Dragon Ball: GT Review (Part 2) - The Baby Saga

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Last week on Part 1 of Dragon Ball GT's review I expressed my thoughts on the first season and why I thought it wasn't as good as it could have been. This week in Part 2 I am diving into what many consider to be the best Dragon ball GT story in its catalogue. Did it measure up to Dragon Ball Z, and is it better than Dragon Ball Super? Join us today as we find out if the Baby Saga is as good as people say it is.

(Episodes: 17 - 40)

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Jack O Brien 5 month ago
Can I also add that Vegeta referring to himself as earth's protector as he fights Baby is a nice character bit.
A'atoe 5 month ago
“Makes as much sense as performing brain surgery on yourself” **Dr Gero sweats nervously**
Nexus Mania 5 month ago
EDITOR'S NOTE: Music I used was mostly: -Dragon Ball GT OST -Dragon Ball Path to Power OST -Donkey Kong Country 1/2 (For the monkey sections) -Goldeneye 64 OST (Just for the Pan section) ANY lo-fi remix you hear on Mark videos are from Rifti Beats !!
Fd d 5 month ago
Mistake: General Rilldo is not the planet. He has the ability to modify the metals within the planet through direct contact.
Manol Georgiev 5 month ago
"Baby reveals that he designed dr. Miu, which makes as much sence as one performing brain surgery on himself" dr. Giro: "makes perfect sence to me."
Christian Segarra Rios 5 month ago
Honestly, I loved how piccolo went to hell (even tho he was a good guy) to maintain order down there regaining his tittle of the Demon King.
MegaNinten 007 5 month ago
I like Goten in GT. He is a lazy boy who only cares about dating ladies. At least he is no longer a Kid Goku copycat anymore
DarkK~ 5 month ago
The thing about the waves is that they don't transform Vegeta into a giant ape, they serve as a way for him to regrow his tail and THEN achieve the form on his own. This is explained (or retconned, depending on how you wanna see it) in the final arc of GT, when Vegeta achieves SSJ4 with the waves. The reason the waves are needed, and the reason why Goku was able to regrow his tail and thus have his kid form as a strength, is because Saiyans cannot regrow their tails as adults but can as kids, as evidenced by both Goku in Dragon Ball and Gohan in Dragon Ball Z (and before anyone mentions Teen Goku and Teen Gohan, I said KIDS). It was a brilliant move from the writers to give Goku his tail back, as well as making all of his forms (base, SSJ, SSJ2, SSJ3 and SSJ4) stronger as a whole because Goku tapped back into the root of his Saiyan blood, now that he has the tail back. It makes way more sense that he would become better at managing his Saiyan transformations with the tail than without it.
Alejandro Rodríguez 5 month ago
“But compare to the first arc, it’s like ultra instinct William Shakespeare” Why does this make laugh lmao 🤣
JJDude 5 month ago
Honestly the whole "taking over the universe" bit wasn't needed. Baby could've been the "Venom" of Dragonball. All just to make the Saiyans suffer and nothing else. But no...
Game Over 5 month ago
One of the things I like about Baby is that he's responsable for everything that happens after he appears. He kills Myu, which starts the next arc and its ending, which starts the final arc. It makes the transition from one arc to the next feel more organic.
Wiebejamin 5 month ago
I actually like the whole Earth as a moon plot device. It's a neat use of the setting to bring back something established but forgotten.
Pen & Sword 5 month ago
"I was worried it was a complete Deus Ex Machina, but it turns out that the Supreme Kai made a save on Goku at the last possible second before he was defeated." Thank God that it wasn't a complete Deus Ex Machina lol
The Hound 5 month ago
"Vegeta, The strongest fighter on earth." (Everyone looks at Gohan....) Gohan: What? What!?
Goku1391 5 month ago
Ill say this because it made sense in my head, they arent transforming from the moon they transform due to the rays reflected off the moon, those rays come from the sun so in turn the earth from that distance can still be a moon to the truffle planet because he's only seeing it due to the rays of the sun reflecting off of the Earth.
x Hale 5 month ago
Yall gotta admit one thing The powerscaling of GT is way mire accurate than Super. Thats what I liked about GT They didnt make Goku Base weak because he didmt transform, instead they made his base form as strong as ssj3 in Z and stayed loyal to that scaling. He didnt even need to transform against Goten and Gohan which made sense. If it were Super than Goku would've transformed into a ssj and struggled and would've transformed into blue cuz "he's in trouble"
Gardetrace 5 month ago
14:50 That water is the Chōseisui from the Piccolo Daimaō Arc of Dragon Ball where Goku got it from Karin in order to be able to defeat Piccolo Daimaō. The filler Garlic Jr. Arc of DBZ brought it back to counteract the Aqua Mist.
Ricky 5 month ago
"I was worried it was a complete deus ex machina, but..." Goku literally got saved by a god.
Micah Buzan 5 month ago
"GT had some great ideas, but poor execution" pretty much sums up the comment section of every GT video ever.
Sam Robards 5 month ago
I LOVE the Baby Arc, SSJ4 is my favorite transformation in the franchise and Baby is easily my favorite Dragon Ball villain. So it was nice to see you praise all of them! I will have to disagree with you about Baby's design. While I agree that his second form (with the giant shoulder pads) is a bit odd, I love his final form, and it made sense to me because as Baby continued to reside in Vegeta's body, he would transform that body (aesthetically, at least) into something less saiyan and more tsufru-jin. And giant golden space apes are always a cool visual. Regarding the blutz waves, I was fine with the Earth being used as a source: it retcons the original explanation of moonlight being key to the transformation and expands it to where seemingly any celestial body of a certain type can trigger the transformation. As it doesn't seem to diminish or contradict anything that came before, it's not a big deal. I do, however, agree that the blutz wave amplifier came outta nowhere, BUT it making Baby transform into an Oozaru made sense to me (even with him lacking a tail). The way I see it, the amplifier exposed his saiyan body to so much concentrated blutz waves that it essentially forced his body to transform despite his lack of a tail. That may be headcanon, but it works for me. There's so much good stuff in this arc. Piccolo has a terrific death scene, Goten has an actual personality, Uubu and Majin Buu merging, I could go on. If I could tweak one thing, I'd make Pan go SSJ when she confronts Golden Oozaru Baby on Planet Tsufru. The timing seemed perfect, and she had the emotional catalyst. It would've also allowed her to contribute to powering up SSJ4 Goku. That said, this is such a great saga.
mario98730 5 month ago
I don’t care what anyone says: Piccolo sacrificing himself in GT makes me cry everytime and is one of the saddest deaths in all of Dragon Ball. Gohan on his knees crying PICCOLO gets me every single time.
Nathanael Page 5 month ago
"I was worried it was Deus Ex Machina, but actually it was God appearing from nowhere to save the day." ... Do you know what Deus Ex Machina means? :P
Parker Caron 5 month ago
3:45 Bet Marks pretty happy he can make a comparison to the movies now that he watched them all.
James Tucker 5 month ago
The whole point of the bruits wave machine is that the person targeted by it doesn't need a tail. That's how vegeta gets ss4
Full Metal Tuna 5 month ago
*Kid goku stops laughing and glares* "Don't make me start adulting"
PotaTHeads 5 month ago
Fun fact Andrew Chandler voiced both Cooler and Rildo. Also take note how they have similar forms/transformations. Base Rilldo - Base Cooler Hyper Meta Rilldo - 5th Form Cooler Meta Rilldo - Meta Cooler
Sentry 5 month ago
When I was a kid I loved GT and though that Baby was terrifying, so I'm happy that you liked this arc too. This arc is the one I remember the most so that's why I have good memories of GT. Now the rest, I only remember that Gogeta SJJ4 was cool and the last dragon's design I also found to be great, but barely remember the stakes or was it was about. And finally the ending, with Goku's death was absolutely beautiful, at least in my memories.
Willem-jaap Van Veen 5 month ago
''ultra-instinct wiliam shakespeare'', yeah thats gonna be stuck in my mind the coming week XD
Mojo Riku 5 month ago
No matter what anyone says I love Dragonball GT🤝
Albert Fitzgerald 5 month ago
Saiyans transform when they are exposed to a stars rays when it reflects off a planet, aka, a 'full moon.' Earth in this respect can be regarded as a moon to the tuffle planet. It totally works and I really like the touch.
The97thWarrior 5 month ago
"I can't wait to see what the next arc has in store." *Prepare to be disappointed.*
Roger Smith 5 month ago
Despite its flaws Baby saga was not that bad (with GT standards) and it's equally good with shadow dragon saga . But the problem with dragonball in general is the "goku will save the day". In GT Vegeta is a joke compare to Goku. I really like dragonball Z until Cell saga (my favorite is sayan saga) because it establishes a universe where anyone could be the protagonist and the saver. You have so many strong characters like Vegeta, future Trunks, Piccolo, and even Tien was capable of stalling Cell. In the Buu saga all the spotlights fall upon Goku, i mean he could litereally win easy over Vegeta and obliterate fat Buu but he wanted to give the kids a chance.
zingodoom 5 month ago
I'm so torn, especially after this analysis. On one hand, reworking Broly into canon was unique, and I feel like doing that too much would grow stale. I'm enjoying the new stories we're getting. But while there are some problems, Baby is a brilliant concept. If there was just *one* other thing Toriyama reworked into canon DB, I'd want it to be Baby in a heartbeat
FatBoy Diesel 5 month ago
Totally Not Mark: *"I can't wait to see what the next Arc has in store."* Me: *No, no you don't.*
Wrongthink Machine 5 month ago
The earth serving as a source of bruits waves makes perfect sense actually. Bruits waves are contained in light from a star/sun reflected off a celestial body. Normally, the only time that sufficient bruits waves are reflected to turn a saiyan into an oozaru is when a satellite (moon) is unobstructed, and the full surface area of one of its sides is able to reflect light. Using this logic, Earth, an unobstructed celestial body 4x larger than its moon, should be more than capable of producing the necessary bruits waves. As far as Baby being able to transform without a tail, this is a bit of a retcon, as originally Vegeta stated that bruits waves are absorbed through the eyes and the reaction occurs in the tail. In GT, they say that bruits waves are absorbed through the eyes and the reaction occurs in the body ASSISTED by the tail, under which it would make sense that he’d still be able to transform if he was flooded with way more bruits waves.
SpaceRangerElite 5 month ago
ah yes vegeta's daughter "Bruh" 7:44
Khaled Playz 5 month ago
"Ultra Instinct William Shakespeare"
Brusai B 5 month ago
8:58 Mr. Satan pulling that 200 IQ move is priceless
Mateo Garcia Guerra 5 month ago
Sounds like someone is enjoying GT more than what they thought they would. 😂 I've always liked GT almost as much as Super.
Ki-Adi-Mundi 5 month ago
Lol "inspires Goku to free himself." Because he could've escaped at any time and Pan didn't need to do anything for him. 😂
The Comment is 5 month ago
Wasn't the cheating villain also the one who revealed Goku's biggest fear, His wife and needles?
Lee Murrison 5 month ago
I just realized the entire Baby arc was a build up to the "homage" to Vegeta vs Goku fight in Z.
BlueMageDanny 5 month ago
Personally, I think the Shadow Dragons were probably the best villain concept to come out of GT if only because I like groups of elemental-themed villains and the idea of Shenron being the final enemy is kind of neat in a way. Baby definitely had the best story and set-up, though. And Super 17... existed, I guess.
Steel4 5 month ago
"I can't wait to see what the next arc has in store." Oh god. Not Super 17.
MarVellous 5 month ago
"I can't wait to see what the next arc has in store" Boy, oh boy.
Liam's Dimension 5 month ago
Hey Mark. I have having a terrible day today, as two of my "friends" left me for another friend group. I came home seeing nothing could cheer me up, but I saw a notification for your video on my phone. All of your videos make my day, and you're my favorite YouTuber.
Hugo Sigil 5 month ago
"I can't wait for what the next arc has in store." ....yeah...about that...
Lorenzo Pajaro 5 month ago
9:21 love how the music matches perfectly with his commentary
StardustWarrior16 5 month ago
"I can't wait to see what the next arc has in store!" Ouch.
R 5 month ago
By the choice in music I can tell someone’s been playing the donkey Kong levels in Smash Ultimate lol.
The.North.Spirit 5 month ago
14:59 I love the donkey kong music
Ori Kohav 5 month ago
What I love in the final arc is the idea of severe consequences for overusing the dragon balls
John Wick 5 month ago
This is the peak of GT. Aside from the actual ending of GT, this is the main reason I actually still have so much love for the series.
Briana Stevens 5 month ago
“ultra instinct William Shakespeare” lmaooooooo 😂
Mas 5 month ago
"I thought it was a dues ex machina but it was really the supreme kai..." Getting saved by a god is the most literal definition of a deus ex machina though
Vino Veritas 5 month ago
11:27 It literally was a Deus ex Machina.
CaptainRegular 5 month ago
I can't wait to see what the next arc has in store!” ...Super 17? Oh. Oh, no.
Lorecrafty 5 month ago
I find this video incredibly challenging to get through... I am laughing too much at the Donkey Kong Country music as the Saiyan Ape theme song! xD
SuperBuu17 5 month ago
"I can't wait to see what the next Arc has in store" Is anyone gonna tell him😂😂
TheNegronomicon 5 month ago
Poor Chi-Chi, the only time she can "be with" her husband is when he's at his most powerful. Thank goodness he has ki control to not break her... too much.
DaSovietSuprise Marx 5 month ago
Honestly I love this arc and baby is probably my favorite dB villain he’s also probably the best(or second best) thing to come outta GT
Aye Lmao 5 month ago
“With his daughter, *BRUH*
Luihutin 5 month ago
"Things get weird but I'm into it" "When things get serious, it's adult time" >me lifting my head to check that I am still listening to a chaste anime review.
Xardìn Lume 5 month ago
(2:03) "It's like Ultra Instinct William Shakespeare." This one goes in my "I never thought I would hear that" compilation.
DarthPugz 5 month ago
"I can't wait to see what the next arc has in store" No one tell him
Marino Mele 5 month ago
"But when he gets serious, it's adult time." Wait, was GT always R rated?
COOLBEANS375 4 month ago
If blutz waves are a reflection of the moon. Then maybe the sun reflected off of the desert or ocean. Or something?
Draco Smith 5 month ago
My thoughts on the dragonball series Super is like cheese with a bit of mold not as good as it could be but mostly good Gt is like mold with a bit of cheese bad but with some good in there Z is like cheese good but with a certain taste DB is like milk good but not quite cheese Those are my thoughts on all of dragonball
Scarskey 5 month ago
At one point I forgot baby was still in vegeta’s body
ApexPie 5 month ago
Using the earth to transform isn't unprecedented. iirc Vegeta used a ball of Ki as a stand in for Earth's moon.
Tiago Aires 5 month ago
GT: Great ideas Terrible execution
spidey.danger 5 month ago
"I can't wait to see what the next arc has in store" yeaaah, I wouldn't be so excited about it
Luigi Player 14 5 month ago
2:03 Shakespeare was the most boring thing in high school.
Clutch Kick 5 month ago
What was General Dildo doing while Frieza was ruling the Universe
Alucard J.B M.P 5 month ago
Say what you want, I really liked the Baby arc a lot. He was definitely a much better opponent for Goku, both in concept and execution, than any of the Dragon Ball Super villains.
Mikeyboy86 5 month ago
“11:20 This is where some weird stuff started happening, but I’m short of into it.“ -Every married man in bed
Onion Silk 5 month ago
The choice of music... ...Flawless...
Its Mo 5 month ago
"cant wait to see what the next arc has in store" weeeeelllll
Apocalypse Lemon 4 month ago
"So this! The power of ultra instinct!" -T. Shakespear.
Justin Olivas 5 month ago
17:00 someone please tell me what song is playing in the background
generalyi1 5 month ago
Nearly crashed my car from laughing so hard when Funky’s theme started to play at 13:40
shardinhand 5 month ago
thank you for showing the things gt got right instead of mindlessly pissing on it like the rest of the so called fanbase... "we dont talk about gt" damn zelots.
Alex Acker 5 month ago
6:24 Dr. Gero: *sweats profusely*
Nat Knutson 5 month ago
For years and years, I thought I hallucinated gohan going through a boardgame in dragonballz. THANK YOU I NO LONGER FEEL AS INSANE!
brightwolfz 5 month ago
It's like the people who write GT learned as they went. Imo the arcs are the best in reverse order. Shadow Dragon being the best, then Super 17, then Baby, then Adventure through the Universe.
Dankius Maximus 5 month ago
“I can’t wait for the next arc” Oh no
MrLiability 5 month ago
"Ultra Instinct William Shakespeare" is now my favorite descriptive term.
Mike Robbins 5 month ago
18:24 One Saiyan away from SSG. That would have been a twist!
ComiXProvider FTW_02 5 month ago
The part of GT where everyone remembers
red37s 5 month ago
When Funky Kong theme comes on at @13:36 I literally broke out laughing on the treadmill 😂😂 Beautiful touch.
Cosem 5 month ago
This arc was the first one I watched of Dragon Ball and it’s what got me into the series
Yamcha Kippur 5 month ago
I just remembered my favorite joke of the arc. We find out that Goku's greatest fear is his wife with a syringe.
Mr. BadUsername 5 month ago
7:45 With his daughter *"B r u h"*
chris S. 5 month ago
3:46 To me it reminds me more of ego the living planet from Marvel comics, although he was in gotg2 as well.👍🏾💯
My name is Hicorse 5 month ago
The music chose and when it was used was amazing I really felt all the feels
Izuki 101 5 month ago
11:40 HOLY CRAP I REMEMBER THAT, so THIS is wgere this scene's from
Moochbag 4 month ago
"ultra instinct William Shakespeare" absolutely freakin' killed me xD haha
The Game Grumps Let’s Play of Majora’s Mask 5 month ago
The concept of the Tuffle villain was so great- a villain introduced all the way back in the Saiyan saga, with the plans of revenge against the Saiyans (aka out main characters) Too bad it wasn’t executed properly
Mike Yaehne 4 month ago
12:00 "I thought there was going to be a deus ex machina, but no" a god just appears out of nowhere to save Goku. That's as deus ex machina as you can get.
Naoya Yami 5 month ago
18:23 I bet heroes would be quite surprised if they had just one more Saiyan to give Goku their ki...