I Broke My Nail Again

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Clau Panquecito 27 days ago
I love Matt He was immediately like "I'm so sorry, you're mourning" He didn't asked, he just jump into it
Cherry apple AJ 27 days ago
Shouldn’t the title be “I broke my nail again again again”
•.•Moonwatcher•.• 27 days ago
Rip Cristine's ring finger nail Jen: "*I dOnT cArE*" I clicked at the speed of light. Hah. Rip.
roseey 27 days ago
When Cristines “short nails” are longer than your actual short nails
Mik Kurzhal 27 days ago
Cristine: I broke my nail Dad: *being a dad* Jen: *every sister ever* Matt: *Cristine's new therapist* Corinne: *equally distraught bff* Rob: *"I already knew i stalk your instagram"* Safiya and Tyler: *sympathetic parents*
FairyHusky 926 27 days ago
Simply: I broke my nail. Me looking at my hands:Can’t break your nails if you don’t have any
Trisha Teves 27 days ago
Christine: I broke my nail Her sister: I don't care 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Literally Me when my sister fell from our tree🤣🤣🤣
Bertrand Leung Kwing Chung 27 days ago
Cristine : i broke my nail Kourtney : There is people dying right now
MonTeA 27 days ago
"I have really great friends and family that support me" Jen: I Dont Care.
Adrii 27 days ago
she breaks her nails so that she doesn’t have to do nail art but that’s just a theory
Koko Lucas 27 days ago
Me to Cristine's broken nail: Dishonor! Dishonor on you! Dishonor on your family! Dishonor on your cow!
Taylor Murdaugh 27 days ago
Should have a “days sense last accident” sign
Natalie Lunzer 27 days ago
Am I the only one who really reallllly wants to know what was on Corinne’s shirt that it had to get blurred out 🤷🏼‍♀️
Toni Claridad 27 days ago
cristine: i have some really bad news to tell you jen: * smiles * what
Miss Svets 27 days ago
“I have some really bad news” “...Why are you smiling then....?”
Angela Dao 27 days ago
The way Christine says “saga” KILLS me. I love her, but I’m just not used to hearing it said this way 😖
tammy JerkChicken 27 days ago
If I didn’t know I loved Corinne it was “your not pregnant are you?”
Isle Of Dead Memes 27 days ago
Alternate title: finding out who truly cares about me, by telling them about my broken nail.
Mely R 27 days ago
The fact that Matt stopped when he was about to take a sip is so adorable
Midnight MoonFox 27 days ago
Cristine: I broke my nail.. Jen: (WTF IS THIS LUNTIC ON ABOUT!!)
Samantha Skenandore 27 days ago
Using the hockey stick for the RDL's is the most Canadian thing I've seen in a while...
Wyatt Hardee 27 days ago
safiya and tyler’s “awww” sounded like when u throw the bowling ball behind u in wii sports
João Cavaleiro 27 days ago
Cristine: I broke my nail Safiya and Tyler: **Synchronized aww**
Wonderland 27 days ago
The dad was so confused when Cristine started talking about the sponsor LMFAO
Sam -_- 26 days ago
Christine: Jen I broke my nail 🥺 Jen:Wtf why is this any of my business.. Christine: I broke my nail🥺 Evreyone else:*supports Christine*
t_000 27 days ago
I'm trying to work out if christine was just being sarcastic during the paid promotion
idiots and friends 26 days ago
I love that when Matt heard that Cristine’s nail was broken he was trying to contain his laugh
Kirsten Bass 27 days ago
Matt is so Canadian 😂 Also, “what are you going to do about your channel?” Clearly he doesn’t watch your channel, or else he would know you don’t do nail tutorials any more.
Fat Mama 27 days ago
Awww i'm dying... How her dad is so much more impressed by her memorizing her text than by that crappy app 🤣🤣🤣
ZoeyTheOreo 27 days ago
"I have something very serious to tell you. " "Aw, man!"
libby 27 days ago
I love how Cristine's recently broken nail is still longer than I can grow mine in 2 months fml
Amy Holland 27 days ago
I love how Canadian Ben’s brother is 😭😭
Charlotte Gilkerson 27 days ago
This video is cursed. I almost broke a nail while i was watching it Edit: it actually broke
Kemba Shack 27 days ago
Sent me flashbacks of when I cut my index finger through the nail bed with a knife
Farah Ragab 27 days ago
When I keep a secret for more than 24 hrs:
WarriorsPeace_Kat 27 days ago
R.I.P nail T^T My babysitter is on 1300+ in candy crush and we absolutely love the game.
Living with Maddy 27 days ago
You know you are a perfect couple (Saf and Tyler) when you have the same reaction to Christine breaking a nail
Emily Fogerty 27 days ago
"I like to play... on the toilet!" Me: watching this video on the toilet 😂
She literally took 7 mins just to call her friends and family that she broke her nail. I get it, I mean.. it is *IMPORTANT*
Diana Rauzin 27 days ago
Christine: *trims all nails if one breaks* Me: *all nails are a different length and shape*
tina Kroer 27 days ago
"I broke my nail again" Me: Me tooo sisss😓
The girl the HATES Pink 27 days ago
You should do TOEtally awesome tutorials!😂😂😂 Made it up myself
Lindsay Emanuel 27 days ago
I love that Rob was the most heartbroken. Also your Dad listening to you read the ad like "yeah, there's my money maker I drove to all those auditions!"
Sara Maquieira 27 days ago
I absolutely adore Jen, her humour is everything.
IroHana 27 days ago
Cristine: Sister I have some really bad news Jen: Smiles*
Victoria G 26 days ago
i feel like every person she called was like "omg she has rona" then she hits them with the broken nail
Joellettan __ 26 days ago
Me: looks through holotaco.com Also me: I can’t buy anything but I’ll look anyway ;)
Jocelyn White 27 days ago
R.I.P. Christines nail “We loved you dearly”
Nikki Smith 26 days ago
Dad: “it’s like hair, it’ll grow back!” Dad: *is bald*
Heather A. Turner 26 days ago
That awkward moment when Cristine's short nails are your long nails 😅
ItzEvelyn 123 26 days ago
When they ask you how you are and you just have to say that your fine when you're not really fine but you can't get into it cause they would never understand
Bäd víbés 26 days ago
Cristine: i broke my nail Jen: i dont care Fr everytime i tell my brother something
Lilian Berrios 26 days ago
I haven’t take care of my nails for the entire quarantine, this video gave me the strength to do it (tomorrow)
min a 26 days ago
i love how cristine and safiya can't stop smiling when they were calling each other 🥺🥺🥺
Erika P 27 days ago
People: your nail is too yellow Simply: at least its healthy (Broke her nail several times)
I’m dat biss 27 days ago
“Because I deserve it” Me grabbing more ‘healthy’ snacks from the pantry for the 5th time in one day
jackie roberts 27 days ago
I was so confused why YouTube was recommending me a old video but then I was like o it’s new😅😅
[miilomilk] 27 days ago
She’s broken her nails so many times she should make another channel call simplybrokennails lol
April Mott 27 days ago
The feeling of filing my nails makes me shudder 😖
Big Fat Meanni 26 days ago
Genuinely thought Matt was gonna say, “Did Menchie die?”
안녕 있다안녕 하세요 27 days ago
Me in class Teacher: give me kinds of tragedy that happened in 2020 Classmates: *gives normal tragedy * Me : simplys nail Teacher: uhhhh OkAY
Kitten Galaxy :3 26 days ago
Nobody: YouTube: 3rd on trending
Natalie Sagerer 27 days ago
Right away when I looked at the cover of this video all I thought to myself was oh my gosh Christine not again!😂
Eden Deja 27 days ago
5:13 when even her own friend doesn’t spell her name right
Shrey Mittal 27 days ago
Me reading the title: “Christine it’s quarantine how DID YOU DO THIS”
• Nadya • 27 days ago
Bens gonna be like : *_”Goddamn it Christine, This the 2nd time”_*
Fatimah Alemara 27 days ago
Today I cut my nails for simply 😭 now my long nails are so short but sometimes it has to go
Melina Reynoso 27 days ago
I need the type of friends I would call when my nails break.
Cygnette 26 days ago
"I haven't left my house for two months, and I still manage to break a nail." Same, I was trying to let mine grow just a bit more, but its always the thumb that breaks, like bro, HOWWWW?!
Pom pom The bear 27 days ago
When you said you had bad news I’m pretty sure they all thought you were pregnant😂
lark 27 days ago
why am I being recommended Joanna and Christine at the same time
Icecold_tea 26 days ago
I feel your pain. First day of P.E. At school, forgot to file down my nails (I had been growing them out) and we were doing netball. I went to catch a ball and my nail got *Obliterated* like- tiny pieces. I wanted to cry-
Jazmin Gutierrez 27 days ago
My nail broke as well but it's been holding on so far. I feel your pain. 😢
Emily Diaz 26 days ago
Me: 2020 cant get worse. 2020: u gonna bet? Simply Nailogical: I BROKE MY NAIL Me: [internal screams of horror]
my nguyen 27 days ago
Cristine: im on level 413 me: does she know homestu-
Danielle Fremling 26 days ago
Cristine: I broke my fingernail idk what imma do about my channel Me: it’s ok you don’t even make nail videos anymore 😂
Meagan Lemke 27 days ago
Six minutes into the video until I realize that we are still mourning the same broken nail from a month ago...
Masturat Hossain 27 days ago
it is my bday in 4 days and I forgot!!!🤣usually, it is so important to me and I would be excited a month b4 my bday but I don't feel anything now. AND I hope u guys have an amazing day!!!!
Kati Nicole 27 days ago
When your broken filed nails are longer than literally any of my nails lol
neologiandame 27 days ago
I feel this pain, you're not alone, I too broke my nail in quarantine and had to file down her sisters
Hailey Rowe 27 days ago
“Career ruined!” What career? It’s not like she does nail art anymore anyway!
Ceryse Waters 26 days ago
I saw this thumbnail and was like "oh no poor cristine" I broke my nail earlier today😭
FireRose720 27 days ago
That feeling when what she calls 'nubs' are still longer than what my nails usually are at.
Nuck Fugget 26 days ago
Imagine getting #3 on trending for FaceTiming ur dad that you broke ur nail.
Olivia Ryan 27 days ago
Simply: Candycrush! *“cAnDyWhO”*
Oxksie 27 days ago
I remember losing almost my entire middle nail, i got my finger shut in a door and eventually the nail ripped off up to about half a centimetre from the nail bed, so that was fun
Supergirl 27 days ago
I bend my nails like that a lot. I once bent it all the way back to where blood was dripping from my finger. XD
Evie Reid 27 days ago
i never thought i’d live in a world where my nails are longer than Cristine’s 🤯😭
Jenna Kramer 26 days ago
“Aurora unicorn skin yasss. And flakie holo taco because I DESERVE IT” 😂
Sunny Gao 27 days ago
“ I dOn’T cArE!” -Jen 2020
LittleMissHailey 27 days ago
I loss my mindddddd every time I break a nail whew
Nails Are Life 26 days ago
I recently broke my left middle fingernail. 😭😭😭 It was almost ready for painting, too. I'm so sad. Guess my dead channel is gonna stay dead for a while longer. 😭😭😭😭
BrOCcoLi 27 days ago
“What are you gonna do about your channel?!” Lol like Cristine does nail art anymore.
Abbys are everywhere 26 days ago
Is it Candy Crush “sAga” or Candy Crush “saga” idk I say it “saga” not “sAga” Edit: This was just me ranting cuz I’m tired and bored
F Gomez 27 days ago
Broke my nail today, my husband didn’t even bother to look at it. I feel your pain
RHINO SLAYER 27 days ago
I have really good friends and family said simply. Her sister: I dont give a sh1t! Bout yo nails!
lilly love 26 days ago
there is oh most 7000 levels on candy crush. THERE ARE SOO MINY IT WILL TAKE ME FAVER TO FINISH!!
baked fish 27 days ago
got to the part where she was like theres a "safe length".... my nails are longer than hers 😭😭
Riah Donato 27 days ago
Other youtubers: sponsored by some hair products, etc Simply: sponsored by games 🤣🤣🤣
Kaitlyn Hejny 27 days ago
My husband just told me that he thinks we have similar "playfulness" and that's the best compliment I've gotten in a while cause I love watching you so much 😂♥️