President Trump & Coronavirus Task Force Deliver Briefing on COVID-19 | TIME

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Coronavirus Task Force holds news conference at White House about COVID-19 outbreak.

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President Trump & Coronavirus Task Force Deliver Briefing on COVID-19
Jon Robichaud 10 days ago
I agree my company was buying machinery 3 weeks ago now everything is on hold.
Jazz man 10 days ago
We need a freeze on rent, mortgage and utility payments.
15-Gurdjieff 10 days ago
I missed the part he skimmed over, real Id? What is that ?
Qihang Li 10 days ago
I wish that everybody is safe and healthy. Keep in your home unless you have to go out. Pray for those who are infected and thank you to every doctor and nurse who are helping the entire society at the risk of dying.
usaginomame1217 9 days ago
'Restaurants are doing this thing where people come and they pick it up!' Has he never had takeout?
Killerwit Heynow 10 days ago
41:15 Roughly, the start
Omegatide 10 days ago
They need to freeze all Porche payments immediatly.
mrninninnin 10 days ago
Yep, A big Thank You to the real hero's of our species.... Our Health Care Workers, Medics, Police, Fire; Etc.
lyllas 9 days ago
Wth happened to Fauci??? He is the only one of these jokers that tells the truth
who dat 10 days ago
Where is Dr. Fauci?
Tanya Whitt 10 days ago
I pray for god to help this go awey
Nasty Boy 9 days ago
42:42 listen to the cameras fluttering when he’s talking about “ deaths deaths deaths”
Maggie Smith 10 days ago
Is zpack generic now? It used to be really expensive
San Francisco Cambodian Temple 10 days ago
Wishing everyone much peace and great harmony.
Randy White 10 days ago
It will still be a while before the medicine is wide spread. Remember you still have plenty of time to die if you catch it. And that’s if it shows to work.
Don’t touch me I don’t know where you’ve been 10 days ago
Moe, Larry, Curly...Geeeze...I’ll moida youse guys!
Kay Will 10 days ago
The money has an i on it remember
David Alex 10 days ago
41:10 when the speech starts
AsbAmt 10 days ago
Need that check man hurry up
Brian Jones 10 days ago
"Much less bad"(big sigh), enough said.
Aliece 10 days ago
They always trying to get Trump into answering something no one actually knows right now. Reporters are very different people who like to create Big time DRAMA
Dan Man 9 days ago
China informed the WHO on December 31st, 2019 The US CDC has been receiving updates from China since January 3rd, 2020 Why does Trump keep insisting "they should have let us know sooner"?
Marc D 10 days ago
Anyone count the times he said, “we learned a lot!” 😂
Kay Will 10 days ago
I guess it was real when it said Batman Forever.
Jack Z 10 days ago
Reviewing Trump's recent series of speeches, it is faster to change his face than to turn a book! Saving people's lives is the most important thing.
Harley Moore 10 days ago
41:00 for the content guys
Dawood khan 10 days ago
9:54 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 nope get em out 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
sterven sterven 10 days ago
41:05 you're welcome.
Jackie Baxter 10 days ago
Why doesn’t social distancing apply to the politicians and doctors around the lectern?
JustAMessenger 10 days ago
Starts at 41:00 smh
Rob Diehl 10 days ago
Who is this bonehead?
McKenzie Bush 10 days ago
41:00 is when he comes out
Walter White 10 days ago
Funny how we never seem to run out of fighter jets and tanks for wars but we cant even get masks to protect healtcare workers
Quiet Storm 76 10 days ago
Same old story
Dan Kings 10 days ago
He sounds like a 5th grade student reading his homework project to the class.
Scarlett 9 days ago
body language is a mf ...👀
Lorri Hoolan 9 days ago
He instills NO confidence in me, he needs a reading tutor. VOTE DEMOCRAT!!
Tre Vint 10 days ago
He sounds like me when I was a teenager lieing to my mom about we’re I I was at a study event,,it was good,,it was really good,,we had many many chips and dips and every body behaved really well..
lyllas 9 days ago
2122 season??? Come on Dr get your years right
Age of Reason 10 days ago
Trump: "3 minutes? Wouldn't a 4 minute late entrance make me seem more important?"
President Camacho 46th POTUS 2020 10 days ago
you know it's a crisis,. when you rely on a crisis,. to fix the crisis,..
Adam Boudriault 9 days ago
TheSumerianGod 10 days ago
Thank you to the food bank that doesn’t have hands to feed the hungry..
lyllas 9 days ago
So he basically said that human lives are not as important as the stock market??
scott turner 10 days ago
c ellison 10 days ago
What the hell! Give us an articulate update pleade!
Bryce Marshall 9 days ago
Watch Gematria Effect News
N C 10 days ago
listen at 2x playback speed
Bustbacc 9 days ago
NextSongs4God 10 days ago
Couldn’t you cut 40 mins of that useless beginning—-guess not. “The person affected”......he’s kidding right ?
Bella St.Claire 9 days ago
Dr Brix mentioned in passing Thermo Fisher testing round the clock just recently started. By many reports, Qiagen has had hundreds of thousands of test kits available at over 200 sites across the country since January waiting for Trump’s FDA approval. Trump withheld that approval. On March 2nd QIAGEN located in Germany accepted the US Thermo Fisher_HHS deal on March 2nd, the same day Trump convened the classified meeting at the WH with Big Pharma including CureVace, not QIAGEN. Trump never made an announcement of the buy deal of Qiagen and it’s huge volume of test kits ready to ship. On or about that same date, Trump issued a gag order on everyone in the WH because he didn’t want anyone to know especially the public about this deal. He wants to pressure Congress to include in the Pandemic stimulus program, his Order to Moscow Mitch & Mnuchin his Quid Pro Quo of Medical Care & Testing in Exchange for the DOJ and Opus Dei William Himmler Barr being put in charge of creating a police State that cancels the Constitution and all rights of the American people. It’s Trump’s weaponizing of the coronavirus while targeting all Democrats, their leaders and Trump’s perceived enemies starting with reporters and journalists and; nasty women. White Suprematists want to unleash their violence on Trump’s Orders against Democracy and Democrats. Citizens are buying guns at an unprecedented rate to protect themselves against these violent groups. Trump’s “Any means justifies the end” is also an Opus Dei policy supporting it’s platform of a totalitarian plutocracy as it’s board member, Barr strips away the layers of Democracy.
Kay Will 10 days ago
Kay Will 10 days ago
He is 👀
jahson molt 10 days ago
brian ortega 10 days ago
After. This . Someone Pat's trump on the back and whispers. ." Good job everything is going according to plan "
badkids kds 10 days ago
Okay 😥
Neil B 10 days ago
And @58:00 onward he mentions combating adverse activity against Asian Americans and yet he has spent quite some time over the previous days and weeks continuing to refer to the virus as the Chinese virus, even drawing the anger of China and causing them to evict US journalists from their country.
Total T 10 days ago
Is he wearing a hat now ?
JudgementRavi JudgementRavi 10 days ago
More dream @least Trump wife milenge edo oru peru otha shape ez important book udanum ommala😄😃😀😍
Laylow 10 days ago
:21 Corona virus
Amanda Brook 10 days ago
Thank you people who make toilet paper
Fat Ass 9 days ago
Yet they still stand right by each other.
RHONDA DOUGALL 10 days ago
Shut us down for three weeks. Please.
Washington.A. Santiago 10 days ago
What about the package📜⚖️💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰🧾🧾🧾🧾 bills are pulling up,
It's All On A Whim 10 days ago
Please Review 2 videos at your leisure. Just trying to help. These videos are regarding National Debt and extra expenditures during these difficult times - CV. We can afford more debt spending than is currently being offered. IMHO. I know you folks are actuaries CPA's and more but I am wondering if you ever produce "the math" in the way I have. Just an Old Geek Numberphile.
Jo Daddy 10 days ago
you keep saying we'll see what happens. you're reelection depends upon it.
Alan Matthews 10 days ago
Larrietta USA 10 days ago
Event 201 will end in 8 days.
ERWIN MAGER 10 days ago
Miss Katheryn 9 days ago
why does he say america like that 😂😂😂
ButterSnaps Wright 9 days ago
Going to war to fight an invisible virus 😷🇺🇸
Viper4kPlayground 10 days ago
FOr anyone watching this after its live, Nothing really happends until 41:00 in
Yinchi Lin 9 days ago
希望美國要通過6兆美元才能救美國 否則這一波的美國白人將會全數被中國殲滅
GMarie Behind The Mask 10 days ago
Real Food 10 days ago
Marshal law it sounds like
Kay Will 10 days ago
[email protected] Has return
Amanda Brook 10 days ago
Stay healthy
Carl P 9 days ago
how long does the clinical data take to find out if these new drugs work ? HOW IS THAT Question not being asked !! Jeeezzzzz !!
Masht Ali 10 days ago
40min they were waiting???
Schrodinger's Cat 10 days ago
2:02:04 The selfleshness
Coco Thompson 10 days ago
Start 41:10
Tree of unsteadiness 9 days ago
Jose Lidero 10 days ago
Barbara Tardy 9 days ago
Thank you POTUS. Good job😀
SevenDeMagnus 10 days ago
Cool, mic it auto mutes everything else, besides the speaker.
Kay Will 10 days ago
Watch what u sign join run open eat bugs in it the tracking kind
Luke Nascimento 9 days ago
Thank you china ...
air21duke 9 days ago
The first truthiful statement, the President made, "He don't want to stand there for two hour answering you all BS questions." 😳😳
Ruben Duaran 10 days ago
Whatever happen to the Russian fist lady--melania?
Ur3rdIMcFly 10 days ago
Anyone else here watched LegalEagle's video on this?
Kenneth Marshall 10 days ago
Maddy C 10 days ago
Could it be possible to cease all collection until those workers and the business can reopen.
Robert Darwak 10 days ago
I say that word humility and love
James Prime 10 days ago
Anyone know if Wingstop is open?
Kay Will 10 days ago
Dont Gooooo
Dainty Minnie 9 days ago
Help out each other. If any of your love ones, friends, neighbors or even a strange need water, toilet paper or grocery that cannot afford it. Also remember don't panic stay STRONG. This too will come to pass. Prayers for those who died and those who are infected. Never lose faith.
HeavensOnFire Ministries- Minister, Bryan Shaffer 9 days ago
Real ID means "the mark of the beast"do not be fooled
Faith Hope & Love 10 days ago
Keep arguing and putting random bs into your bill as you infect eachother. Pelosi will get trade in her tp earrings for mask earrings next week to mock all the senate
persain empire 10 days ago
Bryan Smith 9 days ago
how many of them shared picking up that 15 days fact sheet, eek practice what you preech!