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There is enchantment in the light. From Robert Eggers, acclaimed director of 'The Witch,' and starring Willem Dafoe and Robert Pattinson. THE LIGHTHOUSE — Now Playing.

RELEASE DATE: October 18, 2019
DIRECTOR: Robert Eggers
CAST: Willem Dafoe and Robert Pattinson

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Kin Hamid 6 month ago
I feel liked I've sinned after seeing the sets in colour
danekarl 6 month ago
I went into this movie on a rainy day, experienced the film and when I left the theater it was clear and sunny. Immediately I said, HOW LONG HAVE WE BEEN IN THIS THEATER? 5 WEEKS? 2 DAYS? HELP ME TO RECOLLECT.
Peachy Parasite 6 month ago
Can't wait for whatever Robert Eggers does next
MotherChucker 4 month ago
The island seems so much friendlier in colour.
Ryan Khanna 6 month ago
It's like god graced us with this movie. So freakin amazing I literally can't
Aderemi Porsche 6 month ago
Hopefully, Willem Dafoe gets an Oscar nomination for his role. The man is a national treasure.
Theonlymexicanman Man 6 month ago
0:46 What’s this? Color? This is blasphemy. No one was supposed to see it in color
Don Draper 6 month ago
Best film of the year. The Academy are a bunch of cowards if they don't flood this film with nominations.
Tony Lawliet 6 month ago
Why'd you spill yer beans?
Jonathan B 6 month ago
"Crusty, rusty, dusty, musty." - Robert Eggers in every interview about The Lighthouse ever.
Pure Pip 6 month ago
Pattinson was on Daniel Day-Lewis level, don’t @ me.
Cinema Sorcery 6 month ago
It's amazing watching a genius start to come alive, I imagine this is how it felt when Pulp Fiction was released. A promising director follows a great film up with a masterpiece.
BlackAnbuOps 6 month ago
I would have loved to support this movie but it didn’t play anywhere near my area. Which is odd because both of the theaters in town had Midsommar. I’m incredibly disappointed and will most likely watch it through Kanopy for free when I would have gladly paid to seen it in a theater within a reasonable distance.
Oskari 6 month ago
I saw this last saturday and god I already want to see it again.
Elegant Disarray 6 month ago
This was seriously the best film I've seen in years. An absolute ride from start to finish. My friends and I left the theater speechless, and still feeling like we were trapped inside that world. This better win some major awards. Outstanding. ✌😎👍
Jackie Rosas 6 month ago
The color is making me more paranoid than the actual movie did.
Courtland Grangier 6 month ago
Saw it twice. My favorite movie of all time. Nothing will match the mystery and mesmerizing appeal of the first watch through, but the second you can notice just how well laid out and thoughtful the dialogue and story is.
Holisticaca 6 month ago
I want to watch this so bad, very impatient for the digital release
Peter Butrico 6 month ago
Such a masterpiece
Flush Fries 6 month ago
“Now Playing” Literally just was pulled from my theater
Andres Ruiz 6 month ago
By far the most beautiful scene is also the most overlooked one.... Where Winslow is in his bed & a seagull comes up to the window sill
TechnicJunglist 6 month ago
A Cinematic feat of genius
Thalia Barnes 6 month ago
Can't wait to see this film. It screams masterpiece
Im Freebz 6 month ago
When’s the Blu-ray though. Need to see this again
Julian _ 6 month ago
I bust out Robert Pattinson’s dance moves every party I go to now... everyone just looks at me weird
StepKickKing 6 month ago
I didn’t realise how much detail and work went into making this movie, especially the set’s being built front the ground up. The budget must’ve been pretty high. I look forward to seeing this movie.
Anna Repole 6 month ago
This movie was AMAZING
Lasher AF 6 month ago
I hope this movie gets a speedy digital release. I'm itching to see it again. I haven't stopped thinking about it since I saw it in theaters, and that was nearly a month ago.
siegfried 4 month ago
Best movie of 2019
No days off 6 month ago
4H 6 month ago
pumped as hell for The Northman.
Ace 6 month ago
I would go see it again but it’s not released in my city. I traveled hours just to go see it the first time
Bat 1996 6 month ago
We are still waiting for its release in India.
Bernardo Rodríguez 6 month ago
Someone tell me where i can find this movie, pleaseeeeee
Sergey Scherbina 6 month ago
I hate that I need to wait till end of January to watch this movie and all this time I need to hide from spoilers
A M 6 month ago
I hope there's a behind the scenes documentary when this comes out on Blu Ray! Def a must have for my collection!
Manas Bansal 4 month ago
This movie is a freaking masterpiece. Robert Eggers is a genius.
FijiStar Productions 6 month ago
What a genius work of art Best film of 2019
Symon Oliveira 6 month ago
Release it on digital, I want to watch.
Mehkya j 6 month ago
So cool a film that I adore so much was filmed where I was raised
Christian Silva 6 month ago
Out here realizing that the lighthouse was actually built for the film
The Shotgun Shogun 6 month ago
My top 3 films of the year (in terms of pure cinematic brilliance) 1) The Lighthouse 2) Parasite 3) Joker
Amélie Lapointe 4 month ago
The Lighthouse, Portrait of a lady on fire and Parasite... 2019 is truly a blessed year for cinema
I'm Going To Kill Sir Topham Hatt 4 month ago
This film was true cinema magnificent! Extraordinary in every way. 10/10 for me. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Juan Marmolejo 6 month ago
Robert eggers and ari aster should do a collaboration
Spider-Man 6 month ago
This movie is nearly perfect!
Morris 6 month ago
Probably my favourite film of the year I can't think of any other film that looks as good as this one.
Alex McGuire 6 month ago
Went mad, he did.
Adithya Prakash 6 month ago
Absolutely love how the video is in the same aspect ratio as the film!
Gilbert Garces 6 month ago
1:15 Triggered😂😂😂🤗 Amazing & hilarious movie!
Scholarly Cat 4 month ago
Robert Eggers wears Canada Goose WITHOUT the fur. This man is the real deal. Respect.
MLM 6 month ago
God, this looks amazing.
Bassel Al-Hroub 4 month ago
They actually built the lighthouse themselves ???!!!!! Really ??!!!!
Fightzpike 6 month ago
i’m literally reading every single one of these comments with caution to avoid spoilers lol.
Elliepopcorn 6 month ago
What about you release this masterpiece in my theaters A24 damn yee
silver black 3 month ago
So the Academy couldnt even give it " Best Cinematography "
Sum Boi 3 month ago
The behind the scenes footage makes it look like they’re filming a completely different movie without the black & white colour palette
Tomek Panas 4 month ago
Eggers is such a great director and writer! Can't wait to see his another movie
Henry Mv 6 month ago
Robert Eggers is kind of hot!
Michael Charron 6 month ago
Not gonna lie. I loved the black and white in this film but after seing the set and costumes in colour, I kinda want to see a coloured version
Yoliss García 4 month ago
Reminds me a lot to Bergman´s "The hour of the wolf" film, because of some scenes.
JC Denton 3 month ago
how is this different to other movies, they say its in black and white but all movies are like that, i dont get it...
Gingeta ! 6 month ago
Movie of the year for me, what an amazing experience
JoroJojoro 6 month ago
Just watched it today, with Dafoe present to boot! Absolutely amazing film, words cannot describe how strong the mesh created between aesthetics, technical decisions, suspense, and horror is. Otherwordly piece of art. Wish it had commercial distribution in my country, because I desperately want to watch it again and again.
Hrishikesh Sangli 6 month ago
I just love how a24 is bringing a new wave!! Thanks
Aashish Khakha 4 month ago
It's a real shame that this masterpiece has not been nominated for more Oscars. It deserves to be nominated for Best Pic, Best Actor / Supporting Actor.
shiv_ring 4 month ago
Damn, why did I miss this movie in cinema.
Cleared Hot 3 month ago
It feels like a 1936 film about the 1890s made in 2019.
Cup & Cone 6 month ago
The aspect ratio and B/W was fine, but the mono audio track was poor choice...most theaters aren't designed for that setup and they experienced really bad reverb from spacial delay with all the surround speakers also playing the voice audio.
Darcy Broom 6 month ago
Does anyone know if this is being released in Australia? Can't seem to find anything anywhere...
Allan99 6 month ago
A24 is one of those production companies that has a good grasp on which movies to produce, but has no clue how to release them.
James Lo 6 month ago
I need subtitle to rewatch this movie. Felt like Im missing so much important dialogue thus making this movie harder to understand. And probably read up some realated myth mentioned it film. ye film shows me the ignorance in myself
RaccoonJS 6 month ago
This featurette should've been entirely in monochrome.
Theo Amentas 6 month ago
Brandon Escalon 6 month ago
Fav movie of the year, maybe all time.
Alonso Rojas 6 month ago
Release it in Chile already!! I've been waiting for a month now.
Margarita M. 6 month ago
Looks really beautiful.
yugioh887 6 month ago
The screening I went the images are so much darker than here, hard to tell what is going on.
Bika 5 month ago
I watched the movie yesterday AND I LOVEEE ITTT
Herr Starr 4 month ago
I wonder if they left the lighthouse building there, I wanna see the damn light
Jacob Byers 6 month ago
Please Kind A24 People, give me more behind the scenes. Especially with the mermaid... for uh... analysis reasons.
domino2515 6 month ago
Thank you Robert Eggers for keeping art in cinema alive!
Sadist1c_M0nkey 6 month ago
I’m need a release date for that Blu Ray
User 432 6 month ago
Super excited for this one. I haven't even seen it but I think it's already a movie of the year contender.
Paul Mcdonough 3 month ago
this was a true story about smalls lighthouse in wales uk in 1801
YourAmericanHellraiser 6 month ago
I love the aspect ratio
JosephDiEgidioIII 6 month ago
I saw it once but I need to see it again
Caleb Batchman 6 month ago
You were fond of me lobster, werentcha?
Neil Tomlinson 5 month ago
My favorite movie of the year! Literally!
3ds max 6 month ago
This film is quite randy hmmmm yes.
Samuel Mercier 6 month ago
Alever Tree 6 month ago
I wanna know what he saw bruh 😔 the curiosity
1sheldon 6 month ago
cant wait to purchase this, missed it in theatres
GreshTooFresh 6 month ago
1:15 He lost no nut November
bright dreams films 6 month ago
waiting for its release in venezuela, on january 10 th
marisabella mena 6 month ago
something about seeing this in color is scary as hell
P M 6 month ago
I have a new respect for lighthouse keepers
Blade Runner 3 month ago
I appreciate the craftsmanship and painstaking work on the era sensitive dialogue but was bored by it. Nevertheless, he is in my wheelhouse and I expect nothing less than his standards from here on out.
Joshua Jose 5 month ago
This is the most batshit crazy movie of 2019. I hope it won so many awards.
Maru 6 month ago