Neverkept - "Complicated"

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"Complicated" by Neverkept

Lyrics by Lucas Cote and Neverkept
Directed by Charlie Anderson:


Stuck here for days
Like I've been waiting for years
And my mind races miles
yet my body lays near my flaws
Have shoveled dirt on what we grew
and I can’t keep you from digging up our roots, I promise one day we'll bloom

So take your time on me
I never wanted to be
Just a game that you lose
Nothing is shatterproof
So take your time on me
I never wanted to be
just another crack in your hourglass

The time walks right by as
the earth stands frozen still
Right through all the changes
of our broken will
I saw the past reveal itself
Our future we forgot about
You threw me to the wolves and then,
I crawled back again
Even if it was complicated

So take your time on me
I never wanted to be
Just a game that you lose
Nothing is shatterproof
So take your time on me
I never wanted this to be
Cause I was never meant to be
just another crack in your hourglass

I'm still waiting
I'm just operating
I know everything is

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Braven 3 month ago
Not only did he leave broadside he got his band signed to a bigger label.... damn
Drew Meyer 3 month ago
How to get girls: bump into them and then smile and say nothing. I wish I knew this sooner in life
escapethefall1 3 month ago
Famous Last Words sent me here! Love the music!!
A Waste of Your Time 3 month ago
i heard some Anthony Green vibes in his voice and thats great!!
Luffy Joke. 3 month ago
First time in a long time i've heard a new band on Epitaph putting such a big smile on my face
Ragnar Talon 3 month ago
Damn this band will be huge in the future i can feel the influences of i see stars, sleeping with the sirens and many more after i listen the vertigo and now this this band are special i cant wait for what instore to this band the future is bright for neverkept 👏👏👏
Debra Mabe 3 month ago
So happy to see Dorian get to show his talent off!!!
BIG boichungus 3 month ago
Came for the music left with *tears *
Skyler Gonven 3 month ago
I can't wait to see what's in store for these guys. So proud of them and their music <3
Rania Rbz 3 month ago
First song i listen to these guys and it's GREAT think you've got a new fan here Can't wait to hear more from you! (I'll get going for searching other song of theirs now byeee👀)
ThisLife Media 3 month ago
Jays my best friend, mad props to them all for getting this far...
Bella DiSilvestro 3 month ago
I'm just going to say I'm super proud to see a band addressing the gay community like this in music videos. And as a girl, I'll say that took some balls. AND the song is amazing. Bravo 👏
Lucas ND 3 month ago
I've been waiting on more music from Neverkept for so long and they definitely did not disappoint! This song sounds great!
A flying Giraffe 3 month ago
Makes me remember when I was emo 10 years ago lol. Not for me but I get why some people would like it. I miss the old epitaph
Majewski Plumbing 3 month ago
Peek at those Orange cabs and heads 😍
Weathering Vibes 3 month ago
Stuck here for days like i've been waiting for years and my mind races miles🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻
Jingy Riceball 3 month ago
Yikes she really sent her all those texts 🤧
Arianna celeste 3 month ago
wow. he’s beautiful. this is... beautiful
C A S S Y 3 month ago
I love this so much!!
Brian Thompson 3 month ago
So happy to have new music from these guys. Been wanting this ever since vertigo 🤙
Erica army 3 month ago
Musica maravilhosa!! ♡
Aris Nur Cahyo 3 month ago
Glad that I discovered these lads. This is sick.
rello pernando 3 month ago
The boys are back!!!
Koylas 3 month ago
I want more stuff from this band!!!😍🤤🔥
Chris Hummel 3 month ago
That's my thotties
Dan Percz 3 month ago
Took a couple of listens but really digging the band 🤟🏻🤙🏻
Mute Jimmy 3 month ago
Miss him in Broadside but liking this too 🤘😎 Keep it up Dorian
Alex Snow 3 month ago
Vic Fuentes sent me here.
Azmyth Jahar 3 month ago
Epitaph luv from🇮🇳🇮🇳. Great song.
dario HC 3 month ago
You guys sound amazing! 🇦🇷
CANADIAN_TING 3 month ago
Love you guys❤️
Min Overdosed 3 month ago
So worth the wait ❤️
Craft D. Pham 3 month ago
Hell yes! Finally new Neverkept!
dean marganda 3 month ago
Such a great music guys, keep it up
awan shumor 3 month ago
Saxl Rose 3 month ago
Ya boy Saxl is v proud and loved the new song ❤️
El Rivio 3 month ago
Oh my, this is too my FKCING LIFE but the end it's not like in the video
mod peace 3 month ago
This is pretty dope :)
Zac 3 month ago
hey this is pretty tight! I'm a fan now
Brooks Soljah 3 month ago
Love it!
Mark McCulloch 3 month ago
Love it! Very much like Saosin
Taliesin Lupton 3 month ago
Yes boys 🤘🤙
Reny Sunshine 3 month ago
Great sound!
Design created by MJ 3 month ago
Yeeeeeeer goood vibes !!!!! Great song !!!! Awsom
Californication252 3 month ago
love it 🏳️‍🌈
Nafiny 3 month ago
Oh shit, cool!
Job Van leeuwen 3 month ago
Amazing im a big fan
Ken Lewis 3 month ago
KICK @$$
Athena Ingrid Oren 3 month ago
Ronald Frame 3 month ago
that holy sheet.
Regan Smith 3 month ago
This just popped up in my recommendations and I am STOKED!
Declan White 3 month ago
my boysssss
Динар Кудяков 3 month ago
Не знаю почему, но солист мне напоминает Коула Спроуса :| Может типаж схож.. и да, я смотрю Ривердейл (наверное поэтому) :D За счет вокала - понравились мелизмы в конце 3:00 - 3:03
mafadubu95 3 month ago
XXXNova WonderToons 3 month ago
Great song I loooove it
BIG boichungus 3 month ago
brit 3 month ago
a esto es a lo que llamo un final feliz :)
Neon Empire 3 month ago
Neon lights mmmmmmm
christophermarang. 3 month ago
Epitaph has changed 😆
INDYPARK LP 3 month ago
Jennifer Gonzalez 3 month ago
Tommy Traina 3 month ago
Just had a bad break up yesterday this video is hitting close to home Goddamn it Dorian you always know how I fee
krengkri kuthaprom 3 month ago
알글아마니 3 month ago
존나 킹왕짱 좋아
Salatiel Rubio† 3 month ago
Luis Szczurek 3 month ago
I like it.
Im love this song is fire 🤟🤟🤟
tunsku70 3 month ago
Paha Uskonto say hello from Finland
Silence Wagner 3 month ago
mcdreisig 3 month ago
Damn this song is great! 🤘
killian godé 3 month ago
I don't understand why too many people don't use their true voice
Faliq Haikal 3 month ago
Neneng Kinasih 3 month ago
Y4S _HOMIE 3 month ago
Great song 🤘
MattsCreative 3 month ago
every band seems to be making coming out videos..... is it pride month again
Barry Macackinher 3 month ago
Thog 3 month ago
hora de sacar las tijeras......
HN 3 month ago
i thought it was falling in reverse new song😭
Noah Sebastian 3 month ago
good song
Tiago Vieira Ferreira 3 month ago
Neverkept said gay rights.
Reina Arana! 3 month ago
I’ve never heard of this band before
Alpha Chernyyvolk 3 month ago
If I was 10 years younger I would have loved this song.
Matt Danielson 3 month ago
Lezbos.. that's how you gain a new fan!
Jamie Duckett 3 month ago
His voice is too whiney for me. Good luck though 👍
fadhlan fauzan 3 month ago
PanNoMic 3 month ago
Great voice, generic instrumental, meh
diarmid lgds 3 month ago
Is it the trend of these indrustries?
Atilio Escobar 3 month ago
Is this an Abercrombie & Fitch commercial?
Ryan B 3 month ago
Dudes it's ok there are more fishes in the sea better luck in the game of love!
Edu jacinto Silva 3 month ago
Y la letra en español?
Bert Ward 3 month ago
Tom Hyberger 3 month ago
I'm here for the Bad Religion/Descendents type music and this is like Punk Rock BTS I'm not really a fan. Production sounds good and younger people will probably like this it's not a bad sound, just not my type.
Corey Sarria 3 month ago
retiro los corazones por que se tratan de dos mujeres y eso me recuerdad a mi ex
Franklin Steele 3 month ago
So bad. 😅
secondrest 3 month ago
Gay love won and not homesexual these days stink
David 3 month ago
Politically charged leftist music video. It’s like a boy band from the pop genre but in stead it’s somewhere between pop punk (not the good kind) and post hardcore (again not the good kind) with the typical very unoriginal sound. Nothing to see move along.