came on the screen I kinda laughed a little
Jon Cibulka 3 month ago
Tightening up our borders sounds good now.😃
BigElectricCat 3 month ago
The first thing I said to myself the other day, when the CDC ghoul told us all it is a matter of, not if, but when, was "Thank God Trump is in office".
Derk Doys 3 month ago
The left is so afraid to die, oooooh my God!
ThE MaNiAc Mitch Miller 3 month ago
When the W.H.O. Says it’s not a pandemic but the Democrats say it is, who are you going to believe ? Fear mongers 🙄 Democrats are full of malarkey.
The Artist Shay artist 3 month ago
Capitalism sure WORKED for all of THEM 👈
Mike Schoeffter 3 month ago
The democratic party should be sprayed, with 45 cal projectiles.
Jeremy B 3 month ago
Like I’ve been saying for awhile now the biggest enemy or thing America needs to worry about is the democrat party.
Don Stapp 3 month ago
Remember the LEFT said WW3 will happen not too long ago.
6doublefive3two1 3 month ago
"Hope and Change" wasn't a promise; it was a command.
Henry Fruhling 3 month ago
If this was real, CRY BABY 👶 SCHUMMER WOULD BE IN HIDING, AND SHAKING IN FEAR 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱!!!!!!!!
mike becker 3 month ago
Sometimes sleepy joe wakes up and doesn't know what country he's in.
Philip Sinkins 3 month ago
Impeach the virus! String it up! String it up! String it up! 😂 Democrats are the pandemic pandemonium pander party (or PPPP©) 🤔👎
Robert Hartmeyer 3 month ago
love the angle
xcharged 3 month ago
"I want you to understand something that shocked me when I saw it. I spoke with Dr. Fauci on this and I was really amazed, and I think most people are amazed to hear it. The flu in our country kills from 25,000 people to 69,000 people a year. That was shocking to me. " - Trump
Dan Alberto Raphael Akselrod 3 month ago
*"Be careful if you dig a pit for another, lest you fall into it." Democrats just dug their own grave, a grave they deserve.*
It's not my fault I can't stand it here on earth 3 month ago
I freakin died!!!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 🤣 when she said the mysery party, for some reason?
James dow 3 month ago
The fact that the Democratic Party still exists is testament to the appalling standard of education in America. They wear the dumb yank tag as a natural part of their American identity. Institutionally dumbed down by design for ease of control by the American elite. And it sure has been effective at least where Democrat voters are concerned.
woritsez 3 month ago
"Sitting down and dining together and talking with each other can itself become the main spreading ground of the infectious disease," is right.
J Time 3 month ago
CCP incompetent handling of kungflu ---> orange man bad!
Thomas Michael 3 month ago
Wow, watch her teeth when she opens her mouth fully, I've never seen so many black fillings in my life, her teeth are disgusting.
Nick S 3 month ago
I want to see NY turn red in November! Oh I would be so happy
Andras Libal 3 month ago
1:54 "never let a crisis go to waste" ... good one
UK Universal Group 3 month ago
Laura is My wcw 😍
MakeAncientLink CryAgain 3 month ago
*The Democrats worst nightmare isn't Trump being re-elected It is what Trump will do to them in his 2nd term 😁😁😁😁*
Michael Simpson 3 month ago
Oh god! We’re gonna loose an election, start a bio emergency quick!!!!!
Luis Melendez 3 month ago
david Bruce 3 month ago
Can you imagine how bad the market would be if we werent as strong as we have been for the last 3 years? The Corona Virus would cause a market depression
gildas wantier 3 month ago
Limitless lying from the left Amazing
MakeSamNewcome CryAgain 3 month ago
*Democrats have turned into Steven King's "Children of the Corn"!*
Joey Musacchio 3 month ago
Schumer and his friends in "their" 'Party', forget that the Iranian health minister told the world that this is a "democratic" virus. Democracy creates these disease according to Iran.
Patrick B 3 month ago
Obama laid down the foundation for the good economy we have today
NVArt001 3 month ago
The left weaponized fear a long time ago. I call them the Chicken Little party because the sky is always falling.
IM4NRA 3 month ago
Sign outside of the DNC: NO LOITERING!!!!!!!!
Q Love 3 month ago
The Dems are soulless. They’re lizards! Non human and non empathetic. ❤️ it’s a FF. 80,000 alone died of the flu last year.
Scott 3 month ago
Pence loves the Coronavirus — says anything to bring the apocalypse from his sky Wizzard is A-OK 👍 in his book.
R EE 3 month ago
nice segment, I really enjoyed that :)
Sergey Filipchenko 3 month ago
God Bless you and all your family!!! Thank you for what you are Doing,Laura!!!
INFOSWORDS 3 month ago
The Federal Government is filled with Democrats, so they forgot that lol. They dont work ever.
Sheryl Lin 3 month ago
*The caption is different on what she saying. Hahahahaha... Caption is hilarious.*
Lukas McCain 3 month ago
I’m watching Richard Spencer then YouTube takes me to Fox.... 😂😂😂😂
Kyle Danney 3 month ago
She has amazing teeth :)
ashley schaeffer 3 month ago
Homeland security ignores the CDC and asks for help finding an outbreak map. Lol. What a joke
Bobby Hendricks 3 month ago
Democrats keep embarrassing themselves with stupidity
K C 3 month ago
Thank you Ms Ingraham, you keep hitting the all out of the park.
i love ingraham...she is ellegant, funny, and so so clever, great earings too lol love from the uk
BLACK05GO1 3 month ago
From the Democrats that want an open boarder. That would make it easy to get anything into America (including a virus).
Anthoney Grose 3 month ago
love you Laura ❤️😘😘😘😊😉. thanks for being a great person ❤️😊