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How good was the slow mo?!
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What's the 44 Club? Well it all started in the outro of this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AyLPMhp7qbs where we wondered if anyone was still watching the video at that point, and to comment 44 (Scott's fave number) if they were. Brett then said 44 Club get on board and the rest is history. The 44Club is the official How Ridiculous fan club made up of people who love our videos and watch them right to the very end. We've even got 44 Club merch now! So yeh, that's the story. Pretty random but good fun at the same time.

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What Slow Mo Camera Do We Use? The Chronos 1.4 https://www.krontech.ca/camera-and-products/

A big thanks to the awesome crew at the Gravity Discovery Centre in Gingin for letting us use their 45m leaning tower for our own experiments. If you wanna head out there and check it out, it's not far from Perth. Western Australia: https://gravitycentre.com.au/leaning-tower/

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Vader 5 month ago
Do the thing with the barrel and the atlas stone with Oobleck instead of water. The entire force of a water hammer but with the backbone of Oobleck. I expect an explosion!!!
Le reddit silver member 5 month ago
Here’s a very cool idea. You could drill a hole in the side of the barrel towards the bottom, connect a piece of pvc pipe with a 90 degree angle and another 3 feet or so of pvc pipe shooting upwards. You could use the water pressure going through the pipe after you drop the stone to launch all sorts of stuff into the air kind of like those water powered rockets you made in science class or bought for fun as a kid. You could make custom pvc pipe rockets to fit into the pipe or anything else like soda cans or launch potatoes out of it. Or put one of those giant balloons on the end of the pipe to see how fast it fills with water and explodes. You can reinforce the barrel by welding some sturdy pieces of steel to the outside of it so the barrel doesn’t collapse and you can use it more than once. I can’t imagine how much psi the water coming out that pipe would be, it would launch things far.
Lakeshore Paranormal 4 month ago
Hope you all are staying safe from the fires
Øyvind Svanevik 5 month ago
The third barrel is like: “I obey you” after being hit.
arigol2 5 month ago
12:50. Thank me later
Dasha Hampton 5 month ago
I wonder how many GoPros they go through a year ?
Sean Trudgeon 5 month ago
We need a compilation of Scott’s sayings, stating the obvious, words of wisdom and life advice. Like this time’s, “You don’t wanna hit the barrel on the side.”
Coletje 5 month ago
12:47 that was like a Galaxy expanding! Looked awesome.
Brandon ly vlogs 4 month ago
4:04 *OH, OH, OH, OH, OH!*
Alternate Sponge 5 month ago
Rock off leaderboard 2019: Herron: 16 Gaunson: 12 Stanford: 14 Team Edge: 1 Total Rock Offs: 30 Started from the Giant Dart Vs Golden Play Button Video (4th January) and ended here (20th December). Only rock offs are counted, no clay pigeon or other deciding games were counted. Note a few videos like the 165m dart throw didn’t have rock offs and some rock offs such as the soccer tic tac toe rock off only had two of the boys in, so only those who participated counted, for example in that same video Herron won the rock off for him and Stanford but Herron got the point as only he participated. Also in undesirable rock offs, whoever goes last gets the point as they still won the rock off, it’s just the prize was last instead of first. Also also in a two way victory, both people get the point. Looking forward to the new year boys!
Thescott16 5 month ago
*Rock-off scoreboard:* Brett: Most Scott: Nearly there Herron: Not quite
Moka Twenty 5 month ago
Like the new Parasaurolophus toy! Can't be "Rexy", name him!
Cassie 5 month ago
1:45 that’s how you make your own eclipse fellas!!
Sam Birkett 5 month ago
1:45 that’s how you make your own eclipse fellas!!
Alistair Gammond 5 month ago
Rexy - 52 wins #RexyAlwaysWins
Don't sub to me 5 month ago
4:54 when you put ice into a overfilled cup of water
James S. 5 month ago
6:46 When you hit the BLUNT a few to many times
Paulie 5 month ago
Rexy flew 44 feet at least from the pool of orbeez
LUCAS PLAYS 3 month ago
I love how at 10:47 Rexy just like never moves from the trampoline when he's just there floating XD
Maddy G 5 month ago
Scott and Stanford: that is sealed and good to go Derek: pink
boss gamer 5 month ago
Atlas stone vs oobleck
Pete Marchetto 5 month ago
6:46 Reminds me of the Monty Python "Woody and Tinny Words" sketch.
-- 5 month ago
11:24 some grown up weirdos playng with a toy rex in a orbeez bath btw how are u gonna clean up the orbeez
leik edak 5 month ago
Matthew Lindahl 5 month ago
That drum was about as middled as you could get without being dead nuts on it. Any more over and it would have just caved in the whole side.
DJ Blackhood 3 month ago
4:05 When someone does the belly flop
Jessica Adam 5 month ago
Where’s the music from?? Are the songs custom for the show?
AwwwFriend 5 month ago
11:25 when you realise you're just watching 3 children in adult bodies
fuze wins blayt 5 month ago
8:05 any one els see the rainbow in the middle of the explosion
Alex McKay 5 month ago
Honestly, favorite viddy of the year. The 360 camera toss over the barrel geyser was glorious, and the slowy of the orbeez with you guys in the background was priceless. Quality work gents! Thanks for a wonderful year of content!!!
Chrissy Zona 5 month ago
Orbeez might have been the best slow mo of the year
Hadley Gad 5 month ago
After this You’ll want to thank me The moment your looking for Is 5:33
Anthony Di Nallo 5 month ago
That had to be one of the most satisfying slowies I’ve ever watched when Nigel hit the Orbies
Devon Crandlemire 5 month ago
13:03 YouTube compression was not loving that
Emperor173 5 month ago
Alright boys I have watched all of your videos of you guys doing Rock, Paper and scissors. Here's the score I've counted for each of you and you will have to do at least one more Rock-off. As the current score I have right with me right now is. Brett has 15 wins Derek has 17 wins Scott has 17 wins In your Rock, Paper and scissors game you guys do, so you need to do at least one more to break the tie between Derek and Scott. Good luck boys. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, may the best man win.
valiant heart 5 month ago
Dude I'm in love with your song. What is the name of the song? 0:00
Tareq Mamun 5 month ago
llAntimatterll 5 month ago
12:40 - 100% accurate simulation of asteroid impact approximately 66 million years ago.
hen ko 5 month ago
12:31 That must be how God created this universe!
Bob Motster 5 month ago
This was a golden episode with so many good ideas and excellent camera work. Great way to end the year. Thank you and happy holidays!
Levi Hinton 5 month ago
That last one makes me think that's what the big bang looked like.
Conor de Kock 5 month ago
Sorry it’s the wrong setting but is the 165 meter dam bridge is it the same dam bridge from last holiday movie
Ryan Eubanks 5 month ago
Hard to imagine that they r in mid summer rn
Matehus 4 month ago
3:54 This was the best experiment I saw on this channel, really
tommy pinneri 5 month ago
Try dropping the atlas stone down into car tires that are smaller than the diameter of it
Gabor Tolnai 4 month ago
How ridiculos! From 12:42 with that music choice is your best sequence I’ve ever seen on this channel. Well done! Truly amazing experience after going through your years of work. 12:42🙌🏼
Memeslayer69 4 month ago
“OH WOAH” oh woah O woah O wo owo What’s this
Jan Negrey 5 month ago
7:49 - now I can imagine how meat toboggan looks like. Thanks I guess? :D
Dovahkiin Of Ravenclaw 4 month ago
4:51 they get a rainbow in the spray 8:06 another rainbow
TheHelloDonk 5 month ago
Suggestion for the 360 cam Open both gates, tie the camera to a long cord attached to the top of the tower and pendulum it from one side to the other. Time it right with the drop and you should have a nice smooth "fly-by" slow mo shot!
Da BJ 5 month ago
12:31 That must be how God created this universe!
Siena Murgoski 5 month ago
I loved how when the guys were in the pool full of orbeez and they were acting like little kids. Love that💖
Ran Do 5 month ago
2:19 is a re-enactment if the meteor that killed the dinosaurs
rockabillychuck 5 month ago
"and I totally just dropped my guts" 🤣🤣🤣
Terry Rhuebottom 5 month ago
Just a thought. But attaching some whistles like the ones on a nerf football would give Nigel some presence while falling. epoxy a few on his sides.
happytappyslappy 5 month ago
1:45 a solar eclipse on a cable... that’s a new one. The moon still does the job much better.
Bodo Bauhelm 5 month ago
11:00 4 the people who clicked because of the title!
Tracey Coluzzi 3 month ago
The final drop looked like a metor hit, with the added bonus of a flying dinosaur. Some synergy right there.
Philippa Boosey 5 month ago
If you haven't already, drop the stone just straight onto Rexy...
Maddy G 5 month ago
Rexy made it to Christmas.
Mat Recardo 3 month ago
Øyvind Ness 5 month ago
3:11 Not everyone can be as good looking as Herron <3
Benjamin Elliott 5 month ago
Shades of Ernie from Sesame Street at 11:25 "Rubber Rexy, you're the one; you make dropping Atlas stones so much fun!"
SixRaven Eight 5 month ago
12:44 Look at that sweet backflip Rexie did, bet it was super fun.
RHINO GAMING 987 5 month ago
Stanford- 32 wins Gaunson-30 wins Herron- 22 wins
BryccGaming 5 month ago
the suspense building just to throw it into an ad is wack. you been doing that too long
Chris Reece 5 month ago
When the hell are you gonna colab with the slo mo guys?!
FZ1 ShotZz 4 month ago
11:25 how you know they're mentally still kids!! <3
ColeB0SS 5 month ago
What does it feel like standing so close when Nigel hits the ground?
G Lott 5 month ago
For a new years special ya'll should do Atlas stone vs Atlas stone.
Falling Painter 5 month ago
11:30 nice sausagefest
Siriusly Orion 5 month ago
11:25 I have seen many questionable videos on the internet that started with this exact premise...
Anthony Pirone 5 month ago
I just started watching this channel and I want to know what their obsession with the number 44 is
iamchuckrolay 5 month ago
7:11 "3, 2, 1, yeeeeEEAAAAAHHHhh" 😂😂
Florian Soche 5 month ago
How are you gonna top that in 2020? Im so gonna look forward to that. Amazing videos you uploaded the past week. Thanks very much for that, love to watching that. Thank you
dat_chip 5 month ago
The slow motion at around the 13 minute mark looks incredible! - Just imagine a high-res still image of that as a windows wallpaper. :-D
10,000 subs with no vids? 5 month ago
Nobody: The meteor that killed the dinosaurs: 12:04
David Honsinger 5 month ago
It's a Full Double Rainbow, man!
Audio Junky 5 month ago
"You don't wanna hit the barrel on it's side.." : the newest Chinese proverb.
Jim Goldsack 5 month ago
0:49 more like the last rock off of the decade.
tbrayden3 5 month ago
Love how Rexie got some hang time in that last one. Need more slo mo of Rexie getting launched into the stratosphere 😀
Matze Wollnik 3 month ago
I want the uncompressed version of the last part Youtube surely had a hard time compressing it :D
Krackan 5 month ago
Nobody Me and the boys taking a bath together: 11:25
PHANTOM :c 4 month ago
2:05 3:53 5:32 7:14 8:49 9:50-11:00 11:55 Thank me later :3
Craig Schroeder 5 month ago
youtube compression DESTROYED that orbees slowmo
matt23540 5 month ago
12:43. An accurate depiction of an asteroid slamming into the earth and wiping out the dinosaurs.
The Chad Pad 5 month ago
4:54 That's one of the coolest looking slo mo shots I've seen y'all do, and I've seen a lot!! 6:05 Look at the paint that just gets immediately stripped off the side of that barrel! The sheer forces vibrating that barrel is dislodging that paint, but also making it vibrate and restick in weird patterns! Science Rules!
Arlecchino Gatto 5 month ago
The slow motion shots are some of my favorite slow mo that I have ever seen. Those were fantastic!
Reddie is real btw 5 month ago
10:48 no ones gonna talk about how he went so fast the rex didn't move, just hovered
Zenmasterslim 5 month ago
What's that song from the intro? I've been searching for months. xP
JW PlayZ 5 month ago
Me : started to watch the video Also me : sees 3 grown men playing with a dinosaur in a paddling pool
Lucas woodward 5 month ago
9:30 why am i the only one talking about how terrifying that is
Shelbyville Rules 4 month ago
Some of the Atlas stone drops remind me of when they use the Death Star in Rogue One.
Crimson Shadows 5 month ago
4:46 where did you get them huge ketchup packets
Kaden Lane 5 month ago
Not enough orbz. Can you guys fill a gigantic dumpster full of orbz???
slade-joseph- Wilson 4 month ago
You guus have to do something like that again with the ball just fitting This was one of the sickest drops I loved it You guys are great please keep dropping stuff
Rordan Gamsby 5 month ago
11:55 Thank me later☺️
James Gardner 5 month ago
1:44 That's no moon, it's a space station
Schnoesel Derp 5 month ago
7:59 does anybody know the song ?
Kyle Bertram 5 month ago
You should do a how ridiculous 2019 rewind