I Carve the Sword from 300 out of wewd (ft Alec Steele)

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Alec Steele 10 month ago
That was so much fun! Thanks for having me out, Bobby! Hope you make it up to Montana sometime soon!!!
Laural ローラル 9 month ago
*When the teacher assigns you and your friends for a group project together*
Cymanious Demon 9 month ago
Alec: I want dat Bobby: *Gasp* Alec I want dat too
Yeetmeister 9 month ago
I can’t even imagine what your neighbors thought when you were running through your back yard like hooligans
Amelia Cipriani 9 month ago
Lol when he glued the handle back together Bobby said "good as used"
𝕍𝕆𝕃𝔸𝕀ℝ𝔼 10 month ago
Are you telling me I’ve been spelling _wewd_ wrong my whole life
Skull+Butterfly 10 month ago
I thought he was going to say THIS IS SPONSERD instead of the “SPARTA!”
Hana Srakar 10 month ago
No one: Absolutely nobody: Bobby Duke arts: Ya DiNgUs
Meow Rchl 10 month ago
I honestly thought that was your son at first! He looks so sweet and young.
Charissa Schoon 9 month ago
15:08 imagine seeing your dad do this with some stranger in your backyard
Reef Raef 10 month ago
A man named Steele makes things out of wood?! What witchcraft is this!?
•Spåm ZEE• 8 month ago
When they where sat in the car being awkward I instantly thought ‘Me when I’m next to my crush’ XD IDK why
Scans Megatron 10 month ago
"My name is Blobby Puke, welcome to my channel" 😂
TheCodeNameKid 10 month ago
*sees Bowb Rowss picture in background Me: HaPy aCcIDenT
jake egleston 9 month ago
Alec's face when Bobby said they were going to “wrap” the handle😂
Leonardo D. Zollicoffer ii 10 month ago
TIO 10 month ago
13:05 When you find a sharp stick in the woods where you're playing with your friends and finally have a worthy weapon to vanquish your (imaginary) foes
Joshua Latham 7 month ago
Women: I think he's busy cheating on me What men are actually doing: *This video*
Stoned Sloth 9 month ago
When alec did his american accent i died. And beards = makeup for dudes.
emeråld clåw 10 month ago
Alec: I wAnT tHaT ! Bobby: I wAnT tHaT tOoO ! Btw nice video
Paige Hunter 10 month ago
Llamma _Thing 8 month ago
Neighbors: Why is there two guys playing with a sword outside??
QuickSilver 9 month ago
I love the picture of him floating down a river promoting his sponsor.
Nico / Chris 10 month ago
13:32 When you play the sword game in Wii Sports Resort
Olivia Wilson 4 month ago
"We're going to have to tig-weld that"
Dries Ketels 10 month ago
Bobby, your humor is like a double edged sword. Some people will hate it and some will love it. I'm loving it utmost.
Gregory Jones 9 month ago
That moment you realize that Alec just used the word "dude" as an adjective
Sophocles 9 month ago
3:23 Alec trying so hard not to laugh.
lucy Lu 9 month ago
2:50 that was the cutest smile I have ever seen ☺️
MoonChild 10 month ago
"This man is insane" - my nana haha we love watching your videos together she always says your not quite right and she loves it
EvanAndKatelyn 10 month ago
*romantic stare intensifies* 👁️👄👁️ AHH guys this was awesome!
Bianca Amaya Hernandez 10 month ago
When he said "work it out" on minute 8:43, I lost it.😍😂😂
Davianne LaBelle 5 month ago
Oml, this whole time I'm trying to figure out what "wewd" is, and I just realised it's wood. 😆
Nathan Reaperz 8 month ago
"I love nature" - a wood psycho who loves making projects
captainchaos56 8 month ago
5:49 I was yawning when this happened so I closed my mouth immediately because it startled me.
david schudrich 10 month ago
I feel like that they’re two seven year olds playing with the sword and their moms about to call them in for dinner
Beverly Woods 8 month ago
You and Alex need to make each other's logo. You make his "Forged Steele" from a nice wewd (like purple heart or something) and he makes your "Wewd" sign out of Damascus steel.
Diana Osorio 9 month ago
I love how when Bobby wants something, he just makes it from scratch. I love how creative he is, keep it up Bobby Duke, keep it up!
Sandor Clegane 8 month ago
6:15 that drumming actually sounds pretty BRUTAL!
Vanessa Valilio 10 month ago
Who else cracked up laughing at the river/stream part? 😂😂😂😂
Gay Aura 8 month ago
3:38 The dog sounded like a cow lol Also, I think it would be awesome if you guys made the same thing (example: a wewd spider), but you do your own styles.
Ashton Michael 10 month ago
Alex's southern accent is actually really good. I'm impressed
Riley Herrmann 4 month ago
I just learned wood is spelled WEWD wow I never knew that.
Chelley Roberts 5 month ago
Boy comes over to take one of Bobby’s daughters on a date. “You like this sword? I made it outta wewd.” Leans in. “I can carve sooo many blades outta wewd.”
The Ancient Lantern 10 month ago
Alec: *I wawnt thayat* Bobby: DID WE JUST BECOME BEST FRIENDS?
BlueNinja6605 9 month ago
I’m new so when I saw the title I was like “the heck is wewd never heard of that before” then I heard him say it and then pick up wood 🤦🏻‍♂️ I’m an idiot
imyournewaddiction 10 month ago
"We've narrowed down our.....patrick"
live acha 7 month ago
you forgot somtheing you for got to say '' And i love wewd ''
Edge Lord 7 month ago
Alec saying "I wawnt thayt" Was too perfect
Batzi 10 month ago
Wewd is a great snack. Very nutritious and natural.
Morgan Bark 9 month ago
“Wewd” is the most beautiful word ever.
Ricky Jones 10 month ago
The montage at the end reminded me of when Anna killed the cameraman at the end of the Frozen 2 teaser trailer
theresa rawlinson 8 month ago
I do a pretty good impression of you when you say "I want that" :>
PoCanDo _ 5 month ago
10:34 i was expecting Alec to say, "well Mr Dookie"
blobin456 drawz 10 month ago
Me: *sits watching YouTube Bobby: *uploads* Me: *I wawnt that*
Nise Hammeken 7 month ago
I love it when you guys imitate each other's accents! it's hilarious!
Hcubed 07 6 month ago
can we just have a compilation of every "I want that" to ever exist?
Chelley Roberts 5 month ago
Lowes’ employees. “Oh no! There are two of them! THEY’RE MULTIPLYING!”
Roachie The Cannibal Roach 4 month ago
*ExCuSe Me bUt yOu cAlLeD mE a DiNgUs I TaKe tHaT oFfEnSiVeLy.*
Thor Justus 10 month ago
Marvel: infinity war is the most ambitious crossover of all time. Bobby and Alec: hold my Dr. Thunder, ya dingus. I hope Bobby finds this comment
willem zandstra 5 month ago
"got to get out the MIG welder"
sharp d25 9 month ago
"Okay pthhpp, okay" 😂 that got me
Cided Nire 5 month ago
“Wewd that will work well” How did you not hurt yourself saying that?
c s 8 month ago
when he said primer i said james charles
Newdguy1 YT 8 month ago
Dingus: wood genius: WEWD
Kelly Dayton 4 month ago
me: hey mom, do you know who these people are? my mom: Idk but they look very mature. my brain: ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! NOPE!
Anna Panda 8 month ago
I watched this while being in *THE STAGE OF THE STOMACH FLU* and I threw up when I first attempted to click on this...
EJ 10 month ago
1:06 when I get in trouble in a restaurant then driving home
Tara Van Boxtel 10 month ago
Alec-“I WANT THAT” Bobby-“o Alec! I want that too” •Awkward moment•
Rat-Tastic 6 month ago
It took me quite a while to figure out that ‘wewd’ is ‘wood’
Wally from the papa’s games 4 month ago
“Good as used!”- Bobby duke arts
Dragongem23 9 month ago
When you noticed he has the Pendragon book series on his shelf,any other books people recognize from his shelf??
Leah Rhodes 4 month ago
That river made me nervous just thinking about what is floating around in it not to mention snakes *shudders*
Running Dinosaur 10 month ago
Sometimes I wonder if Bobby is ok Just kidding he’s Bobby
IRIS Corporation 10 month ago
0:23 Background music: Glitz at the ritz (1) Jules Gaia
Katherine Lovewell 9 month ago
bobby: *also* i have a new tshirt design me: *notices the I WANT THAYUT* me: haha funny
Javier Oropeza 8 month ago
"Good as used"
SherlockedInTheTardis 9 month ago
"my name is Blobby Puke" 😂😂😂 I can't!!!
Lam Fam GAMING 5 month ago
I thought his name was Alex then bobby duunkle said Alec and I thought he was just trying to be funny but then I saw the title and it was actually Alec. Earthling names these days.....👽👽
K Y 10 month ago
Bromance forged in wood. Brittle, but pointy and good looking! 🤙🏼
Sophia Fuchs 10 month ago
Omg, two things: ONE- we have the same printer! TWO- I love the electro swing you have going on in the background.👍🏻
mavos1211 5 month ago
It’s just the best when you add a sample of one of your epic farts 🤣
The real American99. 10 month ago
Bruh Alec working next to Bobby reminded me That Alec is only 21.
Jelo 14 10 month ago
The drummer part was the BEST thing I’ve ever seen PERIODDDTTT
Liz W 9 month ago
1:07 How I feel every day. 7:06 Again. Always.
Isis Donth 10 month ago
13:30 The TRUE way to rush into battle. He is a great warrior, indeed.
Jessie Heim 5 month ago
For a second i thought it said Ash Steele i was like "hOlD uP" 🤣😂
Sarah Pessoa 10 month ago
How Bobby get ideas for videos: 1 - See a cool thing 2 - Want it
Mister Nobody 10 month ago
"Blobby Puke Arts" I died xD
334 Outdoors 10 month ago
Love the channel man I’ve got a question one of my friends just lost their house in a fire and the only thing left standing was 3 walls that are made of old school brick the kind with no holes and I was trying to think up something to do with them as a memorial keep sake type thing for him and his parents
corivian 10 month ago
I can’t imagine how much fun you two had making this video, amazing 👌🏻😂
Pink Floyd Janeo 8 month ago
me: what's wewd? later: ahhh so that's wewd
Breanna Dexter 10 month ago
I'll be honest: I came for the wewd carving, but I stayed for Bobby's great sense of humor. 😂
Noemi Bauersachs 9 month ago
The collab I've been waiting for YESSSSSSSSSS
Dave Lewis 10 month ago
"Boy I tell ya hwat, I sure love my Peg...wait....DAMNIT BOBBY!!!"
Kaitlyn Bond 10 month ago
Can't wait for my "I want thayut" shirt to come in!
EasyLife Productions 5 month ago
When Alec smiles he looks like sid the sloth
oceanic bellyache 10 month ago
Take a shot of apple juice everytime they fall in love.
ipokesnails 10 month ago
I never thought I would say this, but I'm giving a thumbs up for your incredibly enjoyable Curiosity Stream advertisement.
CyberVirtual 10 month ago
0:21 When you say a gay joke that went too far.