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I didn't have any part of coming up with this whole idea, but saw it last night and thought it was pretty cool. Definitely don't want to see my local pho houses and taco shops go out!!

Hoping all this won't last long, but until then...

Stay healthy & ENJOY!!!

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Matt Stonie 9 days ago
Sorry, took abit to edit this and kinda too late to order food now.. (or maybe not) 🤔 Just wanted to say whats up & check in. More Challenges to come! Stay safe & healthy everyone!
ZedOrFed Zone 9 days ago
Normal people: *Panic Buying* Matt Stonie: *PANIC EATING*
Gamer Bendy 8 days ago
Foods: *exist* Matt Stonie: I'll take your entire stock
RedIsAKoolKolor 8 days ago
Ok, Let's be real here Half of us are here due to staying up all night.
sakshi 8 days ago
Everyone: stocking up for Corona Matt: *stocking up for lunch*
Pretentious Prick Pickle Picking Punk 8 days ago
0:12 is me late at night, dreading my loneliness
Abstaplays 8 days ago
his stomach is a void , endless black hole where food , light , and water get spagettified , get reduced to atoms and disappear into oblivion
Carl Johnson 8 days ago
Everybody buying large amount of food in PANIC. Matt:You know,I do that everyday without PANICING.
Blluid 8 days ago
*so thats why everything was gone when i went corona shopping*
seira Hefn 9 days ago
if Matt gets corona virus, he'll digest it.
Classified 1 8 days ago
Wait so he gets to eat fast food and here my parents aren't lettin Me even taste it 😭😭😭 Soo luckkkyyy
Béa 8 days ago
I’m disappointed at how short this video was but I like how you’re trying to help others by buying from them amidst all this chaos 👍
Cozmo GOAT 8 days ago
We waited so long for this yes We need your content in these times lol
Albinopanda 8 days ago
With Matt Stonie in town, all restaurants can take a sigh of relief.
XD XD 8 days ago
I would be scared if I was his roommate during the corona pendemic 😶
Migz I 9 days ago
Me: realizing how fast he eats Matt Stonie: takes half the vid just preparing the food
Panda_King 22 8 days ago
Matt in nursery Teacher: kids Matt forgot to bring his packed lunch today so I want you to share The other kids: NOOO Matt: >:)
Billy Yu 9 days ago
Imagine this guy’s corona stock supplies
For Vietnamese, thank you for choosing our traditional food: PHỞ and Spring rolls (or GỎI CUỐN) for this idea👏👍! like if you really like PHỞ as me👇👇👇
Hashem 8 days ago
0:23 , the loud slurping sound everyone makes when they drink something
Jones Heywire 8 days ago
Everybody: We need to ration food! Matt Stonie: ...
Bear Shore 9 days ago
He’s gonna be running out of his quarantine food supply real quick.
Hoàng Bảo 8 days ago
OMG, that's pho and spring rolls That is my hometown food
Tucag Wathiel 9 days ago
"Out of commission after the sour patch kids video." Me: *You mean sour patch kids nearly did him in?!*
Jexan Marie Vlogs 8 days ago
Matt: opens Take out order. Me : opens canned goods
mohib irfan 9 days ago
Mom : theres no food in house Me: ok then i will watch matts video
ZapTrap 8 days ago
Me: "Hey where is my vault of food" Me: *Look At Matt*
vatoo chachanidze 8 days ago
1:27 youtube be like DEMONETIZED LETS GO BOYS
Jo Jo 8 days ago
Scott Fisher 8 days ago
God I wish I could find rolls like that in Michigan. They look amazing.
I'm MP 8 days ago
People in this video: talking about great american takeout and stuff Me: [confused asian noises]
DefensiveIQ 8 days ago
the food when I skip 10 seconds Food: Aight imma head out
Dev Ranjan Singh 8 days ago
Everyone freaking out in quarantine, meanwhile Matt: LeTs gEt tHiS bReAd
Diazo Strike 8 days ago
When Matt Stonie posts: *God heard my blessing*
Fathi Dred 8 days ago
2:25 he starts eating
ItsDeadly 8 days ago
R.I.P for everyone Who died due to COVID-19 ( CORONA VIRUS)😥♥️ PLS BE SAFE♥️
김김김 8 days ago
Title: #GreatAmericanTakeout Video: Eats Vietnamese food.
MrBlackBird242 8 days ago
Could yall imagine this guy stocking up for food. He' ll have a whole food court in his house.
SossaGold 9 days ago
wait whaaa you live in SJ, how am I barely finding out about this lmao
bijay Gurung 8 days ago
Steve 8 days ago
Thank you genuinely for doing your part for the public service, even as a YouTuber who has no laws to care about. I view you as a legend. Thank you, mucho gracias, legend
Ethan Pearce 9 days ago
When you are an hour early but already has 210,000 views.
Cool Ghost12 8 days ago
Hey matt you should try a raising canes takeout Tuesday
SteinRoger Johansen 8 days ago
Matt is the child every grandma wants
Danny W 9 days ago
Everyday he has to get more food that’s why all the stores are soldout
Cooper 9 days ago
Matt: let's end this one take out order at a time Screen:⬛ 2:39
MGPDOC 8 days ago
.after all this is said and done, when we get through this, we should reconsider values of everyday life. Like the ones we are talking about in this video, helping, caring, thinking logically. Cheers to all, be safe guys. You too Matt.
Trung Lâm Quốc 8 days ago
Aghhhh my country food, that is name "Pho" and "goi cuốn" omg omg
Alfonso Martinez 9 days ago
The man that can end the Coronavirus 🙌🏻
Ansh Kaushal 8 days ago
Now I get it. This def is the guy in the math equations.
Walking Streets 워킹스트리트 9 days ago
*Let’s spread the virus one take out at a time.*
Valentina Shevchenko's fan 8 days ago
Everyone panicking: about Corona Virus Matt: Panicking if he didnt end the food in time
Excalibur Chan 8 days ago
America where everything big lmao
6rezi 9 days ago
Dude must run to the moon and back to burn all the calories he eats
Samuel Martinez 8 days ago
Do a quarantine snack challenge
Kevin the epic memer 8 days ago
Ironic since the americans didn’t “take out” the Vietnamese (food)
Poppy Tart 9 days ago
Matt: *eats thousands of calories* Also Matt: *Weighs damn near 90 lbs*
spoo oooky 8 days ago
Matt: stay at home Also Matt: go get takeout Also also Matt: I'll take your entire stock
̄\_NVM'- Chuyên làm về game-' 9 days ago
Doctor: I've seen many people eat so much foods, but none of they thick like you! Matt: Wait, so it's good or bad?
1 million subscribers without a video 8 days ago
Matt stonie : i'm sorry doctor but you have 4 minutes to live Doctor : WTF
Collin Fleury 9 days ago
Matt: eats literally eats everything Me: I can do that Also me: can’t eat a saltine cracker without water
Daniel Zappia POA 9 days ago
This guy is amazing been watching him for as long as i can remember
Shamim Shamim 9 days ago
Matt walks into store Cashier:Are you stocking up for corona? Matt:No this is my snack
Coby Hartung 9 days ago
This man is going to run out of all his food in less than a day 😂
Ali Ajil 8 days ago
How will this guy have enough food prepared for the coronavirus
Rifki Paturohman 8 days ago
2:25 start eating
Coumba Ndiaye 8 days ago
When you’re on a diet and this is the only way to see yummy food again 😤
ucok eres 8 days ago
challenge: eat whole Quang Tran feast,,
Abdulkabir Mubeen 8 days ago
so this is the guy i always get stuck behind in the restaurant
SAD JUICE 9 days ago
corona: can u feel the pain in ur throat?... matt: so delicious corona:🙄
Elie Ghanem 8 days ago
ME TAKING DINNER WITH STONIE ME : hey waiter we ll order 3 pizzas 2 burgrers 1 large salad and 6 sandwiches Waiter : okay you two seems eat too much Me : no i might take like one pepsi and a burger or one pepsi and half a pizza but the rest all is for him Waiter : 😮😮😮😧😦
realeques 8 days ago
Hey, Matt , i know i've been saying this for years but i still would love to see you do a cevape challenge , its a european dish ( sausage ) and you should find them in any greek restaurant... and they are delicious
Melanie Rose 8 days ago
We love a supportive king! 👏🏻
GrimReaper4383 9 days ago
I'm tired eating at home.
FavoriteBen67 _ 9 days ago
I have to mute when watching I can’t stand listening during the food challenges but the content is amazing
Jeff Men 9 days ago
Hey this video was posted on my birthday!!! p.s it would be cool if matt saw this
RVA V 8 days ago
Everybody: we need to save our food Matt: ..... 🤭
Abhishek Sathe 9 days ago
Matt stonie : walks into the store to stock up on food supplies for quarantine Store manager : ok were gonna go out of stock
Code : Projects and covers 9 days ago
No one : Corona : I'm gonna wipe out Earth Matt : I'm gonna eat you before that :D
Glamma Gurl 8 days ago
Hi Matt, yea i was wondering where u were, but I figured after that Sour Patch Kid video you would be down for a while, good to c u agin, but we will patiently be watching 4 another food challenge like a 100 cans of tuna or something 😉😀
Imelda Calvo 9 days ago
(YouTube) "He said it, he said the word, he's gonna get the boot"
Yasmina Nadhirah 8 days ago
Mannnn I was like,"Ok then XD...That's only for 4:01 minutes today "...
lisab theboss 8 days ago
I can eat as much as Stonie if I didn't eat for a whole day and Im still skinny. I have a high metabolism and play sports/exercise like crazy so Im burning calories and fat like crazy which makes sense. My mom always have to make 2 different idk what to call it but like she would have to make double of whatever she is cooking cause of me. She is like your stomach is like a black hole and your still skinny with muscle. Nickname the plate cleaner lmao
Frank Barboza 8 days ago
Your a great man my friend! Be safe love the vids to take my mind elsewhere than all this temporary craziness! Peace!
EliCruze 8 days ago
I like how he showed himself washing his hands 🧼
Very Very Nice 9 days ago
Lmao I thought he was doing a good challenge
That One legged gamer 8 days ago
And just as I thought I was about to see him do a pho challenge
Rusty Shackhouse 8 days ago
This guy just ate a whole restaurant..lol 😆
Adam Fernandez 8 days ago
next video: *Today I'm going to eat the entire state of California*
Tropical 9 days ago
Wait you live in San Jose, California. I do too! Gotta love this quarantine and rain. Saratoga.
Domenic Concessi 8 days ago
People are still waiting on the kfc reattemp
Gucci Gayboy97 8 days ago
Good man for helping out his local takeout businesses during times like this, respect
Sevanic 8 days ago
Imagine if Gordon Ramsay cooked Matt a massive meal to eat.
Ayush Kumar Sahu 8 days ago
Love and support from INDIA🔥
kappaz 8 days ago
there’s a challenge where u eat bats you should try it
Janice Clifford 8 days ago
It's Pho and Goi cuon. Kind of typical dishes from VietNam. I love it tooooooo
Peach CxndyArtz 8 days ago
OwO you're back again! We're you eating while you were gone while not recording and posting it?
Arlana Loving 8 days ago
I hope your doing well, thank you for your amazing and funny videos ♥️ much love from Michigan 🤗
Akii 8 days ago
Matt: stay healthy. Me looking at him: uhhh ehh..
Daniel Splane 8 days ago
It’s crazy how we live in the same city of San Jose, California. Maybe one day I’ll run into the one and only Matt Stonie, well after this quarantine of course🙏🏾