Cute Girl Next Door

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Nikos video pro. 6 month ago
One does not, simply, lose... 10 UNO games in a row. 😅
Duchi 6 month ago
*You know she's a pretty girl* when she is drawn Anime style
Kgomotso Moyo 6 month ago
I swear sWooZie has lost his virginity but he's just not telling us. Then in 10 years we're gonna get a notification saying "How I actually lost my V-Card 20 years ago"
Gabriel Mansilla 6 month ago
What was the point of adding the Jessica thing? 😂
Bucket Feet Supreme 6 month ago
How many chics has this dude been with
Darrel Barrel 6 month ago
Remember when swoozie was a devout virgin?
DeDankest David 6 month ago
See you guys again when Swoozie needs to pay his rent
Naomi Rose 6 month ago
"would i be okay if gary hooked up with my sister... BUNOMUMOMUMOMONUM we just start going at it"
Kerem Ozdemir 5 month ago
“Hello, the negroes here” 😭🤣 im dead
Winter Qasim 6 month ago
Bruh this was 5 days ago, but like.. The comments are ALL FROM TODAY.
senia7590 6 month ago
Soooo... nothing happened with the girl next door??
Jamel Macon 6 month ago
I love how the girl next door had absolutely nothing to do with the story lmao
cierra johnson 6 month ago
"I'm warning you...chill." It's a game of chance y'all! How!? Me: she cheated. She has an uno cheat card
DiyBro 6 month ago
"wHaT aRe YoU dOiNg StEp BrO"
Speed Stacking Maniac 6 month ago
I don't care how pretty she is, if someone beats me at UNO 10 times in a row, we're throwing hands
Sascha Ferguson 6 month ago
I forgot you existed, but I'm glad I found you again
B M 6 month ago
can we talk about how swoozie apparently got a sister???
Anakin Skywalker 6 month ago
couldn't say it wasn't a different mia?
Shashank Nerurkar 6 month ago
Despicable Mia I see you
BodyguardIOS 6 month ago
Why is everybody commenting today this was five days ago😂😂
eric loves you 6 month ago
See you guys in one month
The dog Who is suspicious of everything 3 month ago
I haven’t seen swoozie in a decade
D R I P P 5 month ago
The title “cute girl next door” the video was about him hookin up with his boy’s sister?????????
Carbonifed 6 month ago
“Lalala, just washing my Mitsubishi Eclipse” *heyhsshhshevuawvshsh*
sWooZie 6 month ago
but no for real... how often are u guys outside in front ur house just chillin?
Dillon Maynard 6 month ago
"Heeyyy, ADANTE"
Alaya Brown 6 month ago
i completely forgot about swoozie
Jacob Obara 5 month ago
see all of yall in like 6 months in the next swoozie video
Lilah H 6 month ago
how you snitch on yourself tho? 😭😭
Eljo Kuka 6 month ago
*Cute Girl exists* *swoozie:* Imma about end her whole relationship
Meagan L 4 month ago
1:00 my favorite laugh ever
thereal Ramos 6 month ago
“No no no not today Satan” 😂😂😂
Peppa Puff 6 month ago
Im mad stupid. When he said playstation “cuatro”, i had to count with my hand in spanish🤣
Cheese games 6 month ago
Whelp time to wait another month until he post again
seafoam latte 6 month ago
“Hello, the negro’s here!” I’m on the floor 😭😭😭👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
Lareen 6 month ago
And it’s said that to this day gary is still on the hunt for swoozs’ sister.
AlllSmiless 6 month ago
He keeps a list...?? 😐
Salmon Fish 6 month ago
wait swoozie has a sister?
sum kid 6 month ago
Alright now to wait for another month and a half
Benjamin haden 6 month ago
The illanet is something that Swoozie needs to be on more
Witherfish 6 month ago
He always wants girls he can’t have
Andre RoninRuokJohnson 6 month ago
This story switched plots two minutes in lmao what?
Blackhawksmiles 6 month ago
“Oh no no no, not today satan” 😂😂😂
UnknownGamer OP 6 month ago
The reason Gary laugh it off is because he hooked up with sWooZie sister
Weaboo Scum 6 month ago
Swoozie:don’t tell anybody about our uno game!! Swoozie: talks about it on YouTube
Destinee Stancil 6 month ago
Sitting here like who makes a list of the people they hook up with 😂😂😂😂
_Leanna_ —_ 6 month ago
Damn you take awhile to makes these videos but they’re so entertaining !
Jacob Myler 6 month ago
he lives 10 houses down so you drive? its 10 houses down
Harlock Aznable 3 month ago
I'm curious is he still a virgin? I'd be seriously impressed at this point if he still was.
akeem smiley 6 month ago
“I’m warning you.... chill”😂
Sir Wellington 6 month ago
One day in this dude’s life is more interesting than all the years I’ve lived.
SupremeDreams 6 month ago
Cornbeef Niggah 5 month ago
Swoozie is basically the g rated version of Kevin Hart
Gacha Swervo 6 month ago
"Nono not today satan" LMAOOO😂😂😂😂
Colton Kerbs 6 month ago
"I could be her side man" Dang he's really changed, Swoozie 4 years ago wouldnt go anywhere near that.
Dan Holio 4 month ago
Love how a hot girl transitions from a stick figure to straight out Manga porn animation
Aimara Rodriguez 3 month ago
I feel so sad and disappointed that he don't post anymore like he used to.
Oliver Melara 4 month ago
Am I buggin or did the story just completely switch up midway
hydraflows 6 month ago
Uno is all about the *skill*
IX Studios. 6 month ago
Well then, I guess it was "Uno and Despicable me" before " Netflix and Chill."
Savi Wil 6 month ago
The title had nothing to do with the video
TempuraBoy 6 month ago
Nah bro you gotta let your homie hit your sis to bring balance
ThatGirl Zhari 6 month ago
I would've been like "you think your sister is the only girl in the world with the name mia 😂!"
Ryan Hafer 6 month ago
See you again in four months
lamekidclub 6 month ago
who else has been subscribed to swoozie for years and had no idea that he had a sister
Combats 6 month ago
Swoozie just to let you know people on Insta be stealing your content
Brooks Boyd 6 month ago
“I can’t highlight you if you inside watchin’ Riverdale and Disney + all day long!”
Jeremy James Prod ;-; 5 month ago
WAIT WHEN DID YOU HOOK UP WITH CALL OF DUTY BOOTY GIRL Edit: Look at the list at 4:33 it’s the 8th one, his video about call of duty booty girl only states that he didn’t hook up with her because she had a boyfriend and she smelled like astray and she been drinking but he never said he hooked up with her 🤔, sorry for the long message love you swoozie
Russell Woods 6 month ago
hes got a type, stephanie
복권 6 month ago
Yo at this point I feel like Swoozy’s just makin up all this shit lmao
13raedon88 5 month ago
Alright boys it’s time too watch other youtubers for 2 months and come back to find only one new video from sWooZie
Lando1413 _ 3 month ago
Imagine only making 7 videos in a year😢😢
JonMadness 3 month ago
I came back to this video to see if there was a new video
SuperVerse clips 6 month ago
Mia's Instagram? Asking for a science project
Delilah 6 month ago
Risto sony 6 month ago
New news: so swoozie washes car's with peanut's 1:00 hmmmmm? Life hack? 5 minutes where you at?
freakingdingdong 5 month ago
That laugh at 1:01
LIL MUSTY 6 month ago
Lmao so I like how this video barely had anything to do with the girl next door
Original Taco Ramen 4 month ago
Day 47 and 22 minutes. Swoozie has not posted
EmmaW5 6 month ago
*Remember when he always said he'd wait until marriage?* Haha, that disappeared.
potato_sock 5 month ago
"I'm ok with being her side piece". Damn dude you used to be so innocent :o
Ishan Appukuddy 6 month ago
smhhhhh i thought adande was a good dude lmao
Andrew Herbertwhite 6 month ago
no no no no, not today satan.
JeruzDrifts 5 month ago
0:59 had me dead 💀
FrigginManatees 6 month ago
The moral of this story is: Adande sucks at uno
Sinraq 2.0 6 month ago
1 month for a 5 minute video about some girl...i need this level of success
Lps luna 6 month ago
4:38 at that moment I would have jumped out the nearest window
Kid1b 6 month ago
Ok but there’s no way she wasn’t somehow cheating like 10 games
Y e n 6 month ago
Why do you keep track of ever girl you did things with?
Joel Gaming 3 month ago
U need to upload mor
Jr Ruiz 6 month ago
0:59 *Call-Me-Maybe Flashbacks*
David Nadoba 6 month ago
1st of all how tf do you lose 10 games of UNO in a row and 2nd of all how you gonna do your boy like that? 😔
Jbeast10 3 month ago
If you know about the Mitsubishi Eclipse you are a true og
Daniel Olker 3 month ago
Are gonna upload soon I’m turning into a fossil your taking so long
Alan R! 5 month ago
She puts on descipable me as background noise 😂😂😂😂
Zale Ba 5 month ago
My boy swoozie got 6.96 M subscribers 😏
Mark Lanning 4 month ago
Yo swoozie, I just graduated from Basic training for the Air Force I was expecting at least 1 vid man I need the vids I crave it
The Haves and the Have Nots Review 6 month ago
sWooZie videos are like MCU films; you've gotta look closely for Easter eggs from previous videos (even ones from YEARS ago). Bet we'll get an Endgame story in a video someday where ALL of these girls are involved in a big adventure with sWooZie
halo halo 3 month ago
Swoozie, my sub box is bare dead. Please post and save us :((
Sean Lopez 3 month ago
My guy like ceedayy not uploading for like forever