Night Vision Hide N Seek *See in the Dark*

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HeyItzMia X 5 month ago
This whole time I thought there was gonna be a jump scare 😂
Mansoor Alhashemi 5 month ago
Suggestion: the hiders must have cameras too
Kaylee Hamilton 5 month ago
capron: what if we find a new species that you can only see an infrared Me: instantly thinking of Billy dressed as a chicken
HES Beauty 5 month ago
Corey with the night vision is like a child getting everything they wanted for Christmas 😂
big Sev 5 month ago
That's like a horror house The head that popped up was flipping creepy I nearly craped my self
Larkyn Putvain 5 month ago
Round two hide SEPARATELY first found: two people hiding together (says nothing about them hiding together)
Molly Fergusson 5 month ago
capron: “I can’t hear anything, can u corey” Corey: “yeh I can hear everything” me: so wait what 😂
Regan Lisman 5 month ago
how many times has Capron said "sketchy" and "this is so scary" lol
Plasma62 5 month ago
1:12 The scariest thing you will see all video
DIZZY DREAMER 5 month ago
0:30 I love when Cory's explaining something because he looks so cute when he's happy and excited about something 😍
Chass Hdz 5 month ago
K but they trying to be sneaky with the thumbnail 😂 ain’t that their house? 🤔
Nerdy Potato 5 month ago
Omg they said “is that a head” and showed an alien and I was so scared😂😂😂
Melon Bros 5 month ago
Get everyone to do capture the flag at your house where the ball pit is one flag inside and over by the gate is the other. Like so they can see (not self-promoting)
T.J. Guzzo 5 month ago
I love u guys so much im watching this in school instead of doing my work
Justice Tanner 5 month ago
I love how drew was hiding on the roof both times 😂😂❤️
TheoMaha Vlogs 5 month ago
No one: Not one soul: Caron: That’s a good spot!
Akasha Snow 5 month ago
"This is like a scary movie" - Funk Bros Go watch Quarantine.
WILD BOYS TV 5 month ago
Lani P 5 month ago
Me: looking threw the comments People: omg!! Early!! First!! Me: well then that means I’m last
Taylor Sysum 5 month ago
Is anyone else sick and staying home from school
heliose898 5 month ago
You should do a collab with storror at the abandoned water treatment plant that would be insane
J VS C FLIPPING 5 month ago
Last time I was this early you were still doing scooter vids
Meisreli 5 month ago
Good stuff keep going🔥
Sophie Smelt 5 month ago
I’m from England love your videos watched everyone of them would love a shoutout xx
Elmo 1 5 month ago
27 comments but won't let me see them ;/
FalseTeeth 5 month ago
Seeing Funk Bros in my notifications, I dropped everything lol
BM13 5 month ago
It’s night vision, infrared is red for heat and blue for cold, love the vids
ANTHONY MORA 5 month ago
Capron: we just found a quadquilateral
Melissa 5 month ago
50% of the comments: I'm the first one here! 49% of the comments: I'm number 2! 1% of the comments: You guys are narly!
Helle Johansen 5 month ago
Ah yes a perfekt way to end my stressful day (no I'm not gonna sleep yet😂)
fe4r_sp2007 5 month ago
When you upload when kids are in school but you are sick
Millie Grace 5 month ago
No one: Corey: I HaVe a ShOvEL iN mY bAsEmEnT
AyoSway 5 month ago
ive been subscribed and watching when hes was at 290k subscribers Im still watching keep up the content man! more videos a week Would help! :D
Damien S.G 5 month ago
7:26 Ghost: this is we’re I died The girls: oooo let’s hide here 😈😂
Noah Staples 5 month ago
Me when they say they’re going to use an infra-red camera: *plays Infra-red*
wiliam buttlicker 5 month ago
@5:39 u can hear somthing
Olive Elmore 5 month ago
Love ❤️ your channel hope your having a good day
DontRageGaming 4 month ago
God damn this makes me mad they say inferred dude it’s night vision
Quentin Williams 5 month ago
Suggestion: doing hide and seek with heat vision
Yutube User 5 month ago
I have been subbed since the beginning of that pond u guys built last year they were the best videos so much nostalgia
Jeremiah Roberts 5 month ago
11:07 something moved in the back window 💀in the left hand side
Skyler 5 month ago
"if you came here to kill me clap you hands."
Landon Wickett 5 month ago
At 1:35 there was a head Capron love the vids
Dakota Newkirk 5 month ago
At like 2:02 I was just waiting for a jump scare is that just me lmao
fortnite_ god 5 month ago
2:07 y dose it say ksi
Lewis Ferns 5 month ago
I think this was were they did a previous hide and seek drage bought a mask and I was tense waiting for it the whole time
Latifa Ace Family Love 1# Fan 5 month ago
I’m happy and sad because I’m at home because I’m sick but I get to watch ur vid!!
Playing music 569 5 month ago
No one: Absolutely no one: Good audio: Ight imma head out (Btw this is just meant as a joke, I know how expensive it would be to buy microphones for all of the people in the video)
Sydnie Guevara 5 month ago
Jade Wiebe-Humphrey 5 month ago
When I see a new video from you guys I literally watch it right away. Even if I’m at school😂💖💖💖
Sydnie Guevara 5 month ago
Taylor Joedicke 5 month ago
Travis Crothers 5 month ago
10:04 i laughed so hard, that was funny😅😆😂
Matthias Mapp 5 month ago
I know Drew’s cousin he goes to my school and he talks about him all the time😂
Imogen Imogen 5 month ago
omg i love scarey movies and this vid was epic keep all the hard work up and i really hope you become sucsesful in your later life i will sport you all the way
Psycho Shatterer 5 month ago
i consider myself a pro hider and seeker, i saw so many amazing hiding spots while watching lol i was dying
Itz Anonymously Taylor 5 month ago
I love how drew is just always on the roof XD
Tuesday 5 month ago
I would be the type to hide in the furthest spot I could and just scream at the top of my lungs.
Atlee Beasley 5 month ago
Corey:I found drew Drew:Hello
savage for days 5 month ago
When thay found hanna corry was just jumping with her and it just made me laugh
Elli GAMER 5 month ago
I was watching this when i was home alone and at nigth
Rocket 5 month ago
VIDEO IDEA: One time I played Nightvision tag in the dark, and it was so much fun. ( We used Nightvision goggles) That would be a great video idea that I would want to see. thx
Laila Sadie 5 month ago
Omg hi Corey and Capron! I predicted you would post on my birthday today! Haha 😆
valko rodriguaz 5 month ago
u should play hide and seak from an actual detective that takes finger prints or hide and seak from a k9 dog
Alex RC 5 month ago
I played this game when I was I young boy. It's too good.
Boshra Ahmed 5 month ago
their eyes look so scary with the night vision on😂
Larrissa Sheard 5 month ago
Ummmm im pretty sure that little boy is younger than me and how in the WORLD did he hide by him self
I’m a Banana 5 month ago
You Guys mean a lot bc my grandma is in the hospital and your video’s are diversion these days
Rosalia Jansen 5 month ago
this honestly made me satisfied i dont know why
Goodbrossmx 5 month ago
Hey you guys, Would you guys ever make more scooter videos? I loved those and they were a main key for me when I was in depression. If you do, I would love it.
gt vlogs 5 month ago
When Capron said there's a head there realy was
Jamesin 5 month ago
Imagine playing hide and seek there and you think your doing good, meanwhile your friends left.
Team Empire 5 month ago
1:40 is where if you look close enough in the middle you see eyes
Daniel Quackenbush 4 month ago
bruh "eagles eye view"
Maja pawlik 5 month ago
Yo I was scared watching the video I can't imagine having to hide you guys are nuts I love your video
Greg Freeman 5 month ago
That place is wild! Those drop offs are something else!🔥🔥🔥
Sleepy Koala 5 month ago
I didn’t watch that game but when he said hide and seek in the dark I was super happy and want more
Maddy A 4 month ago
The infrared is really trippy because it makes it look like everyone has brown eyes
Loop Baller 5 month ago
Hey you guys are the best YouTubers I have ever seen you make me happy when I watch your videos. I probably watch your guys videos everyday. I always look forward to watching your videos. Me and my friend got into scootering and we still do it because of you and Capron. I know you guys will probably not see this but it would make my world if some how I got to meet you me and friend would love that so much. You guys are the best really hope you see this bye✌️❤️❤️
TTV_ Lazer113 5 month ago
I like you guys as I can hide and seek videos at every time when I come homefrom school I watch you guys have videos and you guys give me a smile on my face you guys make my day.
Tanis Jones 5 month ago
How many times in the previous video’s there’s no intro
Danna Cooper-Zumbro 5 month ago
I saw this video right when they posted it
Marquis Penamon 5 month ago
Akasha Snow Akasha Snow 20 hours ago "This is like a scary movie" Go watch Quarantine.
Major FNP 5 month ago
Funk bro’s: 500 dollars if you win Mrbeast: hold my 60k
Adan Lara 5 month ago
Hi I been watching for about 5 years and i love every single minute
Alyssa Bergdoll 5 month ago
Was it just me or the alien head lowkey scared me
MEMES 5 month ago
Play more Hilde and seek whit swat team
Connor Weathers 5 month ago
Yaknow some reason I dont think its the safest place to be in the dark
Brooklynn Young 5 month ago
Y’all should play hide and seek with mr.beast
Dxrk Mystic 5 month ago
I’ve been watching you guys for years and I think you guys are super cool I want to start a vlog channel like you guys do you have any tips and you guys are my favorite youtubers
Hotdogpower663 //Jayden 5 month ago
I saw this in my notifications during school dropped all my work to watch this now I have 1 week of detention nice
Sister Lulu 5 month ago
Ahh I’m early xx
Liza Oakes 5 month ago
All I see are glowing eyes 🤣😁
Cheese_weasel43 Instagram 5 month ago
I feel like these videos are to remind us how much fun we’re not haveing
Skylar Bell 5 month ago
yooo i wanna play next time me and my friends go all the time
D Df 5 month ago
Shout me out plz I am the first veiwer
Mason McElveen 5 month ago
Best thing to watch when sick😂
Chantal Beckerton 5 month ago
Love you guys so much. You should do hide and seek at the Stanley hotel
NypZi Plays 5 month ago
Suggestion: play hide n seek in haunted mansion plss
Danae Dafflon 5 month ago
That was so cool, you made my day 😀😀