Venomous Octopus Defends the Reef!

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On this episode of Blue Wilderness, Mark and the crew are back at Grand Cayman Island… but this time for a space odyssey-like night dive unlike anything you’ve seen before. They are in search for something truly unique at the edge of the Caribbean Sea and the only way to find it is to dive into the dark abyss to shed light on the alien-like creatures that call this reef home, including the LARGEST venomous octopus we’ve ever featured on the Brave Wilderness channel! What else will they come across? Watch now to find out!

Get ready, you're about to see an incredible venomous octopus defending its reef in the darkness of the sea!

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Chrissii C 4 month ago
The beauty of this film. The calming sound of his voice. The genuine interest and care for these creatures and their habitats. These are some of the reasons I subscribed. BW♡♡♡
Christa M 4 month ago
To brave wilderness, I am six, my mom is typing this for me I want to say thank you for teaching me stuff. I love everything you do. How do you get to be so brave? I want to be brave just like you someday but right now I’m not, I watch you and want to do what you do someday. Thank you for helping me be a little braver when I see you do this stuff, it makes me say I’m gonna do that. You are amazing. So thank you for being amazing to me.
Maxime Immerzeel 4 month ago
These video’s were made just for the people who in the comments always call Mark and Mario ‘cameraman’
Roblox Updates 4 month ago
Vote Coyote Peterson for Favorite Male social star on Nickelodeon’s kids choice awards Edit: I’m not trying to get controversial so let’s stop getting controversial in the replies ok?
Hello Hello 4 month ago
5:45 when that crunch sound happened I was genuinely worried because I was rubbing my ear with earphones in at the time and suddenly hear a crunch. I thought I damaged my ear some how.😆
stillmemer 4 month ago
Brave wilderness: **does this** Me: **freaks out when the bottle of shampoo hits the bathtub floor**
I Am 999 4 month ago
Brave Wilderness Team: *go into the reefs to find creepy creatures* Me: *afraid of other humans*
Mr Poob 4 month ago
Coyote: hey girl wanna be my girlfriend Girl: no let’s just stay friends Coyote: I’m coyote Peterson and I’m about to enter the friendzone
Nathangomin G 4 month ago
6:29 shorts when you go in the pool
Thanos - The Inevitable 4 month ago
Coyote: And here we go. I am Coyote Peterson, and I am about to enter the friend zone with my crush. Coyote: Hi She: Hi, but as a friiieeeennnddd. Coyote: *AAAARRRGGGGGHHHH!* Mark: Describe the pain.
Fiona Biona 4 month ago
3010: I’m Coyote Peterson and I’m about to jump in a volcano
William Orr 4 month ago
You did good till ya mentioned they were ""aliens""from another world,no goofy,,,, they are Octopuses from this world.Please say no to drugs.!!
Will Letheby 4 month ago
The animals are like, "WE ARE TRYING TO SLEEP BOY COME BACK IN THE MORNING" or they are sleep walking
Ed 4 month ago
“As I hope to encounter...the aliens of the reef” My brain: humans...what you’re looking for are humans lol
Ultra Shot05 4 month ago
Came back after a while this channel is so different and wasn’t the YouTube channel called cayote Peterson?
Eddie G 4 month ago
I don't like how everything is scripted reading now. It feels like someone is reading a novel.
TheAnimalKing 4 month ago
The world is beautiful and life is hard 😉
Brooklyn Crabtree 4 month ago
Brave wilderness: *searches for venomous squid in the pitch black ocean* Me: *scared when I get bit by a mosquito*
cleopatrarose 4 month ago
So cool to see you guys talk about coral reefs, especially with all of the self bleaching that's been happening. Keep up the good information!!
TrueProGamer 4 month ago
Haven’t watched one of your videos in a while, I like the different feel of the camera man talking, sorry I forgot this cameraman’s name. I only know coyote and Mario, did something happen to coyote or is this just a special video Edit: oh his name is mark! Hi mark lol
Pointless Potato 4 month ago
The Meme Guy 4 month ago
This is legit one of the best Narrations BW has ever had, not to front Coyote I freaking love him but Mark is so so underrated.
G litch 4 month ago
Brave wilderness: *travels the world Me: “ITS THE NEW INDIANA JONES”
Texas Jungle 4 month ago
I love animals so much I started my own channel and started filming thank you so much for the encouragement and motivating me to grow!
brigidtheirish 4 month ago
The way that first reef squid held its tentacles in a very specific but complex position makes me think it was saying something. Squid: Greetings, strange land creature! Welcome to my domain! Please remember to pick up any food wrappers or loose pieces of plastic before you leave!
DaDuckHimself 1 4 month ago
Mark: The CEO of “are you ok?”
Samantha Forsythe 4 month ago
Uploaded 6 AM my time? For Brave Wilderness, I will tune in whenever c:
diehardnyy 4 month ago
Ya`ll need to hop on a submarine and find a Dragon Fish, they are amazing (PLEASE!!!!!!)
Frankie Phillips 4 month ago
Sometimes I rlly what to do this but sometimes I get scared but tbh this was so cool I hope on day I can do this but I can't now bc I'm only 10 but I have been watching you guys for so long now I have learnt so much so I can't thank you enough thanks for making me smart about animals and there beaver I'm so happy for learning about animals bc I love animals more than my math work bc I love maths at school but I love this chanle I'm so happy for finding it ty keep up the amazing work :)
ScorpiusHD 4 month ago
I love the ocean. It’s my favorite part of the world. Because it’s so big. Tons of beautiful scenery. I can imagine how cool it is to dive underwater. I wouldn’t be scared.
Abdul Doza 4 month ago
The octopus looks so cool!
SHOPIN 4 month ago
Eyyy y'all found my boy squidward 😂🐙
Pie_seas 4 month ago
Just subscribed. Wish I would've sub a long time ago, Mark's calm soothing voice was a done deal. Can't wait for more magnificent blue wilderness adventures.
Rico Gamer 4 month ago
Who click right away and went to the comments
Mia Nguyen 4 month ago
I've been to Grand Cayman Island before! It's beautiful there.
Eli Naderi 4 month ago
He’s not actually going to the ocean look about where he jumps in water
Jessica Price 4 month ago
Was that octopus displaying bioluminescence as well? It looked illuminated as the lights left. That was So beautiful!
daisx beohfox 4 month ago
I was eating a live octopus tentacle once and got choked up on it because of how rubbery the meat is. Never liked that texture in my mouth.
Maddie Mads 4 month ago
I was in the grand Camen islands when this was posted!
GlitchEGamer1 4 month ago
3:06 😏 gonna make me act up
craig k. 4 month ago
That coral reef is so gorgeous! Those sea creatures are beautiful too, it must be scary diving at night. Loved the video!
Toymane 4 month ago
I love this show all the insects and animals BTW no cuss word in all the pain
Orodon Kassa 4 month ago
These oceanic lifeforms be thinkin they saw aliens beaming lights over their heads and disappearing as quick as they came...
Isaac Da Deku Ripoff 4 month ago
How this guy doesn’t cuss or cry is beyond me. NASA shouldn’t try to get to Mars, we have to figure out the size of this mans balls first. Bigger than the sun.
Epicly ünicøre 4 month ago
Thank you brave wilderness for doing these dangerous videos for us. It is really entertaining and educational for us. You deserve 100 million subscribers. ❤
IdontknowYT 4 month ago
Who thinks he found squidward
Mario C 4 month ago
3:38-3:53 That explains why those teenagers in horror movies always go into the dark to "check out the sound" 😆
Matthew Kile 4 month ago
Why haven’t I seen coyote Peterson in a while
Shawn Ballard 4 month ago
Awesome episode man! These are the episodes I love the most. The ones where you just go out and search for creatures. They make me feel like I am out there with you.
The True Kitti 4 month ago
Man... I haven't watched Brave Wilderness in a while. Production has gone up a crap ton, but I kind of feel like the life has been sucked out of the show...
Shadow Girl 4 month ago
Hi coyote I just want to let you know that you're a very brave person for doing all the things you do on the brave wilderness channel I always look up to you with your videos you are very very brave to be doing this and I wish I'm as brave as you one day I've been watching these videos for a while now and they have taught me a lot so for that thank you.
NLE IcyHot 4 month ago
I’m dead. Mark just keeps saying “r u ok?”
Väike Õlekõrs 4 month ago
thank you Mark for another amazing video of blue wilderness !!!
Leonardo Lanza 4 month ago
Seeing this episode made me realize: Playing too much Subnautica made me feel VERY uncomfy about the sea at night.
anitha m.r. 4 month ago
I miss coyote Peterson he was the only reason I watch brave wilderness I don't get to see him in any new vids any more 😓
Michelle Morningstar 4 month ago
wow that was just epic see that octopus so cool just blew my mind thanks so very much never knew they change cool love it all thanks so much for sharing..
Nature Imposter 4 month ago
Wow that's amazing I wish I could go dark sea diving, or night diving I think it's called. But it's really sad to know that most of the coral reefs in the world are in danger of dying off.😓
MCGProductions 4 month ago
do an executioner wasp vs giant hornet fight but before fight do a review
Video Slip 4 month ago
I just got the notification and there’s already 2.4k views
IWantAFriend 4 month ago
Your voice alone could be ASMR
Cursed Piston 4 month ago
*Hey do you remember that vid where u tasted the KB honey can you find a "Dangerous" Species of a animal what produces milk and taste the milk?*
Noah McCoy 4 month ago
Brave Wilderness Is Honesty The Best! The Way They Help you learn about these Amazing Creatures! Mark You Do A Great Job!
SuperFunTvee 4 month ago
They're really cool and bizarre animals and they can eat a full grown rat as well as birds that have fell out of the nest and they can weigh up to five pounds or more
Troll_Wolf 4 month ago
It's nice to know that octopuses can do more than just ink, Thank You.
DarkMagicSeptember 4 month ago
3:30 Haha, looks like a daruma doll :D
S Mldo 4 month ago
Mark be like at coyote's funeral. Mark:coyote you ok
doodleartlover 4 month ago
This entire video was awesome! Not only did I really enjoy seeing the octupus and squid but the scenery was absolutely breathtaking... so colorful and unique! Thanks for sharing, BW!
Duneydan 4 month ago
Well... We found enough fossils of octopus that we are able (to an extand) to understand their evolution like for example: when they lost their shell.👾 Too bad for the aliens👽
polarcallum 4 month ago
Next video: getting stung by a sting Ray.
Žiga bro. zga. 4 month ago
Can't wait for your show on discovery And i voted for u on kids choice awards
Kaelyn & Savannah 4 month ago
Have you guys ever done a Axolotl? If not, could you do one? They are my favorite type of freshwater creatures
Robin Redman 4 month ago
That was soooo Awesome !!!! And I appreciate you for being curious for us all...Thank You!! 😃🌹Be Safe Dude 👍🏼
SkittlesGud 4 month ago
Guess the sentence 👁🚈3️⃣➕👍 Sentence: I Sub and like The three is because the word subway I use the first 3 letters of subway
Cloud Strife 4 month ago
That octopus was so coooooooooooool!!!!!!! The way it “balloons up” first time I’ve seen that!
Thomas Mellon 4 month ago
That was amazing, beautiful and completely awesome. I said Coyote started to be too child friendly but i lied. Don't listen to me, I enjoy all of his content too. Bring him back lol
Squidy Specifications 4 month ago
Cephalopods are my favorite animals! I'm so happy there's another Brave Wilderness video about them. Thank you! :)
Connor Odom 4 month ago
5.45 what was that Me: popping my fingers
Mridul Sharma 4 month ago
Woow Mark, now i love you and Coyote equally!I have a question:have u ever encountered those blue ring octopus?
ABBYFAN14 4 month ago
Brave wilderness: we found the biggest snake in the world. Me: I hate snakes but love this channel this are such some fun facts I never known I’ve watched someone with reptiles in a cage but I never seen people dive for a venomous octopus you are so cool
Mr. Z 4 month ago
Next episode.... Finding the *"Living Fossil"* The Coelacanth
GamerBoy Thomas 4 month ago
Brave Wilderniss yeet!!
Ro : 4 month ago
Love the blue wilderness videos my dudes they’re so well done, and mark is really coming into his own as the main man. Suits him you know?
Lucas Birch 4 month ago
WOW that was amazing keep up the good work team
Andrescia Hooten 4 month ago
Man, y’all always go to the coolest places! I’m so jealous😉
Maryam Kidwai 4 month ago
This is one of the most exciting and beautiful vedios ever!!!!one of my favourites!!!
Rose Renee 4 month ago
Thank you for sharing this with us! I always loved the ocean, and octopi and squids are so interesting to me! So learning all this and seeing these beautiful creatures was an amazing way to end my day 💕
Joel The Scaredy Soul 4 month ago
5:05 It's so weird, it looks there's no water.
I AM IRON MAN 4 month ago
This is right up my street! I have a passion and interest for the creatures and reefs of the ocean and octopus are my famous animal. The colours and corals of the reef are amazing
DarkXXSKI EX 4 month ago
You make me feel brave!!but when I feel scared I just watch you!!
Kevin Ledesma 4 month ago
That’s so crazy how an octopus has 3 hearts and can change its skin texture. Truly amazing
Heather Zimmerman 4 month ago
You guys have so much merchandise that’s awesome. I’ll save my money to get one.
Rabbit Lover 4 month ago
Please make a video where you go to Micronesia. I used to live there and I want the viewers to see it.
Ralf Ethan C.CASTIL 4 month ago
me and my friends where at a hotel that had beach caught an octopus once and they didnt know what octopus as they wher trying to handle it I quickly notice thats a blue ringed octopus and I told them it was venomous so we caught it without touching it so I realized that I have saved them thanks to my animal knowledge and I haved loved animals since I was a kid and I begun with dinosaurs shortly after we decision to name I AMAZING cause of its amazing color
DJ Cow Sauce 4 month ago
The *Wilderness Wilderness* adventures with Coyote *Wilderness*
Lyrics_girl Bubles 4 month ago
4:45 O-O what the hell is that crab I've never seen it 😳😳😳😳
Alvin Wu 4 month ago
5:16 Largest spider crab Peterson has seen *Sad Japanese spider crab noises*
とり 4 month ago
Yo i love this kinds of contents dudes ! It feels like in the one who is doing the dive !! Loveley.
Casey Mathews 4 month ago
Love the tv show it's so good I can't stop watching it I'm addicted
Blad 4 month ago
I would love if you guys made an episode on abyssal creatures, maybe with the E/V Nautilus team ;)
Elijah Patrick Navarrete 4 month ago
I haven’t been here since 2016. I STILL LOVE IT 😍