J. Cole x Lil Pump Interview at The Sheltuh

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J. Cole and Lil Pump in conversation at The Sheltuh in North Carolina
Quickk 2 years ago
I don't understand how J. Cole can just talk to himself for 1 hour.
Iftikhar Kazi 1 year ago
Lil Pump: Udjfghwiqinbxjhausisiw J. Cole: You smart
Ryan Mazzei 1 year ago
I love how cole was just picking apart this kids mind trynna figure him out for a solid hour 😂
Nicholas Garcia 1 year ago
This should be titled “A Scared Young Teenager Talks to a Psychiatrist”
hsika 1 year ago
This sounds like a conversation with me and my school counselor
Love & HAte 2 years ago
"Come here lil' man, let me talk wit ya"
Roselyn Ramirez 11 month ago
We need an interview with J.Cole and Kendric Lamar!!!!!
Lean Big 1 year ago
Lil Pump is a mumble talker too, I don’t even know wtf he sayin half of the time
I t s m u t e d 9 month ago
Pump: drinks nothing Cole: damn bro u smart
Mophie 1 year ago
Fuck.... J Cole is so positive and cool man . He knows how to talk to growing rappers. He definitely on Pacs footstep .
EXAZ 1 year ago
20:51 Lil Pump: aowafadahsheyareredashetykno..fawkowday Cole: Bro, that's deep
Roy Martin Tandberg 10 month ago
Lil Pump: breaths J. Cole: Damn bro, thats deep
Samuel Ramus 11 month ago
lil pump is so like flexing and stuff on his music but hes actually so shy
Harambe 6 month ago
j cole: "so how you start rapping?" pump: "i was just freestyling then boom now im here" J. Cole and X convo woulda been historic
Gage England 7 month ago
If j cole had his own talk show it would be fire
Veridian 2 years ago
Should've asked him how much time it takes to drive 70 miles when you're going 70 miles per hour
Jesus Mendoza 1 year ago
Lil Pump is scared and confused cuz he's talking with a smart man😂
G.O.M.D 12 month ago
When you finally got the balls to talk to your crush And they only reply with 2 words 😂😂😂
Mister man 1 year ago
Lil pump pretending to know what j Cole sayin
Mahad 1 year ago
I love how J.Cole Is pure personality and himself all the time, he doesn't have any diamond chains or fancy watches.
FG 2 years ago
this is like the school counsellor trying to set his students on the right path
Savage Imposter 1 year ago
Lil Pump : Did you know that American is in the north and USA is in the south J Cole : You smart
D. Mix 1 year ago
Lil pump is like that one kid who behaves bad in class and when he gets in trouble he's scared for life and scard for LIFE 🤣
JesiahTheBaller 1 year ago
This comment section cracking me up 😂😂
Jay Opsal 1 year ago
Cole really tryna get in touch with these rappers man... Listen.. because his words are meaningful man. You won’t be young forever bruh.
cal 2 years ago
J. Cole is Lil Pumps therapist
Svateq 6 month ago
Looks like Pump is propably not used to talk with kind people that just wanna know him for his personality, not his fame or money. Which is kinda sad cuz Cole looks like he could be really good and supportive friend to Pump. God bless
August Piz 1 year ago
Started smoking when i was in 7rh grade too. Not all the time but it def came frm me being vulnerable from coming from a brkn home too. Im 32 now and still smoke full time. I rly regret starting soo yng and not caring abt my education and only caring abt hustling. I fkd up my life pretty bad by dedicating my life to the flower. To the youngins out there...... Rly rly think abt what you want to do with your life no matter what age you are.
Thor Odinson 10 month ago
J Cole: This kid is smart. Lil Pump: SEVENTY NIGGUH!
DREAMZY Beatz 8 month ago
19:33 Lil pump: *takes sip of air* J cole in his head: How does that air taste
Ashley Morin 2 years ago
J Cole: I can see you’re intelligent Lil pump: *playing with his toes*
Anthony Kurosaki 6 month ago
I get a strange vibe that lil pump ain’t making it past 27..
Lil Rice 6 month ago
“jcole talking to a tree for an hour”
Terence Singer 9 month ago
Lil pump: how you know the sun is hot... have you ever touched it? J cole : that's deep.
James H 6 month ago
When j Cole said “damn bro that’s deep”, he was talking about the situation Pump was in with his mom and step dad. Cole wasn’t talking about what came out of Pump’s mouth.
Girish Ph. 1 year ago
Man wish cole talked to x..Shit would have been damn interesting.
Kung fu Benny 10 month ago
This is like watching a PhD Harvard philosophy professor trying to explain the meaning of life to a second grader
Roger. NYC 7 month ago
i think lil pump has a lot of personal issues that he doesn't know how to express or that he wants to keep hidden.
Bridgette Curley 5 month ago
I would love love love to just have a sit down conversation with J. Cole and just talk about life and the world, this man is so intelligent and humble and had educated and guided me in many ways
Beatriz Vasquez 12 month ago
J Cole: In case shit gets weird I gotta whole list of things we can talk about 😅 Pump: shiiit
Skankhunt42 2 years ago
This is what uncle snoop was talking about, OGs need to teach the young ones. Thank you Cole.
Samuel Thrasher 10 month ago
Jay Cole's one of the realest dudes out there man. Even though he knows dude ain't got that much substance..he's still making him feel welcome trying to show him a little love and respect peace to J Cole
Color Blind Entertainment 1 year ago
Shoutout to J Cole for taking over the interview and kept the structure. Lil Pump can’t communicate. Overnight celebrity
Dio ` 7 month ago
J Cole: Talks about his whole life Lil Pump: Ya J Cole: Damn u smart
Conkey 6 month ago
The wifi password is in the back of the router. Back of the router : 20:51
BRN BDN 2 years ago
Lil pump's manager be like : " every time the urge to scream esketiit becomes too strong, play with this yellow ball"
jazz 1 year ago
The messenger can only deliver the message to those who are a vibrational match... smh this is hard to watch
Maria lwom 1 year ago
Bruh Foward this video to any point in time and I guarantee each time you’ll land on J. Cole talking
Dalz 9 month ago
19:33 he drank air
Cody Clingan 6 month ago
Just imagine him and xxx doin this instead of pump
zane Smith 2 years ago
@3:23 Pump asks J Cole how he started rapping @9:17 Lil pump talking about being kicked out of school @11:48 Cole ask pump why he started smoking @13:19 Cole talking about pumps parents divorcing @14:24 Pump asks Cole about his step dad @17:40 Pump talking about his stepdad. @19:35 Pump pulls out strap on his stepdad @22:42 Cole talks about why he possibly started smoking weed/unstable house hold @24:53 What kinda music he listen to before rap/ who he looked up to in the rap game. @28:08 Cole telling pump some kids know he is trolling/ but some kids really take pump's lyrics serious(1985 verse) and that could impact them the wrong way. @31:36 Asking how pump puts a song together @32:57 Asking pump about the f*ck j.Cole stuff @40:22 Talking about 1985 @42:32 Pumps ask Cole when he first heard his music.
chris ramus 1 year ago
cole : Dam bra that's deep .. Lil pump:🤟🏽🤟🏽 haaaaaa i did mushrooms when i was five
SKRTCOBAINTV 7 month ago
Pump only 17 in this video, Cole been grown. He just tryna talk to pump, get to know him, understand him, whilst trying to provide some low-key advice. Pump honestly probably respected this shit. They put all the fame, and all that BS aside and just had a normal human conversation. That's real shit.
Fangs 7 month ago
I would give anything to meet J. Cole.
Zack 6 month ago
22:38 J Cole almost loses composure as he processes that Pump just pulled out a chunk of his braids and put it on his coffee table.
Voyajr 2 years ago
Dad has a long conversation with recovering drug addict son.
The Best Album Ever Made 10 month ago
Pump actually seems like a cool ass kid when he’s not putting up his image real easy to talk to
Woozy 11 month ago
19:33 😂 How does that air taste?
Pillar Techi 7 month ago
20:48 Pump: "ahhcjxiiesbbdooos" Cole: damn, bro that's deep
Prod. King Bolt 8 month ago
I think j Cole does know the bigger picture. This isn’t a “pump is stupid haha look at j Cole be smart” this is definitely a really cool look at these “ignorant” celebrities. It humanizes both of them and you can really see both of their true personalities.
MR. PERFECT 2 years ago
Don’t let this distract you from the fact that Chris Brown and Soulja Boy never fought
Oswaldo Salazar 6 month ago
Imagine if X and j cole had a conversation
GangGang 5 month ago
Pump: *struggles to rap a chorus for one of his songs* J cole: “Damn bro, you smart”
Christian Cotto 4 month ago
I love how Cole cares for him, and is actually trying to open his eyes in a way a young mind would understand, and not judging him but trying to explain from what’s right and wrong, trying to help him grow as a person.
idkwhattosay 1 year ago
The moment j cole didnt have the right Word and pump helped him, i knew he was lyricist 23:30
Zaki Saad 1 year ago
The humble rapper & the mumble rapper
Meidach Nate 1 year ago
Mumble rapper vs Humble rapper *FIGHT*
not v3rtical 1 year ago
annoys me how lil pump makes himself look so bad infront of the guy
Michelle B 1 year ago
I feel like Pump needs a big hug <3 I want to take care of him he brings out my maternal instinct
Jack Davies 1 year ago
J cole painting a larger picture for his student
FG 2 years ago
lil pump got sent to the principals office
Armania Dojalina 1 year ago
Lil pump cup been hella empty the whole interview
Erin Marquis 1 year ago
Thank you for asking/telling him literally everything that you did. Whether or not he acted like he did or didn’t give af .... he hears you. And that’s all that matters. I think you probably knew that too going into this. and for the record.... I always gon fucks with j.cole and that old school shit! Don’t everrrr stop. ❤️
NateDogSturdikat 6 month ago
Despite how weird this interview is I honestly believe this will go down in music history as an important moment where generations and genres collided and how we fixed it.
Matt Orbita 1 year ago
Pump just crunching on ice cubes while Cole talk about his life lol
Twitch DotComZ 1 year ago
19:31 pump literally took a sip of nothing.
E.T. 1 year ago
When you realize that J. Cole is 15 years older than him. 😮
Omkar Parab 8 month ago
Imagine, MGK and Eminem like this omg
G-Ace Khasi Rapper 1 year ago
Mumble rapper vs lyrical rapper... J Cole: "no such thing as life that better than yours" Lil pump: "gucci gang, gucci gang, gucci gang " J Cole :That's not rap
ʙᴜʟʟꜱʜɪᴛ ʙᴜʟʟꜱʜɪᴛ 9 month ago
Nobody Literally no one: Not even you: J Cole: *calls lil pump smart*
Prod. By Napé 5 month ago
The responses make this sound like he’s talking to his 13 year old son
El Clavo 1 year ago
He said like 3,500 times. Lol
KINGEMINI DMV 1 year ago
Cole just a cool human being
Rager_Rabbit_ G 1 year ago
Pump: I dont like hoppin on any beat Cole: Oh you cant?
Noelen 2 years ago
J Cole: 3 minute response Lil Pump: *sips" Lil Pump: yeh
Infinite Clutch Gaming 1 year ago
Cole sure has alot of patience...
Esteban Negrete 11 month ago
J cole: That’s ya man , y’all grew up together? Pump: That’s my bestfriend , yuh
Cj Vlonee 4 month ago
Crazy how i just stumbled upon this yesterday and watched J cole literally explain my life Like all the way lol. Literally it’s like Inhave lil pumps story with everything you was suing as well lol. Literally watching my life go as You were saying idk only difference is i’m probably going to end up actually pulling that Trigger when i back out on this nigga i’m not gonna do it for show Lol Ima end up dead or in jail
_Jeys_ 5 month ago
J cole deep deep shi:: Pump:: mmhmm yes mmhmm, sips lean,, soo J cole any ways about uhh but but, Pump:: mhm J cole: see man you smart thas deep as hell
Jocelyn Aguirre 1 year ago
Cole gives a whole speech Pump replies with 3 words 😂
Tanner Bowman 6 month ago
Pump looks so vulnerable and insecure here😂
Add Name Here 1 year ago
J Cole got a lot of patience. I hope he don't shake his hand why that kid keep playing with his feet
VVOUX 7 month ago
When they pair up the smart kid with the kid that comes in late every day and skips 40% of the school year.
VOLL 10 month ago
This feels like an hour haircut session
JLB3__ 2 years ago
"Come here lil man, lemme talk witcha"
T81 6 month ago
just a talk with your principal after u get caught selling dope
JÆJÆ 11 month ago
22:18 J. Cole summarized the interview
jc chan 1 year ago
J Cole is too real for the rap industry. I can't even deal with how underrated he is. He deserves more in life.
Gmoneyman 1 year ago
The vibes coming from lil pump are weird asf. He’s looking at j cole like he’s looking at a god.
QNB QUAYDRIP 1 year ago
J Cole: I loved Pac and he inspired me and I got inspired by him and he got me to start to rap Pump: I was high and I freestyled😂