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You might recognize Natasha Rothwell from Insecure, the hit HBO television series where she works as a writer, series regular, and co-producer. When she isn't busy in the writer's room or on set, Rothwell is sure to be pampering her skin with the best of the best skin care products. In this episode of #GoToBedWithMe, Rothwell breaks down her nightly skin care routine by revealing all of her favorite products, from the Vintner's Daughter Active Botanical Serum to the Sunday Riley Brightening Enzyme Water Cream.

Sonya Dakar Clean Canvas Cleansing Oil
Farmacy Green Clean Cleansing Balm
Neutrogena Makeup Remover Wipes
Dickinson's Original Witch Hazel Toner
Vintner's Daughter Active Treatment Essence
Vintner's Daughter Active Botanical Serum
Sonya Dakar Superlift Eye Serum
Caudalie VineActive Vitamin C Eye Cream
Biossance Squalane + Lactic Acid Night Serum
Sunday Riley Tidal Water Cream
Caudalie Vinosource Overnight Recovery Oil

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Natasha Rothwell's Nighttime Skincare Routine | Go To Bed With Me | Harper's BAZAAR

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Coolbabymama 3 month ago
“She cute” she is! She’s hilarious and I love her commentary about Caudalie 😂
emerald1489 3 month ago
The best personality I've seen in this series, hands down.
Roll0112358 3 month ago
"This is important makes sense" OMG no idea who this is but I love her so much.
Most Ardently 3 month ago
holy s**t she is in her 30s?? Her skin! 80% happy for her and 20% jealous.
MCal77 Cal 3 month ago
I love this woman! I’ve never seen her before, and baby jeebus, she has the best skin of anyone I have seen on this series 👀 Someone please take those wipes away from her! 😄
Tily Ziri 3 month ago
seeing her bare skin I would've never guessed she's in her late thirties WOW
Diletta Dile 3 month ago
I would go out with her for a beer for sure 😂 she sounds really funny 😂😂
Meena Sharma 3 month ago
“Oh, i m sorry. I was being loud.” 😂 Well then my pores must be screaming. 😂 She is hillarious. I love her.
nadia nottet 3 month ago
I can't believe she's in her late 30's, like what sorcery is this
Kim Mendes 3 month ago
I love all the dermatologists that come out after every video is posted 🤦 her skin is phenomenal so clearly what's she's doing is working great for her.
ComfortablyChic365 3 month ago
Yasss I love Natasha she's so talented and funny. I was so happy when I saw the cleansing balm and then... good feeling gone when the makeup wipes came out and wasn't followed up with a water based cleanser. I shed a thug tear 😭😂.
Lord Lex 3 month ago
Yal just be so ready for Susan to drag someone lol, she’s not. Chill out. Enjoy the video for once instead of critiquing to the 10th degree
Amy Zax 3 month ago
Omg she’s so adorable and funny!
MissRhinestone 3 month ago
This series is my everything. Natasha made me laugh - “literally forgot you were there”. Ha. Insecure is the best and her t shirt ROCKS
Daniel Anthony 3 month ago
She is so funny this was so entertaining. She went to Caudalie and was upset no pastries 😂
Olivia J 3 month ago
😂😂 not the pores being loud tho
AJFB FOXY 3 month ago
Love her on Insecure !
Bintou Jarju 3 month ago
NATASHASASAAAAA !!! I’ve never been happier to see anyone do a nighttime routine!
Luna 3 month ago
She’s hilarious! I love her on insecure
Mirina S 3 month ago
Nooo girl, you just cleansed your skin so nice and gently... stay away from the Neutrogena (and all) wipes! They’re bad 😢
Rachelle Chery 3 month ago
She's funny😃and right👍 about👍 voting🗳.
kuisuli 3 month ago
Damn she is so beautiful 😍
Olivia J 3 month ago
Wow she’s got really amazing skin
Janita 3 month ago
she had me in the beginning not gonna lie
Mystearicia 3 month ago
She could’ve just used the toner and skip the wipes 😭😂 oh well lol
Luna Luna 3 month ago
"im out of breath from washing my face!... im gonna talk to my therapist about that" lmaooooooo
downtonabbeyfreak 3 month ago
"My friend was like do you want to go to Caudalie? And I went there, and there were no pastries, and I was upset." LMAO
Cabin fever remedy 3 month ago
I didn't think I could love her more but here we are..
Tiara Words from God 3 month ago
8:11 Natasha's Dog is so cute oh my goodness!! ♡
Dagmar jurkič 3 month ago
Love her.....also me😂
St. Barts 3 month ago
“Just Blessed!” Translation: my everyday mood. ❤️ I love her personality!
Julisa Esparza 3 month ago
She was my drama teacher in high school!! One of my favorite classes. She’s the best.
Ashley Nicole 3 month ago
Thanks for the hair shout out! Yesss pull that hair back because it makes sense 🤣 Love this! xoxo ♥️
Faria Tasnim 3 month ago
Waiting for Deepika Padukone's night time routine
Arlene Perk 3 month ago
I loved her explanations as she was washing her face. I know Susan is going to hate the wipes.
Michelle Meyer 3 month ago
I haven't even watched your skincare routine because I'm obsessed with your shirt. I must have this. In the brightest color available. ❤️
Sana Shukur 3 month ago
i died a little bit at 9:00
Diana Lee 3 month ago
Awesome shirt!
rohlehr 3 month ago
Yes!!! Natasha has BOMB skin! SUPER EXCITED to know what she uses!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Ally C 3 month ago
The oil and balm does essentially the same thing, she could probably skip the oil and wipes and just use the balm followed by a regular cleanser to make sure everything is removed properly. but aside from that, pretty good routine. She's super funny!
Shanna McLovin 3 month ago
Her skin, her dreads just wow 😍😍
cherese walters 3 month ago
Julian S. 3 month ago
This is the most entertaining installment of this series BY FAR. She's got so much personality on Insecure and here.
Jay 3 month ago
Tiffany Uza 3 month ago
She's absolutely amazing lol. Love her
locolatte1205 3 month ago
Rntere 3 month ago
I looove her!!
heatherrs141 3 month ago
Can we just agree that the main reason no one should be using wipes this day and age is W A S T E. Single use wipes in a single use soft plastic package. NO THANKS.
Heather Hope 3 month ago
An oil is made of oil, serums rarely have oil in them. Oils go last in skincare routines usually because its hard for other products to penetrate through it, serums are using post cleansing/toning and before cream and/or oils. They're not the same thing, even if the bottles look similar. This beauty has glowing skin!
Jennifer Magana 3 month ago
"Remember me different!"
Chelsea Elizabeth 3 month ago
Absolutely gorgeous
Lauren Jewel 3 month ago
she’s so funny and sweet i gtg
Oksana Glosman 3 month ago
HAHA! She's her!
Noemi Diop 3 month ago
Love her!! I recently commented on a co-worker’s skin and she says she uses Caudalie, and now I gotta go search for that last product Natasha used :) lol
Lily C 3 month ago
Please, do one with Gwendoline Christie!
Pascalle Poison 3 month ago
I can here susan screaming lmaooo. What a lovely lady tho, so positive and so beautiful
simone shepherd 3 month ago
Love this!😍
Dana Morey 3 month ago
Love her
Sabreena Syaharudin 3 month ago
LOVE LOVE LOVE the routine gurl!! Omg you do not look like you're in your 30s 😯❤️
Marlene Santos 3 month ago
Where is the cleanser??
ericcabrock9 3 month ago
She is beautiful, omg
Dupe Ajayi 3 month ago
Yasss! #blessed
Mallory Suhling 3 month ago
I was really rooting for her when she cleansed with an oil and a balm, but she lost me when she pulled out the makeup wipes and witch hazel and mentioned Goop. She needs Susan.
A P 3 month ago
She’s hilarious
BRNNA GLVR 3 month ago
I love Natasha😩 she just naturally funny and down to earth..I’m happy you all were able to get her on your channel🤍
Marco Zappala 3 month ago
she is hilarious!
KiraAngela_ 22 3 month ago
Oh wow I'm early
Helia Verkerk 3 month ago
The f*king vote😂👏🏼
S Kael 3 month ago
That wipe is leaving chemicals on your skin. You have to at least rinse your face afterwards. Also sorry, but Gwyneth Paltrow is the LAST person you should trust with skincare.
Lauren Jewel 3 month ago
i love her bye
Natalie M. 3 month ago
I thought Susan Yara would be so pleased once I saw the cleansing oil and the Farmacy Green Clean cleansing balm....then she took out the Neutrogena makeup wipes and it all went downhill from there!!!
Krista W 3 month ago
She Kelly in Insecure and Kelly in real life lol.
Symonne Peters 3 month ago
Artes Pintura Ana Estrela 3 month ago
Tiara Words from God 3 month ago
Love you Natasha!
Queen Freddie 3 month ago
Please Adriana Lima, Kate beckinsale, sarah Michelle gellar, Diana Kruger next please
TunZawWin ZawWin 3 month ago
J 3 month ago
No cleanser
LadyMG_9783 3 month ago
Wipes? 🤦🏻‍♀️👀
Rishika Singh Dadhwal 3 month ago
Every time they post a video all I care about is Susan’s comments on it !!
Bri 3 month ago
You can use your balm to remove your eye makeup all together and instead of using the makeup wipes try to do a double cleanse with a gentle cleanser. Makeup wipes create micro tears in the skin and are bad for the environment. Also serums are active treatments for your skin and should be applied prior to oils. I would go from lightest to heaviest, AKA oils after your moisturizer to lock in all of the moisture. You have beautiful skin btw!!
Chuky Mbanasor 3 month ago
She's looking gorgeous and fly then brought out the makeup wipes, Susan where are you! But tbh if this leaves her skin this clear then sis I-
HaiDera Hollins 3 month ago
The more I watch these videos with these celebrities, I'm reminded that no matter how much money you have and access to the best products...without proper knowledge, your skin still looks like trash and obviously don't have a dermatologist and esthetician on speed dial! 🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️