Tyler Herro Names His All-Time Heat, Kentucky Top 5s | Take It There S2E4

16K views • 2 month ago
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Miami Heat rookie Tyler Herro picked his all-time Miami Heat and Kentucky Wildcats players on the latest “Take It There” with Taylor Rooks. The guard also explained why people are wrong about Jimmy Butler as a teammate, and grades some fits. Watch the latest episode now.

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Bleacher Report 2 month ago
0:51 - 1:13 - Living the Miami life 1:15 - 1:42 - Tyler Herro can’t swim 1:45 - 2:45 - Being in the NBA at 20 2:50 - 3:07 - Tyler on why he should be in the ROY race 3:08 - 4:00 - Inside the Heat locker room 4:01 - 4:48 - His relationship with Jimmy Butler 5:00 - 5:24 - Tyler imitates a dolphin 5:25 - 6:01 - Being different led him to the NBA 6:02 - 6:20 - Explains his Twitter name 6:21 - 7:20 - Being "Swaggy" in the NBA 7:24 - 8:12 - Herro freestyles 8:21 - 9:10 - D-Wade shouts out Tyler 9:15 - 9:30 - Ranks his top five Heat players 9:30 - 9:52 - Ranks his top five Kentucky players 9:54 - 10:50 - Grading other rookies' fits
Julian Romero 2 month ago
Hero is not rookie of the year but this guy is no joke i see a future Clay here .
Dooky 2 month ago
Tyler Herro is definitely black. He can't even swim lol
Kevin Smiley 2 month ago
She is so fine like omg. Ik Tyler shot his shot
Rayyan Tirmizi 2 month ago
1:34 Tyler think he slick lmao he definitely wanna clap them cheeks 🤣
De Bo 2 month ago
You know that girl black fr if she talm bout " No imma mess up my hair".
Tracy Rhodes 2 month ago
tyler “shot his shot” herro he said i’m grown thou 😂
Darlens Leveque 2 month ago
This man is going to be special in the future. Dude can flat out ball, let's go Heat🔥🔥🔥
Nene 2 month ago
Are yu gon teach me??? this boy shooting shots on and off the court
tripple c 2 month ago
She is fire
Havey_tv 2 month ago
She got the white chocolate 😂😂
MidWest Ent. 2 month ago
1:34 My boy shot his shot 😂
2k Recreator 2 month ago
Dear 2k Please give us a tyler herro signature shot
Pastor Gonzalez 2 month ago
In this episode of blacked we have....
Nohdi Karpouzas 2 month ago
When u so early, there are no jokes about how thicc Taylor Brooks is
John Wallisch 2 month ago
He fosure piped after 😂
Matthew Grace 2 month ago
A heat lifer lord willin
J R 2 month ago
Dwade called him “Taylor”
phzorro 2 month ago
I love this show. Keep making more
Intellectual Black King 2 month ago
This my boi! Man Taylor been killing it lately she getting all my favorite players 🔥🔥🔥
Jonathan Cunningham 2 month ago
Tylers thoughts: ik how to swim ...ha swim in them cheeks 🤣
Kgosi Majatladi 2 month ago
I love his confidence. Got that killer in him
nickbh15 2 month ago
She was in champagn Illinois? I did a cross country road trip and that’s prolly the most poppin small city I ever been to
Dooky 2 month ago
When he said "I'll see you too" at the end you know he meant he'll clap them cheeks later
Miami305 2 month ago
My city! #305
PUR Optics News 2 month ago
Back for more Taylor Rooks. Love you, Taylor!
Jay 2 month ago
oh yeah my man tyler shootin his shot from the logo game 7.
Joan Gutierrez 2 month ago
Ima have to put a ring to it Brooks 😍💍
Trap Drip 2 month ago
When is your next video? :D Keep it up! Would you like to be YouTube friends? :)
Dix BeFloppin 2 month ago
Dam she fine
YaBoyy John NBA 2 month ago
My boy 🔥
Joseph Balasolla 2 month ago
Gmfinally my first first
Christian Bezada 2 month ago
That boy herro tryin to grease 😂
Jose Alfonso 2 month ago
Damn no Alonzo Mourning in Top 5?
BHAM Bham 2 month ago
Love this series
Abigail Love 2 month ago
Tyler whipped 🤣. I hope he got a lil some 😏😂
Dre Chillin 2 month ago
Tyler Herro definitely dabbled in some coke.
DB 007 2 month ago
Alonzo Mourning!
ticticunkown 2 month ago
Thats MGK no cap
Erika Colbert 2 month ago
ThatBoyNeeds SomeMilk #HolEmDown 2 month ago
Miss my rook playing 😭😭😭
Natalio Gonzalez 2 month ago
Shooters Shoot
Vonte’ UGLY 93 2 month ago
She like brothas?
PRETTY FLACKO 2 month ago
Taylor rooks can get it ngl!!
Matt B 2 month ago
He has the pass
Eugene Garrison 2 month ago
Tyler you never coming back once u go black... she got u blushing
heat1414ify 2 month ago
Tyler smashed
Willie Bender 2 month ago
Lol 😂 can’t swim but he wet
Rohan James 2 month ago
Tyler out here shooting up shots on his day off
Brendan Southern 2 month ago
Baby goat
NBA talks and Minihoop 2 month ago
I didn’t realize I was this early
jbmheat 2 month ago
Tyler not fooling anyone he trying to get rook on rooks action 😂
papito2lindo 2 month ago
5:38 token white guy? That’s mad disrespectful since no one makes the NBA as a “Token” such label doesn’t belong in any major sport. Either your good or your not regardless of skin color. That’s the beauty about the NBA either you can Ball or you can’t and Hero is definitely a Hooper.
Glennville Sanido 2 month ago
Tyler Herro is nice but Ben Simmons is definitely the rookie of the year.
Howdy Folks 2 month ago
White guy of the year
Moonroof 2 month ago
Luka Busljeta 2 month ago
What's wrong with being a white guy in the nba ? Smh ...
Joseph Balasolla 2 month ago
Like legit my first
TheLastLaker 2 month ago
So many other players could've gone in that top 5 besides Jason Williams....
Erika Colbert 2 month ago
tyler im 20 and ur 20 i should be on that boat ;)
Greenest Dreamer 2 month ago
Low key racism but what ev
Progress Ty 2 month ago
Jimmy Butler could be MVP if he cared more about that than winning.