'The Bachelor: Hannah Ann Says She's Reached Her BREAKING POINT in Finale Sneak Peek (Exclusive)

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Peter Weber's journey comes to an end on part two of 'The Bachelor' finale, airing Tuesday on ABC.
Grace Morgan speaks Youtube Channel 3 month ago
Whoever is reading this and you feel heart broken, confused, betrayed and lost. You will rise up again and overcome. Don't focus on your past. Just focus on what's ahead of you
Makeba Zinkulfi 3 month ago
I don’t want him to pick her by default It’s not fair and it won’t work in the long run His mind soul and heart will still be with madi
xoxoxoxoxc 3 month ago
Hannah and Madison were never into Peter. I think they both wanted the fame from this show. Peter too 🤷‍♀️therefore I don’t think it’s that deep for people to be so mad about any of them
sy sy 3 month ago
It seems obvious that Hannah Ann is aware that Peter has stronger feelings for Madi, but I think she wanted an engagement and to be in a BN couple more than anything else (her friend is Hannah G so she knows how the show works). Seeing that she's hanging out with athletes and youtubers now I don't think her heart is too broken after whatever happened and she'll move on to BIP soon enough.
Delta1183 3 month ago
I don’t understand how he said he’s in two different directions even after Madison left? Obviously in the next episode she comes back for something but I’d imagine he’d truly been at the point of understanding Madison is gone and either accepts Hannah or not.
aleksandra jovevska 3 month ago
That dress is amazing <3
beverly severin 3 month ago
Peter every body laughing at u what Madison done to u
Sheila Keenan 3 month ago
I hope they both tell him to beat it. He’d deserve it.
beverly severin 3 month ago
Peter Madison is breaking your heart
Ms. RayRay 3 month ago
Can we have a black bachelor more jnteresting
Shviko 3 month ago
awesome content I loved it
suzzyloulou Dougherty 3 month ago
Leave Hanna
Shviko 3 month ago
great video I loved it
David Cosloff 3 month ago
Madison is coming back
Joyce Hawks 3 month ago
Hannah Ann is going to be the winner everyone is expecting it to be Madison