Trump outlines National Guard activation after disaster declaration

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Over the weekend, president Trump approved our state's major disaster declaration, so what exactly does that mean?
derek ball509 10 days ago
It's never good when you see him packing that big submachine gun
Bill Barrios 10 days ago
Praying 🙏
Ashley S. 10 days ago
Our state has activated the National Guard as well.
LetFreedomRing 10 days ago
BS.... cover up
becca206 10 days ago
💥💥💥 Dr Debbie Birx needs to get a CT SCAN (it's 97% accurate in detecting Coronavirus according to China) AND get another swab test or three over the next couple of weeks!!! I wouldn't be surprised if she tested FALSE NEGATIVE! She OBVIOUSLY doesn't feel well as she shifted and fidgeted as she stood behind the President. Even if she doesn't have Coronavirus, She's SICK with SOMETHING and she ought NOT to be spreading it around! She needs to FOLLOW HER OWN ADVICE. STAY HOME IF YOU'RE SICK!!! Debbie, STAY HOME!!! YOU'RE SICK!!! And while you're at it, WASH YOUR HANDS!!!
Pamela Homeyer 10 days ago
Trump never pays his bills