Moments Before My Halftime Performance

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Moments Before My Halftime Performance

These moments were captured just a few minutes before we hit the stage last night...#LetsGetLoud #SuperBowlLIV #JenniferLopez

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JoeCzo 3 month ago
When she got on the tower and I'm here imagining what she's feeling in that moment 🤯
Vince G 3 month ago
J Lo and Shakira kicked ass at the halftime show. Incredible performance.
Hazel V. 3 month ago
Idk why everyone's always trying to put women against each other both JLO and Shakira killed the halftime. Props to both of you ladies for all the hard work that went into it ... loved every second of it! ❤️
MsPinkmascara 3 month ago
this gave me chills beyond. To see this beautiful mother pray with her daughter and dancers. This is a woman who has worked to get here. It is amazing to see a glimpse into what happens right before. Thank you for sharing this. I just loved you even more- did not know I could!!!!!!
Sha Shanuka 3 month ago
Ayyy I feel nervous like if I’m about to perform 😫
The Dunstons 3 month ago
The adrenaline that must have been going through your body before going up. Your work ethic is unreal. You made all of us Latinos proud! ❤
Thiago Freitas 3 month ago
Imagine the adrenaline! It must be an explosion of feelings. Jen you did it, It was amazing, so proud of you, even though u don’t know me I’m here always rooting for u 💙
Alicia Bennett 3 month ago
There is no better feeling than those few moments just before going onstage to perform...I can feel it through my entire body RIGHT NOW as I watch this. FANTASTIC performance!
mintoreoshake 3 month ago
Walking alongside her daughter - power pose!! She’s a BAWS
Josue Pocasangre 3 month ago
Back in the days, I think JLO started this trend of selling moments like this on DVD’s with a CD 💿 of the moment. Does anyone remember? Now we see it on YouTube or IG.
Liah Roche 3 month ago
Jennifer Lopez has tremendous power inside of her, she didn't even looked worry, scare or insecure, she goes far and beyond every time. She did amazing!! Congrats.
dominique early 3 month ago
Those butterfly feelings never go away and if they ever do, that's the time you move on from performing. Have never performed at the Superbowl but I've been an entertainer my whole life and I still feel my heart racing and stomach jumping before I take the stage after over 2 decades. Held my breath for a moment when she got on that tower. I watched this performance three times and each time it got better! In love with incredible performance JLo, Shakira, and all artists on stage gave 👏👏👏 So thrilled to see so many dancers and incredible energy on stage!!! Congrats to all, and JLo you're absolutely stunning 💕💕💯🔥
Surprise Toy Nursery Rhymes -Kids Playhouse 3 month ago
J. Lo At age 50 Looks Damn Gorgeous 🔥 And Me At 24 Looks Like a Potato 😂 Don’t worry I love myself 🙂
susan carter 3 month ago
Jesus wouldn't approve of her Caligula performance...
Nancy Marisol 3 month ago
Ver la carita de felicidad de la hija, no tiene precio.
NoobPlay 3 month ago
1:50 por mas años que tengan en este mundo de la fama, musica, baile, cine y demas, esa tensión siempre esta ahi, pero me gusta como personas como JLo dominan todo eso. Su presentación fue exquisita, perfecta, y sobre todo esas canciones de hace años que te recuerdan muchas cosas y te regresan mentalmente al pasado ❤❤❤❤
MrCarlsson86 3 month ago
can’t imagine what she was feeling when she went on the stairs. But she’s a pro. She did amazing.
Aisha Nadira 3 month ago
I feel nervous just watching this lol. The energy
VeronicaVeeTV 3 month ago
I can only Imagine the goosebumps she must have felt! What a powerful moment for her
Coco Liker 3 month ago
I feel like they could have easily make a show alone. One year J Lo and one year Shakira
Ally 3 month ago
JLo: are you ready Miami The world: we weren’t ready for that 🤯
Stain 3 month ago
That pole was going to be legendary, but he didn't know it
Madi Aikau 3 month ago
I’m sorry did no one else’s eyes start to tear when the little girls called her Queen
PS 3 month ago
Jenny...your daughter is amazing and so precious, she seems like such a sweet genuine soul. I love how you both walked out together and prayed before the show. Emme did great, such a natural and what a good voice. You rock my lady, from day one and you can really act...from Selena, The Wedding Planner, Monster In Law, Enough and Maid in Manhattan. Hustlers I have yet to see, which I´m saving for a sisters movie night out. God Bless you and your family and continue to shine.
rachel Garcia 3 month ago
People who have standards and discernment know that j Lopez has become trashy. That's no lady.
Rosi Girasoles 3 month ago
🔥🔥🔥JLO eres espectacular, increíblemente maravillosa, cuánto talento tienes!!!!!! QUEEN 👑🔥🔥🔥
a n o n y m o u s 3 month ago
Hands down one of the best halftime shows if not the *BEST*
Lisa 3 month ago
And she rode that pole into history.
Whole Plant Foods Genesis 1:29 3 month ago
1 min in. Praying 🙏✝️ "LORD Jesus Christ". AMEN!! Glory to GOD 🙌
Pablitoxyz 3 month ago
Imagine the amount of pressure 🤯 the anxiety of it all
Sana Ali 3 month ago
Idc what people say about her but the way she performed was simple marvellous Her moves were so on point that in my 29 I cannot think to perform them. This lady has fame, wealth and everything because she deserves em all, she is so powerfully talented ❤️
Jason Bellini 3 month ago
The Most Iconic Half Time Show of ALL Time!
Madison Samantha 3 month ago
After all the training you did for the hustlers movie I was so excited to see you come out on the pole 🙌🏼
Terry Bonnell 3 month ago
What a way to empower women, damn she sure knows how to ride a pole.
SIMply Skye 3 month ago
The only thing I wasn't feeling were the outfits. Not exactly my cup of tea, especially for a mom. She's already gorgeous and talented, she doesn't need to objectify herself like that to get attention.
Arthur Patombon 3 month ago
the hair...the make-up...the oufits she wore it was so "phenomenal" the hip-hop dancing,the pole dancing, in wow jlo nailed every aspect of the show! shes an icon!
Yulissa Salcedo Caraballo 3 month ago
This is a moment that I’m pretty sure her daughter will never forget! Well done, ladies! Specially bringing J Balvin and Bad Bunny among!
KBro05 3 month ago
An entry like no other! I could feel the adrenaline rush. JLo’s limitless.
Alicia Lawrence 3 month ago
I don't care what anyone says or thinks, JLO freaking rocked! Lemme see them do what she did and continues to do at 50 yrs old! Legend!
Angel 3 month ago
Mi querida JLo, te confieso que antes no te seguia pero te has ganado mi respeto y mi admiracion con ese excelente show que presentaste. Gracias por representarnos tan bien a los latinos. Eres una gran artista
Faith Faithe 3 month ago
Was the women she hugged and said “you got this” the choreographer? I swear I’ve seen her before
Cali Girl 3 month ago
OMG...the 50 year old stripper is so full of herself!
Ciara Contreras 3 month ago
A night we’ll never forget. I love the bond between Jennifer and her daughter ❤️
Charming nowhere to hide 3 month ago
Jen you don’t realize how many of us look up to you❤️
Fit n Fab 3 month ago
Omg! Stop comparing the women!!! They were both chosen to represent the Latino community, stop comparing wtf!!!
Eric Walker 3 month ago
And praying to God wasn't one of them.
James Juarez 3 month ago
OMG I LOVE this footage before her performance... all the love, the gratitude, the faith, hard work and excitement that led up to this amazing performance. Brava Shakira and Jennifer Lopez - WOW! You both are legends in your own right. XOXO
calderonjd30 3 month ago
I would have a heart attack! Unbelievable
life like lorenz 3 month ago
GIRL, this performance rocked my world!!! BEST EVER!!! 💕💕💕💕💕🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Elizabeth Jordan 3 month ago
Not everthing you see is real try to remember that
Xar Xi 3 month ago
I would like to take a moment to praise the background dancers, the production crew, and everyone involved. It really created an outstanding performance! :D
Lisa Gallagher 3 month ago
Way to go, girl! I love you and I teach Zumba letting my inner JLo and Shakira out in class on the weekly. I teach all ages from 7-90! Dance brings community and happiness. Thank you!
connection 740 3 month ago
Damn, this made me feel nervous. Can you guys imagine how much organisation there was behind this performance? Costumes, music, coreography, dancers, stage, light... and it was executed perfectly! Great job! :)
MakeupFreak420 3 month ago
That was probably the most exhilarating thing of all time. You and shakira killed it!!! ❤💕❤💕❤💕❤💕❤💕❤💕❤💕❤💕
Ginger Janzen 3 month ago
Haters gonna hate.... But Jenny girl I love you!! Hot af at 50 n a wonderful mother....
Flori A. 3 month ago
javier mora 3 month ago
Este video me impresionó tanto como la presentación. Señora Jennifer López, mis más profundos respetos para usted. Es toda una leyenda. Felicidades 🎉
MINDSET 1983 3 month ago
Jenn daughter did so well, Following in her mothers foot step best believe.
Axel AX Alicea 3 month ago
Best Super Bowl ever! I'm a #1 Michael fan. But the only better things in he's show was the holograms and the beggining but in the others things; Shakira's and JLo's show was better.
Rome Pama 3 month ago
big earl 3 month ago
I heard y'all didn't get paid! This is friggin bullcrap
Negar 3 month ago
Your prayings DOES make me feel calm and safe mama... Can't stop watching that moment.
Oliver White 3 month ago
Jennifer has nerves of steel
Ness 3 month ago
This reminds me of the scene before she came out on selena.
WOF Chicago 3 month ago
My child kept arguing with me when I told her JLo is almost 50 she said No! She is 30!
Hannah Pauley 3 month ago
Jen you don’t realize how many of us look up to you❤️
Nicols Ceballos 3 month ago
Heather Young 3 month ago
Thank you Jaylo for allowing your daughter to be 11 and dress like an 11 year old. Thumbs up to you! 👍
Justine Lin 3 month ago
That's a very inspiring performance, I can feel it eventhough I wasn't there.
Olivia Peters 3 month ago
It blesses me that JLO seeks the Lord Jesus Christ for empowerment! An invaluable legacy for her children and for those around her! TO GOD be the glory!!!
AboutJhels 3 month ago
The best queen JLO!😍😍💖💖
Joe 3 month ago
Your performance was shameful and disgraceful and deep down there is no doubt that you know it. Not only were their children watching at home but there were many in attendance. Even your own daughter. You completely objectified women as well. Repent & turn to Jesus. Time is rapidly running out.
Alandra Grace 3 month ago
This is amazing and she is absolutely beautiful
Verónica Salinas 3 month ago
Eres increíble y trabajadora,te admiro mucho ❤
tonymtztx 3 month ago
Tu Mami eres la Maxima Latina!!! Latino proud here!!
Fabio Marques 3 month ago
This is epic !!!! YOU ARE WONDERFULL JLo !!!! Love from Brasil ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🍀
Angie Bird 3 month ago
You were amazing!! You made us Latinos so proud!!!
tiyah t 3 month ago
That was cool to watch. But to share such a special time with your child--magnificent. Lovvved the Latin flavor of this SuperBowl performance!!!!
Jess lynn 3 month ago
damn the adrealine is unreal
Lorie Goetz 3 month ago
"What does it profit a man to gain the whole world just to lose their own soul"? Repent! Or face the lake of fire which is the second death!
Shafe 3 month ago
it almost felt like she was going to the space
Liz eth 3 month ago
Demi Lovato, JLo, Shakira, and Emme were all AMAZING!!!
Ana Caminero 3 month ago
Ese show fue parte de los Iluminate...pobresita!!
Nathen Howard 3 month ago
Omg can you just imagine if Selena was alive that would have been her up there to 💔😭
Cj america 3 month ago
What planet r u from? Kids in cages, really? Some how, people feel this was a statement... for what? Just shows how easily one will give up one’s Liberty for ? Sit on your ass while real people go forth in the world and assure our Liberty’s. To those who “ lay it on the line... Thank you”
Jace Olson 3 month ago
"Prays" 5 minutes later she twerks and pole dances in front of millions😂😂
Alain Bruno 3 month ago
Her performance was iconic 🌺👏
MM X2 3 month ago
I wanna see the entire behind the scenes, mini documentaries to the moment you walked on stage, the things we just saw, to the breaks and moments you got off the stage through to after the performance..... And then your commentary on watching back the performance
Miss Bhargavi 3 month ago
Here her daughter gets big stage ...but many having more talents ewwwwing
Myrna Dejesus 3 month ago
Súper lindo,súper orgullosa de la JL lo hizo junto con Shakira PERFECTO
Cande N 3 month ago
Amo como cantas y ma alegra ver cómo tu hija te acompaña en tu camino de música . TE QUIERO💖 ¿Cómo haces para mantenerte tan joven, y hermosa? #ARGENTINA
Elizabeth Marques 3 month ago
The fact that Shakira was killing it must of gave Jlo a lot confidence,, well done lady's,, amazing!!
Eva Filippopoliti 3 month ago
what a performance...apsolutely PERFECT..conratulations to both of you...and Emme...oh my...what a voice..what a talent!!! so proud for all of you!
xtine 416 3 month ago
There's no way in hell I could do what she does, I would be so damn nervous
Walchiva Marak 3 month ago
Jlo you give me goosebumps...u r a great singer loving n caring mother n best partner to Alex rodriguez...God bless
Ганди Жанди 3 month ago
She is strong woman.
Ronald McCasland 3 month ago
Why do you call Jesus Lord if you don’t obey Him? You show who you follow by your fruit.
Jonathan Malagon 3 month ago
much for represent are Latin culture so good with your beautiful voice and those amazing sounds I am so proud of been Latino god bless you and your family always. I LOVE U QUEEN 👑 🖤💫🙏
Moon Rise 3 month ago
J Lo always stealing from artists
Elsie Wu 3 month ago
Beautiful JLo ❤❤❤❤😁