He’s The Best Georgia QB Since Trevor Lawrence! #1 Ranked Brock Vandagriff Is BUILT DIFFERENT

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Brock Vandagriff is just BUILT DIFFERENT! We went down to Georgia to see what makes him THE BEST. He's the #1 QB in the class of 2021 and he's not even CLOSE to reaching his full potential.

Brock has one of the strongest work ethics we've seen. He's developed his mindset around one idea "Nobody cares, WORK HARDER". He's always finding ways to GET BETTER and improve his game.

Brock has over 30 offers to play college football. He originally committed to Oklahoma, but he realized he needed to stay close to home.

With his family by his side, Brock is staying in Georgia to start his legacy as the NEXT COLLEGE STUD!

Check this out and let me know what you want to see from BROCK!

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Joseph Robinson 5 month ago
Turn blue if u miss Kobe
Owen Benfield 5 month ago
“He’s the best Georgia QB since Trevor Lawrence” well it’s been 3 years that’s not a huge compliment
BRETT- YT 5 month ago
Imagine never hearing about this guy 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️ (no hate)
Peyton G 5 month ago
Georgia is the king of football talant. Trevor Lawrence, Justin feilds, and now this dude? In just 2 years???????? Think about that yall
thatboy dre 5 month ago
Never heard of this guy honestly I feel like everyone is no.1 now days
plus-five 5 month ago
Imagine coming to the video and there’s only four comments😂
Uno Solo 5 month ago
The Ginger Avenger. You're about to be The Man for the Georgia Bulldogs. Good luck your Senior year & stay committed to the DAWGS. Welcome to UGA young man....GO DAWGS!
Crazykidslaya 5 month ago
Georgia QBs are just a different breed
A E 5 month ago
Damn his dad coached at Woodward. Atl stand up
Supreme Jay 5 month ago
Where bunchy at
Braylon Williams 5 month ago
Hopefully he lives up to the hype 85 percent he does
William McCormack 5 month ago
Go dawgs🐶‼️
Bulldawg Freakzoid 5 month ago
Athens bred,Athens bound!! Welcome home DAWG 🐶🔴⚫
Daniel Park 5 month ago
Man I hope this kid helps us bring a natty home... It's been too long
Ashley Smith 5 month ago
That’s right next to my school that school is and I know him
Nathan Eke 5 month ago
Ian Joyce 5 month ago
So this is the quarterback that guys at the bar said they fought in high school?
Sam Stephens 5 month ago
Melissa May 4 month ago
This dude is a beast!
Gerald Harmon 4 month ago
Welcome to the G Brock! GO DAWGS!!!🏈🐶🏈
Christian Bielawski 4 month ago
This guy in unbelievable. He’s gonna be a star in the NFL
Eric Bell 5 month ago
Lets go Dawgs!!!
Simon Duvall 4 month ago
South is really the hotbed for talent. I cant name a big name out of the north or midwest in the past few years
BigTime Clipz Washington 5 month ago
I mean u said John McCarthy is number 1 and this guy. Idk anymore but nice vid tho
TeejMiller 5 month ago
They crush us in football each year
Brock Allen 5 month ago
My name is brock
Billy Hudgins 4 month ago
Best deal not only for you put your family especially your mother Kirby great coach don't listen to the hater's two sec title's and went all the way missed it buy a inch I will say this I happy Kirby is are coach he puts in so much work he's hungry
Madden 20 superstar Challenges 5 month ago
I a fan of Georgia
SFN_Money Kaiz 5 month ago
He’s lit I I am good friends with him
kenny Thomas 5 month ago
When are yall uploading bunchie
Sam Stephens 5 month ago
Shout out to Brock and UGA from Gainesville 🤘🤘🤘💯💯💯🔥🔥🔥
Christian Bielawski 4 month ago
He ha sunbelivable talent
Kazr Flores 5 month ago
SpenceDa CoolKid 5 month ago
Bro where is the bunchie episode
King T 5 month ago
Hope you commit to UGA #howboutthemdawgs
Christian Hernandez 5 month ago
jj McCarthy >
CosmicsharkPvP Factions 5 month ago
what about Jake fromm?
SalFM and the Imitation Artitsts 4 month ago
Gonna say no...hit me up in 2023 if I am wrong
I am gay and 5 month ago
Now the discussion, Brock or Jamie Newman
Charles Adams 5 month ago
One big major difference in Brock & Trevor, Trevor was smart enough not to go to Georgia
john brodel 5 month ago
bust or buster
npitts06 5 month ago
Justin Fields?!
Whet Wash 5 month ago
Hopefully he doesn’t transfer to osu😑
Angel Ochoa 5 month ago
Where is bunchi young
Caleb Rowser 5 month ago
Post bunchie
Ty Ward 5 month ago
I hate all the hate people give
Derosena Fam 5 month ago
Where is bunchie young? You guys said January 30th u would come out with a vid. C’mon
Charles Adams 5 month ago
If he is as good as people think he would have gone to ou and competed against Spencer Rattler for QB1
Under Dog 5 month ago
He would be the 🐐 if he wears that same helmet setup at Georgia that's in the thumbnail
Adam Baker 5 month ago
"since trevor lawrence" that may be one of the dumbest sentences ive heard
GoVolsByGod #1 4 month ago
Ever heard of Harrison Bailey? Y’all keep sleepin’