World's Longest Home Run (The "Mad Batter" Machine) - Smarter Every Day 230

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Believe it or not, the wikipedia article on the home run is pretty great
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Ambiance, audio and musicy things by: Gordon McGladdery

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SmarterEveryDay 5 month ago
Happy New Year! There's a lot more to explore here. For example, the coefficient of restitution! If you work for the MLB and would consider letting me in on some baseball science I'd be game. P.S. Besides the obvious answer of Cal Ripken Jr., who was your favorite baseball player as a kid? Also, thank you to everyone who supports Smarter Every Day on Patreon. I really appreciate it.
ALIEN CHASE 3 month ago
When my girlfriends dad asks me if I’ve ever slept with his daughter.. 14:11
wumbbleTumble 3 month ago
13:05 that’s what you came for
Rob&Lani S 4 month ago
Houston astros are trying to figure out how to sign this thing to a long term deal.
Nathan smith 3 month ago
Girls: he’s probably out cheating on me Guys:
BEEZYY 5 month ago
100% the most terrifying thing you've ever built
Dalllysmacker L 3 month ago
Should have used golf balls. Probably could’ve hit the moon lol
Kitsune!! 3 month ago
I’m more surprised that entire thing didn’t fly away.
clm010809 McDaniel 3 month ago
He never said don’t try this at home
ej 3 month ago
Me: Mom can we get helicopter? Mom: We have helicopter at home *helicopter at home:*
Cracky 5 month ago
"smarter every Day" *standing behind a wood board to protect against something that would Rip right through the wood*
D Carbs 3 month ago
You've just invented a new World Record category: Mechanical homerun length.
Ricardoqweasdzxc 3 month ago
13:33 straight to the point
Vexan 4 month ago
It’s all fun and games until it hits a car somewhere in Mexico
I’d like to buy a vowel 3 month ago
Everybody’s gangsta till the mad batter starts flyin.
Pablo Moguel 5 month ago
Everybody gangsta till that thing takes off like a helicopter
Beef Supreme 3 month ago
That has to be it... Ball was still hadn't landed when he finished that sentence.
Rodolphe Herbin 4 month ago
1:20 Oh yeah, it's a-bat to get crazy ! (please laugh)
Cvo777 3 month ago
3:56 Ness mains when they break your shield at 40%
Miguel La Baguette 3 month ago
Imagine how far it would've went if it was set up on the moon
Jonathan Petherbridge 5 month ago
Stands behind wood on day 1, stands behind steel on day 2. Well that lives up to the name. SmarterEveryDay
FearTheXI 3 month ago
13:12 “That’s my Miata! Kill him!”
Big Balls XRP 3 month ago
Americans: " YEEEEEEEAH WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" Me: I wish i could me more enthusiastic like this.
Spencer Sayavong 3 month ago
This guy is the living lightning McQueen. He sounds exactly like him
McTighe24 3 month ago
13:20 you can hear the ball land
Red Rolo 5 month ago
"Guys let's play some baseball" "Yea!" *Builds a helicopter*
Avoidance Technologies 3 month ago
"How hard to teach; and, it takes longer to learn from watching video's or someone else doing it; however, watching video's is an efficient and effective way of learning".
Eitan J 3 month ago
Juancholo Plays 4 month ago
I was literally waiting for it to take off the ground
M. Narrator 3 month ago
When he is calling out the names he sounds like a teacher calling out people with missing assignments
Joel C 5 month ago
-did I search for this? -no -did I watch it till the end? -yes
Picnic Blanket 4 month ago
I cannot remember the last time I involuntarily shouted out ''NO WAY!'' when that bat connected.
Salty Dbacks Fan 3 month ago
13:11 Even machines know when they crush a ball out of the park, so they batflip with swagger
Ducky Mcduckelton 3 month ago
6:02 he sounds like earl hickey when he said that😂😂
董行健 3 month ago
Hello Destin! I just learned something interesting. If an airplane fly from point A to point B, it takes longer if there's head/tail wind than if there's no wind at all. I just can't think it right without doing some calculations. I wonder if you're interested in doing a video about this!
shookings 5 month ago
"I'm Destin, and we're getting deadlier every day"
Edgar C 3 month ago
7:41 just calmly standing there
Benjamin Tyberg 3 month ago
Wait did you take into account the bounce distance after it landed
Comic Guy 3 month ago
"Let's get smarter everyday!" Spinning machine with the bat: this message will now self destruct.
Mel Godstein 3 month ago
Noone: ... Astros: why haven't we thought of this!?!?
Owen McGinnis 5 month ago
13:10 I like to imagine the machine didn’t break it just celebrated and tossed its bat after seeing it just hit a homer
Sparkles Hayes 3 month ago
0:12 Houston we have.. LIFT OFF!! WHOO
star lightning duelist 3 month ago
5:30 when you hear someone yell USE IT ALL
Fluffy Hamster YT 3 month ago
5:52 When you try to take off in a helicopter and one of the blades break off XD
cmoney617 4 month ago
*lmaoooo he called them tf out at the end*
Zayoe #AORN 5 month ago
These dudes are the most “dads” I’ve ever seen lol
Bryan Del Monte 3 month ago
A-rod looks on with lust in his heart. :D
Zach Morton 3 month ago
have you ever wondered why a shirt “pops” when you sling it down to unfold wrinkles?
Loren Losacano 3 month ago
I have never laughed at something so hard that wasn’t spouse to be comedy!
Saidakine 4 month ago
Thanks for giving my friend Joey Meyer some respect, his home run is actually on video.
Steve White 5 month ago
This is legit one of the scariest things I’ve seen Destin do. I’m glad he upgraded the pitcher’s protection!
Voxel Music 3 month ago
7:46 when someone mentions homework
john dough 3 month ago
5:57 man screams like a female hyena
Cyphlix 3 month ago
4:30 piece flew off to broke bat mountian
Sal Cruz 3 month ago
Watching their near death moments is some of the funniest content hahaha 😂
Darth Smirnoff 5 month ago
"I should have learned this from the rocket powered golf club..." - Only on Youtube.
Xtremegamer 3D 3 month ago
7:50 initiating self destruct
Rosewood 4 month ago
13:10 My wife: “I’m pregnant” Me: ight imma head out rq
James Allen 4 month ago
“Aaron Judge has entered the chat”
Jordan Mancini 3 month ago
Hey Destin ! Love your psalm quotes at the end of your videos ! And it got me thinking, you should do a video on the science of Torah ! Thanks for helping us get smarter everyday !
Mic 5 month ago
10:16 when you haven't seen your friend called homer in a while and you finally see him.
Leon Kennedy 3 month ago
this short clip is amazing 13:32 that wight line is very accurate representation on How Objects fly like that the curve the shape of the ball the way it got hit represent the movements it got in the Air, That is Crazy Beautiful. Thank You Destin.
KEVIN HOLZER 4 month ago
14:59 I was not called. Even if I was I don’t have Audible
Geralt of Rivia 4 month ago
11:03 Dude I've been in Right/Center field and I've NEVER heard balls hit that hard, and we had ALUMINUM BATS
Royce West 3 month ago
I was waiting for that thing to lift off and be like “chopper a24 awaiting take off permission”
Kull Guy 4 month ago
13:05 thank me later THE BALL LEGIT CURVED LIKE 200 FEET
Glenn Dower 3 month ago
Destin- In reference the Audible "Skunk Works"- A few years back, we had a guest speaker at out annual Cristmas Banquest for the 8th Air Force Historical Society MN Chapter (an organization of WWII combat air crews, Naval and Marine avistors, POW's Korean War, Vietnam War , first and second Gulf War vets and guys like me). The speaker was Bill Fox, who worked with Kelly Johnson at the Lockheed Skunk Works on the SR71. It was an incredible hour + presentation!!!! One of the most interesting nuggets he shared was that the plane was built using titanium, he told us the largest supplier of titanium in the world was the USSR. He and we reveled in the irony and also how America got the titanium. And the last photo he showed us was a picture of him, outside a hangar with a multi-colored plane in the background. The plane/project was titled "Have Blue". Oh...and a friend of mine was a F-117 driver who tokk a few trips to downtown Baghdad. And I asked him why the plane was an F instead a B-117 as it was not a fighter but a bomber. He said it was a marketing move by the Air Force. The plane was a single seat bomber and they needed fighter pilots to fly it. And he said "No self respecting fighter jock would even consider piloting a bomber. So they designated "THE Plane" F-117 but never told the prospective pilots it was a bomber until they committed to the program." And the lead in was "Hey...we have a really cool, top secret deal we think you'd be interested in but we can't tell you anything about it. You in?" And of course, Wes was in.
Prakhar Gahlot 3 month ago
Please do collab with "Tech Ingredients". It's an awesome channel with really high quality content.
wolverine ks 4 month ago
who's impressed by how optimized swinging already is?
jimmymac63 4 month ago
Man, I would love to be around when you do crazy stuff like this lol!!!!
Row-May-Oh Game’s 5 month ago
Was anyone else disappointed that there wasn’t a slow mo for the record? 😭
Nergal 4 month ago
now we're talkin!! smashing records with science!
Joe Webb 4 month ago
5:51 - intro continued
OneHitWarrior1 4 month ago
10:48 the ball said "ight imma head out"
pyramid 3 month ago
5:53 cliff hanger exposed
Foundations Medical Informatics 5 month ago
Me: Well, that’s a cool rig. *Rig starts making Helicopter noises* Me: 😳
Vincent Ursch 3 month ago
Destilliert Sandlin: The man who broke the bat
jeron 3 month ago
Just imagine the batting machine takes off to the air
Oz2460 4 month ago
Wow, crazy interesting, thanks for posting
Jeremy Fielding 5 month ago
I was there and I still couldn't wait to watch the results and hear that amazing sound again. This was just so awesome!
Huntero 4 month ago
10:30 Normal batting practice 13:09 Batting practice when scout comes
danny1988221 3 month ago
😂😂 it just wanted to fly.. sounded like a helicopter
ahekob ar1m 3 month ago
5:51 most importante scene
Marcus Lau-Young 3 month ago
Jeremy sounds exactly like Tim meadows lol
jfredett 5 month ago
This is the coolest Tool-assisted Speedrun I've seen all year.
Alex Su 4 month ago
5:31 when I hear food ( look in the background )
SMIZZLE BEATZ 3 month ago
I love how with each attempt you improve your set up. Something we should do with every road block in our lives
jc 3 month ago
13:10 thank me later
Donovan H 3 month ago
13:13 what if it hit a plane🤔🤭
Piotr Jakuc 5 month ago
“Death will be imminent” Don’t know if that’s a good thing in a Smarter everyday video...
Bithead942 4 month ago
Fantastic book recommendation. I really enjoyed it.
Benjamin Weichert 3 month ago
I was sooo shocked when you called out my name!
1cont 3 month ago
7:38 He is ducking well after the bat would have already put a hole in his head.
NexisFilms 4 month ago
Legend says they're still looking for this ball .
storyfell chara 5 month ago
Everybody gangsta till the machine starts taking off
Jeff Furrow 3 month ago
I swing faster than that one handed...with my left hand😂 Cool video!
RxmpageCoD 4 month ago
really wish the slow mo on that final hit was released, THAT WAS EPIC
Jordan Thistle 3 month ago
7:45 hahaha why does that look so funny to me.
KEVIN HOLZER 4 month ago
10:38 Based on that, I think it is a baseball cannon to test the elasticity of a baseball compared to the golf ball