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J W 3 month ago
When Hugh is calm, he is smart, articulate, factual and correct. The way he debated Man City with Brian and Laurence was top class.
PoloBear 3 month ago
2:15:43 "2-0 the most dangerous score in football ..apart from 1-0" Lawrence does come up with some jokes comments hah
Djordymans 3 month ago
Rory has to much nostalgia
FOOTBALL MAD 3 month ago
The hatred for Hazard on this channel is laughable
Glinch 3 month ago
ffs I missed it. ahh chelsea won so ahh ahh ahh
Matt Lesner 3 month ago
I like the part when Rory says Jordan Henderson captained England to a World Cup Semi and not Harry Kane
James Foley 3 month ago
Funny you mention Soccer Saturday. I watch the build up to the matches on Soccer Saturday. Then go back to the live game at dinner time and watch your cometary. I will add, as much as I enjoy you both, plus Hugh & Rory I do think you need someone else who has a proper football knowledge as some of the comments that are made relating to past footballing glories are very wrong. There are fans outside of the YouTube, social media cloud that are very well educated and could put most of your YouTube/social media mates to shame.
Alexander Khlapov 3 month ago
They say it like Man City was not good because of Pep, Man City isnt next to Liverpool because players like Otamendi are in the defence making decisions that you scratch your head over and over again... They have not scored in games with 150% chances, this is not Pep, tactics were perfect in games, the players were to blame. Im not even a city fan and i can see that.
Dhanush Raghavendra 3 month ago
22:22 Hughe : "I've aged 20 years in the last 10 " I felt that..
Centhar 3 month ago
You can't compare United 99 and Liverpool 20. The game has changed too much. You can't try and do a compromise formation and fit different players in. The only way to do it is to go player by player and either bring players forward in time or backwards in time. If that's the case you bring Allison back to replace Schmichael, because he's as good with his positioning and shotstopping but has twenty plus years of goalkeeping development. Trent ahead of Neville because he'd add another dimension to United's crossing and VVD beside Stam. In terms of bringing players forward from United, Irwin and Robertson is a 50/50, Keane ahead of Fabihno and Scholes ahead of Gini. Everyone else is too much of their time and can't fit the styles of the other teams and would make them worse.
A Different Take 3 month ago
Hugh needs to watch some Bundesliga my guy if ye think Serie A is more exciting
Rooshy Patel 3 month ago
Lawrence looks a little homeless
Naveed tariq 3 month ago
2:13:15 Rory loves messing with Hugh's head 🤣🤣🤣
Jordan 3 month ago
Dwight Yorke did not get me pregnant loz
Derek Umobuarie 3 month ago
Giroud 43:15 Alonso 1:33:41 Rudiger own goal 2:14:20 Lo Celso Incident 1:37:28
Karan Sreedhar 3 month ago
33:57 Omfg someone send that to Rory's better half 😂😂😂😂😭
Anthony Moses 3 month ago
Hugh is the only one talking sesne. Yes, City did wrong as they shouldn't have cooked their books. But FFP is merely a way to maintain the status quo so that the old top clubs can remian as it is and no new club can catch them with additional resources. Its a bit hypocritical PS : Also, the reason the old clubs were top dogs during those times was because they were finacially able to pick top players as well. They controlled the market those days and remianed on top.
Ogheneovo Ojakovo 3 month ago
"Alisson was good with his feet, won the golden gloves, 3 last season, brazil #1" True geordie: BUT IS HE A BASTARD
Alexander Khlapov 3 month ago
Peter Schmeichel for me is the best goalkeeper ever. Some of his saves were literary impossible. Imho
Jacob Western 3 month ago
1:40:00 how is Giggs even getting an argument for his performances that season?
Joseph Iliff 3 month ago
Please leave the full love streams on the channel. I like to listen to old episodes in full. They're so good
Ben Gaskell 3 month ago
Can we get rid of Lawrence I used to like the guy but he’s become Brian’s yes man and is unbearable
Stephen Zevon 3 month ago
"Get in the superchats because we wanna know what you think"... Proceeds to ignore 80% of the superchats
Guvinder Sandhu 3 month ago
A should have been red card and a goal in the only match you are covering and all you chat about is some man u team that most of your viewers havnt seen play!
Tames 01 3 month ago
Lawrence is becoming unbearable. Robertson over Dennis Irwin? Can’t take you seriously after that
Chris Smyth 3 month ago
Giggs never finished top 20 for the Ballon'Dor in his 20 year career. Says a lot
Joseph Higgins 3 month ago
They’re going crazy that Yorke and Cole got 53 goals in one season. Salah got 44 by himself. It’s a front 3 of mane Salah Firmino and it’s not up debate whatsoever
maximilian1664 3 month ago
That Utd Liverpool thing went on for far too long - One of the massive strengths of this show is the ability to cover a broad amount of topics in a reasonable depth and variety of opinions. That discussion was pretty binary and took away from talking about the actual game itself. Still, love this show
Moon56 3 month ago
Henderson should not be POTY... Please don’t be ridiculous
David 3 month ago
I love this! Great lads, football talk, not censored, class! Cheers boys
Yer Da 3 month ago
An all-time shithouse premier league XI would be class for the next show
Lpool35 3 month ago
I was hoping for the 5:30pm game and get BVM
JS Finestt 3 month ago
“We’ve won a few games there in the last couple of years” You’ve only won at the bridge once in 27 years! Keep your hair on mate
Cieran Kinsella 3 month ago
Clubs should be free to spend any money on infrastructure and community projects, but player transfer prices should only be paid for by the revenue generated by the club and not the owners
Leo Foo 3 month ago
no red card and all they talk about is Andy Cole. no awareness
Thor Odinson 3 month ago
Someone needs to do a earrape version of the intro
Y j.t 3 month ago
“Wait what? Pep? They wouldn’t want to keep pep? Ahhh bro sometimes you say the funniest things ever” 😂😂 lmao couldn’t have said it better myself
Josh Hutchinson 3 month ago
Where is BetBull? Edit: Where is Flav?
Suraj Malayil 3 month ago
Could have put that Manu 99 Vs Liverpool 20 in a whole separate video lads.. Missed out on crucial parts of the live game.
Pat Dempsey A 3 month ago
Rory finally snapping at Laurence and his inability to have a conversation anymore disagree with his opinion and he gets loud starts shouting and completely shuts you down it’s become intolerable to listen to him
Rory Mac 3 month ago
This Liverpool team would beat any premier league team in history. End of.
Marc Knott 3 month ago
And lawrence mate so what about hes corner that laughable
Hagonm 3 month ago
I just have to say, I love this show so much.. I never watch you live cuz I need to focus during the game and I never watch it alone.. But I always come here after the round has finished and watch the entire thing! Keep it up lads! Love from a Norwegian Kopite
KJY 3 month ago
1:14:19 1:43:37 Yet again they make a mistake! Mané is on 12 goals and SALAH is the one on 14 goals. Clearly Salah is performing better than Mané overall this season
Christopher Stam 3 month ago
It’s so awesome to know how well respected my cousin is!!!
Gorl 3 month ago
43:20 1-0 1:33:43 2-0 2:14:20 2-1
Olly Ford 3 month ago
Wow, Cole vs Salah on the right to force firmino into the team 😂😂😂😂 stupid from Geordie. You’d have Cole over both Yorke and Firmino AND salah on the right
Studders0411 3 month ago
Thought flav was very out of touch for his comment on FFP "protecting smaller clubs" looking down the leagues these rules rarely come into play. The amount of money spent in the championship is nowhere near the level they earn. Even lower down the pyramid it's all about the owner. Steve dale was allowed to buy bury when the EFL pretty much knew he had nothing. Ffp has nothing to do with protecting smaller clubs. Its protecting the status quo.
ChopsHowe 98 3 month ago
Trending baby , this show adds so much more to football for me
Jet Wentworth 3 month ago
since 2010 chelsea have spent +-2 bill euros and man utd have spent +-1.9bill euros. The money has to be spent to close the gap.
Mazza Productions 3 month ago
Wilder vs fury content on our channel :)
Daniel Leyland 3 month ago
"Its not an argument, its Firmino everyday because Dwight Yorke got Jordan pregnant" 🤣😂🤣😅 👌
creativeusername 3 month ago
Not doing the 3pms???
Hap Lo 3 month ago
Andy Cole over Salah - SMDH
abbsnn cose 3 month ago
“We’ve won a few games there in the last couple of years” You’ve only won at the bridge once in 27 years! Keep your hair on mate
TheWolfmansgotnards 3 month ago
Why is anyone surprised at Sterling? He did the same when he wanted out at liverpool. It wasn't that he left that soured the fans it was the way his agent enginered interviews which made it clear he was up for leaving while saying "but i just want to focus on football" and now he's doing it again. TBF to city fans you give the player the benefit when he does it once and LFC were not in a good state at the time.
Ritabh Pandey 3 month ago
Ryan Giggs scored 10 goals in all competitions that season. Mane has more in the Premier League alone!
DEMONIC ZEUS 3 month ago
Axel Coker 3 month ago
Is Flav Harry Kanes Brother? LoL!
Mikael Dume 3 month ago
22:47 Rory Laugh 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀✌✌✌✌
syahmi zukri 3 month ago
London is Blue 💙💙💙
SLOWIE 3 month ago
what happend to deji
Webby 3 month ago
Bloody love flav 😂
Pat Dempsey A 3 month ago
Hugh wizzy was bang on with the front giggs cole and mane as the front 3
Ardelean Marian 3 month ago
Nostalgia merchants
Happy Crusader 3 month ago
46:15 welllll... also just watched the city game and what is the actual point in VAR what a joke it can’t even get easy decisions right.. and combined 11 should not be done with 3 people who don’t like Liverpool, what’s the stats that’s how it should be done and how the team plays, feel like fury is going to win haha
Alexander Khlapov 3 month ago
my Fraud gang♡♡♡
JS Finestt 3 month ago
Schmeichel TAA Virgil Stam Robertson Beckham Keane Scholes Salah Cole Giggs
Karan Sreedhar 3 month ago
2:21:45 It's called the Kohinoor diamond. And the British Empire stole it from us...
Jamie Evans 3 month ago
JAFFN making moves
Marc Knott 3 month ago
I agree with rory
efogg3 3 month ago
up the reds!
Curb Stomp City #TEW2020 3 month ago
J Hatcher 3 month ago
150 million for Kane? Lucky to get 50 for him. He's past it.
Good German 3 month ago
Not sure why Roy keane on sky sports or Rory and Hugh couldn’t comprehend the rule of the selection being on the 99 season not the entirety of their careers. Giggs getting in with his 4 goals and 3 assists for that year is hilarious
Angelo Terrana 3 month ago
22:46 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
liam briddock 3 month ago
Wengers offside rule would end high defensive lines and offside traps. it would make football much worse.
Louis Russell 3 month ago
When's the lo celso tackle?
Eli 3 month ago
Why wasn't Rory at the game?
Jamie Evans 3 month ago
Flav is a great guy
yelbuck 3 month ago
Sometimes Rory is actually quite reasonable in his discourse and makes some pretty valid (sometimes even insightful) comments... and then there are the times when he's possibly taken too much medication to counter the effects of over consumption of alcohol he's subjected himself to the night before.... As a consequence he comes up with some right clangers... Cole over Salah? Giggs over Mane? Leave it out.... You're confusing Giggs' career with a season... Not even going to bother with the other one. Luckily Brian can handle his drinking far better and actually comes up with some rational counter points... :) :)
KJY 3 month ago
58:41 "Neither of them are at the TOP OF THEIR GAME"?!?! Real Madrid are top of La Liga and have conceeded the least goals in the league. Definitely are on form atm
Alex Thorpe 3 month ago
Alex Thorpe 3 month ago
Jamie Evans 3 month ago
Alex Thorpe 3 month ago
Freddy 3 month ago
Note to the hoody guy - shouting doesn't make you right and that is what bullies do.
Emperor Palpatine 3 month ago
loz crying
Sami Ahmed 3 month ago
Don't compare Roy Keane to Henderson
Connor Johnston 3 month ago
I wish they wouldn’t put the final score in the title, kinda ruins it if you’re watching the game back later
keith mc hugh 3 month ago
Are ye streaming live for the boxing
Jet Wentworth 3 month ago
I am sure if you look at the stats, most of the current Liverpool players out perform the 98/99 Man Utd players.
rgn ngaleh 3 month ago
Giant condom😆😆😆😆😆😆
Ben Brown 3 month ago
Liverpool 2020 are currently 3 points behind United’s points tally with 12 games in hand...
lucien alexander 3 month ago
How can everything fall apart if De Bruyne leaves, they won thd league without him last year
Don’t Trip 3 month ago
Promoting Gambling You Bad Man
Kieran KA 3 month ago
Schmeichel; Alexander-Arnold, Stam, van Dijk, Robertson; Mané, Scholes, Keane, Giggs; Salah, Firmino
Glenn Howard 3 month ago
Best channel in the world
Afro Berny 3 month ago
No one likes city
Thor Odinson 3 month ago
Laurence sounds like bilbo baggins