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From director Kelly Reichardt and starring John Magaro, Orion Lee, and Toby Jones. First Cow – March 6, 2020.

RELEASE DATE: March 6, 2020
DIRECTOR: Kelly Reichardt
CAST: John Magaro, Orion Lee, and Toby Jones

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Abby Jo Morris 4 month ago
Me when literally any other studio produces a movie called ‘First Cow’: Well that’ll be shit Me when A24 releases this trailer: Brilliant. Unstoppable. The human condition. My aura cried. Here’s my social security.
Cassandra Anne 4 month ago
This is the chillest trailer ever
Bryce Young 4 month ago
A24: Here's a movie about a cow and friendship. Me: Take my money.
Sam Levin 4 month ago
If the cow dies then I can’t watch this.
Naved Siddiqui 4 month ago
This looks like a live action movie made by Studio Ghibli.
Phil Caluag 4 month ago
People in 2019: Why is every single movie the same storyline, can we please get a new movie with a different story this time Movies in 2020: First Cow
Choppa Nachos 4 month ago
“From the studio that brought you Midsommar and The Lighthouse”
Nick Najduk 4 month ago
First Goat. Starring Academy Award Winner Black Phillip.
dominic 4 month ago
I thought this was gonna be a twisted psychological thriller about the very first cow hoarder who slowly went insane, submitted into bestiality and ended up discovering milk while trying to avoid incarceration/institutionalization from the townspeople.
Sammy2tones 4 month ago
“This ain’t a place for cows.” I’m in. Preordering ticket now.
Karol Pilberg 4 month ago
this trailer feels like a warm blanket
Rob B 4 month ago
2018: First Man 2020: First Cow 2022: First Ant
Literal 4 month ago
I feel like this movie will be very asmr-y
Jeferson Araujo 4 month ago
A24: a Me: take my money!!!!!!
xutek08 4 month ago
Producers: Lets make a film that is so poignant, yet so inspiring. Something that can soothe the heart yet awaken the human soul. What's the perfect title for that? Someone: First Cow? A24:
Mr. Mellow 4 month ago
A24 is the only company that could make me watch a movie called “first cow.”
Feres Seref 4 month ago
James Smith 4 month ago
A24 Plot twist: The cow is actually possessed by PAIMON.
Foodie Guy 4 month ago
In the first few seconds, I felt a Brokeback Mountain vibe
Jason McGhan 4 month ago
From the studio that brought you UNCUT GEMS and HEREDITARY, comes FIRST COW.
jupiter is a bean 4 month ago
i actually thought this was a vegan documentary
Vinícius Virtuoso 4 month ago
theyre all just vibing wtf just having a good time
Paige Whitehead 4 month ago
I see A24, I click! Love y’all ❤️
Samurai Jack 4 month ago
The Title "the first cow" . . . . . . . me : laugh in Indian...
Ian Rainsberger 4 month ago
“Sees A24 Logo” Aww man another fire movie, here I come
Shriviyas R. 4 month ago
This is how people treat the man who found Milk from cow, not so weird after all
Ohlordy 456 4 month ago
Kelly Reichardt: I want to make a movie about the human experience, something that speaks to the soul and that everyone can relate to Also Kelly Reichardt: I’m gonna call it ‘First Cow’ lmao
Christian Deleon 4 month ago
I don’t know why but I *LOVE* that aspect ratio.
hezky90 4 month ago
I told myself I'd stop watching trailers that give away the movie. I did, but I'm never worried that A24 is going to make a trailer that doesn't make me hungry for more.
Mr Random 3 month ago
Nobody: Hollyweird: Here's a movie about a cow. It's called First Cow.
trc2rockon 4 month ago
I saw the thumbnail for the trailer and I’m like “ah! First Cow! Stunning!”
ShabChow 8————D 4 month ago
A wholesome A24 release? Count me in!
Jacob Is A 4 month ago
Waiting for someone to comment how they thought this would be a movie about their mother in law
Alvaro Bastos 4 month ago
A24: film with a cow. Me: LOVE IT 😍😍😍😍
It'sAlexForShort 4 month ago
Go see “certain woman” If you’re interested in this. The director is an acquired taste, but if you embrace it, she’s one of the best directors
Dave T 4 month ago
Just stopping in to see if this is about the president marrying a cow
worm salad 4 month ago
so many stressful movies came out in 2019, this movie seems like a nice break lol.
OBAMOS 7 4 month ago
A24: we’re making a new movie me: shut up and take my money
Conor Winston 4 month ago
“Royal cow” nice to get a shoutout for Elizabeth II
Minerva Solano 4 month ago
A24 and Reichardt and a cute cow? Hell yes!
Dave Teves 4 month ago
Me: When were cows invented? Filmmaker Kelly Reichardt:
DoctorXander 4 month ago
Sort of movie my grandparents would love, did not expect that from A24
John Cho 4 month ago
First trailer in a while without a "BWAAAAAAAAAAAAA" at the start.
t m 4 month ago
Can’t wait for the sequel: First Diarrhea!
Grey Grant 4 month ago
A24 will release film Ok i love the film before it release
Juwan Gillespie 4 month ago
Sequel: Lactose Intolerant
AustinMcConnell 3 month ago
This is the most film-looking film I've ever seen.
Sam Harnish 4 month ago
I love Kelly Reichardt's work. Certain Women, Wendy and Lucy and Meek's Cutoff are also worth checking out for newcomers.
CheezitOfficial 4 month ago
love me some Kelly Reichardt. I'm hyped
JessJ37 4 month ago
The trailer song is "Highway Anxiety" by William Tyler for anyone wondering. Excellent road trip music.
Bring Me More Booze 4 month ago
You had me at A24.
lanethelame 4 month ago
Guy: So i have this movie called First Cow Other companies: K Bye *A24* : We'll take it!
Jake Gordon 4 month ago
I didn't know First Man would ever get a sequel.
A Fistful Of Vinyl 4 month ago
Love hearing William Tyler's "Highway Anxiety" in the trailer!
Innova SSP 3 month ago
First thought, it has kinda "Little Forest" movie vibe here.
BobV97 4 month ago
*Starring Kim Kardashian as The Cow*
Conner O'Neill 4 month ago
“Au Hazard Cowthazar” You’re welcome.
Alex DyD 4 month ago
A24? Say no more, I'm in!
Zombeastsqurl 4 month ago
Me: sees A24 movie trailer, instantly clicks! Also me: waits for the twist that the cow is actually the devil.
Film God 4 month ago
I though this was gonna be some artful horror film 😂
exaddict 4 month ago
It's an A24 trailer so I kept waiting for something to go horribly wrong
Parzival 4 month ago
Why does this interest me so much? Is it because of the film grain and the aspect ratio? > Yes.
PG 3 month ago
Ok, this looks good. I could use an optimistic picture atm.
brendan 1227 4 month ago
Me: *Expects a freaky cow sequel to the witch.* Me: *Gets this trailer* Me: "Ayye, not bad"
Sanjuro Shinjitsu 4 month ago
That moment when you're waiting for the film to reveal the cow to be a lovecraftian horror but when it doesn't come you are okay with seeing a movie about friendship instead.
Kevin J. Dildonik 4 month ago
I've got a, fever. The only cure, is more cowbell.
Pinguenella 4 month ago
this is the sequel to First Man where they take a cow to the moon
Le Cece 4 month ago
Farmer boi makes a buddy and brings a cow: Awwww~ Blue Uniformed British appear: Oh noooooo-
Hudson Hintze 4 month ago
this is exactly the energy I would want a cow trailer to have
So Jin Choi 4 month ago
In Zootopia, this would have been made by Kelly Reicow. Although I wonder how this will translate to Zootopia.
Ben Rawding 4 month ago
Ah, yes. The short period where everyone had the chance at the American dream. Long before major corporations and oligarchs bought our politicians. Nice trailer, though. I could see how something like this can feel very pretentious. Hopefully that's not the case.
Gang O 4 month ago
A24 Fans: Such a chill a24 movie A24: Well yes but no
Jake Shevitz 4 month ago
Love Kelly Reichardt and can't wait for this. Keep it up!
Michael Kolakowski 4 month ago
0:43. Chicken Easter egg, paving the way for the live action Cow and Chicken movie.
Jack Thomas 4 month ago
This looks strange but so happy for some reason
Cesar Salinas 4 month ago
I want honestly anticipating some sort of chilling shift to show that it was a horror movie
noobslayer135 4 month ago
I first saw John Magaro in Overlord (which was great), and then shortly after in Umbrella Academy (also good), glad to see him get more and more prominent roles
Nasson 4 month ago
Was imagining a film about the first cow on the moon. Sightly disappointed
Patowtow 4 month ago
This seems to be promoting the fallacy that cows produce milk naturally, rather than only when they give birth.
Torc Handsomeson 4 month ago
_story based on one of those spotaneous encounters you get in red dead redemption 2_
TheJanissaries 4 month ago
A24 already going hard with a contender for the best movie title of the decade. Respect
DJGamingSmash 4 month ago
Kept waiting for it to go dark and twisted, but I'm equally down for something wholesome.
Mr Henden 4 month ago
I’m a simple man; I see A24, I click.
Joannot 3 month ago
Fun fact, for a cow to produce milk, she needs to be pregnant every year. So they take the calve away from her mother to either kill him, or fatten him and then kill him for veal. If it's a female she is either killed right away or have the same destiny as her mother seeing her babies stolen away ... and after less than half her life expectancy she'll be also killed. If you feel bad about unnecessarily inflicting such a fate to innocents, then it's because of your conscience, don't ignore it.
Tradomeg 4 month ago
Sequel pitch: "From the studio that brought you First Cow - The Heifer"
k r y s t a l 4 month ago
I already want to own this on dvd
Saigon Videos 4 month ago
A movie of a cow making milk, count with me.
Nando M 4 month ago
dirra ld 3 month ago
When this popped up first in my timeline I just thought it was some documentary from discovery channel
You Techy 4 month ago
So only me who's crying.
Casey McGowan 4 month ago
"yeah i like A24...A 24 pack of beers"-Tommy Macnamara
Nick Yakunin 4 month ago
Was expecting the trailer to take a dark turn of some sort towards the end... but no.
rhal 4 month ago
the feeling in this trailer, i'm in <3
hollandscottthomas 4 month ago
I just assume the cow becomes president by the end.
NyX 4 month ago
Omg, This Cow is Oscar Worthy
Sir Henry 4 month ago
Me, thinking this will be another A24 horror movie: Take my damn money!! *watches trailer* Me: ... Well, are you gonna take it or not?!
My MK8 NETWORK 4 month ago
I like John Magaro, been following him since The Big Short
GD Diggy 4 month ago
Me: Sees this Me: "It's probably like `The Onion: Movies` or something" Me sees who actually made it: Yo hold up
isaiah payne 3 month ago
R*I*P* For Rene Auberjonios 1940-2019 Age 79 yrs old.
Kiernan Sullivan 4 month ago
Movie: 4:3 ratio The Oscars: write it down WRITE IT DOWN