A Dermatologist Reacts to Your Comments about Botox and Injectables | Derm Reacts with Dr. Engelman

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YouTube comment sections are always a hotbed of dissent and debate. But on our #GoToBedWithMe videos, the myths and facts around skin care in the comment section are on another level. In this episode of #DermReacts, we called in board-certified skin expert, Dr. Dendy Engelman, to react to some of the most passionate comments on our Go to Bed With Me episodes. Engelman, who practices at Medical Dermatology and Cosmetic Center in NYC, weighs in on everything from botox to fillers, and the whole skin care process.

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A Dermatologist Reacts to Your Comments about Botox and Injectables | Derm Reacts with Dr. Engelman

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Geraldine Moncada 5 month ago
Dear Harper's BAZAAR pleeeease, get all these dermatologists and do a spin off content section, where they showcase their routines morning, night, to be out in the sun, face massages etc. Something like Derms Act: Dermatologists recreate their daily routines. Or maybe get them to do a list of the 10 products they love the most and why. You skin care content: fucking amazing! P.D.: Could you ask more on dark spot treatment for skins under 30?
Alysa Batzios 5 month ago
All I want in life is endless derm content
David Fletcher 5 month ago
Harper's please get 5 Derms in room and watch them debate current products and procedures. Dr.Dray needs to be in that room, too.
blastedbubblegum 5 month ago
I love how Harper's BAZAAR really listens to the suggestions from the comments section!! I want to watch every video! Also...she is HAIR GOALS
something specific 5 month ago
Harper's bazaar is hands down the best thing on planet earth
Doll Face 5 month ago
I love how she called out St Ives Apricot scrub for having very harsh exfoliant particles lol
sharbani21 5 month ago
This is so great. I was just tired of all the celebrities who just used Barbara Stern and knew nothing than just applying expensive products. For skincare advice, professionals should be consulted. I love the Dermatologists series. We get to know and understand so many things. Keep on the good work Harper's Bazaar!!!
Alberto Fabra 5 month ago
She’s SO beautiful!! 💕
Karolyn 5 month ago
What is your opinion about LED Face Masks for home use? Thanks for answering.
Noobster 5 month ago
I want Jared Leto’s skincare routine 😔
chicolatino11 5 month ago
This is by far the best dermatologist reaction! Love her voice, Love the way she express herself, Love the way she handles herself. Keep doing your lovely job Dr. Engelman
Ayesha Sayeed 5 month ago
I love how she mentioned affordability and access to dermatologists ❤️❤️❤️
Zahava23 5 month ago
She's my favorite so far. What a sweetheart and very intelligent. Her hair is just amazing!!! 💜💜💜
Sapphire Vorabouth 5 month ago
She’s quite lovely.
Juliana Chaparro 5 month ago
She's awesome! We need to see her routine!
Victoria Hollingsworth 5 month ago
I loved the section on injectables - I feel like it isn't addressed enough in tandem with skincare
Violeta Meyners 5 month ago
Can Dr. Engelman start a channel please?! :-)
Apricot Blossom 5 month ago
her personality is contagious
Sid Sid 5 month ago
She made me laugh with the bag story
Ayesha Sayeed 5 month ago
At 17:36 she only curled one side of her hair cause the other was behind her shoulder 🤭🤭🤭
Lil mess 5 month ago
Actually I’m more interested at her hair than about skin care when I saw her 😂 the hair style ist awesome!
Matthew Williams 5 month ago
Can we talk about LED light therapy and home treatment face masks and wands???
William S. Boone 4 month ago
17:40 I'm dead
Sanika 20 5 month ago
A dermatologist that I follow on YouTube states that over the counter (OTC) retinols in the form of retinyl esters or retinyl aldehyde are not as effective in preventing wrinkles and do not have anti-aging effects as strong as retinoic acid (tretinoin). Other beauty bloggers/skincare experts say that it takes longer for OTC retinols to be effective, but it works. Should I spend money to buy OTC retinol or ask a dermatologist for a prescription of Tretinoin?
Brooklyn Riding 5 month ago
I loved her answer to the cost of Botox. Yep! It’s worth it! ❤️❤️ love this. Started my Botox at 40 and don’t regret it for a second. My mom just got her first Botox at 61 and it was just enough to soften her lines and wrinkles. Gorgeous!
Ayobami Gbadegesin 5 month ago
Harpers bazaar doing the lords work 🙌🏽
Megan Meyer 5 month ago
She is so sharp! Rock on with your bad self! #boss
amsakasai 5 month ago
Her nasolabial folds look amazing 😁
Carrie Sunny 4 month ago
i honestly love the derm react series!!!
ghoulnoodle 5 month ago
I wish we could see a video like this from a a dermatologist from a few decades ago. I wonder how similar their answers would be c:
Dominic Luigi Malazarte 5 month ago
St. Ives Apricot Scrub strikes again
Annamaiya19 5 month ago
Question to the derms: What are your thoughts on Tretinoin and Differin Gel? I've seen people with amazing skin that uses tretinoin, but are there any long term side effects? Is it okay to just stick with retinol?
Melanie Ross 5 month ago
Omg I was obsess with Saint Ives apricot scrub when I was a teenager.. oh the damage I must have done to myself way back when.
Anis Po10 4 month ago
I love this Dr. She is very elgant and smart
James Cohan 5 month ago
How do you choose a specific sub-speciality of dermatology like lasers, cosmetics, medical, etc?
Dagmar jurkič 4 month ago
Love her she's good
Е. C. 4 month ago
Good to see a smart dermatologist, rare
Saja 09 5 month ago
Her hair !😱😍
Little Lamb Loves Beauty 5 month ago
Where do l buy the collagen you mentioned?
N J 5 month ago
Is it okay to use acids like Glycolic Acid on your scalp? I read somewhere that you can apply it on your scalp for 15 minutes and then wash it off with shampoo and conditioner to remove dry flakes and dandruff and all?
Danni Simone 5 month ago
I LOVE these videos so much! I learn so much when I watch them. Great job with this series HB! ❤️❤️❤️
Deborah IKuna Bandona 5 month ago
Thank you for a great video, very informative! Would love to see the same type of video where the subject was about hyperpigmentation and how to treat your dark spot, regardless of your color. How can you spread the melanin, to make your skin tone look more even?
Anam Maniar 5 month ago
She also came in dr. Oz's show😄😃
Jenna Rosenstein 5 month ago
I love you Dr. Dendy!!!! (She is my cosmetic derm, FYI). Best in the biz!!!
Jifflet C 5 month ago
This doctor is AMAZING. Great manner and such great explanations!
Kristin Wilson 5 month ago
What can I do to reduce wrinkles on my chest? I wear a weird pad to bed at night, apply all my skincare to the area, and use sunscreen. Unfortunately I feel the skin in that area really lacks plumpness. Are cleavage fillers a thing?
Chau Nguyen 5 month ago
I use a salicylic acid cleansing gel 2 times a day, 7 days/ week. Does it count as exfoliating? Do I need another exfoliating product?
Succeshero 5 month ago
Okay so no dairy and not too much sugar...got it! I already switched to oatmilk 👍🏻
Harsh Sisodia 4 month ago
Hmmmm. She's look like Jacqueline Fernandez. 😘😘☺️😘☺️☺️☺️☺️
Ana María Moreno 5 month ago
VINE CORRIENDO. ¡Amo estos videos!
k m g x 5 month ago
A lot of the comments that derm's react to are from people who feel like there is only one right way of doing something, but if there's anything I've learned from this series it's that skincare is very personal and what works for one person could not work for another. I'm sure a dermatologist recommends tons of different skincare routines to their patients in just a day.
Vesper Vesper 4 month ago
Thanks doc!
Captain T 4 month ago
Collagen supplements, yay? Nay?
iris Lee 5 month ago
But Botox and fillers are cheap af to buy, so why is it so expensive again?
Jamie Cook 4 month ago
Very informative. Thank you.
prqurn 5 month ago
Doesn’t repeated use of Botox actually weaken the muscle underneath overtime? I heard if you’ve had Botox for years & stop getting it, your muscle will atrophy & your skin will get prematurely thinner. Kind of like if you didn’t move your leg for 10 years & one day decided to move it, your leg muscle would have atrophied & not hold up like it used to.
Lisa Smith 5 month ago
This Dermatologist is awesome!! She explains so intelligently and kind! I’ve been thinking about Botox and you cleared up some of fears and questions I had! Thank you so much! This was a video that truly was worth watching 😀
Juliya Kay 5 month ago
I really like her!! I actually learned a lot from this episode about botox and fillers. Love this series and I never miss an episode!
Maku L 5 month ago
Long live Pete Burns.
Nol Bautista 5 month ago
Thanks doctor! 👌👌👌😊😊😊❤❤❤
WEYffles 5 month ago
"If you're going out with a guy that pays attention to you bag you're wasting your time,so invest in your face instead"??? Isn't it the same superficial logic for both cases?
Ayobami Gbadegesin 5 month ago
Harpers bazaare doing the lords work lol
Suzanne Wyman 5 month ago
I really enjoyed this video. Great information! I'd love to hear more about at home treatments that can substitute medical treatments.
Bilal Khan 5 month ago
ThiBrunette 5 month ago
Loved it best series on YouTube!!
MissRhinestone 5 month ago
Brb.. gotta go buy some Verisol cuz my new fave youtube derm doc recommended it.
Amira Eugenio 5 month ago
I like her preaching so much I want to get botox from her! (coming from not so into botox)
fabnsass 5 month ago
How do I know if I a a candidate for botox for headaches? I'm used to having those constantly and pop a 500mg paracetamol to be able to sleep...
Shanna Stone 5 month ago
The animal testing issues are heading into another direction, and companies are starting to test in other ways, other than animals. In California they are going to start banning products such as makeup, cleaning items, hygiene etc, that have been tested on animals. Eventually this will force companies to find alternatives if they want to sell in most places. China used to require it, but now don't if it's a finished product, meaning that if it's been tested, even if not on animals, companies can sell products in China, without actual animal testing.
Bella giov 5 month ago
For the people asking in the comments Dr Engelman is 43
solrod17 5 month ago
loved this video thanks!
Charlie 5 month ago
This derm has her cheeks way too over-filled herself
VeneciabeautyOnline 5 month ago
ummm I LOVE HER!
Cassie Lynn 5 month ago
She seems shocked by these questions. 🤣
ManUtdForever 5 month ago
Finally a determatologist on youtube who addresses the importance of diet and its relation to acne!
Deysi ! 5 month ago
hotpink000 5 month ago
Omg thank you HB
Vijay name 5 month ago
You like sa Sunny Leone
Dawson McSpadden 5 month ago
A Cemento 5 month ago
Hi can you tell me how you treat Psoriasis please.
IK4162 5 month ago
Her skin is incredible !
Anna Rose 5 month ago
Farnella Husseini 5 month ago
Hello doctor, your answers were really helpful. I have a question on dairy products - I grew up on consuming all sorts of dairy products everyday and I still maintain my practice, and my skin is quite nice and clear now ( I did face acne problems in my teenage years). I tried to lower my dairy product intake at one point out of curiosity, and my skin lost it's glow at that time; needless to say I reverted back to having milk and yogurt everyday and my skin is doing great now. Yet as you have mentioned, consuming dairy products increases acne in a lot of people. Could you please explain why it affects people differently? Thank you!!
google e 5 month ago
I looked up the conture facial device you recommend and I can't find any reviews or before and afters that are legit that it works, you must be a paid sponsorship for them. If it really works why can't I find any reviews for it?
EfikZara 5 month ago
Wow... #ageless
kelvin 5 month ago
She’s a good dermatologist !!!
Swan .nowlivinginfrance 5 month ago
Thank you Dr. Engleman for your clear and concise explanations of how to get the best out of our skin. People with good skin can never look like just a plain-Jane or Joe and every little bit of help that we can do for our skin is worth it. #1 is clean, clean skin always !! Have a good week-end, Swan from Paris
fabnsass 5 month ago
I like her, I just wish the dermatologists had little to no makeup
Dawson McSpadden 5 month ago
I love dermatologist videos!!!!!!!!!!
Esther Cheng 5 month ago
So much helpful info!
Asia Anderson 5 month ago
I love her
Brian5mb 5 month ago
I love her!
abraham salcedo 5 month ago
Ayobami Gbadegesin 5 month ago
Harpers bazaare doing the lords work lol
aditi mishra 5 month ago
M.W.Coast 4 month ago
YUP! Started getting botox in my forehead when I was 24, I'm 26 now and lots of my friends have wrinkles on their forehead already... not me! I say.. you can invest early on in pREVENTING wrinkles, or you can pay hundreds of dollars when you're older trying to REVERSE wrinkles which is nearly impossible. The key is beginning to get botox before your wrinkles develop.
Kruthika Sonwalkar 5 month ago
We need some Indian Dermatologists!
David Ángeles 5 month ago
I would LOVE to see Dr. Dray in one of this videos one day!
Beth Leo 5 month ago
Dr Engleman needs to tell us what her routine is, like Regina George, she’s flawless.
Sana Gillani 5 month ago
How to whitten the skin