Ronaldo Scores For The 10th Consecutive Serie A Game | Hellas Verona 2-1 Juventus | Serie A TIM

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Ronaldo reaches 20 league goals for the 11th season in a row! | Serie A

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lil Minien 5 month ago
Ronaldo is litterly hard carrying juventus atm. needs to get someone like traore in
Fadzilla Son 5 month ago
The fact is Top 10 of the fastest 50 goals scored in Serie A history are scored by 20s players. Cristiano is 35 years old. Did he prove who was the best? #zlatanpleaserespectthebest!
Richie Kkg 5 month ago
35 years old 10th consecutive goal? Hard to imagine and in Seria A which is hard for some player under 30s.. Scary
El Tio Juan Carlos 5 month ago
103 dislikes? Probably from PlayStation superstars that are 35 and can run half a pitch, dribble and shake off their mark and score. 🤷🏻‍♂️
ANT BLOX 5 month ago
I like how the crowd participated in the Ronaldo celebration
Sahil Sk 5 month ago
Juventus could have hired ancellotti. He's always better than sarri.
Keith Ethel 5 month ago
He is 35..... 35!!! Ronaldinho... kaka, other Ronaldo, looks at all the greats at age 35.. this man has no signs of slowing down.
Faris dz 5 month ago
Ronaldo getting better with his ages (like a wine 🍷 😘)
AudioSLAV 5 month ago
Idiots in December: Ronaldo is finished😂 In January: his fans don't care about the club as long as he scores😭
RV YAMZ 5 month ago
Cristiano Ronaldo 's Another week another record, 10 games in a row, 20 in 20 for the season🔥 Fantastic one touch pass and what a run...😲 Never looked like defender was gonna stop dat!!! CR7 matters, #GOAT
Trickybuz 5 month ago
The classic second-half-of-season Ronaldo
ProfesorEddy96 5 month ago
Amazing goal... Like he used to be in M. United
El Tío Tío 5 month ago
Gopal Prabhu Iy 5 month ago
This man is timeless
Free Betting Sports Tips 5 month ago
So my man scores again ...but as usual Juve will always be dissapointment of a team
Hưng Trần 5 month ago
Wow what a goal including speed, strength, dribbling skills and accuracy
Jack The Sky 5 month ago
CR7. 20 game 20 goal 35 years old the best of the best player 2020
Savas Kapan 5 month ago
Imo this goal is one of his best ever in his career. From his 1st touch to the final shot... masterpiece, world-class, outstanding...
Ari Awan 5 month ago
The right man at the wrong team.
Liken Gadi 5 month ago
Juve's problem: 40%=sarri. 60%=Players and their mentality.
ऋषि । 5 month ago
*a beast of a machine* 20 goals already. it's insane what he does.
angel munoz 5 month ago
Can someone show this goal to Fabio Capello...
Ngm Mngw 5 month ago
Christopher Arcadia 5 month ago
Get rid of the chainsmoker and hire an actual coach.
Andre Capela 5 month ago
Right man, right team, wrong coach !!!!
Mido Zayn 5 month ago
The greatest of all Time 🐐🐐
DzoniX 5 month ago
Everyone knows who is the best ! GOAT
Talal Elm 5 month ago
Ronaldo is really The King of Football ⚽️ 👑 I hope he reach batistuta
A. Conceicao 5 month ago
CR7 should get another Club than can stay at pace with him.
يوسف الايس كريم 5 month ago
so no one realized he scored in 11 games in a row (against rome in coppa italia)
JL-1070 5 month ago
35yo and still breaking records
DafOskia 5 month ago
He’s still got it. He’S FiNisHeD! Gtf outta here
DON 5 month ago
When you need lob through ball assist in division rivals
Pradipta Chatterjee 5 month ago
Getting better with age.
10whatabeast 5 month ago
The man is 35, and still out pacing 25 yr olds
djdrwatson 5 month ago
Amazing CR7!!
fleep0 29 5 month ago
Havent seen Juve slip up like this in alonggg time. Been shaky all year and a shell of their potential. As a juve fan proud of Ronaldos form but need MUCH better games from the midfield. Pjanic and Rabiot looked lost today.
Tiffani Lado 5 month ago
Still the best😍
Matuidicharo 5 month ago
Journalists: Ronaldo is finished  Goatnaldo: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Soni Dwi Setiawan 5 month ago
no matter how much you win or lose, it's important that ronaldo score. 😁
mike johnson 5 month ago
They need to make transers for right and left back. And now they are in this dilemma
Tata Nyoa 5 month ago
Real goat
ADROO 5 month ago
35 años amazing sprint just imagine at 20's 🔥 pure speed
AudioSLAV 5 month ago
Congratulations Dybala for contract extension well deserved💪💪 #lajoya
Dominic Golding 5 month ago
What a player. I must say I was unsure about the move, but I was wrong, he is still the best goalscorer out there
Rajat Y 5 month ago
Makes it look so easy
Matuidicharo 5 month ago
Ronaldo has scored 23 goals for Juve this season🔥🔥🔥 Ronaldo has scored 11 goals with Portugal this season 🔥🔥🔥 Ronaldo has scored in 10 serie A games in a row 🔥🔥🔥 Sarri out no improvements with his team 💩💩💩
Bihung Borgoyary 5 month ago
So he created history in Serie A Scoring in consecutive 10 games
AS B 5 month ago
I was convinced Ronaldo was finished 🤦
des 5 month ago
Simply a fantastic player. Juve doesn’t deserve him.
GS9 Football 5 month ago
The content you produce is truly amazing! Thank you very much for sharing, plz continue uploading!
Wong Dr 5 month ago
CR7 right team, wrong coach.
خالد ْ 5 month ago
The best 🐐🔥❤
Abongile Peterson 5 month ago
35 and still scoring step over goals. This guy is insane.
FİZZY YT 5 month ago
Mncedisi Mhlongo 5 month ago
Juventus must improve...
Justin Brown 5 month ago
Sarri Out! He keeps giving these long interviews post match and changes nothing.
Weston Vaughn 5 month ago
Awesomely epic
Neiko McCalla 5 month ago
I’m soo happy watching this Goal..... 😍 Cristiano !!!!!!
You Tube 5 month ago
There will never be another player like Ronaldo. The best of all time for me! Bravo CR7!!!!!
Omart Badawib 5 month ago
Coming from a messi and Salah fan, Ronaldo scored a world class goal
Life with Gaming 5 month ago
Ronaldo's watching one piece i guess!! His hair😅😅
ምንባር ኣብ ሕልና ይዳነ 5 month ago
ronaldo 👍🤔🤔🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀⚽️🙏🇪🇷
T ULTRA 7 5 month ago
Did you hear G. O. A. T
Kamaran2019 5 month ago
Great goal Great performance Great effort By GREAT LEGEND 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻 but unfortunately it was a bitter Ending. 😢😢😢
Abhishek Bhekare 5 month ago
I just hope he joins United before he retires
Jisha Antony 5 month ago
Dark Knight 5 month ago
Diamond in coal mine !!
Dopeweed La 5 month ago
Best goal of the season
793119 5 month ago
Dybala is underrated 😭
Prince Volland 5 month ago
CR7 legend
Akib Khan 5 month ago
The record breaker 😊😊
o o 5 month ago
cr7 always make a goal. Juve need Pogba or some better players
Nuno Alves 5 month ago
Juventus needs a strong mid defender, a lot of teams passes throught there as butter.
Shubham Kundu 5 month ago
Cristiano "the goal machine " Ronaldo name his. Love you idol 💙💙
Peter Lee 5 month ago
CR7 is on fire! Sarri out!
bele92 5 month ago
Direi che è ancora capace ahah fortissimo!
Jack Knipe 5 month ago
He should join PSG next , then he can say he's won in , England, Spain, Italy, and France. Plus he's score 30+ a season in Ligue 1
Nina 5 month ago
Sell Pjanic buy Adama Traore.
Alexandre Alexxx 5 month ago
Cr7 The best ever
Bright Destiny 5 month ago
Live long KING CR7..bless up
Hakim TV 5 month ago
That L1 + TRIANGLE pass💯💯
Niki Bra 5 month ago
15 goals in 10 games GOAT=CR7
samuel lee 5 month ago
That new hairstyle...It's giving him superpowers! #CR7
ArsenalVideosHD 5 month ago
Sudipta Mondal 5 month ago
Juventus don't deserve cr7
AshXO 5 month ago
It doesnt matter if he is home or away, they all say Siiiuuuuu with him! 😍
C/xakiim Max’ed 5 month ago
The greatest of all time Cr7 🐐👑❤
Sơn Vũ 5 month ago
I love him❤
bocah Sts 5 month ago
Wawwwww amazing gol cr7 is the best 👏👍💪👑
Inimay Hiro 5 month ago
Sam Geee 5 month ago
Carrying juve
Bubbles 5 month ago
Look the strength from Ronaldo 😎
Tata Nyoa 5 month ago
Best king football
SOYCD 5 month ago
love this guy!
Avinash Senthilvel 5 month ago
Mr. FATzalo Higuain OUT OUT OUT! 🌟💯
Samiir Ahmed 5 month ago
Cr7 🐐
Dedi Suryadi 5 month ago
Bring back to united ❤️
Afro Berny 5 month ago
The 🐐 end of