The Garden - Sink

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The Garden's new album 'Kiss My Super Bowl Ring' is available March 13
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Co-Directed by William Sipos, Wyatt Shears & Fletcher Shears
Starring: Rex Osterkamp, Wyatt Shears & Fletcher Shears
Assisted by Ashley Clue & Marina Thompson
Makeup & Hair by Ryon Wu
Styling/Costume Design by Ashley Clue
Special Thanks to Trenton Velarde & Samir


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Jordan Adams 4 month ago
Get you someone who stares at you the way they stare at that ring
kendi b 4 month ago
fletcher be lookin kinda right in this
brillo 4 month ago
Thank you for giving me a heart attack at 2:29am
i love india 4 month ago
the shears gettin attractive everyday
pietremi 4 month ago
what if we lived in the dumpsters and sewage of the shears house
DΣΛTH- -VΛLLΞY 4 month ago
Cuando dillinger escape plan se separo pensé que no encontraria otra banda similar y... De una forma diferente este álbum creo que me va a dar lo que buscaba
señor misterio 4 month ago
No me asusto xdxdxd
Charlotte 👽🖤 4 month ago
Why didn’t they just pick up the ring 😂😂
ZeeManCan 4 month ago
beatlekid 4 month ago
we getting blessed by the gods fletcher and wyatt
TARDWRANGLER 3000 4 month ago
Love your music thank you for being alive 😍
Radical Gameryt 4 month ago
Bro that fuvkin scared me
bruja 4 month ago
danggg look at them tho
•Đ•AĎĎY Führer ĐaviđX21Δ 4 month ago
SKYTREE 4 month ago
yeah, same
cacauwu 4 month ago
Usū4r1o D3sconh3c1do 4 month ago
o wood 4 month ago
Umm ok then
Señorito Suave 4 month ago
Jajajaaja me troliaron
kelsey mainwaring 4 month ago
R. P. 4 month ago
make hardcore great again yeah!
dave lynch 4 month ago
....Well there goes my only clean pair of underwear
Tiler 4 month ago
A J 4 month ago
Drew Larsen 4 month ago
Did y'all turn on the garbage disposal?
snekdood 4 month ago
gotta say, dont know what i was expecting
Pitunia223 4 month ago
my parents
Phanic! with the yeEmø 4 month ago
Uh okay
Jacob Smalley 4 month ago
The E Boys return, louder than ever.
PanNoMic 4 month ago
fanny meli 4 month ago
I love you
Hell 4 month ago
Aborted fetus necrophiliac 4 month ago
Rodcasso 4 month ago
Got rick rolled😣
Gustav Wordless 4 month ago
Christiana Howard 4 month ago
Well that just happened
O E X O X 4 month ago
i m not scar lol someone who self harm and have anorexia and hate self how he can scare from that ??
Zameer 4 month ago
I was half an hour late to class then left ten min early just to listen to this song.
David Sandoval 4 month ago
My body is ready
nancy hernandez 4 month ago
What are the lyrics though
Josh Jennison 4 month ago
you guys sound horrible... no thanks
Teru Mikami 4 month ago
This is bad And not in a good way