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Just some of my ig pet peeves.

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rayray L. 1 year ago
"I'm just super sayin' tea, no shade."
Justus Shown 1 year ago
i want a full swoozie rap on spotify. I dont care who sung them, swoozie makes them better
TJ Toons 1 year ago
Instagram profile description: *I am anything and everything*
xReversed 1 year ago
Nba player and a British person? And a rapper *Seems legit*
Lydia Jose 1 year ago
nobody: swoozie: im just super sayin
Zaina Rose 10 month ago
The interviewer was so good at dropping beats 😂
Hey YouTube 1 year ago
sWooZie’s next big hit: Yo- Ye- Uh- I think I’m big Meech, Lary Hoover, whippin’ work, Hallelujah, she’s in love with who I am, back in high school I used to bust it to the dance, twenty one, twenty one, twenty one, TWENTY ONE! TWENTY ONE!
Skyline GTB 1 year ago
“Your profile pic has to be the best pic you’ve taken in like 57 months” Damn swoozie you lookin gorgeous
Sphumelele Msimang 1 year ago
Mom: whats the expired date? Me: 21 21 21 21! Mom: Get out!
Kitty Boom Boom 1 year ago
Swoozie: Was there a meeting and I just missed it Me: My life story
Sound of Madness 1 year ago
Damn my boi Swoozie comin after all Instagram thots
Gregory 1 year ago
HE GON CANCEL CHRISTMAS ON ALL Y'ALL what about thanksgiving I needz mah food holidays
super sedated 1 year ago
* sees Aoyama * * inhale * *PLUS ULTRAAAAAAAAAA!*
Sebastian The Gay Clown 1 year ago
Bro you lowkey sound drunk. Or just reeeaaally tired
Sad Rat 1 year ago
I think I’m big meech , Larry hoover.⚰️💀 21 21 21 21 21 21
Achikookie 10 month ago
The animation style has all your characters looking like they've got a bad case of Parkinson's
sglago8191 1 1 year ago
In a interview Boss: "You're a rapper?" Me: *Starts rapping Ambitionz az a ridah*
Li Johnson 11 month ago
“I put the hot in psychotic” I’m done with you. 😂😂😂
Natalie Patterson 1 year ago
Why is no one talking about Aoyoama? No BNHA fans here except me? Ok then.....
Landen Drake 1 year ago
Yooooooo the "freestyles" had me dead LMAOOO!
Bryce Henry 1 year ago
That “happy for no reason” pic too damn real 😂
McMaker 2 1 year ago
Instagram users: We have to get nice profile pictures! Me:*Laughs in Reddit*
towqio 1 year ago
The rap part had me crying
Noob with a Million subs 4 month ago
I was lowkey depressed, after watching this man do I feel better🤣
Rolling Thunder 1 year ago
“Y’all out here lookin like Lord Raiden from Mortal Kombat” *DONT YOU MEAN LORD LIU KANG?*
Casie Bluez3 10 month ago
theFitty 1 year ago
*The social media standard is legit hard and high to upkeep...therea something about raw authenticity and messiness that I appreciate now from people bold enough to post that.*
LegendaryKing 1 year ago
1:06 😂🤣😂🤣 "yEEEEE"
AMG_Demon23 7 month ago
When swooshes postes and you have notifications off so you think he’s been posting then you look at his account and realize he posted twice in a month
Emily ! 1 year ago
3:44 Omfg literally Made My Day Aoyama! From my hero academia 🥰🥰🥰🥰 o my gorsh Ah Love you right now 😂🥰💗
InTheCalzone 11 month ago
I'm just super siayan, no tea, no shade😂😂 he was on fire
ZayZay Toons 1 year ago
Nobody: Instagram Thots: *So we gonna ignore the fact that I got a HUGE BOOTY?*
Braxton Durley 1 year ago
"I think I'm Big Meech..." 💀💀💀
GohanJr Productions! 11 month ago
3:46 isn’t that the guy with Navel Laser from My Hero?
lethal n3rd 11 month ago
My profile pic on instagram is legit me at burger king while i was taking a dump
R The Movie Maker 1 year ago
Kallel Plays 1 year ago
"writing the entire old testament in their caption"Not even 30secs in and im dying 😂😂
Julia 1 year ago
“Nobody is that happy on a Tuesday”THE DOLAN TWINS UPLOAD BRO
Amin Ahmed 1 year ago
3:45 broo its aoyama from my hero academia
Lizet Loera 1 year ago
SWooZie tell George Washington to let you use one of his WIGS. YOU need some hair bro. You look like that bald kid from dragon ball Z.
C Brown 1 year ago
Why she still following...... Wait! 🤣🤣😂😂
Baseball_ Player 1 year ago
Yo dude can you do a vid about how to ask a girl out Bc I want to hook up with this girl that be fine but I think we stuck in the friend zone so if you could help me get out of it that be great
Kai the Panda 10 month ago
3:25 anyone else's read the bottom? No just me 😭
Phoenix London 1 year ago
The Aha Moment 1 year ago
Ok you had me crackin up this whole video😂🤣🤣! "Writing the whole old testament"😂
Jen G ASMR 10 month ago
lemme just fix that title *Instagram **-thoughts-** Thots*
Joshua Blackburn 1 year ago
This is why I love sWooZie! He keeps it 💯.
Giggy010 1 year ago
2:08 And there I am using a picture of a stuffed lobster toy of mine as my icon. Damn. I've failed
Nate 1 year ago
I always feel like people live people life than me on insta that's why I like Facebook it's litterally iFunny now
Basic Channel 1 year ago
Yo you ever drop dat album doh?
Monte Movsisian 1 year ago
3:11 - 3:26 I’m so taking this to post on my stories. Subtle Roast to my ex. Dig it. *Thank You*
Amigo Rigo 1 year ago
I could literally watch Swoozie drop a beat and rap to it 1:21
Skype group disbanded 1 year ago
2:56 I'd take that reality over expectations any day for Austin Powers
JJIsthename 10 month ago
Don’t read past second line Swear that couldn’t be more true 😂😂
Nate Oh Potato 1 year ago
0:18 “got her looking like lord Raiden from mortal Kombat” 😂🤣😂
Heyyitsmaya 1 year ago
When he started rapping I died 😂😂😂
John G 1 year ago
0:34 Ephesians 4:2 "Be completely humble and gentle; be patient, bearing with one another in love"
Ace Dragon 1 year ago
2:12 lol my profile picture is pink guy staring intensely to the camera
John Paul 5 month ago
3:48 when the new kid walks in to class
Amy Sim 1 year ago
1:23 I’m crying 1:45 😭😭😭😭😂😂😂
akiyammio 1 year ago
That beatbox stickman interviewer need his own show.
FancyMonkeyGaming Gaming 1 year ago
This man is hilarious 😂😂😂😂 lol the Rap got me Weak 🤦🏿‍♂️😂😂😂
Braylin Webb 1 year ago
3:43 look it’s my sweet boy Yuga
Wonder World 7 month ago
When the guy giving swooz an interview dropped a beat I was wheezing🤣
Donnie Darko 1 year ago
Swooz coming for their NECKS on this beautiful Sunday **Shia Lebeouf Clap**
zomBEAST 730 1 year ago
4:10 he Photoshops his eyes like Colins Key vids😂
jaffa cake 1 year ago
Scrolls through insta... not one meme *sigh*
Olga Gómez 1 year ago
“Nobody is that happy ON A TUESDAY” 😂😂😂
Bacon McDouble 1 year ago
I've been in that situation before some of my "friends" have stopped talking to me because of their boyfriends
Lee Beecham 1 year ago
1:23 *Insert Ali-A Intro*
Jasmine Fortune 1 year ago
"hallelujuh One nation under god, real nigss gettn money from the fuuuu start" -rick ross blowing money fast I finished the lyrics......... what is my prize?
HIGHPLEX 1 year ago
1:22 loveliveserve
Goddamnit 1 year ago
2:55 Yo Mike Myers is a beautiful man
Alec Benjamin Fan 1 year ago
Nobody: Swoozie: this is intense
Vanessa Williams 11 month ago
1:22 Best part of the vid 👌🏾👌🏾
Vincent vlogs 1 year ago
What happened swoozie you used to be so happy now you sound tired and depressed
luna Gibbs 1 year ago
Swoozie gotta be the funniest dude on YouTube :'''). "Nobody's that happy...on a Tuesday." Lmao
Honey Flavoured Hippie 1 year ago
Did Jackie Aina and Swoozie have a meeting and we just missed it?? 😂😂😂 lol they are not here for the Instagram shenanigans
Creator.Shanerü 1 year ago
At 3:43 scrolling thru the comments to see if anyone else peeped My Hero Academia. I'm disappointed😔
VroSkii 11 month ago
0:59 I thought he said *"Race Card Driver."* 🤣
Miriam L 10 month ago
"Honesty, I’m rappin’ ’bout everything I go through Everything I’m sayin’, I’m super sayin’ like Goku" - Childish Gambino, "My Shine", for those of y'all who are dense enough to run around correcting everybody who says "sayin" with "it should be Saiyan!!!" Like yeah, it's wordplay dumbdumb, people know. You're not part of some secret club of cultured ppl for knowing one of the most famous anime ever.
issiah rushing 1 year ago
Nobody: *Swoozie trying to explain how he got catfishd* Ah shit here we go again.
Regin Henriksen 9 month ago
2:55 hey don't disrespect my boy Mike Myers like that!
King Iston 1 year ago
4:24 hmmmm swoozie, what you been looking at
Masonious Rex09 1 year ago
0:18 I must consult the elder gods
Funny video 12 month ago
Ephesians 4:2 New International Version (NIV) 2 Be completely humble and gentle; be patient, bearing with one another in love.
No 11 month ago
2:53 I like the reality more
kras !! 1 year ago
“im just super sayin, no tea no shade- none of my business,,, nor my concern”
Chill Wil 1 year ago
Swoozie back at it again with another *BANGER!*
J. Renard Leather 1 year ago
you forgot to add “Porn Star” on the resumé.
SpicySushi45 1 year ago
3:43 where my My Hero Academia weebs at???
denialzatar 7 month ago
3:43 i appreciate the aoyama
Atiq Shourav 1 year ago
3:01 this day and age can u really trust anyone securely tho?
iiiBears iii 11 month ago
DeezyE 1 year ago
Swoozie really paused the story to drop a beat 😂♥️
Hannah Teakle 1 year ago
3:43 omg Ayomaaaaaaa lmao
CJ Ford 1 year ago
1:20 got me dead LITERALLY!!!!
Rroi BOI 10 month ago
I never took instagram seriously, i only have 8 posts in 2 years with one of them being a picture of a dead fish by the side of the road
Stella Habe 1 year ago
Edward Rusk 1 year ago
Anyone who believes that "influencer" is an actual job title deserves a beating.